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Tryst on the balcony

We enjoy a hotel balcony together.
I check into the hotel, but you've beaten me to it. I get my key and head up to the room, close to the top floor. I enter the suite, but don't see you. I do see your shoes. My eyes follow in their direction and I see your blouse also on the floor. As I walk towards it I see your skirt at the balcony door. The door is half open. I go out on to the balcony expecting to find you showing your body to the world, but I am alone. There's a bottle of wine, so I pour a glass. I take a drink and hear the door open further. There you are, in a silky black robe. I offer you the other glass. As you reach for it, the robe comes open, revealing what's hidden beneath.

My eyes fall on the sheer black stockings that run all the way up to your thighs, where they meet the lacy black garter belt that hugs your hips perfectly. Under that is a tiny matching thong, with a single bow that barely holds the split crotch together. It does nothing to hide the trimmed patch of hair underneath. The bra also matches, and while it does a spectacular job of lifting your full breasts up, it fails to cover them well. I can see the night air has hardened your nipples under the thin lace. The nipples are barely covered, but the tops of your large pale areolas are not. My eyes don't stop there, though. They continue up as you drink your wine, to marvel at your full lips, and long, straight, auburn hair. Your deep blue eyes are oblivious to the city around you, but not the swelling in my pants.

As you finish your wine, I sit back in the chair against the balcony railing and take in your heavenly vision. You set the wine glass down as you move in and kiss me. It's a long and passionate kiss. I wrap my hands around you, and you slide your arms out of the robe before you do the same. The robe falls to the balcony as our tongues meet.

Your hands deftly move to my belt, and before I know what's happening, it's on the floor, and my pants are unbuttoned. Part of me wants to hold you closer, but the lust in me wins out and I let you pull my pants off. My erection pushes against my shorts, you squeeze it briefly then pull it out of its prison. You finally break the kiss and get down on your knees. It's an average size cock, but you seem quite fond of it, and I know how to use it. So do you.

I lean back in my chair as you begin slowly stroking and licking the tip. Soon you wrap your luscious lips around the head and begin to suck. Your stroking becomes faster, and as you look into my eyes I feel your tongue begin to roll around my head. I unbutton my shirt, but am stopped before I can take it off by your sweet sucking. An unintelligible moan escapes my lips. You know I'm reaching my breaking point, and you cruelly release my throbbing cock. I shudder as the cool night air cools my spit-covered penis. Your nipples has popped out of your bra, and I brush them with my fingers as you pull away. "My turn," you whisper.

You set your knees on the armrests and lean against the balcony railing, your lovely body exposed to the world. Your pert nipples seem to enjoy the night breeze. The bow of your thong is right in my face. I have no choice but to untie it with my teeth. Your beautiful smooth pussy is now exposed, practically dripping. I take a moment to inhale your sweet musk, then grab your ass cheeks and pull you into me.

I attack your clit with my tongue, licking furiously up and down. Your pussy twitches in the initial shock, then you push your hips into me. Your juices leak down my chin, but I don't care. I relish it. My tongue dips down into your sweet pussy and thrusts in and out a couple times before returning to your throbbing clit. One of my hands drifts down your smooth leg and back up on the inside. My fingers rub your pussy lips, covering them with your juices. I slide one of them inside, and your silent gasps become suddenly less quiet.

My finger moves in and out with the same rhythm as my tongue. Your body squirms in my grasp. Your soft moans leave the balcony, carried by the wind. Another finger, wet from your pussy, slides up your butt, and runs up and down your asshole. You are lost in bliss, so I become bolder.

I push the finger in. It's tight, and your moan becomes a cry. I think I might have gone too far, but then your hips begin bucking wildly into me. You scream into the night, as you cum for the first time. It's a long, intense orgasm. I can feel your pussy and ass clenching on my fingers, and it makes me so hard. You struggle to catch your breath, and hold the railing to steady yourself as you get down.

You know I want you, but you try to prolong our foreplay. You reach down and pick up the tie to your robe, then reach behind me. "Trust me," you whisper into my ear. I have no choice but to obey you as you tie my hands together behind the chair. Then you pickup the blindfold next to the bottle of wine. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. Again, you tell me to trust you, and my world goes dark. I can only hear the sounds of the city below us, and your breath as you straddle the chair again.

You want to tease me more, but you can't help your own addiction. You need another orgasm, and but you want a little more than a finger in your wet cunt. You lower yourself down onto me, and rub your sensitive clit against my throbbing head. I buck my hips up to meet you. We do this for a few seconds, and your panting breath tells me what you want. I stop bucking and settle back in the chair. My refusal catches you off guard. You liked that touching, and in your distraction and desire to get it back, you quickly move down on my lap. Too quickly though, as your pussy wraps around my thick cock. I hear your surprise, but your lust defeats you, and you stay on.

I feel the lacy bra fall between us as you remove it. You try to regain some control of the situation by teasing me with your breasts. You lean forward as you ride, brushing your hard nipples against my face. But once again I take that control from you as I lightly grab one in my teeth. You moan loudly, and I can hear you grab the railing for support. As you do so, your breasts brush against the blindfold, lifting it off my eyes. Now I can see your heavenly breasts bouncing in front of me, and your wet pussy sliding up and down, covering us in your juices.

Now that I can see, I attack your breasts with my teeth and tongue, and you respond by grinding down on my cock. We're fighting now, trying to distract each other from our pleasure by causing the other to lose control. I counter your grinding by bucking my hips up while flicking my tongue quickly across your hard nipples. I win.

You have your second orgasm of the evening, shuddering and screaming into the night. It wasn't as intense as the first, but your pussy clamps onto my cock as it happens and you ride me like a bucking bronco. You almost push me over the edge, but I barely manage to contain myself. You begin to settle down, and I love the flush in your face. The gleam in your eyes tells me we're not done. You untie me then lift your soaking pussy off of me. You pull me out of my chair, then straddle it once again. You perky breasts are exposed to the city night. You gesture me towards you by rubbing your pussy. I am powerless to resist.

I step up behind you and gently rub my cock head against you. You don't want it gently, though. Your hand grabs my member and slides it in. I push all the way in, and a squeak of pleasure escapes your lips. This whole evening has built up to this. I grab your hips and begin thrusting back and forth, pushing deep inside you. With each thrust you yell out over the balcony in ecstasy. Sweat runs down our naked bodies. We're both so close to the edge it won't take long. Your breasts bounce over the railing and your hips buck against mine. Then, without warning, your yells become a loud moan as your strongest orgasm overtakes you. Your pussy walls convulse around my cock, and your legs begin to tremble. They give out, and you collapse to the chair, pulling away from my member. The sensation is too much for me, and with a loud yell of my own, I cum.

Like yours, it's a violent orgasm. The first shot is launched over the balcony, lost into the city. My legs also give out, and I fall against the chair on top of you. My remaining cum falls on your beautiful ass and back in thick white streams. We cuddle in the chair together, covered in sweat and each others juices. After a few minutes of kissing and holding, you run your finger up the shaft of my semi-flacid penis. You draw some of your juices and my cum from the tip, then suck it off your finger.

"Let's take a shower, my love." Again, I was helpless to resist.

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