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I am a 26 year old married woman living in the South. Typical for the Southern U.S. sex was always somewhat of a taboo subject. The small town that I lived in was big on getting married young, going to church, and having babies. I am tall, blonde, and a tan complexion with brown eyes. I had always been in touch with my own sexuality. The subject was one of fascination for me. I spent my free time surfing the internet for all different types of porn to see what was in the world outside of my small town. 

One day, just trying to find something to do, I hopped on my computer to find something to occupy my time. Bouncing around to different websites I found one that was available for "racy chat" intrigued, I joined. Almost immediately, I had ten IM windows pop up on my screen. I was instantly flattered. I am the kind of girl that gets really shy walking into bars and clubs thinking I am not nearly as pretty as the other girls in the room. This was different, I felt instantly sexy. I had so many men wanting to talk dirty to me, I had no idea what to do, after all, I am a married woman. 

Then I had another window pop up, after ignoring the initial ones, I was sucked in. His name was Ty and he was the only one who did not open the conversation with some kind of lewd comment. After chatting for a few minutes I learned a lot about him. He was single, my age, and lived in California. We talked about everything; from my husband, work, life, music, and politics. It was like we became instant friends. Over a weeks time, my head was clouded with thoughts of Ty. We sent pictures back and forth of what we looked like (no naked ones) and I was instantly attracted to him. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of him. He seemed to be much taller than me, dark hair, and an amazing body.

He eventually convinced me to send him a picture of me topless. After about ten pictures, I finally found one that I thought was sexy enough. I sent it. Waiting with anticipation for his response I found myself extremely turned on, and I wanted more. He messaged me and told me that I had the most beautiful tits he had ever seen and he wanted to see more. I sent him pictures of me playing with my pussy and sent him videos so he could hear me when I made myself cum.

When I received a video from him I was in heaven. It started with him slowly undressing and revealing his impressive large cock. Completely erect it must have been at least nine inches. While watching his video, I could hear that he was watching mine in the background. He stroked that beautiful cock up and down and he made the sexiest face as he pleasured himself. It only took him a few minutes to release his load all onto his stomach. He looked so sexy, with his beautiful abs covered in his cum. I wanted to lick it off of him.

After that, I felt so comfortable with him. I could tell him any fantasy that crossed my mind and he was totally into it. Telling me how he would make them come true. I became completely engrossed with my secret relationship with him. I think it may have been partly because I knew I was doing something wrong and my husband had no idea. But then again, that's what made it so erotic. 

This was a whole new world of pleasure for me. So many days I would look forward to our discussions about what we would do to each other if we actually met. It was an absolute dream. It was as if just because we actually never met we could say anything we wanted to with no consequence. 

There was one thing that I had not told him yet. See, Ty was the kind of guy that was so smooth it was hard not to fall for him. After months of extremely hot conversations and videos, I just couldn't take it anymore. I finally asked him if he would give me his personal information so we could meet. Not necessarily to have sex but I just wanted to talk in person and get to know him better. He agreed that we could meet up after talking for a couple of weeks. 

Trying to find a way to meet was incredibly difficult. I didn't want to tell my Husband what was going on. Because I did not intend to act on any of our fantasy conversations I felt like it was OK. Finally we figured out a location that would work for the both of us and I will never forget the feeling the first time I saw him in person. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest and my stomach was in knots. Ty grabbed me and picked me up in the middle of the airport, spun me around, and kissed me. I felt so alive. We had the most amazing weekend planned. We were going to go to the mountains, rent a cabin, and just be alone for a couple of days. The first night we stayed up all night talking and getting to know each other better. 

I looked up at his beautiful brown eyes and I could no longer fight the urge to kiss him. The second our lips met, he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. We shared a beautiful passionate kiss and he pulled my head back and told me how bad he wanted to make love to me. I melted like butter back into him, taking his tongue in my mouth and feeling it caress against mine. I could immediately tell I was extremely turned on by him. He rolled me back on to my back all the while kissing my neck and down to my chest. He slid my shirt off to expose my chest and my hard nipples. He sat there for a minute, admiring me, he said and then he began kissing me from my belly button to my breasts taking them in his mouth and teasing my nipples in between his teeth. 

In my mind, I could not believe this was happening. As I felt him make his way back down my stomach to the edge of my shorts I was wearing. Playfully he tugged on them with his teeth, willing me to take them off. Sliding them down my legs, he takes in my swollen pussy with his eager eyes. Gently he kisses up my thighs to the sweetness that awaits him. He takes my clit in his mouth, gently sucking on it, caressing my nipples as he licks my sweet juices. I can barely hold still while he played with my clit in his mouth. I shudder and grab the sheets as I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. I looked down at him and his entire mouth was consumed by my wet pussy. 

Grabbing the back of his head I pushed him further into me as he fucked me with his tongue. I could feel the buildup of my orgasm begin. He grabbed my hips and pushed his tongue as far into me as he could go. He then pulled it out and looked at me, my juices dripping off of his chin. He rocked my hips back to my chest and begin to make his way to my ass, gently licking and teasing my rosebud. Shaking, I feel his fingers make their way into my pussy as he is licking my ass. He fucked me hard with his hand making me cum so hard that I squirted all over him. 

After I stopped shaking, he kissed me from my stomach back up to my lips and I could taste my own juice as we made out. I then laid him down and undid his pants to release that big cock that I had been dying to see for so long. Taking it in my hands, I stroked up and down feeling it harden with every stroke. I began to lick around his head and slowly take all of him in my mouth. As I did, I could hear him groan with pleasure. Moving my head up and down gradually getting faster each time I could feel my pussy begin to throb with anticipation for his cock. 

With another long groan, he pulled my head up and brought me up to meet his lips with mine. With a passionate kiss, he gently pulled my hips slowly to where I was lined up with his cock. Slowly, he guided me onto him. Feeling him enter me inch by inch, my eyes rolled back in my head. I could feel my juices run down his shaft as I rocked back and forth. With his hands still on my hips, he moved me back and forth faster and faster until I was on the brink of another orgasm. I could feel my muscles begin to tighten again as I held onto his chest. My whole body froze with another wave of pleasure. I collapsed onto him as he held me while I shuddered. 

Brushing my hair back from my face, he kissed me again and told me softly to roll over. I obeyed and felt him enter me once again. Having him slowly fuck me like that was amazing. I could feel every bit of him as he thrust in and out. He pulled my hair gently, pulling my head back so my back arched in. I could feel his rhythm get faster as I could tell he was getting close to his climax. I began to not be able to control myself and was screaming his name telling him to fuck me harder. At that point I could feel his nuts slapping against my clit. The sound of our bodies meeting was incredible. I then could feel him swell inside of me and release his warm stream of cum. Falling onto my back he kissed me gently up to my neck telling me how amazing I was. 

Covered in each others sweat and juices, we laid in each others arms talking about our futures. I knew this would be the last time that I would see him so I wanted to absorb every moment I had left. We stayed up for the rest of the weekend consumed with each others presence. When Sunday came and it was time to go, he held me tight against his chest and told me that he would never forget our weekend together. I almost had tears well up in my eyes but I knew I had to go back to my life with my husband and that I could no longer speak with him. I watched the taxi pick him up and take him away. I stood there for some time thinking about all that had happened. I smiled and went back inside to pack my things and head home. 

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