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Turning Anna into a Woman, Part 2

No longer a virgin, Anna comes to him for more
The sound of my wife's alarm jerked me out of my dream where I had been reliving the events of yesterday. Her younger sister, Anna, was spending the summer with us. At 17 she had come to us a virgin, but yesterday I had taken her virginity per her request. She was completely inexperienced in the sex department, but an incredible flirt and an amazing fuck.

My wife rolled over in bed for a quick morning snuggle, her hand finding and rubbing my morning wood. If only she knew the true cause of it. As she left to shower and get ready for work, I shuffled to the kitchen in my briefs and started us a pot of coffee.

I shared a light breakfast and cup of coffee with my wife as we usually did each morning. Then after a hug and kiss she was out the door for the day. I threw on some shorts to go for my morning run. I assumed Anna was still asleep since she hadn't come out of her room yet, so I left her a note on the fridge telling her I'd be back in an hour or so.

During my run I thought about Anna. I wondered if she would want me again or if yesterday was a one-time thing. I thought of that sweet, young body beneath me; whimpering as my cock entered her tight, virgin hole. The feel of her pussy pulsating hard around me, and her body shaking as she had orgasmed.

A loud honk from a car snapped me to my senses and I realized I had been about to run straight across a busy intersection without even being aware of it. I shook my head clear then turned and started back towards home.

There were no signs of Anna, my note still stuck to the fridge, her bedroom door still closed; I assumed she must still be sleeping. I quietly made my way to my own bedroom to grab a towel and shower off.

I opened the bedroom door and froze with my hand reaching to the light. There she was; an absolute picture of beauty.

She lay in the center of the bed, asleep on her stomach. Wearing a cream colored bra and panties. One leg stretched out and the other pulled up and bent at the knee. She had an arm draped over a pillow and the other resting on the open space of the bed next to her. The window blinds were opened, the morning light pouring in and covering her delicate body in soft, golden light.

I was becoming quickly aroused at the sight of her and also at the knowledge that she wanted more from me after all. I closed the door, locking it for added security, then quietly made my way into bed with her.

Laying on my side beside her, propped up with an elbow, I lowered my mouth down to place the softest of kisses against her neck. She inhaled a sharp breath of air and her body moved slightly, then became still again.

Something about caressing a woman while she slept like this was a huge turn on for me. I wanted her to remain asleep for a while longer, so I refrained from touching her for a moment until I was certain she wasn't going to awaken. Then, I softly caressed the side of her face with my finger, slowly passing over her from her temple to her jaw. My finger traveled down her neck, my eyes following its path and examining Anna's body as I hadn't been able to before.

Slowly, I caressed and touched her as she continued to sleep. Down the center of her back, across her hips, over her ass, and along her thighs. My cock was standing ready for her, jumping when the fabric of my shorts moved against it as I repositioned my body to straddle over Anna's.

Now on all fours, I leaned down to kiss behind her ear, whispering her name. As she started to stir I took her wrists in my hands and brought them up above her head where I held them in place. My leg pushed her bent one down, bringing her legs together and straight.

She moaned, turning her head more to the side as her eyes opened and found mine. I smiled down at her. She returned it with a short giggle.

I lowered my body down against hers, my hard cock pressing against her ass. Still holding her wrists down, I used my other hand to unclasp her bra, then kissed and licked along her back while I ground my hardness slowly up and down. She moaned and wiggled in pleasure, slightly lifting her ass up at me.

I yanked my shorts down and kicked them off. Then, after pulling Anna up to her knees with my hand hooked under her waist, pulled her panties down just far enough to be out of the way. Now she laid with with her arms folded under her head and her ass pointed up in the air, waiting for my cock to enter her pussy.

I rubbed my hands down her smooth body as she closed her eyes, her low moans of pleasure fueling me. I rubbed and squeezed her firm, round ass; thinking how I'd love to fuck it hard, but that was for another time.

I pushed my cock forward, sliding through her wet pussy lips, but not entering her. Then leaned over her small frame to kiss the side of her neck and the corner of her mouth. Again she smiled, her eyes remaining closed, and her hips moving slightly as she rubbed against my cock, coating it in her juices.

Reaching down under us I guided myself into her entrance, pushing my hips forward slowly to enter her. She let out a loud moan/sharp inhale as my cock head penetrated passed her opening and inside of her hotness.

Being as gentle as I could, I continued to push my length into her and slowly she began to push her hips back towards me, wanting and needing more. Her mouth was parted, her breathing increasing with her excitement. She appeared so innocent, carefree; I wanted to give her what she needed, to go far beyond her expectations, and to please her as only an experienced man could.

With my full length now buried deep inside of her I carefully laid her back down to lay flat on her stomach, my body following hers, not parting from one another.

She took on more of my weight as I settled down against her, my fingers combing through her hair and pulling it back to give clear access to her face and neck. I lowered my mouth to her, my lips barely brushing against her skin as they explored her neck.

She moved an arm and soon had her fingers playing in my hair, touching me as softly as I was touching her.

"Anna," I whispered hoarsely into her ear, "I want you bad. You feel so good".

Her pussy tightened around my throbbing cock at my words. She turned her head, her lips seeking mine, and we started to kiss passionately. Her hips started to move minutely, her tight pussy pulsating, trying to get the satisfaction it desperately craved.

I moved myself very slowly, allowing an inch or two of my cock to withdrawal from her before sending it back in. She moaned into my mouth, a slight shudder running through her. I grabbed her hands and intwined our fingers. Our kissing and fucking slowly intensifying.

Soon I was moving my full length in and out of her soaking wet hole. Her hips thrashing up and down, back and forth as she worked my cock. She freed a hand from mine and stretched it back to grab and claw at my ass (later I would have many scratch marks to hide from my wife).

"Ooh... Yes... Oh, that feels good. Give it to me", she begged.

I bit her neck, she sunk her nails into my flesh. I rocked hard forward, she pushed hard back to me. I groaned out her name, she moaned mine.

I neared the edge of my orgasm, feeling it approaching fast. Wanting to satisfy her first I slightly slowed our rhythm. My hand moved under her body, fingers finding her clit and rubbing against it quickly.

She buried her face into the pillow, her hands gripping it tightly while her body went rigid then started to tremble. Her pussy muscles clenching and unclenching as she orgasmed. Her muffled screams of pleasure, the wave of her warm juice flowing over my cock, her hips still pushing into mine; I gripped her around the waist and let my own orgasm flow over me. Every throb of my cock sending a new stream of cum deep into her.

Exhausted, light headed, spent; I lowered myself down onto her. Her face reemerged from the pillow and our lips locked together for a slow, long kiss.

"Good morning", she whispered.

"Mmm, good morning indeed".

"I need to clean off. Join me in the shower?" She asked. A small, evil grin playing on her lips as she rose out of bed.

I watched her firm, round ass disappear around the corner as she walked towards the bathroom. Of course I would join her, how could I say no to something as sweet as she was.

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