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Twenty Third Century Sex - Part 2

Melissa just has to try it out and when her friend enters E-sex for a quickie - she dives in.
Twenty Third Century Sex - Part 2

It was a few days after the experience with Frank, after all, it was Melissa’s and Jenny’s first time as a threesome in E-sex. They both agreed that it was brilliant and that they should branch out and try some more, maybe foursomes and even orgies. Jenny had been viewing some strange entries in the E-sex listings that involved spanking. Melissa wasn’t too sure about that, not yet anyway.

At the weekend, Melissa found herself in the library once more. She had hunted down the same book about lesbians and was reading it avidly. No matter how much she knew that E-sex was better and for that matter less messy than physical sex, she still urged to try it out. It was something that was becoming prominent in her mind. She thought about it every time she visited the library.

As she looked around at the few people that were there, she wondered whether any of them tried physical sex. Her gaze fell onto a middle aged, sexy looking woman that was reading a few tables away from her. She wondered. Melissa sighed and started to read again. The words were wonderfully erotic and very well written she thought. She found the descriptions of the woman’s scent and taste fascinating, the touch and feel of the woman’s tongue intriguing and she wondered whether it would be the same sensations as E-sex, or had E-sex somehow, got it all wrong.

Melissa looked up from book. It was time to put it all away and go home, she thought. She once again ordered up the AirTax and left the building for home.

Melissa entered the house to find Jenny was just about to hook herself into E-sex and have some fun. Jenny was naked and lying on the sofa with her legs slightly parted.

“Hey…want to join me Melissa?” asked Jenny.

“No thanks Jenny, you go ahead,”, she replied, then as an after thought, “what program are you going for?”, she asked.

“Number 32, straight cock-sucking, I need some virtual spunk,” replied Jenny, “just need a quickie before something more sensual tonight,” she matter of factly replied.

“We could do another threesome Melissa?” prompted Jenny, hoping that Melissa would change her mind.

“No you go ahead…” said Melissa as she headed off to the service area for a bite to eat. She ordered her meal and sat to eat it as she watched Jenny insert the connection slot into her ear. Jenny closed her eyes and she lay back on the sofa.

Melissa saw her transgress into the world of E-sex. Melissa knew program 32 very well, it was one that she used when she needed a quick face full of spunk. She watched Jenny intently, her facial features were marked with pleasure but her body was not even moving; yet she knew that inside her head she would feel and act out the lewd movements of face fucking a cock.

Melissa started to eat her food as she watched. Eventually, she couldn’t help herself. Melissa’s gaze fell to the pussy between Jenny’s thighs. She watched her pussy. She knew that Jenny would be feeling wet and horny, and indeed as she watched she saw a small amount of liquid appear out of her pussy. Melissa must have eaten about half of her dinner. She got up and moved to the edge of the sofa to get a better look. Her hand rested on Jenny’s leg as she watched the liquid leak onto the sofa. She wanted to see what it tasted like. She wanted to lick her pussy and she knew that Jenny was well away with the guy inside E-sex by now.

Jenny had just started to suck on the eight inch cock in front of her. She was bobbing her head on John’s knob, and in between, licking his shaft from top to bottom. Her pussy was getting wet and she felt something flick it. Something licked her pussy she thought and stopped sucking the cock in front of her to look down between her legs. There was nothing to be seen. She returned to John’s cock and sucked on it some more.

Melissa was in heaven, it tasted fantastic, she thought. The clear liquid emanating from Jenny’s pussy was absolutely gorgeous and she tasted so sweet. Melissa prised her legs further apart and knelt between them. She flicked her lips across Jenny’s pussy and then she dipped her tongue into her wet slit. It was heaven, she thought. Absolutely heaven.

Jenny could not fathom out what happening to her. She was cock sucking this gorgeous hunk and she could feel her mind respond to what was happening to her pussy. She could feel sensations building up in her. Receiving sensations, rather than the giving sensations that she was doing to John. She once again looked between her legs thinking that she had punched in the wrong program but there was nothing there. She eventually put it down to a glitch and reminded herself to have a word with E-sex Admin after this session. She decided to take whatever sensations the program was giving her and accept them all for now. Then Jenny continued sucking cock.

Melissa was loving every moment of licking Jenny’s pussy. She was ecstatic, over the moon, delirious. It was an out-of-this world experience. She felt sorry that the poor Jenny beneath her was missing out on this exquisite experience of a lifetime. Melissa probed her tongue along Jenny’s pussy. She licked it up and down and allowed her tongue to invade her pussy. She kissed her pussy lips and thighs and then she raised her hands to gently prise her lips apart.

Melissa looked at her friends pink pussy. Not a pink pussy generated by E-sex. A real pink pussy, glistening with juices and waiting. She dipped her tongue inside. Fucking bliss, thought Melissa as she tasted her friend, as she tasted any woman for the first time.

Melissa loved it. She analysed it, and yes, it did taste differently to pussy in E-sex. This was much more flavoursome. It was the only word that came to her. She continued to lick Jenny’s pussy and with her tongue now firmly inside, she started to tongue fuck her friend.

Jenny’s mind was by now competing with two different emotions. She was loving the cock fucking her face, and she loved the look on John’s face as he looked down on her sucking him off and waiting for his cue to spunk all over her gorgeous face. Jenny was loving her cock and although not planned, she was loving the feelings in her pussy that were bringing her off. She could definitely feel her orgasm building and she wasn’t supposed to be having one. She started to concentrate on the gently pussy licking and tender kissing that she was receiving. Then, out of the blue, she felt a tongue push into her slit. She felt it drive inwards and then it started to gyrate up and down as it worked its way further inside. Fuck, thought Jenny, this was fantastic. This was such an unexpected licking she was experiencing and it was bringing her off. She was having an orgasm.

Jenny didn’t know, didn’t have a clue that her own physical emotions were competing with those of E-sex.

Melissa probed her pussy further. She licked up and down then concentrated on her clit. She flicked it. She rolled her tongue over it, then she kissed it.

Jenny’s pussy convulsed as she felt her clit react wildly to the tongue playing over it. It nearly hit her for six, she nearly lost the cock in her mouth as she pulled her body back from it. She looked up at John.

“Fuck into my face John,” she said, “cum in my mouth…squirt your spunk in there hun…”

John fucked Jenny’s face. She could feel his balls contract, she felt them rise in his ball sack, and she felt his cock harden and thicken. Come on, she thought, spunk it down my throat.

Then her orgasm hit her hard. A mouth had clasped over her clit and was sucking on it. Taking it into a mouth. Fuck this was gorgeous thought Jenny. Her body started to convulse. Started to shake. She rocked her arse to and fro on the imaginary tongue and mouth. The licking was exquisite, so fucking gorgeous, she thought.

Her mind was concentrating on her exploding orgasm as spunk erupted from John’s cock and squirted into her mouth. Oh fuck, thought Jenny, this was so fucking good. John’s spunk pumped down her throat as Jenny was having a huge orgasm. She loved every minute of it, every second made her body twitch and shake with pleasure and emotion. The sensations in her mind were a blur. She rocked through her orgasm and swallowed hard. Every drop went down her throat.

It was all Melissa could do to keep Jenny from gyrating off the sofa. She was raising her arse from the sofa pumping her pussy against Melissa’s mouth. Melissa sucked on her clit, hard. She could see Jenny breathing heavily, her breasts heaved on her chest as she gasped for breath, her pussy thrusting upwards to Melissa’s mouth.

Melissa sucked on her clit taking it into her mouth and watched and felt as Jenny exploded into her. At the moment of orgasm, pussy juice leapt from Jenny’s cunt and covered Melissa’s face. This was something different, thought Melissa, she tasted it all, drank it up and decided that it tasteded so fucking good.

Then without prompting, Melissa pushed a finger into Jenny’s cunt and resumed licking her pussy and clit. She lifted Jenny’s arse off the sofa slightly to allow two fingers to slide inside and she started to finger fuck her.

Jenny pushed John away from her as the spunk finally dripped from her mouth, she fell backwards and convulsed with pleasure as fingers intruded into her pussy. She thrust herself up to meet them. Then she could feel the same sucking and licking of her pussy. She let it all flow over her, it was better than spunk, she thought. The feeling she was experiencing was wonderful.

This was all hers, all her own mind making her feel this way. The E-sex program as far as spunk and cock was concerned was essentially over. John still stood there, apparently watching her squirm on the floor as she was finger fucked, after all no-one had terminated the program.

“Cum all over me John,” said Jenny, “wank yourself and spunk all over my body” she urged.

John started to wank his rigid cock. He stood over her body, legs either side of her hips as he wanked and pointed his cock towards her face.

Jenny convulsed again as the fingers fucked into her, there were three of them now. Three fucking fingers and a mouth that was so fucking lovely. She loved the tonguing her slit and clit were feeling. It was sending her into another orgasm.

She convulsed again, this time groaning aloud.

Melissa was startled. For the first time she had heard Jenny groan aloud as she was experiencing an orgasm. She had heard it many times in E-sex, but this was real. This was so sweet, thought Melissa. She heard her again. Melissa’s mind was blown wide open at the sounds of pleasure coming from Jenny’s mouth, the sounds of blissful pleasure. Melissa continued to finger fuck her friend and suck on her pussy. Any minute now thought Melissa and she will be creaming all over me again.

Jenny groaned aloud again, her breasts were heaving.

“Oh fuck I‘m cumming…all over me John, spunk all over me…”, she cried out.

John wanked his cock furiously and started to spunk.

“Oh fuck yessssss!” cried Jenny loudly.

“Oh fuck yessssss!” Melissa heard the phrase as it left Jenny’s lips. She could see her friend convulse with her orgasm, she could feel her body tense and heave with the pleasure and then, she felt her friend’s female spunk hit her face as she sucked on her clit. Melissa lapped it all up. She loved the whole experience, and what’s more, she was dying to find out what Jenny thought of it.

Jenny’s orgasm ripped through her body as spurt after spurt hit her skin. She opened her eyes and saw John wanking his cock over her. Jet after jet left his cock and arched through the air onto her waiting and wanting body. It splashed onto her skin, her tits, her stomach and her face.

As her orgasm subsided, Jenny wasn’t sure whether to terminate the program or concentrate on her pussy, then she felt the fingers leave her pussy. She felt the last loving lick, the last loving kiss of her pussy, and then there was nothing.

Melissa propped herself up on the edge of the sofa. Her friends legs apart and the sofa soaked from her orgasms.

Jenny was still breathing heavily and eventually decided that everything was over and she uttered the phrase, “Terminate”, to the program. The nano bio-fibres retracted back into the connection node and John disappeared.

Jenny slowly opened her eyes and for the first time Melissa realised that what had happened, could be make or break for them as friends. Melissa was breathing heavily at the bottom of the sofa. Her face dripping with female cum.

“Awww hi Melissa…” said Jenny, as she saw her friend next to her. “Bloody program was excellent,” she started, “for some reason it went a bit…”

Jenny stopped dead as she pulled herself upwards and focused on Melissa. She saw her legs wide apart, wider than they were when she entered the program. She felt the sofa under her bum was soaking wet, and then she saw Melissa’s face.

Jenny stared at Melissa. She slowly started to put two and two together.

She looked at Melissa’s face, and then her fingers.

“It was you…you were the one licking me…” she said, “and you finger fucked me…” she continued, breathing heavily.

“Jenny, I couldn’t help myself…it was wonderful and I loved every minute of it…” replied Melissa, “tell me you didn’t like it as well, tell me you hated it…go on”

Jenny’s mind was thrashing between the surprise of finding out what had happened and the wonderful sensations that she felt when she was inside the program. Jenny thought long and hard on her decision.

It seemed like ages, and Melissa just looked at Jenny, waiting for her answer.

“It was absolutely fucking gorgeous Melissa…” said Jenny eventually. Melissa smiled. “I‘m so glad…so glad that you thought that…” replied Melissa.

“How was it for you?” asked Jenny.

“Wonderful Jenny, the taste of your pussy is much better than E-sex, the scent of your sex is wonderful, the feel of your body responding was, well, different somehow. Then, when you had your orgasm and you squirted over me…that was fucking unbelievable,” Jenny could have enthused over the experience for more than a day.

It brought a smile to Jenny’s face.

“You have to try it Jenny…” said Melissa.

“Well, for me,” said Jenny, “it was a struggle between what I knew the program was doing and what I was feeling, seeing good old John spunk all over me while my clit was being licked and my cunt finger fucked was immense…” she continued. “Somehow, my mind was telling me that the licking was not the program…but I just didn’t know what it was.”

“Best of both worlds then…” said Melissa.

“Best of both worlds…” repeated Jenny.

A silence fell over the house while Melissa looked at Jenny, she was searching her eyes for something. Something that would tell her, that what she did, was right.

Jenny got up from the sofa and sat next to Melissa. For the first time in her life, and for that matter Melissa’s life too, Jenny kissed her full on the lips. Jenny tasted the juices that still covered Melissa’s face.

“Not bad…” she said as she smiled at Melissa.

That was what Melissa needed. Reassurance that they were still friends, more than friends now, she thought. They had been experiencing E-sex for a long time, and now they had started down the road of being physical sex lovers as well.

Life could only get better, thought Melissa as she wrapped her arms around Jenny and kissed her lovingly on the shoulder.

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