Two Months

By DanceWithShadows

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Is Cass worth a two month celibacy?
Daniel had been waiting for this moment for so long now that he thought he might spurt a hot stream of cum all over her the minute she undressed. She was standing at the end of his bed, smiling down at him with that provocative smile of hers. The look in her eyes that said "I know your secret". She was so beautiful, with the candlelight casting a soft, warm glow on her pale skin and adding a subtle gold to her rich, brown hair.

"How about this," Cassandra murmured. "Promise me that you won't touch yourself, or have anyone else touch you for two months... and I'll have sex with you."
"You want me to abstain from everything for two months? Are you insane?"

"I want you to be so hungry for sex so that when I'm with you... You feast," she explained, looking up at him from under her dark eyelashes.

Two months. He'd agreed to her conditions, stammering and taking a step back after that gaze she'd given him on the day they met- a gaze laden with intense desire. Two months of no sex, no touching- nothing! - and she hadn't made it easy on him either. Every time they saw each other after that, she would brush up against him, smiling up at him with her 'I know your secret' smile. Or she'd rub her hand over his cock while eating lunch at a restaurant. Obviously, he'd grow hard at her touch and she'd pout in triumph and move her hand away.

Last week, when he went to visit her at her apartment, she was wearing nothing but very short shorts and a sports bra. He saw her nipples pushing against the flimsy fabric and wanted nothing more than to cup her breasts and suck those little nibs right there and then. She only smiled at him and winked, her eyes flicking down to his pants to measure his hard on through the material.

He needed her, it was more than just want now. He needed to plunge his cock into her, he needed to feel her; her moisture, her heat. Now was his chance, his moment. She was here now, and she was here for him.

"Cass," he murmured. Looking up at her with longing in his eyes, his voice husky with need. She pressed a long, slender finger to her lips and he nodded his understanding, keeping quiet for now, just watching her.

She moved her hands to her back, unzipping her short, red dress so that it fell down to hang off her hips. Daniel bit down on his bottom lip, his eyes moving from her eyes to her shoulders and her breasts, admiring the gentle curves and prominent collarbones. Fuck, the way her pale skin contrasted with that red lingerie! He felt his cock throb once in appreciation, growing hot against his thigh.

She pushed her dress down, off her hips, and it pooled at her ankles. She looked into Daniel's eyes and smiled at him, moving down onto the bed and crawling over him.

Daniel sat up now, pulling his shorts off and enjoying the way her eyes widened at his body. He knew he looked good, and he worked hard to keep it that way. Why not let her admire him like he was admiring her? His hands moved to his pants now, unbuttoning and unzipping them. She moved his hands away, pushed him down so that he was lying on the bed again, and gripped his waistband, hooking her fingers underneath and tugging down to pull his pants down.

Daniel lifted his hips for her, enjoying the way her face was so close to his bulging briefs. When she had pulled his pants off of his legs, her hands moved back up to his briefs, intending to pull them down as well. "No, no," he warned, pulling her hands away. "Not just yet." He was going to take his time with her. He was going to savour her.

He moved his hands from hers, sliding them slowly down her arms, feeling her soft skin against his palms. He moved his hands over her shoulders, gently massaging up to her neck before sliding his hands down to her breasts. His eyes moved up to hers as she settled herself on his lap, sitting on him. He could feel how warm her pussy was through the thin lace panties she wore, and he shifted himself so that his hard cock pressed against her. Cassandra gasped at the sensation and he gently pinched her nipples to tease her the way she'd been teasing him.

He slowly, gently started rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, feeling them harden and pulling on them. He smiled as he felt her start trembling against him, her shudders pressing against his cock. He cupped her boobs, now, rubbing his hands around and around in circular motions so that her hard nipples rubbed against his palms. The feel of the lace against his skin only arousing him more. It must feel even better for her sensitive nipples.

He snaked his right arm around her body and expertly unhooked her bra with one hand, watching as the loops around her shoulders slipped down her arms, exposing her. He focused his gaze on her eyes, letting her see his desire and thrusting up once so the he was sure she felt it, too, while sliding her bra off. He moved himself up, again, holding onto her and tilting her back so that his mouth could focus on those small, hard nipples.

He sucked her gently, slowly, just sliding his tongue over her tip. At the sound of her moan, he started sucking her harder. Pulling on her with his mouth while pinching her other nipple between his fingers. She moaned again, louder this time and he pulled his mouth away with a small 'pop' sound and switched sides. Sucking her left nipple now while pinching and pulling her right one. He started grazing his teeth against her sensitive skin and he felt her hands move into his hair, gripping and seeking. She was clutching onto him as he savoured her, sucked her and nibbled on her.

She pulled his head away and gazed down at him, her chest heaving. Her breathing ragged. She thrust her hips three times against his, groaned and moved off of him, kneeling between his legs, instead. She became hurried now, pulling his briefs down off his hips and throwing them to the floor. Her eyes widening at the size of him, hard and thick, before gripping him. Her hand started working his cock, thrusting up and down.

Daniel groaned at the feel of her hand tight around her, at the feeling of that thrusting. The way her hand moved up and down his cock. She was inventive, too, gripping his cock harder every time she thrust down and relaxing her grip as she moved up. He felt his cum building up, he felt himself grow harder and harder (was that even possible?) and the unmistakable throb set in as well. He closed his eyes and leaned back, moaning out loud at the feeling of her small hand around his thick cock and then suddenly he felt a heat wrap around his cock head.

He opened his eyes, sure that she could see the surprise mirrored in them. He was sure she smiled, but he couldn't really tell because her lips were wrapped tightly around his cock. She kept her eyes fixed on his as she sucked on him but all he could do was watch as her mouth moved down his shaft. Then up, sucking hard on his cock head before sliding back down again. He felt her hot, wet, tight mouth around his cock. He felt himself filling her mouth with his shaft, and when she pulled her head up to his cock head, he could feel the softest graze of her teeth against his skin.

He was going to lose control. He was going to explode in her mouth, and within the first few minutes, too. He had to keep control. He had to keep control. He had to- fuck! She was moving faster! Her head was bobbing up and down his cock, now, and she was taking more and more of him into her small mouth. Was she planning on deep throating him?! He gripped her head in his hands and held her in place, not allowing her to move her mouth down his cock. He felt his cock head press against the tip of her warm tongue and slowly, slowly he thrust himself into her mouth. Lifting his hips and pressing his cock in, taking control, keeping control. He felt that hot fire simmer down and started increasing the tempo. Not so that he was thrusting fast, but just at a more regular pace now.

He felt her mouth tighten around his cock, sucking on him as he thrust into her. Her mouth was hot, wet and tight around him and as he thrust into her, he felt his cock head graze against the rough upper roof of her mouth. He groaned out loud at the sensation and felt her sucking harder on him as he tilted his hips up and down, pressing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth but keeping the same rhythm. He smiled at her while he fucked her mouth, knowing that she couldn't do much more than suck on him and take him in.

"Cass," he groaned, feeling his cock fill her mouth, feeling her hot inner walls mould to his shaft. She looked up into his eyes and moaned loudly in response, the vibrations from her moan moving through his cock.

He pulled his cock out quickly and saw her smile in triumph at his reaction. He gripped his cock tightly, closing his eyes, and tried to stem the very-near orgasm about to move through his body. Breathe in, breathe out, Daniel commanded himself, fighting hard to keep control. He felt the orgasm subside, but now he felt so hard that it was nearly painful.

"It's sweet that you want to savour me, Daniel," she murmured into his ear, playfully tickling the skin along his spine with her long nails, her breasts pressed against his chest and her hips against his once more as she sat on his lap. Daniel felt his skin prickle with tiny bumps as she tickled his skin, he felt his cock jerk up against her wet pussy and felt her nipples press against his ch- wait a minute! When did she take her panties off?

He opened his eyes and looked down at her hips, seeing her bare skin there and his cock pressed against it. That's it, Daniel thought to himself. I'm never closing my eyes around this woman, again. Cassandra smiled down at him and proudly waved her red lace flag in front of his face. "Were you looking for these?" she teased, smiling wickedly. "Too late, they're gone!" and she cast them to the floor to join his briefs.

Daniel took her in his arms and kissed her mouth, hard. He kissed her urgently, seeking out her tongue and twisting his with hers. Tasting the sweetness of her saliva and wondering what she had eaten before seeing him. He kissed her over and over, discovering the salty after-taste of his pre-cum in her mouth and growing surprisingly aroused at the idea that she had tasted him.

He pressed her closer to him, feeling her boobs squash against his chest and grinding his hips against her so that she could feel his desire. He deepened their kiss as he thrust against her hips, his cock head slipping between her hot, wet lips and sliding against her slit, up and down, her juices coating his shaft. He felt her trembling and heard her whimpering into his mouth as he kissed her.

"Daniel, I want you, now. I need you," she begged, and that was all he needed to hear. He was already so hard it hurt, and he'd been waiting 2 months for this. He looked into her eyes as he gripped his cock and positioned it right under her pussy, feeling her shudder. He moved his cock so that his cock head slid up and down her slit once more, pressing against her clit so that it was coated in her juices before moving it back to her entrance.

He watched her face attentively as he pressed his cock head into her pussy, felt the tight ring of muscle as he pushed his cock head into her and watched as her eyebrows knit together at the feeling of him stretching her, slowly. He kissed her chin and murmured her name, just leaving his cock head inside her, feeling how tight and how wet she was around him. Her pussy was incredibly hot, like a furnace around his cock. He moved his hands from his cock so that his left hand was holding her hips and his right hand moved between them, his thumb slipping between her lips and up to her clit.

Daniel held his thumb against her, but he didn't apply pressure, just letting her know he was there. Slowly, gently, he pressed more of his cock into her, kissing her neck and moaning at the feel of her tight pussy giving way to the thickness of his cock. He felt her walls against him, felt the slight pulse inside of her and heard her moaning as he kissed her neck.

"More," she begged. Her voice raw with desire, coming out as a rasp. He groaned in reply and pushed more into her, feeling her hot, wet pussy take in half of his cock, clenched around him. She was so tight around him it felt as though her pussy was pulling his cock in deeper. He moved his mouth away from her neck and looked up into her eyes, seeing her mouth open in a small 'O', her eyes closed.

He pushed more of his cock into her and was rewarded with a small cry. Slowly, he pulled his cock out of her, until only his cock head was inside her. Then he thrust into her again. Pressing his cock slowly into her and then pulling himself slowly out, feeling his cock rub against the tight walls of her pussy, forcing them apart with each slow thrust inside her.

Daniel started to thrust faster now, pressing his hips up and down faster and faster. Cassandra cried out and pushed him down so that he was lying down on the bed. With both hands pressed on his chest, and her knees on either side of his hips so that she straddled him, she began to thrust her own hips. Daniel stopped thrusting his hips, letting her take control.

He watched her as she lifted her hips before dropping them down, taking his cock into her and moaning out loud. Up and down, up and down, she moved her hips against his. Sliding her pussy up and down his cock while leaning on his chest for support. Daniel saw her boobs rock back and forth as she moved her hips, groaning as he felt his cock slide into her pussy again and again.

Cassandra moved her hands away from his chest and sat up on him instead, his cock buried deep inside her pussy. He groaned loudly and gripped her hips, his one thumb still pressed against her clit, feeling her pussy move against him. She started grinding him now, thrusting her hips back and forth so that his cock penetrated deeper into her. His thumb grazing against her clit.

She cried out as she rocked her hips back and forth on his cock, his thumb adding pressure, rubbing her clit in small circles as she thrust against him. He felt her pussy tighten around him, growing tighter and tighter on his thick cock. He rubbed her clit as fast as he could, rubbing the swollen nib from side to side. Her nails dug into his chest, her pussy became tighter, hotter than before and she cried out, arching her back in an orgasm that left her shaking and shuddering on his cock.

Her hips were still, her heavy, ragged breathing the only sound beside his own breathing. She relaxed her back and he felt her pussy walls relax as well, a flood of her cum bursting around his cock before her walls clenched tightly around him again.

She looked down on him and shook her head in bewilderment, smiling in a way that said 'You, next'. She lifted her hips, then forced them down, his cock spearing her pussy, then she rocked back and forth, bouncing and grinding on his thick, hard shaft. She wasn't riding his cock, but rather dancing on it. Moving her hips to a primal beat, gyrating, thrusting, rocking. She was dancing on his cock, faster and faster, bouncing and grinding, bouncing and grinding, again and again, her boobs bouncing up and down as her hips did.

Daniel was overwhelmed by it all, he felt his cock move into her again and again, her hot pussy tight around him, clenching his cock as she moved on him. He felt her juices slide down his shaft, he heard the soft squelch as she thrust her hips down on his cock. He gripped her hips, pulling her down onto his hard, thick cock. He felt her pussy mould around his shaft, soft and wet, hot and tight. He watched as her boobs bounced, saw the need in her eyes. He heard her moaning his name over and over again as she gave him all that she had, thrusting and grinding and crying out. He felt his balls slap against her wet skin as he thrust up while she thrust down. His cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her until he was plunging his cock up into her.

"Daniel! Daniel, oh fuck, yes! Please cum inside me. I want to feel you explode inside me, I want to feel you fill me. Please!" she begged, and he groaned out loud, gripping her hips tighter and thrusting his hips up so that his cock delved into her as deep as it could go.

He felt his balls clench and his sperm move up his cock, felt her pussy clenched tight around him as if she was milking his cock for his cum and he let go of the control. He let go of holding back and he felt the orgasm take hold of his body until the only thing he was aware of was the fact that her pussy was clenching and relaxing around his cock as she orgasmed with him. He felt his hot cum spurt into her in four hot bursts. And then he felt the tell-tale exhaustion take over him.

Cassandra collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside of her, their breathing heavy, a light sheen of sweat coating their bodies. "Cassandra," Daniel murmured.

She moved off of him, lying by his side. "Sleep now, Daniel," she whispered, closing her eyes and moving closer to him.

"Thank you, Cass," he mumbled before closing his eyes and giving in to exhaustion.

She was gone by the time he woke up, and he knew that he'd never see her again.

Dammit, Daniel, he cursed himself. You shouldn't have closed your eyes.