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Two Sides to Every Story

"Two Sides to Every Story"

This story is purely fictional and was co-written by my friend and co-author, Alex999

Lead in sentence: When one romance writer helps another cure a hopeless case of writer's block, you know its going to be erotic.

I'm Alex and my wife's name is Pearl. We both love to write erotic romance and, in fact, that is how we first met. From then on, even after we married, we continue to write stories to supplement our fantasies. We are now toying with the idea of sharing them with others.

"Do you really think we should publish this?" I ask you, our heads lay inches apart on separate pillows, our naked forms sprawl blissful and entangled. I stare in wonder into the flushed face of a natural beauty, totally woman, sedate and now, fully satisfied by her lover.

A naughty grin slowly spreads across your face. "Hmmm....let's do this," you say with an impish giggle.

With that, and a few simple clicks, our story is revealed for all the world to read. It all started a couple of hours ago...

Alex's Story
I'm lying across the pillow atop our bed, wearing nothing more than a pair of briefs with laptop across my thighs and back propped against no fewer than three pillows. Mind wandering as my fingers struggle to translate random imagery from my head into words on a screen. Then you enter from the ensuite.

Long dark hair flows over your shoulders falling gracefully down your back, nearly reaching the top of your ass. Your body scantily veiled in a black silk, the negligee tight around large breasts is draped loose along your body only hinting, at the curvy waist beneath.

"How's it going hon?" You ask, in that supportive sweet voice I love so much.

I have to admit, "I've got writer's block."

"Hmmm...Poor baby," you say, "Maybe I can help a bit," as you crawl seductively across our bed lifting the computer from off my lap to straddle my mid section. Positioning the laptop between us, I continue typing in earnest. "What are you trying to write about?"

"A man and a woman," I state rather flatly, which just about sums up my story so far.

"Well, that holds a lot of promise," you offer, giving me a wink, yet sensing I haven't really got a clear idea at all. Your hips etch a tiny one inch circumferential path around my lap, lightly pressing your bum against my briefs. In a sultry voice you add, "Sounds like you need some inspiration."

Neither my body, nor my mind are ignorant to the subliminal advance you slyly offer by moving those hips. Without a word, you wiggle your ass deliberately pressing the warm apex of your legs against my growing bulge. I share a knowing smile with you, my lover.

"I could," you continue, "be your muse." Tempting further with lowered eyes, you casually bite at that full bottom lip drawing attention without so much as lifting a finger. I have always marveled how you are able do that to me. You continue to move those hips in concentric turns, each a little tighter than the last, until I feel your entire body pulse through gathered fabric. "Let's see what we can do to unblock that mind of yours, shall we?"

I think to myself this is, gonna be good. This, is gonna be REAL good. Leaning forward to place my computer on the bedside table.

"No, no, no!" You stop me, then add, "you keep writing."

"What?" Not entirely understanding where you're going with such a suggestion.

You go on to tell me exactly what I'm to do. "I want you, to write everything you see, everything you feel, and everything we say!" With these instructions out of the way, and presumed clearly understood, a silly smile stretches wide across my lips. This is sooo gonna be over the top.

You stand up tall from my lap, your feet still on the bed, one on either side of me. Your hips start to sway from side-to-side while lifting the lower seam of your negligee, giving me a glimpse each time of what treasures lie beneath.

"Take that off Pearl!" I say, almost choking with smoldering conviction. I always love saying your name, "Pearl", so much symbolic meaning and truth.

"No dice. You write. You don't get to tell me anything this time," you say as that seam rises another inch or two until a slender sliver strip of sheer material is seen splitting its way up your secret treasure disappearing into the darkness between your legs.

My lips moisten instinctively, wishing you'd take one step closer for me to see all, taste all. Hope is dashed as you deliberately let that seam fall back around your mid-thigh and your fingers slide up your belly, tugging recklessly at the silk material making their way up your chest.

"Come on baby, you're killing me," I plead watching your hands curl under each fleshy mound lifting them one at a time with your palms. I can sense the weight of each Double D tit as you juggle them through its thin silk coverings. My mind ripens with visual images. Forbidden fruit. Each nipple hardens wantonly between slender fingers which form a perfect "V" around them.

"My, my, my," you say admiring of the strengthening pipe barely hidden beneath my briefs, "looks like someone's enjoying the moment." As much as I want to say something, I focus instead my attention on typing away at the computer, which is now sliding up my belly to make room for my growing stalk.

One of your hands slides up that shoulder to slowly move one spaghetti string aside before attending the other as both fall harmlessly down your arm. Your hand moves lower, pulling gruffly at the lacy seam, revealing rather full breasts. A palm hides first one nipple, then the other cupping them softly while forming a perfect "V"around each, then a "v", then an "l" as you squeeze. They become fully erect begging my attention.

An involuntary moan escapes that delectable mouth of yours. With eyes closed and skilled fingers, the splendor of your arousal builds until both have become twin wine colored buds. Hands fall to your side as fingers work their way slowly up between your legs kneading against the scant fabric of your panties, rubbing along the peak of your mound and pressing softly against that natural gorge.
Your fingers quicken their pace, letting yourself go totally in front of me. My nimble fingers struggle to keep up with events as they unfold without distraction. You pause a moment allowing your fingers to hook themselves around your panties. Bending from the waist, you tug at the band of your very moist undies before sliding them down the length of your smooth inner thigh. Placing one foot between my legs, close together so you can easily slip those panties from around your ankles. You toss them carelessly towards me.

Instinctively, I catch them mid air bringing them to my face breathing your essence to capture in that moment, what cannot be put into words. They smell of you, the soft musk of woman and her natural perfume. They taste of you. Your pussy, neither bitter, nor sweet, just creamy. It is, distinctly you.

Meanwhile you have taken the initiative and begin stripping me of my underwear. At last freeing this villainous snake as it stretches itself, appreciating the limitless space to grow. The head, a soft purple tip, reaches full length extending against the smooth vainer of my laptop.
"Don't stop typing," you growl as I can't help but admire you on all fours there in front of me.

Your head disappears behind the screen as your fingers wrap around my vertical shaft. An instant later, the warmth of your mouth swallows me whole as I groan my appreciation.

Seeing the back of your head reappear from above the screen your lips slowly lick up along my shaft. Yet relief is short lived as seconds later, again that hungry mouth takes hold of my cock all the way to the back of your throat. I begin to buck against your mouth to make you take me deeper and deeper. Shit! I can barely function as my mind forces my fingers to type properly.

From the corner of the screen, I watch you fall onto your belly and lay there between my legs, my own spread wide to accommodate. I can't see you, but I sure as hell can feel you. That tongue of yours licks its way up and down my shaft, tickling across my scrotum, before gently tugging on my balls. Much to my surprise, your mouth continues lower as your hands urge me to lift a little from off the bed. I gasp with shock when you kiss and tongue your way down to that delicate space between my ass and my cock. Oh the only thing my fingers type as my brain shifts into automatic standby while your tongue wreaks havoc over a thousand very sensitive areas in this pervious territory.

Bending my knees, I lift myself a little higher off the bed, aiding your adulterous and very oral assault. Nerve endings skyrocket while sparks shoot up along my spine and into my brain, as your tongue works its way lower to my anus. One of your hands breaks away briefly, only to return abruptly as your fingers slowly penetrate my asshole, making its way to massage at my prostate and I am no longer able to contain my groan has now become a resounding roar. You are such, a naughty, naughty lover, my Diamond Pearl!

By this time, my fingers have been rendered useless and I'm overcome by your dirty little mind. "Did I say stop," you bark softly with direct impatience, "Now get back to work!"

My fingers pick away randomly, as this IS, sweet torture in and of itself! YES, I know damn well, this too may need editing...but, later. Who the hell can even THINK straight at a time like this? Right now, whatever little blood I may have possessed seems has gone straight to my cock.

Behind the screen, I feel you carefully brush a kiss along my shaft with willing lips before you slide over me with your chin. As you rise from behind the screen, my shaft slips down between your breasts, and along your belly leaving a snail's trail of pre-cum. Your fingers retreat from raping my ass as you gracefully rise to your feet.

"I'm so horny for you Alex," you say in a whispered moan, almost a slutty purr.

I'm riveted, watching fingertips draw a smooth line from the soft inner thighs to the tender pink of your clit. Stroking with one hand, while taunting with the other. Perhaps it is your allure that even the finest black silk cannot hide, as piece by piece the dark shimmering curtain is stripped away to reveal your charms. First, your rich, milky ass, which so proudly presents itself as you twist your body above mine. Then, your arms stretch above your shoulders and over your head as breasts appear like succulent moons in a midnight sky, so round and generous, tempting one to taste and see. Delicate lace slips silent from off one shoulder, then head and body, leaving you finally bare and completely naked above for my intimate perusal. My mouth gapes open like a man half starved.

Your hands dance gracefully over over every naked curve, teasing, taunting and playful. Feminine attributes? Ah yes, THOSE attributes-cherried nipples, firm round ass, and that plump juicy sex lips. Flipping long dark tresses over your shoulders, you dance to the quickening beat of our hearts. Hips dip way down low, until you are nearly on top of me with your hands on bended knees. Yet my fingers continue typing as one driven to a flame, intent on capturing every movement in writing.

Your lovely hand skims over a smooth pussy, moving low behind the screen, you position my cock beneath you. At first, you hold my swollen purple nob lightly. Then with a secret smile, that creative side of you emerges, the one I fell in love with.

Quite the tease, you slide my member up against your inner leg, moving like a master painter, gently brushing pre-cum up and down between your folds. Then suddenly. without warning you impale yourself onto my hardened staff. Completely filled, you moan with pleasure.

With little effort, dark curls are swept away from off your shoulders as your beautiful breasts arch above my screen. Your ass is bouncing away on my lap, and only serves to bring our bodies closer as physical gyration which turns into physical want and that physical want becomes a burning need. Somehow our perspectives transcend that very fine line between reality and virtual fantasy. I am no longer looking at the words I'm typing, hypnotized by the rising and falling your moons.

"Mmm..huh..Alex...." you exhale in quiet desperation. I can tell you want to let it all go right there on top of me. "Uh Alex...yes, baby .. PLEASE?" you beg in a softened whisper. That feminine plea secures more in that one moment, than anything else and I am yours. "Yesss, Alex!" you moan softly into my ear as with tumultuous shudder, I do indeed become completely yours.

Again, your pussy tightens around my cock, gripping, holding, squeezing, and milking me of my seed. "Pearl!" I'm begging you, "Let me taste you!" You only quicken you're pace, your body is rocking steadily above mine, prolonging your climax while ignoring my lustful demand. I feel my own orgasm building, but don't want to share it with you just yet as I pinch my fingertips to distract my body from the temptation to cum all over you.

A broad playful smile stretches across your face, a look of total satisfaction and wicked intent, a look of deep love. I can tell you're enjoying this very much. I must admit, it's the most I have written in days. I wonder for a moment whether this is of interest for anyone other than just us to read, no matter.

"Let me see what you've written so far," you suggest as you settle yourself down onto my lap to rest a moment with my cock still fully submerged deep inside your warm wading pool. I turn the laptop around on my stomach so that the screen faces you and you begin to read.

"Hmmmm...not bad, but it's obvious that this has been written by a man." You smile at me, an idea forming in your mind as you speak. "Let me show you how it's supposed to be done."
"Should I take notes?" I ask.

"Nope, just make love to me. I'll show you how one would actually write this love story from a real woman's point of view."

With that, the virtual pen is now handed over to you.

Pearl's Story

Greetings lover! Now let me tell you a story about how a woman experiences her lover. You've got a few things going for you already, namely that I want you all for myself. You also have that special touch I find so alluring that I lose myself. Let's hope you can put on another performance that gets people talking.

"Well I can't have you typing on my chest dear," you say to me. You are so cute when you beat around the bush, just say what's on your dirty little mind. I know you always start off a bit shy and polite, but once you warm up...hmmmmm.

I must say, I like having your cock stiff and deep inside me during this interlude. I adore this feeling of intimacy we share, it's like our own secret adult club for our eyes only.

"I want to kiss you Pearl."

"! I can't write if you kiss me like that," reminding you once more of the rules.

"Now let's make this into a REAL story our readers can enjoy. What do you intend to do with that naked woman in your bed? You can do anything you like with her."

With your hands finally freed from the invisible binds of the keyboard, you waste no time depriving them from what they were so meant to do, TOUCH.

Your hands slide up my creamy smooth thighs and palms molds themselves around my ass. I watch as you lift me up a few inches, enough so that I feel the warm moist friction of your piston lube my tight channel. What a awesome feeling, the pleasure of your hard sex buried deep between my legs!

I can't abandon this position immediately, even though I'm sure having a computer on your chest like this, is blocking your view of the ongoing love festival happening below. I know how much you like to watch yourself making love to me. Still, your hands leverage my hips on and off you at a pace that allows you to feel every move, like a sensual dancer atop you.

Your eyes fill with desire as you watch my breasts with increasing hunger. I know you want me. I see it in your eyes, wanting me to feed you each breast in turn. My nipples are so ripe, so hard that the slightest tease will likely trigger a breech.

You are so masculine right now, moaning my name in earnest. I'm getting tingles inside from just listening to you. At the same time your cock fully appreciates God's gift, my woman's body, and intimate embrace.

Oh god, I feel my orgasm building with each hard penetrating stroke. "Give it to me, sweetie! Yes, Yes, Yes.. that's it...just like that," I say with erotic pleasure.

"You want me to make you cum baby?" you dare to ask, "THEN ASK ME!" You watch as I moan in the affirmative. Once again, my body becomes pliant with desire to please you.

"Alex! I, I'm..." but cannot finish my confession as wave after wave of raw energy pierces the quiet air like fireworks exploding on the Fourth of July. Just as my molten core is about to spill its honey, I feel your hands lift me, and for a brief moment I am suspended midair wondering. Then with a smile and an intimate kiss against my...OH MY GOD, your meaning is perfectly clear. You want me to cum in your... You are such a wicked lover Alex Peterson.

Much obliged, I honor the silent request. How can I refuse? Taking the laptop and placing it on the pillow behind your head. Still smiling, you slide your long athletic torso beneath me, positioning yourself exactly where you want you to be. All the while watching me as I place a leg on either side of your chin. Tilting just a little, your smile broadens knowing I want to please you by allowing further access to my secret garden. Immediately, you deploy some maneuvers of your own to seal this liquid contract.

"Honey....pleaseeee!" I squeal, not in the least bit shy. I DO want you to enjoy this as much as I am. For you alone to experience, I would offer myself for your dining enjoyment. Like a queen seated atop the throne of your face, I watch in amazement as we exact our pleasures Ever masterful, the tip of your tongue tastes, kiss, dives, and swirls. My thighs quiver against the sides of your face. I so love how you stick that long, pointy tongue deep inside me, lapping at my nectar.

My body barely has time to adjust when suddenly, you slip away. I turn to look in your direction over my shoulder. I see you kneeling behind me, face glistening and drenched in liquid silk and that pylon protruding from you hips making me want you all over again and fast. NOW!

Pushing hips back to press your plug into my socket, leaving me on all fours and at your mercy in front of you, my fingers diligently type out each play-by-play. Easily you breach my perineum with your cock as it glides into hidden paradise. Grabbing me about the waist, you become less gentle as urgency dictates primal need. Rough hands firmly hold onto curves pushing your way deep inside me over and over again, during which it is damn near impossible to type, by the way. Yet, imagine if you will, an eight inch cock continuously and relentlessly ramming its masculine cream into a sopping pussy. Oh god is so good right now, forgive me for a moment...(be right back).

I feel you stiffen, then swell inside me and can only wonder how much you want to split me in half to fill me with YOUR seed. "You want to cum in my pussy Alex?" I whisper in a voice drenched with mock anger. "Is that what you want? Or do you WANT something else?"

I know giving you any hint of naughty suggestion drives your blood deprived brain crazy in a moment like this. I like how making you go to the edge of that deep, dark place in your mind only accents your desire for me to show how much I belong to you.

"You're playing with fire Pearl," you say with effort, barely holding onto the last strand of proper decency you possess.

Oops, that does not compute, so I tempt a little further. "I'm yours Mr. Peterson, completely 'n absolutely, yours." Let's see what you'll do with that one! My intonation infers total submission, a hint not lost in translation.

I feel your hands spread my ass before looking over my shoulder to catch you admiring my puckered rose bud. I know what you're thinking as your fingers begin rubbing gently at the outer perimeters of my asshole and my body trembles.

A momentary absence is felt as you withdraw. Closing my eyes as the soft lubricated head pokes around my rectum. I feel myself slipping away with you. “Baby, do you want me? What are you gonna do now, hmmm?”

You will have me. I see the resolve in your eyes. I KNOW you want me. However, you want more than just to enjoy what you are doing. You WANT absolute and complete surrender...MINE! I know this to be true as the ultimate seal of conscious acceptance is now personally notarized by the intimate entrance of your erection up my ass.

The way in which you take me is so gentle, it brings me to tears; allowing my body to adjust inch by tender inch. You fill me in a way that no other man has, nor ever will.

Listening to your muted groan, I can tell how this moment has affected you also. I must feel tight around your hardened cock. In a lustful span of only a few minutes, I'm overwhelming fucked as hard as you have ever fucked me. It feels so damned good that I begin swearing at you, a cheer of sorts as I relegate myself to serve only you. "Fuck me Alex. Fuck my ass. Do you want to cum in that ass Alex? Do you? Or do you want to flood my pussy with that thick, white, gooey cum?"

I know full well that you cannot hold a second longer and you swell inside my tightly stretched ass. So close to another orgasm. I want to climax with you so badly that my breasts pop and begin to leak milk profusely. My pussy is about to squirt. All it needs is...

"Oh Pearl! I'm going to fucking fill you with hot cum!" you shout just as you pull your cock out of my ass and plunge again deep inside my pussy, popping that orgasmic balloon, releasing creamy cum in a rush. I feel you catapult as your load bursts open, spraying like an unmanned fire hose at full pressure, hot wet streams jetting deep inside me.
"Oh yes, yes, Alex, yessss!" I scream with overheated pleasure. "Give it all to me!" Pressing your hips into the back of my thighs, our bodies pulsate together as scented lavender slides from between my legs, down onto our thighs. A hand moves up a breast to clutch at cherry dark nipples, inducing further lactation. My breasts spill their contents as warm milk is released. A crescendo of soft approval and sweet relief is the only sound that fills the room.

We hold onto each other in this way for a few minutes longer as we float slowly back to earth. Loving you so, reality checks in as I ask, "Now, have we cured that writer's block of yours, honey?"
"I think we're getting there, babes," you whisper in my ear. "I love you."

Then rolling me onto my my back, you laugh, "Let's write another chapter, just to be sure."

Looking into your eyes I venture, "Do I get half writing credit?"

"If you bring a friend next time and you BOTH do what you just did, I'll let you have it all."

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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