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Tyler Part 2 - A dream comes true

The relationship with a friends 17yr old daughter develops further - at last!
A week after our first encounter, Tyler came around to clean again, only this time my wife Tanya was in.

Tyler was wearing blue jeans that sat on her hips and gripped her firm ass just right. Her grey zipped top was baggy with the zip down slightly, showing just the faintest glimpse of her young breasts to really tease.

I was desperate to touch her, kiss her, caress her smooth tight flesh, but the risk was just too much.

My desire for her however took control, and I seized the first opportunity I could when Tanya nipped to the loo. I shot into the kitchen where Tyler was, grabbed hold of her and pushing her against the worktop kissed her full on and running my hands across her tits.

"Steady on" she whispered, her hand gently cupping my balls.

"Where's Tanya?"

"In the toilet - we've only got a few seconds" I said as I lay light kisses on her neck and the very top of her firm mounds.

"You're not wearing a bra!" I said as I squeezed gently. Tyler just smiled and winked.

The toilet flushed and Tanya came out into the kitchen. I busily put the kettle on as Tyler carried on cleaning.

How fucking annoying! I thought as my erection subsided. I sloped off to the study, still horny and pissed off at the same time.

A little while later, Tanya went outside for a cigarette which gave me at least 5 minutes with Tyler. I shot upstairs and found her this time in the bathroom. I watched her for a second as she bent over the bath showering it down. I snuck up behind her, slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her. She jumped up and said -

"Shit, you scared the fucking life out of me!"

"Sorry, I'd rather fuck the life out of you!" I replied.

I pushed her against the wall again and shoved my hand down the front of her jeans and inside her thong. My finger soon found wet lips and slipped gently into her, teasing her clit.

Tyler kissed me and held my arm as I probed her hot pussy. Just as she was beginning to breathe heavier, downstairs I heard the door slammed shut and cupboard doors closing in the kitchen.

"Oh shit!" I said and quickly pulled my fingers out of her. Tyler just leaned against the wall slightly breathless, with a slightly flushed face. I licked my fingers, tasting her juices and left the bathroom, with a second hard-on going to waste.

It was a full 30 minutes later that we got our next opportunity. Tanya decided she was going out to plant a few flowers in the front garden and as soon as she looked quite settled out there I went in search of Tyler. I found her in one of the bedrooms overlooking the front, just polishing a mirror.

She saw me coming this time and turned to greet me. I slipped my hands around her and drew her in tight - "She's outside the front for a while planting flowers... now, where were we?" I asked.

"I think you had your hand down my knickers!" she smiled and put her duster down.

"So I did!" I exclaimed as my hand glided down in-between her legs. Tyler leaned back against the dresser and allowed me to rub her as I lowered the zipper on her top and eased her right breast into view. My hand found its way inside her knickers again and I was back where I started, sneaking my middle finger along her hot, damp opening.

I stroked her with a constant pressure and rhythm whilst I fondled her breasts and nipples with my other hand and laying light kisses on her neck. Tyler's breath got a little noisier as I continued to play with her tits and stroke her clit, her face was becoming flush with pleasure.

I lowered my mouth and began to suck on her erect nipples and as I did she let out a lovely quiet little moan of contentment.

"Go a bit harder on my tits ... and my pussy" she whispered and I did as I was told.As I continued to suckle on her, I gently bit her nipple and she took a sharp intake of breath as I did. I sucked harder and nibbled away,forcing an even louder moan from her lips. At the same time I increased my rhythm and the pressure on her pussy and rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

Now panting quite heavily, Tyler tossed her head back and let out a long "Oooooooohh... yes... keep going" and licked her lips. I concentrated solely on her satisfaction, fingering her hard with one hand and sucking a squeezing her tits with the other. I knew she was close to coming, so I just kept up the same movement and rhythm until she took one large final gasp - her body stiffened up and jerked as the waves of her orgasm hit. Her juices flowed out, all over my hand and down her legs, soaking into her knickers and jeans.

Eventually her body stopped convulsing and Tyler began to kiss me and thank me.

"Thank-you... thank-you" she kept saying as we kissed. "Now its your turn."

I'd been concentrating so much on pleasuring Tyler I'd forgotten about the straining erection in my jeans! We moved nearer to the window, so I could see Tanya... she was still there planting away. Tyler soon had me unzipped and free from the confines of my boxer shorts and she then proceeded to lick my balls and long hard shaft. I lightly held her head and softly stroked her neck and shoulders as she continued to lick along my shaft and gently suck on my sac.

I desperately wanted her to take me in her warm, moist mouth and I think she sensed that as she ran her tongue up to my tip and, gently pulling my foreskin back, she kissed my bright purple head and ran the back of her tongue over it.

Tyler looked up at me with her bright blue sparkling eyes as she lowered her lips around my throbbing cock. Inch by inch it disappeared into her hungry mouth, until she could take no more. She held my balls and squeezed them gently as she began to take my member in and out, slurping as my tip reached her lips.

I watched my wife outside as Tyler continued to give me the most amazing blow job, my cock feeling like it had found a new home. I felt a pang of guilt, but the guilt just drove my pleasure more, knowing it was wrong to be doing what we were doing.

Tyler picked up speed and I was now near to blowing. I began to thrust in to her mouth as my balls ached and twitched ready to unload their cargo. I expected Tyler to keep me in her mouth, as she had done the week before, but as I came she pulled away and aimed my cock at her tits. Wanking me hard each shot landed on her chest and we watched together as small trickles of cum slowly slid down her tits and dripped off onto her thighs.

Finally she licked me dry of cum and smoothed my creamy deposit into her tits and nipples.

After straightening our clothes we hugged and kissed before Tyler looked at me with those blue eyes and yet again, catching me by surprise said,

"So... when are you going to fuck me then?"

I smiled... well grinned actually, and thought for a moment. How often does a bloke experience this sort of conversation with a gorgeous 17yr old girl?

"Tanya's going out this afternoon. How about I come down to your house then?" I replied.

"Mmmm... that sounds good! Mum's at work and my little Sis is at school."

I ran my hands under her bum and picked her up, her legs wrapping themselves around me. With her arms around my shoulders, Tyler leaned back and pushed her bum into my crotch -

"I can't wait!"

"Neither can I." I replied.

For the next two hours I could concentrate on nothing. None of my work got done, none of the phone calls I needed to make got made. My balls ached and throbbed with the thought of fucking Tyler. I found myself pacing around the house trying to relax, but failing miserably.

Eventually Tanya did go out into town, and after waiting 10 minutes just incase she popped back for something, I walked down to Tyler's house. She only lived about 8 houses down the street, and I must have looked like a burglar or a prowler as I went down there, constantly looking around to see who might see me going into her house. I don't know why I did that, because we visited each others houses regularly.

As usual I knocked and then went straight in.

"Hi" I called out.

"I'm upstairs in my room" Tyler shouted back.

I walked slowly upstairs, my heart pounding away like mad.

Tyler was lying on her bed reading a magazine, wearing a short pink skirt and a white short-sleeved low-cut top... and again no bra. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric of her top like bullets.

I walked over to her bed and as she sat up on the side of the bed, I gently raised her chin to look into her eyes. The sparkle of her blue eyes and her luscious smile was intoxicating as I studied her... her pretty face... her willing mouth... her beautiful breasts inside her tight top... her erect nipples, waiting in anticipation... her long slim legs, already apart and positioned either side my knees... her skirt riding up to reveal her dainty white and slightly damp panties.

Holding her by the hand I drew her to her feet and we kissed passionately, like lovers, light at first but getting heavier, out tongues probing and clashing with each others. Our hands began to explore each other... over chests and breasts and bums, over pussy and cock and heads and necks. Our kissing became a desperate affair as our hands began to remove clothing and find their way to their targets!

I bent to suckle on Tyler's breasts, pushing the upwards and together and flicking my tongue across her stiff delicious nipples. Sucking hard on one and then the other, not wanting to show any favouritism... gently biting her... sending her wild.

Tyler tugged at my hard throbbing cock - the hardest it had ever been, with both hands. Up and down and in a circular motion she pumped it hard, my foreskin ripped back from what it protected. Sinking to the floor she took me into her hot eager mouth, the sensation of the wet and of the heat almost blowing me there and then. Her head moved like a Churchill dog as she bobbed up and down on me, hard and fast... there was almost no stopping her!

But that's exactly what I had to do... I knew that if she carried on much longer I'd explode into her, and I needed to save myself for later. Reluctantly I pulled away from her and pulled her up to her feet, slipping my hand between her legs as I did so. Her cunt was so slippery as I rubbed and fingered her - she was ready.

Lowering Tyler gently to the bed on her back I lay down next to her and climbed on top. With her legs spread wide and leaning on one arms I positioned the tip of my member against her tiny but swollen slit.

This was the moment I'd dreamed about so many times, played through in my mind again and again, but I hesitated and looked at Tyler, on her back, legs spread around me, her hands playing with her tits and pulling at her nipples, panting in expectation.

The longing look on her face was all I needed. She wanted this as bad as I did and I pushed forward slowly. Her pussy lips parted and took in tip of my cock. she was so tight that just the head of my cock stretched her cunny lips around me. I pushed further in, inch by inch, her cunt walls gripping me so tight - the tightest pussy I'd ever felt in my like.

The sounds coming from her mouth were driving me wild... the gasps as I filled her, the little moans of pleasure escaping her lips. She sat up on her elbows to watch me disappearing inside her and once fully inside I just held myself there, savouring the vice-like grip she had on me.

I withdrew from her and allowed her pussy time to close up before pushing inside her again and over the period of a minute or so, building up a little bit speed until I established a smooth rhythm in and out of her clenched snatch.

The groans of pleasure and the words of encouragement were getting too much for me as Tyler tossed around and lifted her hips to meet my thrusts. she gripped the duvet and squeezed her tits as she squealed with delight.

"Of fuck yes... this is so fucking good"

"Yes... yes... yes... " she panted heavily "Oh fuck me... your cock feels so good!"

I knew I couldn't keep this up for much longer. Tyler was such a turn on for me and the pent up excitement and sheer disbelief that I was finally inside her, fucking her hard and that she was loving every second of it was just too much.

I knelt back and lifted her feet over my shoulders and leaning forward pushed her knees towards her jiggling tits. Raising myself on my toes I went on an all out assault of her, pounding hard into her flesh, my balls slapping loudly against her butt.

Our grunts and shouts of passion could probably be heard for miles, but we were past caring. Thrusting in and out of her perfect cunt I finally felt my twitch...

"I'm gonna cum Tyler..." I grimaced and my body stiffened

"Cum inside me... I want you to cum deep inside me" she cried, and at that very moment I exploded into her. With each spasm I pushed hard and deep into her, shooting my seed deep inside her - the possible consequences the furthest thing from my mind.

I carried on fucking her as she lay there rubbing her own clit until she too came on my cock, bucking like a bronco as the waves of pleasure hit her, until we both just collapsed and lay in each others arms.

Neither of us said a word for about 2o minutes as we caught our breath and began to really take in what had just happened. Nothing needed to be said - we both knew that we had had the most amazing experience of our lives so far and that there was going to be so many opportunities for more!

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