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Two Beats a Cheat - Part One

Tags: cheating, affair, wife,
Andy is chosen, seduced, and has a revelation.
Andy received yet another image in his email account on his cell phone. He was just finishing his day's pile of paper work as usual and as it had happened for the past month he opened it. He felt his blood pressure rise and his face turn red. He glanced around the office and saw no suspicious faces. The usual suspects were gone since management had cleaned house months earlier to get rid of slackers and goof offs. The return address gave nothing away. He stared admiringly at the image when Janet, the fat cow from accounting, knocked at his desk making him almost drop his phone.

"Andy, you coming with us? We're meeting over at Frank's for drinks."

"Sure Janet. I'll be along in just a bit."

"See ya there then." He watched Janet waddle away. It definitely wasn't Janet.

He looked at the image again and wished it was Jenny, his wife of four years, but Jenny too had put on weight and had long ago lost interest in sex. The image in front of him was the beautiful, sexy pussy with slightly puffy lips and short cropped, wispy hair he'd only seen in erotic photos, the kind that always made a man's dick hard with just one glance and this one was no exception. He read the accompanying text: Just a taste of honey for you Andy. xxxoxxx.

Previous images had a perfect pair of pert breasts, a perfect, round, tight ass and so on, none with a face to identify the sender. He closed the image, pushed it out of his mind then waited for his stubborn hardon to go down.

He stuffed his papers into the filing cabinet by the wall and left for Frank's, the bar across the street from work. He passed a very pretty young woman along the way and their eyes met for a second then he took in her great, tight figure quickly then waved. He'd seen her before, but was never formally introduced, but something about her gave him a stir he quickly tried to hide by putting his hand in his pocket to disguise his rapidly growing hardon. She was slim wasted with wide wide flowing hips, nice pert tits, honey blonde hair cut perfectly around her big, bright, green eyes. Andy punched the elevator button then turned again to say hello to see her checking out his ass. That made him blush and feeling self conscious he tried to play it off.

"You going down?"

"I hope so. You going over to that bar? People keep asking me, but I feel like an outsider." Andy missed her suggestive idea.

"Uhh...Well I am actually. Care to join me? It's just people from work."

"Sure, but I'm almost broke. Buy me a drink?"

"Sure. I'd love to." He wanted to say he'd love to see her naked, but he kept his mouth shut. The elevator opened an they stepped in. The slit in the floor between the elevator and floor sent a woosh of air rushing up sending her skirt flying upward showing him a quick flash of her bright pink, lacy panties and she quickly pushed her skirt back down.

"So embarrassing. I always forget about that air." Again he tried to play it off even though he had been caught gawking at her luscious ass.

"Pardon? What happened?"

"My skirt flew up as if you didn't notice." She teased. "You're Andy aren't you?"

"That's me. How'd you know?"

"It's my job to know everyone. I'm in personnel."

"I see. Well, I'm a lowly numbers cruncher. I send marketing the numbers to play around with so they can pretend to know what to do with them."

"I love playing pretend. I pretend I'm in charge of people." She flashed her perfect teeth with a smile from between her luscious pouty lips. "Do you like to play pretend?"

Let's pretend we're alone in this elevator fucking like rabbits, he thought. "Sure. What ya got in mind?"

"That we don't have to work Monday and the bar stays open till then." She winked giving him a warm feeling into his balls. "Maybe more. Who knows?"

Before Andy could spit out words he hadn't formulated yet the door opened and in poured a crowd of people pushing the pretty woman almost up against Andy's crotch. Then he got a wiff of her hair and his hardon went full throttle, but when her weight shifted Andy was pinned against the back wall with her ass firmly against his hard cock.
He thought his balls might go haywire and explode then and there then the door opened and the crowd piled out, but she stood there an extra second rubbing against him then walked out leaving him feeling stupid and horny as hell with an obvious hardon she never looked at.

"You coming?" Those pouty lips again.

"I want to, but..." He wanted to cum then and there then she smiled sideways, reached in and grabbed his hand jerking him back to reality and the lobby full of people.

"Silly men." She giggled.

He followed her to the crosswalk feeling like everyone could see his cock and balls before his erection subsided and the hot summer sun warmed him till he could feel the sweat forming all over him. It was bad enough in the air conditioned building, but now he felt like he was melting and she wasn't making it any easier.

The cold blast then switch from bright sunlight to darkness wasn't much unusual to Andy as they stepped into the bar, but it was this time as he walked right into her and she felt around as well. Her breasts rubbed up against his chest unmistakably then her hand landed square on his crotch then she gave him a very quick playful squeeze.

"You're not pretending so much now are you?" he muttered in her ear then his eyes caught a very slight grin.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't see."

The evening went by far too quickly for him chatting with coworkers and admiring her looks from across the table as people began to leave then she slid beside him.

"You know, I don't know your name," Andy said trying not to seem to flirtatious.

"It's Jackson, but you can call me Jackie. Most people do, but hey, it's getting late. Can I bother you for a ride? I don't handle liquor very good. I don't need a DUI. I kinda noticed you're just sipping that coke."

"How'd you know?" Andy didn't drink so he always drank coke.

"I know a lot about you Andrew."

"Yeah? Like what?"

"Like you play softball on Tuesdays, your wife, Jenny gained about 40 pounds and you probably wish she didn't."

"Wait a second." He was mystified. "How do you know this?"

"I know Jenny."

"That explains that, but where from?"

"We go back a ways. Remember that geeky little twig Jenny used to hang out with in highschool?"

"Vaguely, but not really. Don't tell me..." Her face suddenly made sense to him.

"The one and only. I grew up."

"I'll say. Jesus, you were a twig. I thought you were in like 8th grade or something."

"Actually I'm two years older than Jenny, but don't tell anyone. Us women are vain you know. Drink up. I need to get home."

The trip taking Jackie home seemed to fly by for Andy and he didn't want her to get out of the car He drove a 5 speed and each time he shifted gears his finger grazed her soft, long leg that he couldn't keep his eyes off the whole way.

"Say Andy, come on in for a coke. I have plenty."

"I was hoping you would offer." He wanted much more than a coke. He wanted to rip her panties off her and fuck her till her pussy was raw and following her up the flight of steps made it more so.

She went to the fridge, handed him a coke then lead him out to a private balcony overlooking the city. There were no other neighborhoods windows he could see. He thought of coming on to her, but decided since she was in personnel at work he better not.

"Do you want to know what else I know about Jenny?"

"Sure. I'm sure there's not much to tell, but..."

"She's been having an affair on you Andy. Shocked?"

Andy stared back in disbelief. He'd never expected to hear those words.

"Come again...did you just say...?"

"She's been fucking Fred Smith next door to you for a while now."

"How do you know this?"

"She told me and..." she clicked on a cell phone and handed it to him with a picture of Jenny and Fred naked looking right back at him. "It's all over the internet."

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