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Twenty Third Century Sex - Part 1

A two part series about sex in the future...E-sex at its best. But Melissa wants to try for real.
Twenty Third Century Sex

Melissa had been reading, spending time in a place that used to be called a library. Not many people frequented such places, and those that did, only went to find old books and literature. For them, it was an escape from the daily routine of their electronically controlled lives.

Melissa was a gorgeous 28 year old with a slim waist, blonde hair and wonderfully shaped breasts, not someone that would be seen dead near a library, not when everything you needed for stimulation could be found through the E-net. In that respect Melissa was just like her friend Jenny. Yet, here she was, reading. Melissa had found references to some old books in some of the less well known areas of E-net. She was rummaging around some of the older sexual stimulation areas and had come across some stories that had been uploaded in what she found to be a pre-cursor to E-net, called the internet. The stories intrigued her, made her inquisitive, and she soon found herself dragged back in time almost a 250 years as she read about sex in the year 2010.

At first Melissa was horrified that people used to engage in sexual activities; that just didn’t happen these days, it was more or less unheard of. That’s not to say that Melissa was a stranger to sex and sexual activities, on the contrary, she probably visited E-sex more times than anyone else she knew, at least twice maybe three times a day, she thought. Yet the act of actually sucking on a cock, or licking a real pussy was alien to her.

Melissa had more or less spent the last six weeks of her vacation in the library, each night she would come home to her room mate Jenny, and enthuse about what she had read and how it all intrigued her. It was safe to say that Melissa was coming round to the idea of touching someone else. She wondered what it would feel like and what sensations she would feel? She wondered how it would make the other person feel as well? Was this something that the human race had mistakenly forgotten about. Every article she read, every story, every poem and every live-feed she could find, though there weren’t that many of them, only supported the joy and ecstasy of physical sex. She found the written word very powerful indeed.

Melissa found a book which was full of stories about lesbian sex. She started reading about two women that were strangers, they had met on the internet, and had gone to a hotel for what they called quickie sex. She wondered what an hotel was, but she never let that worry her. For now she was getting hot just reading the story. Her pussy was getting aroused and she could feel the moistness wet her one-piece garment that she was wearing. She could smell the scent of her sex as she read the words of how these two women licked and sucked at each other in a sixty nine position and how they screamed their orgasms into the room. She found it intoxicating, erotic and downright horny.

“Oh Fuck!” cried Melissa as the room’s E-com system beamed an alarm directly into her mind. She was late. She had promised Jenny that they would spend some time that evening catching up on things and having fun. She was supposed to have left the library an hour ago.

Melissa eagerly put the books away and cleared everything from the tables. She looked around and absolutely loved the ancient wooden desks and rows of books on shelves. How on Earth did they keep things like this, she thought. Melissa ran out of the building instructing the building’s E-com to order her an AirTax giving it her location and where she wanted to go. By the time she reached the ground floor, the AirTax was waiting. She climbed into the driverless cab closed the door and watched as it climbed into the air, twisted and rolled and headed for her pod.

Jenny was waiting in the main room of the pod, a glass of Exstonic in her hand, she was waiting for Melissa, but also getting ready for their E-sex session that they were supposed to share. Jenny was slightly annoyed that Melissa was late. Her pussy was telling her that it was way past her stimulation time, and she needed some comfort, the only sort of comfort she could get from the electronic stimulation circuits that E-sex supplied.

Melissa messaged Jenny as she was close to their home. They called every pod their home. The pod was just a main room with sofa like cushions scattered around at different elevations, it had a small area that served drinks and food, and two smaller separate pods for sleeping, some homes had four sleeping pods, but Jenny and Melissa were very young and decided to live together without anyone else. Every pod was linked to the E-net and every person could control the level of information that flowed out of, and into, the pod.

“Hi, Jenny,” said Melissa, “sorry its late, will be with you in a minute!”, the E-com instructed Jenny.

Jenny smiled, got up and walked to the service area and punched in the number for an Exstonic drink with ice. It was made in seconds and Jenny walked to the entrance of the pod. Melissa walked through the pod door to a smiling Jenny with a drink in her hand.

“You‘re going to need an extra strong one, ” she said, “I‘m already on three, and I’m virtually on a sexual high, can’t wait for this Melissa,” said Jenny.

Melissa dropped her bag, took the drink and downed it in one. Her eyes widened, she gasped, she could feel her nipples tingle and her pussy become damp, then it too tingled and pulsed as her juices flowed more freely.

“How much did you put in there!” she exclaimed, “enough…” replied Jenny.

I’ve sorted the E-sex session out, it was number 325 you wanted yeah?” she asked, “the one with the bloke and his twelve inch cock!” she continued.

Melissa nodded, “come on let‘s try it out…” she replied.

They both sat on a sofa each, the E-sex player sat between them and they each took a connection slot and inserted it into their ears.

“Are you ready Melissa?” asked Jenny. Melissa nodded as she closed her eyes and lay down on the sofa. Jenny did the same and then she activated the connections by instructing her E-com to start the application.

The connection slot immediately sent out nano bio-fibres that invaded their brains. The connections between the women and machine were made between the audio, visual, touch and taste sensory organs of the brain. Melissa popped into Jenny’s vision and Jenny could see Melissa. In an instance they were sat on the sofas facing each other drinking tonics.

The pod door opened and in walked Frank. He was handsome, muscular, had tanned skin and was wearing a kind of mini-skirt around his waist. Jenny and Melissa both looked at him and their eyes dropped to his skirt in unison. Below the skirt protruded his cock. It was thick and long enough to intrude both of them at the same time. It wasn’t even hard thought Jenny.

Melissa looked at Jenny and smiled.

“He’s a hunk,” said Melissa.

“A fucking big hunk too,” replied Jenny as she walked towards Frank. As she walked Jenny unfastened the elasto-top she was wearing and let it fall to the floor, her breasts fell exposed and Franks cock twitched as he saw how large and beautiful her breasts were. Jenny walked up to Frank and stood next to his side. She let her breasts sweep across his forearm as her hand stroked his smooth chest. Frank looked at Jenny and they kissed. His hand came up to hold her breast and he squeezed it. Jenny’s nipple twitched and sent a stream of emotions through her body.

Frank started to look at Melissa, she was watching intently as Frank held Jenny’s breast in his hands and caressed and fondled them. She eventually walked over to Frank, she was staring at Jenny’s breasts and she too lifted her hand so that she could feel the same soft flesh that was surrounded by Frank’s hand. Frank grasped the zip on Melissa’s one-piece and pulled it down over her shoulder and to her upper thigh. He did the same with the opposite zip and watched as the one-piece fell away to the floor. Her pussy was shaved, her breasts not as large as Jenny’s but she looked gorgeous.

“That‘s funny!” exclaimed Jenny as she saw that Frank’s cock was now pushing up the skirt he was wearing and his cock was nearing ninety degrees. She unclasped the fabric and let it fall. After she did the same to her skirt, she dropped to her knees. Melissa started to kiss Frank and allowed him to play with her breasts.

Jenny sucked on Frank’s big cock. Twelve fucking inches, she thought and rigid as fuck already. Jenny was already in heaven. Frank’s cock was now nearly upright and she licked from his balls to his knob and back down. It seemed to take ages and she loved the long sensual strokes of her tongue as it explored his length. Occasionally she would suck on his knob and suck his cock inside her mouth, licking all around his knob before letting it slip from her mouth. Jenny then pulled it down horizontally and looked up at Frank.

“I want you to cum down my throat,” she said, “the whole fucking lot down my throat,” she demanded. Frank broke off his passionate kiss with Melissa and nodded at Jenny.

Jenny sank her mouth down on Frank’s cock. She pushed her face forward taking more and more of his cock each time, she withdrew and spluttered a bit, but then she swallowed his cock again. She was half way down his twelve inches when she started to bob her head to and fro and she face fucked his cock. Melissa just watched her friend bob her head on his massive cock and clenched Frank’s arse with her hands as she moved behind him.

“Fucking give it to her,” she whispered in his ear, “give her the fucking lot down her throat,” she urged.

Jenny then pushed her face forward and now had nine inches of cock in her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes were closed, her hands on his hips pulling her face towards him and her mind was in bliss. She pulled in some more and soon her chin was rubbing his balls as his full twelve inches were deep down her throat. Jenny started to swallow. Her throat muscles massaging Frank’s cock every time she swallowed.

“Spunk it into her Frank!” whispered Melissa, “spunk all your cum down her fucking throat…” she said, “what a fucking slut she is, she’s begging for it…” continued Melissa. Then she shoved a finger up Frank’s arse. It went straight in and in unison Frank erupted down Jenny’s throat. All his spunk rushed out of his cock at the same time and he emptied his balls down Jenny’s willing and needing throat. Spurt after spurt launched down her throat and after a while she eventually pulled his cock from her mouth as Frank spurted his last drop over her face and breasts.

Melissa was on her knees immediately as she saw his spunk fly from his cock and over Jenny’s face. Melissa kissed her friend and licked up the spunk that had dripped onto her breasts and over her face. She then turned to Frank and sucked the last drops from his cock. Jenny was breathing heavily and was relishing in the last drops of spunk as she channelled them into her mouth. She loved a good mouthful and that was more than a mouthful she thought.

Melissa looked at Frank’s cock. It was still hard. Fucking hard, thought Melissa. She stood up and marched Frank over to the sofa and pushed him down onto it. His cock bounced wildly as he walked. Jenny watched as her friend straddled Frank’s cock and pushed her cunt down over it. There was no finesse, Melissa had become so fucking hot watching Jenny deep throat Frank that she needed an instant fuck of a lifetime. She was about to get one as well.

Frank lifted his head to suck on Melissa’s tits as she pounded her cunt up and down on his long shaft. It was only half way in and it completely filled her, but Melissa was ravaged by lust, she wanted it all, every fucking inch inside her. She pushed her cunt down on his cock further and further. It brought tears to her eyes and she eventually closed them as she forced the last few inches into her. At last her arse was resting on Frank’s balls. She didn’t know where all his cock had gone, but she was in fucking heaven with the sensations she was feeling.

She felt Jenny lick and lap at her arse. Jenny was sucking on Frank’s balls as much as Melissa’s arse. It was just that they were so close together that she could not differentiate between them. Melissa let Jenny suck and lick for a while and then she started to move herself up and down.

“Come on Frank…” she said, “I want a good fucking from you too…”, she continued.

Frank started to fuck his cock into Melissa as she raised and dropped her body down onto his rigid length.

“Oooo fuck that‘s good…” cried Melissa, “fucking wonderful cock…”, she continued.

Jenny watched as Melissa fucked and got fucked by Frank’s enormous cock. She marvelled at the sight of her friend, so slim and lithe, and thrusting herself onto a gigantic rod that seemed to split her in two. It was a fantastic sight, thought Jenny.

“I‘m going to fucking cum…I‘m cumming…oh fuck…” Melissa cried out, never missing a beat as she thrust up and down on his cock. Frank fucked it into her in unison, and as soon as she gasped her orgasm into the room, Frank let go and shot his spunk up into her cunt. It flooded her. Gush after gush of hot spunk shot into Melissa’s pussy soothing the invasion of his enormous cock. Her cunt was at full stretch as she lifted herself off him. Frank’s white liquid seeped out of her cunt and dropped back down onto his cock before she rotated herself to sit on the sofa next to him.

“I want‘s some of that…” said Jenny, “get that cock over here and give it to me…” shouted Jenny.

Jenny quickly manoeuvred on all fours with her hands and knees on one of the sofas. She stuck her arse into the air, giving herself completely to Frank’s cock. He stood up and with his cock swinging wildly he walked over to Jenny and sank it straight into her wet and willing cunt. She didn’t have to tell him what to do, or how she wanted it, he just fucked her senseless.

Melissa joined Jenny on the sofa. She jumped onto the top of the sofa and let herself slide down into a position where her pussy was right in front of Jenny’s mouth.

“Lick it you fucking slut…” said Melissa.

Jenny moved forward slightly, a manoeuvre helped by Frank’s incessant thrusting from behind. She lapped and licked at her friend’s pussy and clit as she was hammered from behind. With her orgasm pending, Jenny moaned and groaned into Melissa’s pussy as she thrust her tongue inside.

“Fuck her up the arse now…Frank, ” instructed Melissa, “fuck her up her arse!” she almost commanded him. Jenny immediately looked up at her friend as if to protest. Then she felt Frank’s rigid cock at the entrance of her arse. He pushed it in, slowly at first, then as his knob went past the entrance, he pushed it half way in, in one go. Melissa was grinning all over her face as Jenny let out a cry, a gasp that signified total intrusion of cock into her body.

“Fuck her Frank…let the bitch fucking have it…” instructed Melissa, “and you…just fucking lick my cunt…”, she continued directing her words at Jenny.

Jenny started to lick Meliss’s pussy and thrust her tongue into her cunt when Frank started to fuck his cock into her arse. Within seven thrusts his cock was twelve inches up her arse and she was being fucked to high heaven. Jenny was crying out into Melissa’s pussy but she was loving every moment of it. Jenny’s orgasm was building much stronger than the vaginal one she had just experienced.

“I’m going to fucking cum Jenny…and Frank, I want you to cum all over her…” instructed Melissa. With that Melissa creamed all over her friends face. Jenny’s orgasm exploded inside her with Frank’s continued thrusting of his cock and once her orgasm was over he pulled out and squirted his spunk all over her back and arse.

“Oh, what a lovely sight that is…” commented Melissa. Jenny was happy to lap at Melissa’s pussy and purr into her hairless pussy as her orgasm subsided.

Frank was still hard and he started to stroke himself. Pumping his cock with his hand he mounted the sofa and straddled Jenny who was still on all fours. He pumped his cock and aimed it at Melissa.

Melissa was transfixed by his cock. She watched it as he pumped his twelve inches with one hand. Such a long way to travel for one hand, she thought. Frank was on the edge. Jenny tried to get out from under him but his legs prevented her from moving. She looked up in time to see fresh spunk shoot from Frank’s cock and hit Melissa square in the face. She flicked her tongue out and licked her lips before swallowing it. The next spurt shot all over her neck and tits and the rest followed suit. The last spurt left Frank’s cock only to find gravity taking over and directing it downwards onto Jenny’s waiting face below. She loved it.

Frank stood down from the sofa and allowed Jenny to get up and look on Melissa.

“Fuck me…” said Jenny, “you’re covered from head to pussy in spunk, and you look fucking gorgeous,” she said. Jenny leaned forward to lick up some of the spunk from Melissa’s tits, especially the streaks that were hanging from her nipples.

Both girls were breathing heavily and their minds were wild with lust from the fucking and sucking they had received.

“You had enough?” asked Jenny. Melissa nodded. “For now yeah…wow what a cock!” exclaimed Melissa.

Jenny sat up and took one last look at Frank’s huge and still erect cock. “Terminate”, she said.

With that the nano bio-fibres detached themselves from Jenny’s and Melissa’s minds and retraced their steps back into the connection slot. Both Jenny and Melissa opened their eyes and they found themselves back on the sofas, fully clothed, no spunk and no Frank in sight.

Melissa’s pussy felt a little sore and she was feeling clammy. Her pussy had absolutely soaked her one-piece. In the back of her mind was the Earth shattering orgasm that she experienced inside E-sex. Jenny felt the same, her arse felt sore, and her throat felt like it had swallowed something far too large. It had, and with it gallons of virtual spunk as well. She too felt sweaty and her pussy had soaked the sofa and her skirt.

“Fuck that was good…” said Melissa.

“So what‘s with you, telling him to fuck my arse!” exclaimed Jenny.

“I felt fucking wicked,” said Melissa, “it’s something different anyway!” she retorted. After a while both girls entered the service area for something to eat. They ordered up their food and in an instance it was delivered through the portal. They sat eating for a while.

“Jenny…” questioned Melissa, “do you think you could you take all twelve inches down your throat…physically I mean?”

“Fuck no…” said Jenny, “it would be dreadful anyway. The thought…urghhh”

“Would you like to lick a real pussy Jenny?” asked Melissa.

“You‘ve been reading too many of those old books…” relied Jenny. “Whatever‘s got into you. How on Earth could real physical sex replace what we have in E-sex!” queried Jenny.

“We have men that stay erect all the time, they cum when we want them to, often spunking up gallons, if that‘s your thing, and the women come with the slightest touch…and so do we…” continued Jenny, “all those physical barriers. The feelings, the sensations are so much more powerful through E-sex.”

Melissa just looked on her friend and shovelled another piece of food into her mouth. She swallowed it. She has a point, thought Melissa.

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