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Trying to be Naughty

Trying to bring realism to a fantasy world
I was trapped in a conversation I did not want to be in. I was at work with two girls sitting in the break room trying to enjoy my lunch, however that was interrupted by Lisa and Haley.

Who are they you ask? Well that's simple.

Lisa was a seven on that wonderful 10 scale us men rate girls on. She wasn't the most beautiful woman out there, but she was pretty. Her hair had been dyed one too many times so I couldn't quite tell if she was blond or a brunette, but she was tall, had a nice body, and looked real good in a tight pair of pants. Best of all, she was a flirt. She could bat her big brown eyes or brush a guy with her C-cups and get them to do anything. She used it on me once or twice. Her cute little voice and seductive smile hypnotized me to oblige.

What'd you expect from a twenty year old right?

Wait before I tell you about myself, let me tell you about Haley, because she's worth explaning. She was a ten, or a nine and a half if you're one of those guys or gals that thinks tens are almost impossible to come by. All five foot one, and a hundred pounds of her screamed, 'I'm the cutest little thing you'll ever run into'. Her light blond hair didn't quite reach her shoulders and her blue eyes were easy to get lost in. She wouldn't win any boob contests. They were smaller than most women's but still shaply. At least I hoped they were. You could never tell with all these boob enhancing bras. She was just this cute little bundle of sexiness, but the downside with her was she had a boyfriend. Of course he was a douche, because that's the way I'd imagine he would be. I've never actually met the guy.

Oh yes, I know, I've left it a big mystery as to which girl I'd prefer to be with right? Well that's the intrigue of the story. Well maybe, I know, you guys and girls... I keep including girls hoping you girls reading this find this story sexually stimulating too, but be warned, I'm not going to go into glistening detail about my sexy body and huge penis. I could... no I couldn't who am I kidding. I'm a normal dude, I'm probably the most normal person you'll ever meet, and that's probably why I'm single. I can't hold a chicks interest.

Okay, I'm getting off point. You're reading this to be turned on, so here we go. I was at lunch, enjoying my time, when Lisa and Haley interrupted it by asking me this question.

"What do you think about giving a girl oral sex from behind?"

Yes there was more dialogue, but again I'm getting to the good stuff here so shut up and enjoy.

"Uh," I muttered having only been with two women in my entire life, and I did perform orally for them, but never from behind. I had never thought about it. I was so eager to put my cock inside them in those instances that I really hadn't given any thought to techinque or positions. "I've never done it before, so I really can't say." I know that was the wrong answer to give, but give me a break I'm not all that great with the ladies, especially in sexually charged conversations. I am perfectally aware I should have just said hell yes I'm for it.

"Well we were reading," Haley explained. "That it's ten times better than regular oral."

"Where'd you read that?"

"In a magazine. We were looking for a little male perspective." Lisa said.

"Well if a guy was doing that. Wouldn't his nose be right by her butthole?"

"So?" Lisa asked.

"That can't be good right?"

"I keep my asshole very clean thank you very much." Haley told him.

"I don't know. I don't see the advantage of doing that."

"Oh apparently there are many advantages. It lines the tongue up directly to the girl's clit, and it also allows the juices to flow over the vagina instead of off it."

"I've had guys do it to me. It's awesome." Lisa said.

Haley sighed discouraged. "I can't get my boyfriend to try it. He acts like a little bitch saying guys don't go down on girls."

Oh what a horrible thing for a guy to say, especially for someone like me who'd enjoying doing anything sexual with a girl. It had been damn near six months since I'd seen a vagina. I had no problem going down on a girl.

"I'm telling you Jay, you need to try it out on your girl." Haley said.

"I don't have a girlfriend."

"Really? Well in that case..."

I perked up, was Haley going to ask me to lick her from behind?

"Me, Lisa, and my boyfriend are going to the movie's tonight. If you'd like to come we could make it a double date."

"Uh," I looked at Lisa. She was good looking. She had a nice body, and even though she was a flirt, she probably was easy too, I mean they had no problem jumping into a sexual conversation with me in the break room. It could be worth it. "Sure. I could use a night out."

Okay so again, there was more boring dialect between us in the break room, but lets forget about that. We confirmed our plans and later that night met up at Haley's apartment before heading out. Or so I thought. When I arrived, I was the only one there.

Haley answered the door in her chipper personality and invited me in. Her place smelled like the sunset, and she instructed me to have a seat on her sofa as she continued to get ready.

She looked hot in her little bundle of cuteness type of way with nothing more than a dressed down simple white tank top and short green workout shorts on. I could make out the outlines of her white bra through her shirt. She had healthy pale skin and a perfect white gleaming smile. She turned me on, and it only made me wonder what Lisa would show up wearing.

I imagined a nice slutty skirt, some suductive cologne, and maybe no panties. I figured if the girls were talking about oral sex from behind earlier today, then maybe that's what they were expecting tonight. I'd play it by ear of course, but I really wanted some tonight. By saying that, I know it sounds foolish because guys want some every night.

Haley came out of her bedroom where I assumed was where she was putting on the finishing touches of her already perfect self. "Bad news." She informed me. "Lisa canceled. She had something else come up. I'm really sorry."

Fuck! So I was the third wheel now? I'd have to sit and watch Haley, the girl I'd rather be with anyway go on a date and be all lovey dovey with her boyfriend? No thank you. I got up and tried to be polite. "Well if she's not coming, I'll just go home. I'm not going to be a third wheel for you and your boyfriend."

"Wait!" She haulted me. "My boyfriend's not coming either. He's being a dick saying he didn't want to go to some stupid ass movie, especially with that whore Lisa, and so he's going out with his buddies. If you still want to go to this movie, I'd go with you."

I thought about it. The movie wasn't exactly something I'd go see in the theater, but if it meant time with Haley then yes. You see, at work, Haley and I had a good rapport. We definitely had a low budget tv show chemistry... in my eyes of course. "I think I could bare spending some time with you."

"Could you now?" She inquired with a flirtasous tone.

"Yeah, but now I'm going to have to find somebody else's pussy to lick from behind." I don't know why I said pussy, it just slipped out. I was mortified to use such a derogatory remark in front of the cute Haley. I just wanted to be bold and not my same old safe self.

"Yeah me too." She said in her own predicament.

And thats when our eyes met for far too long with nothing said in between. Being the nice guy boiled over and I had to be the bad boy. Boyfriend or not, I felt like that was an invitation, so I walked up to her, approaching her from behind, smelling her fruity shampooed hair, and gripped the waistband of her shorts.

She didn't complain because I didn't give her time too. I'm certain if I hesistated, not only would she have stopped me, but I would have stopped myself. I pulled those green shorts that didn't even cover half her thighs off her hips. In doing so I also took down her thong panties. The only resistance they gave was the pulling of the string between her ass.

She was stood in front of the arm of her black leather couch, so I pushed he over it and knelt down so her ass was in front of my face, and just below was her quaint pussy. The tiny sensitive skin was freshly exposed to me and I gave one lick from bottom to top... or I guess since this was behind, it was more accuarately top to bottom.

She didn't stop me so a licked in the same manner again. She hummed in pleasure. I faintly heard it. She enjoyed it. I knew she knew she wasn't supposed to. She had a boyfriend. I was just a guy from work, but she liked it. She liked me, she liked what I was doing, and the low hum let me know that I could keep going. So and went at it full force. If I was going to do this, I was going to do this right. It was going to be about her, and after she was pleasured, if she wanted to pleasure me, then that was great. I had been too quick and selfish with my two other women, not with her though. Haley was my prize.

Her shorts and panties were still wrapped around her ankles, so I slowly slid my hand from the bottom of her rump down her thigh to the back of her kneee to her calf which I encompassed with my hand and gently massaged as I reached the clothing at her ankles and slipped it off one leg going over the flip flop she was wearing, and then I did the same for the next.

Her legs were smooth, creamy almost. She wasn't quite tan, but as I got a close up view of her I could tell she wasn't pale either. The bottom of her perfectly round ass had faint tan marks, so she did get some sun. Without the shorts cuffing her ankles I was able to spread her legs apart further which allowed easier access to her pussy. I'm sorry, I used that term again! But it was so appropriate, it was hot. A vagina was a vagina until it became sexually aroused. When that happened, when it got wet, it became a pussy.

I leaned in and lightly bit the back of her thigh. It was muscular but not too tight. It bounced a bit as it escaped my teeth, but firmed up immediately after escaping my grasp. I moved on and bit the curve of her ass. I loved it, so I kissed it, and nibbled at it several times.

My cock had never been so hard. I got hard-ons all the time in my shorts, but never one like this. Never one that felt like it was going to burst through my shorts. I told you I was an average guy, but I felt two inches bigger at the moment. But I refrained keeping it contained. It was about Haley, not me.

I licked the inside back of her thigh, inching... no that was wrong, millimetering closer to her prize. Even though I had intially licked it, I had pulled back and was working my way towards it. In under 30 seconds I had learned to become a tease. I unsuccessfully tried to nibble away at that inner thigh, but her toneness didn't allow my teeth to stick, but she really wanted them to and she spread her legs further open for me slowly rocking back wanting me to latch onto her wet pussy, but I held back gently kissing and licking my way toward the slit.

I finally reached it, and although her skin was tasty, it was bland. As soon as my tongue grazed the more smooth sensitive skin of her pussy it recognized the bitter yet sweet taste, like the immediate sensation of citrus.

She moaned and licked, slowly at first, but then more vigorously. As her juices ran I wanted them to run into my mouth, but it was tough because my nose was right on her ass crack, and I was hesitant, and not because it was disgusting. She was right, she was very clean, but I wasn't sure if she'd like it, but she kept pushing her hips back into me. I tried spreading her cheeks which helped. I did get closer laping up some of her juices, but it only brought me closer to her asshole and more aroused. She pushed back against my face hard, my nose touched her asshole, and that was it. I didn't care anymore.

I released my grip on her cheeks, wrapped them around the front of her thighs and pulled her as close as I could into my face. The top part of my face buried in her ass, and I was blind loving every second of it. My tongue blindly explored her pussy dipping inside it. I was swallowing a lot of her juices as they ran into my mouth. We had to have been making a mess, but neither of us seemed to care. All Haley did was push further down on me... well she was doing a lot of moaning too.

I worked in new positions where I raised her leg up and rested it over my shoulder. It allowed for even closer contact and my mouth and her pussy became inseperable. My tongue dipped in and out of her. When it was out of her, it was all over tasting every millimeter of her sometimes slipping over her taint. Nothing was off limits anymore. Her smooth skin mashed against my body, her slightly bouncing back and forth as I tongue fucked her.

It was perfect, until there was an unlocking noise at the door.

Both of use flew into action. I stood up as she quickly scrammbled grabbing her shorts, and running into the bathroom just as her boyfriend walked through the front door.

I attempted to wipe Haley's juices off my mouth, cheeks, and chin as the guy looked befuddled at me. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Jay. We were all supposed to go to the movies together." My heart pounded.


I looked down and noticed even though Haley had grabbed her shorts, she failed to grab her panties. I casually bent down to pick them up and to hide my boner. I stuffed the panties in my pocket before he walked over and saw, and found another problem. Her juices and saliva where I had buried her face in sofa cushion glistened in the light. If the guy was smart, he could put things together.


"Yeah?" She spoke as she walked out of the bathroom, her cheeks flushed red, from our naughtiness. She had adjusted herself. The green shorts were on but I knew she was without panties.

The next ten minutes is more boring shit, but the result was nice. There was an explanation of why he came over and why he had a key. He ended up picking a fight with her, and she stormed out with me and we made that movie. Not the movie time we wanted to make, but the same movie at a later showing. That allowed us to sit in the back with hardly anybody in the theater.

Hey, we talked, and I made her laugh, and feel comfortable in the time in between, and thanks to that and my new found cunnilingus skill we continued our naughty behavior. It started with us bumping hands reaching for popcorn and evolved into a hand on my thigh, which led to her petting my cock through my shorts with a devilish grin.

We had unleashed something in each other and connected with an ever growing attraction that had formed at work. I thanked her boyfriend for being such an asshole. It's the only way this would have ever happened.

The petting continued for a while, and my now bigger than ever hard-on returned. I started massaging her over her smooth shorts and she widened her legs to give me better access. I immediately found her hard clit and started rubbing it through the sleek polyester. As her breathing became heavier I quickly discovered the easy access through the leg of her shorts with no panties on and dipped my finger into her wet pussy.

She bit her lip and furiously went to work on me unzipping my shorts and pulling my dick out through my underwear. She started to stroke it.

Here's a tip folks. It you ever want to fool around in a movie theater remember to put butter on the popcorn. After a handful of the delicious movie snack Haley's hand slid up and down my shaft with pleasuring ease. It only took a few strokes. I could make something up and tell you how long I lasted, but lets be honest here. She's hot, I had already been sexually turned on more so than I ever had been in my entire life, and we were in a public place. If anyone in my same situation could handle more than a few pumps with her tiny hands then I will happily call you out as a liar.

I exploded with a manly hough and melted as she sexily smiled at me. She adamently cleaned me up with the napkins and I calmly played with her for a few more minutes before she took my hand away and held it resting her head on my shoulder.

We finished the movie and returned to her apartment. She drove that night, in her spunky Jeep. As we parked we noticed the lights were on in her apartment which signaled her boyfriend was still there. Probably waiting to yell at her some more.

"Damn." She said. "I was hoping to bring you inside."

"Me too." I said biting my lip, and then I kissed her.

We both enjoyed tangling our tongues together and didn't unlock. I fondled breasts on the outside of her shirt. When we finally broke she looked around.

"Fuck it." She went to my pants, unzipped me, and again pulled out my cock. It of course was hard. Again she looked around, saw nobody, and slipped over in her seat and straddled me. She pulled her little shorts leg up and over to the side exposing her freshly shave pussy. The one I had tongued and fingered all night long. It was so smooth like she had just finished shaving it right before I came over that night.

She lined it up with my dick and dropped down on it. It was tight, but her wetness allowed me to slip right in. She sunk all the way down to the base and moaned in joy collapsing onto my chest. She stayed there for a minute. We didn't move. She then pushed herself up, kissed me, and started riding me. It was hot, we sweated, we bit each other, and squeezed each other's bodies.

We were dirty. We watched, both of stared at her tiny tight hairless pussy sliding up and down on my cock. She pressed her hand firmly on the center console and arm rest of the door riding my cock harder no longer caring who saw or heard us. He juices soaked the clothing material around my cock and slid under it down the base. I couldn't believe her little self could take me so easily. Well it wasn't that easy, her pussy walls clenched my cock every step of the way.

I came only an hour ago, but I was ready again. What did I last this time? Two minutes?

"Haley, I'm sorry I'm gonna cum."

That only made her fuck me harder. I lifted out of my seat and quivered. She slammed down hard one last time and swiveled her hips around. I launched my cum deep inside of her. The first shot was great, but the second blast of semen was unbelievably amazing. There was a third and forth, possibly a fifth surge, but the second was the greatest orgasm I had ever had.

She kissed me with her open mouth again and pushed herself up sliding my cock out of her. Some semen dripped out, but it was minimal. Most of if was deep inside her.

I became a pussy again after cumming. "I'm sorry, I wanted to pleasure you." I said as I zipped up.

"Oh trust me." She said, "You certainly did."

We got out and kissed again. If her boyfriend had looked out the window and seen her Jeep, he surely would have seen what was going on, but since he hadn't stormed out, he was most likely clueless.

"Oh!" I reached into my pocket and pulled out her panties. "Here, you probably want these back."

"Keep 'em." She devilshly told me.

So that I did, and that is the end. I returned to my car, and she returned inside to her boyfriend... with my cum inside of her.
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