Tuck’s American Roadtrip! Albuquerque Anal

By ArtMan

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Twin sisters seduce Tuck and fuck him in the ass with a strap-on!
PART THREE — Twin sisters give Tuck a brand new experience.

As Tuck followed Interstate 10 toward El Paso he could still smell Paula’s perfume reminding him of the outstanding night of sex he had just enjoyed. Tuck could not believe the luck he had experienced the previous two night’s. He had never been successful as a hook-up “one night stand” guy. But he had just had his world rocked that night by Paula the Pecos deputy and in New Orleans, Trixie had fucked him senseless.

Tuck was approaching El Paso he realized that he was very close to New Mexico where Kip Wong, one of his best friends from college lived. Chuck had moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico after college to start his own business. Tuck thought that he would sure love to see his old friend Kip so when Tuck got to El Paso he stopped and asked directions to Albuquerque.

He found out he would have to get off of Interstate 10 and follow Interstate 25 north to Albuquerque. So Tuck followed to highway signs and took the north exit on I-24 toward Albuquerque. It was quite a long drive almost 300 miles and it was well into the afternoon when Tuck found himself approaching the city of Albuquerque.

Finally Tuck found a good place to pull over grab a bite to eat and fill up with gas. He retrieved his cell phone and turned it on for the first time since he had left Tallahassee on his awful would be wedding day. As his phone came on Tuck expected to see a few calls had come in a a few messages but it lit up with dozens of messages nearly all from Prissy, his ex-fiancé who had just dumped him at church on their wedding day.

Tuck said out loud to himself, “What does that bitch want, to rub some alcohol in my wounds.” And at that he pushed “delete all” never hearing the dozens of frantic pleading messages Prissy had sent him begging for his forgiveness.

Tuck called information and got his old friend, Kip Wong’s phone number and dialed it.

His friend Kip answered right away and was very excited to hear from Tuck. Kip gave directions to as Kip stated, “One of my Tanning Studios.” where he was then located.

Tuck carefully followed Kip’s directions and pulled up into the parking lot of a strip shopping center in front of Kip’s Southwest Suntan Salon #2. Tuck chuckled out loud thinking, “So Kip owns tanning salons.”

Tuck walked in the front door of the salon and was greeted by a completely gorgeous young Asian-American woman that looked strikingly like the famous actress Lucy Liu. The girl smiled at Tuck and asked, “Hello sir are you here for a tanning session?”

“No thank you,” answered Tuck, “I am here to see Mr. Kip Wong.”

Upon hearing that the girl’s smile grew even wider and she excitedly asked, “Are you Kips college buddy?”

“Why yes!” answered Tuck.

“Kip!” screamed the beautiful girl loudly, “Your friend is here!”

Then she turned toward Kip and extended her hand to shake and said, “I’m Kip’s little sister, Peggy.”

Tuck remembered Kip mentioning his younger twin sisters Peggy and Maggie many times back when they were in college. Tuck stood there in amazement of how beautiful she was.

“Kip talked about you a lot,” said Tuck.

“Oh! He talks about you and your other friend Bimbo all the time, all the crazy things you guys used to do,” exclaimed Peggy.

About that time, Kip came bounding out of the back and gave Tuck a big bear hug. “Damn dude!” exclaimed Kip and then he asked, “What the hell brings to to Albuquerque, I thought you were getting married or something?”

“And something is it,” answered Tuck before somberly adding, “The wedding is off, kaput, never going to happen!”

Then Tuck added, “It was sudden thing and I just thought I’d drive west and maybe see the Pacific Ocean while I’m at it.”

“So you stopped by Albuquerque of all places?” asked Kip.

“I thought it a good time to see an old friend,” answered Tuck.

Kip then said, “Well ole buddy, you are going to come over and have dinner with us and we’ll have drinks and catch up and you’re staying at my place tonight.”

“I won’t argue with that,” answered Tuck.

Then Kip said, “Let Peggy ride with you because I have to go check on another salon on the way back and I’ll see you guys at the house.”

Tuck walked Peggy to his car and opened the door for and could not help but notice that she had such a sexy tone body showing as she walked in her tight jeans, a pair of high heeled wedge shoes and tight scoop necked blouse.

Peggy gave him directions as he drove and soon they pulled into a typical southwestern subdivision with a neatly manicured green lawn, landscaped with tropical trees and shrubs. The house was very new and from the looks of it his friend Kip was doing very well in business.

Tuck and Peggy went inside and she asked Tuck if he would join her in a glass of Chardonnay, to which Tuck gladly accepted. As they sat and chatted Tuck found Kip’s sister to be completely charming and so very easy to talk to. He knew she was two years younger than Kip and thought that with her personality, charm and great looks she had to have a serious boyfriend. But as the conversation went on Tuck found out that Peggy worked for Kip helping him to run his half a dozen tanning salons and that she had recently broke off a serious relationship.

While sitting there talking the sliding back patio door opened and it was obvious to Tuck that this was Peggy’s twin sisters Maggie walking in. She looked exactly like Peggy except her hair had blond and orange streaks and while long like her sisters the edges were cut into a jagged style. Tuck was glad that there would be a way to tell them apart.

Peggy jumped and and seemed so excited to introduce Tuck to Maggie. “Maggie!” she yelled, “This is Kip’s college buddy Tuck he talked about so much.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Maggie as she came over and surprisingly gave Tuck a tight hug. “It’s so great to finally meet you after all this time!” exclaimed Maggie.

Then Maggie looked Tuck over and really shocked Tuck as she exclaimed, “You’re cute as hell and have one sexy butt!”

Peggy piped in, “He does doesn’t he?”

Tuck was speechless ad trying to think of something to say when Kip came in the front door and in a very excited mood he announced, “I will cook us up something and we can just hang out and catch up.”

“I hate that my fiancé is out of town,” said Kip, “She is an executive for research for a pharmaceutical company and she had to go back east for a big meeting.”

Then Kip said, ”Peggy you don’t mind to continue entertaining Tuck while I cook dinner do you.”

Peggy looked at Tuck and smiled rather seductively and said, “Not at all dear brother.”

Tuck felt his stomach tingle just a little at the tone in which she had answered Kip and the way that she had looked at Tuck when she answered.

Then Kip saw Maggie and said, “You too Maggie!” Then Kip laughed and yelled to Tuck, “Those two will talk your ears off!”

Peggy then asked, “Would you like a little tour of the place?”

“Sure,” answered Tuck.

Then Peggy and Maggie walked him to the back patio door and showed him the beautifully landscaped backyard with an hourglass shaped swimming pool and a very nice guest or pool house in the back. As Peggy sipped her glass of wine she said, “Maggie and I stay in the guest house.” As she said that her eyes held on Tuck just a little extra long. Then as Tuck turned he saw that he was getting the same look from Maggie.

Tuck’s felt his stomach nervously tingle again as well as feeling the blood pumping into his groin. Then he discovered as Peggy and Maggie walked him through the house showing him all the rooms that they both seemed to be moving and twisting ever more sexy and both kept gazing back at him rather seductively.

Tuck was feeling the wine giving him quite a buz by the time Kip called for them to come to the dining room. By this time Tuck was also very hungry and was excited to see that Kip had cooked one of his delicious Chicken Teriyaki and rice dishes. Tuck and Bimbo had always loved for Kip to cook that back in their collegiate days when the three of them had shared an apartment.

After enjoying the amazing meal, Kip, Peggy, Maggie and Tuck talked for about an hour in the living room when Kip’s phone rang. Kip answered it and suddenly seemed very concerned. As soon as he hung up he announced, “That was the police, Salon #5 was broken in to, the cops answered an alarm call there and discovered someone had smashed out the back window and trashed the place!”

Then Kip announced, “I hate this but I really must run over there and go everything with the police and double check my inventory to see what is missing.” “This will take quite awhile, so Peggy and Maggie just stay here with Tuck and you guys please don’t wait up for me.” Then a very upset Kip rushed out the door.

Maggie then poured Tuck another rather large glass of wine and the conversation seemed to be getting more suggestive and intimate as they chatted. Tuck feeling a little drunk by now and definitely enamored with Kips very sexy beautiful twin sisters finally said something he normally would not have to a great friend’s sisters.

Tuck boldly said, “You two are just sexy an d hot a shell!” Immediately Tuck thought to himself that he should not have done that.

Maggie looking at him said, “Oh, I can’t believe you said that.”

Immediately Peggy added, “You are going to have to pay the price now for saying that.”

“I am so sorry,” Tuck interjected, “I shouldn’t have.”

“It’s too late now,” said Maggie as she and Peggy both got out of their seats and walked over to Tuck.

Both girls tugged at his arms to get Tuck up and they started leading him out the back sliding door. Tuck thought that they were going to toss him in the swimming pool and he figured he may deserve that. But the girls did not push him in the pool, instead they led him around the pool to the guest house where they stayed.

They took Tuck inside and down a hallway past both of their bedrooms to a another room. To Tuck’s shock when the door opened he saw that it was obviously a sex room. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room with a large mirror on the ceiling above it. He saw restraints built in to the wall, a sex swing and other oddities that he actually did not know what they were for.

Before he could react he heard something snap and realized the girls had handcuffed his hands behind him. He was quite drunk and his response time was slow. By then they had sat him in a chair and pulled his pants and shorts off. Tuck didn’t mind that at all but when they shackled his feet to the floor he became a little worried.

Then Peggy and Maggie disappeared out the door. Tuck sat there quite a bit frightened but thought surely his good friend Kip’s sisters would not do anything to harm him.

The door opened and the twins came back in. This time Peggy was wearing black thigh stockings with black heels and nothing else at all while Maggie was wearing Red thigh stockings with red heels and nothing else. The sight of their nakedness excited Tuck and he could feel the blood rushing to his penis as it grew outrageously hard. The girls turned on the sound system to some dance music and began to do a sexy stripper style dance in front of him. He watched and was mesmerized by their sexy toned bodies and matching landing strip style pubic trim jobs.

As they turned their back to him he saw that they both had dragon tattoos on their back, exactly alike except each dragon was facing the opposite direction so that as they danced with their backs to him the two dragon tattoos faced each other.

The girls then unshackled Tuck’s feet and hands then led him to the bed where they lay him on his back but then handcuffed and shackled again him spread out on the bed. Peggy and Maggie then both crawled over him allowing their long hair to just brush and tease Tuck’s naked body. He moaned with delight while his now throbbing penis ached to have some satisfaction. But neither girl touched his cock just yet.

The girls next move was to retrieve a couple of vibrators from the nearby shelf of sex toys and they sat on either side of Tuck’s face and began to pleasure themselves just inches away from his face. Tuck ached to touch and taste their soaking wet pussies. Both girls moaning loudly and reacting as they continued to masturbate using those vibrators.

Tuck was intensely sexually aroused and desperately wanted to be unshackled so that he could have after those two sexy beauties. But that was not yet to be. Peggy then crawled on all fours over Tuck with her ass and pussy almost in his face but just out of tongue reach. She began using a dildo in her pussy working it in and out and stimulating her clitoris with it. Tuck could just get a whiff of the arousing smell of her pussy.

And then to make matters more arousing she moved off and Maggie took her turn doing the same thing just an inch from Tuck’s outstretched tongue aching for a taste. But just as Tuck was feeling most desperate he felt something grab his cock and he could bend his head and see Peggy hovering over his torso and soon she had his aching throbbing fully erect cock in her mouth.

Tuck moaned and said, “Oh thank you, thank you.”

To Tuck’s amazement Maggie joined Peggy in sucking and licking Tuck’s hard pulsating cock. It felt so incredible to Tuck to have both these girl’s tongues working their way up and down and all around the shaft of his hard penis.

He noticed Maggie stop and get off of the bed but Peggy kept on sucking him. Then to Tuck’s amazement and somewhat dismay Maggie reappears wearing a strap on with a dildo attached. It was not a large dildo just an average dildo about the size of a average 6 inch penis. The two girls unshackled Tuck’s feet to rearrange him on his knees and reshackled him.

He then was puzzled when he felt warm liquid lubrication being squirted onto his asshole. Tuck said, “Oooh that feels good.”

Then it dawned on him, Maggie was wearing a strap on and the girls were lubing his asshole. Despite his drunken state Tuck realized that they were about to fuck him in the ass, His very virgin ass. The only thing that had ever been up there being an enema bag and the doctor’s forefinger while wearing those latex gloves.

Tuck quickly yelled out, “Girls, hey girls! Ummm maybe this isn’t such a good idea!”

At that instant Peggy came over and started french kissing Tuck and then said, “Just relax sweetheart, it’s all going to be good, real good.”

Then he felt a very lubricated object at the entrance to his nervous asshole. Maggie had one hand on the side of Tuck’s ass grasping tightly and with her other hand she was leading her very lubed dildo strapped to her torso into Tuck’s very tight virgin ass.

Peggy laughed a little at Tuck’s expression as the dildo began to slowly penetrate his sphincter muscle. She whispered softly in his ear, “Just relax baby.” And she stroked his face and kissed him softly.

For Tuck it seemed like an hour but it actually only took 30 to 45 seconds for Maggie to insert that dildo all the way into Tuck and very so slowly she began to push in and out. Tuck nervously was yelling, “Oh God! Oh God”

“This isn’t church sweetie,” Peggy whispered to Tuck softly in his ear while she stroked his head and shoulders then she gave him another long wet french kiss. All while her twin sister Maggie was plowing Tuck’s tight virgin ass with her strap on dildo.

As Maggie continued plunging in and out of Tuck’s ass with her strap on her sister Peggy crawled up underneath Tuck who was on all fours and she began sucking his hard throbbing cock. The new sensation of that dildo in his as massaging his prostate and Peggy licking his cock combined to give Tuck one unusually long and intense orgasm.

Tuck had shouted, “I’m cumming!” when he was about to orgasm but Maggie did not slow down and Peggy did not pull her face away instead taking all of Tuck’s cum load in her mouth. Soon she had drained all of it from him stroking and massaging his prostate area while Maggie still plunged that vibrator into him.

Peggy crawled out from under Tuck and Maggie quit pumping his ass. Then Tuck watched in utter amazement and disbelief as the Peggy held out her tongue loaded with Tuck’s cum and Maggie used her tongue to take half of it away. Both girls twirled some in their fore finger and around their tongue as they smiled and laughed softly as their sparkly dark eyes looked teasingly at Tuck. Then both girls swallowed the cum.

Maggie then slapped Tuck’s ass rather hard leaving a red imprint of her hand and said, “Let’s get you cleaned up and dressed before Kip gets back.”

Tuck ended up showering with both girls before Peggy escorted him back to the main house and showed Tuck his bedroom. Kip was not back yet from dealing with the break in at his tanning salon. Peggy then told him that she was tired and going to go bed and would see him for breakfast.

Tuck was very tired, the wine was wearing off, his ass was sore and he was sleepy so he went to bed and fell asleep right away.

The next day Tuck was awaken by both Peggy and Maggie who came into his room and bounced on the bed.

“Hey! Hey! Get up!”They both said, “It’s time for breakfast.” Then they both ran out of the room as giddy as little school girls.

Tuck got dressed and joined at the breakfast table. He was very happy to smell the coffee and Kip had cooked up eggs and pancakes. They all sat around the table and ate breakfast as the girls kept getting Tuck to tell funny stories about the crazy antics he had done in college with their brother Kip.

Kip asked Tuck, “Will you stay for a few days?”

Tuck answered, “No I really want to get moving and drive to California.”The sisters acted very disappointed with that answer and soon Kip and his sisters were begging Tuck to come back by on his way back to Florida.

Finally they all said their goodbyes and Tuck found himself alone in his car. His asshole was very sore and he squirmed in his seat to get comfortable as he drove. Then his mind wondered to all those dozens of messages that Prissy had left him on his phone. Now he wondered what she had been wanting. He had deleted them but now he wondered if there was a way to still retrieve them.

Tuck’s American Roadtrip will continue....