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Ultimate Full Body Massage

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A perfect first night
You meet me at the door with a loving smile and a question in your eyes as you notice the bag I'm carrying. "What do you have in the bag?" you ask me as we reach and embrace, sharing a passionate kiss.

"Just something to make this a night for us to remember," is all I say.

Placing the bag down we sit and make small talk for awhile. It has been almost a month since we have seen each other, and the time apart only makes our passion more alive.

"How about dinner?" I ask with a smile.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

We sit and talk awhile and decide on a restaurant that you enjoy. The food, the wine, the atmosphere and the conversation all add suspense and desire to the night we are about to share.

Leaving for your house we know what lies ahead and we are ready. The night is young, our desire great. Yes it is time.

Once home, I grab the bag I had placed next to the door and head to the bathroom. You are not sure what I have planned, but don't question my actions. You know that, no matter what, I offer you nothing but joy and fulfillment as no other lover has ever done before. You trust me, and I you.

After a while I return and take you by the hand, embracing you once again, sharing a kiss, tasting the sweetness of your full lips on mine. I hold your hand and lead you to the bathroom.

The sight that fills your eyes boggles the mind. In the darkness, with the lights out, there is a soft glow of scented candles. They give off a delicate light and the fragrance of scented bath oils fills the room as well. As you peer into the tub you notice I have drawn you a bath, something no man has done for you before. It is so sweet, these things I do for you, you think to yourself as you look about the room.

You turn and once again we share a kiss. Oh, how I love the taste of your lips! I place my hands upon your shoulders and slowly turn you away from me. Reaching for the zipper, I pull it down. Placing my hands inside your dress, I remove it from your shoulders and we both watch it pool around your feet.

You hold onto me as you step from the garment. As you sit on the side of the tub, I remove your shoes and plant kisses on your feet. You look lovely dressed in lingerie. The matching sheer bra and panties show the elegance of your perfect body. I can see your nipples as they harden with desire for me, your lover. And as I gaze further down, I see the proud flare of your hips, and the dark patch of your "landing strip" nestled with your thong. My desire for you shows as well, by the swell of my hardening cock held back by my pants.

Reaching behind you I find the clasp of your bra and undo it. Your proud breasts are free to my gaze. They stand out like a beacon on the sea shore. Full, firm, so inviting, these breasts I have come to know and love so well.

I bend my head and, taking a nipple in my mouth, I gently suckle them. Just enough to tease you, for this is just the beginning of our perfect night. I kneel before you, place my thumbs in the waistband of the panties and slowly peel them from your body. As they clear your feet and you step out of them, I hold them to my nose and inhale. Ah, the sweet fragrance of a beautiful woman! How I love the smell, the taste, the feel of your body. This is heaven, I tell myself, for no other woman can make me feel the way you do.

As you stand and get into the bath I have drawn, I disappear, but am back soon.

You lie in the tub and marvel at your good fortune. Of all the lovers you have had, all those yet to come, this man is special, you tell yourself. His only goal is to please you. You think of many things, yet think of nothing as your body relaxes in the water, your mind at ease with it all. You turn to look at me as I enter the bathroom yet again.

I have brought with me a bottle of wine and two glasses. "How sweet!" you say as I pour us each a glass.

Taking a seat on tub's edge, I hand you a glass. We sit and make small talk, enjoying each other's company and the wine. We are in no hurry, we have all weekend and plan on using it to satisfy our desire for each other.

As we continue to sip wine, I take a wash cloth, lather it up and wash your back, loving the moments we share together.

After the wine is finished, it is time to move on to more erotic pleasure. The bath was more to show you the loving, caring, giving nature of me. But now, yes now, we have more important things to do, to share.

Taking the empty glass from you, I set it aside. I retrieve a towel, hold it open and watch with hungry eyes as you step from the tub. Softly, I dry your body. This body whose charm has stolen my heart, fulfilled my lust, and satisfied my quest for pleasure in the highest form. Once dry, I tell you to put back on your bra and panties and meet me in the bedroom while I take the empty wine bottle and glasses to the kitchen.

Returning to the bedroom, I find you on the bed awaiting me. I come to your side and look down at you. A smile crosses my lips."This is going to be fun," I tell myself.

Making sure you are comfortable, I ask you to roll over on your stomach as I reach for the bag I have brought with me. Finding the massage lotion, I pour some in my hands and rubbing, bring it to body temperature. Again my eyes travel up and down your body, stopping at your beautiful butt. As a leg man, your ass is perhaps my favorite part of your body. I marvel at the way it looks, with the sheer fabric of your thong revealing more than hiding. I see the globes of that perfect ass and bend planting a kiss on each cheek.

With the lotion warm, I return to your neck and massage the tension away. My hands knead and I realize you need this as much as I do.

Across your shoulder blades my hands travel, working up and down your upper spine until I come to your bra once again. Unhooking the garment, I peel it from your shoulders but don't make an attempt to remove it yet. With more oil in my hands, I continue to use varying techniques to rub, knead and tickle you.

Your breathing becomes steady and shallow. You are enjoying this relaxing massage but know full well the best is yet to come. Again with more oil, I start the next part of my journey across your body. Now just beneath your panties, I move up and down each leg. Always stopping at the knee, alternating pressure, light and firm.

It is hard to determine which you like best, finally agreeing both are good. Yes you love it all and hope this night never ends. Finally with more oil I concentrate on your lower legs, giving calves and feet their attention as well. Up and down, side to side, I rub you and listen for a soft moan to escape your lips, telling me you really enjoy my hands on your body.

Turning you over, the bra loose, I start at the base of your neck and again from side to side, up and down, applying lotion to your hungry body. I finally remove your loosened bra, revealing once again your perfect tits. Of course they are perfect, honey, but then, so is the rest of you as well.

Taking a towel, I dry my hands and reach for another bottle of oil. This one scented as well, but edible. To massage these fabulous tits requires something that tastes better than plain massage oil. With cinnamon oil in hand, I begin to work on the most beautiful breasts I have ever known. Yours.

There is no way my hands can full cover the fullness of each breast, but I try. With small circles, starting on the outside, I work my way toward the hardened nipple. Once at the nipple, I use forefinger and thumb to lightly pinch and pull on the hard bud. Taking the pads of my fingers, I rub the nubbin from side to side, watching in amazement the full pink nipples I love to suck so much. First one tit, then the next.

The moaning escaping your lips informs me of the excitement you feel as my hands show you the love for your body my heart feels. As my fingers and hands work over one tit, my mouth, so hot, takes the nipple of the other breast and gently sucks the cinnamon oil from it. My tongue darts out and flickers the bud of a nipple as your body responds to the desire that fills your soul.

I am at a loss for which tastes better. The cinnamon oil, or the natural taste of your body. Both, I tell myself. You are hot for this. I am but an instrument of your desire. You thrash about the bed, as my hands, tongue, mouth and fingers work you to a fevered pitch.

Working my way down your body, I pause to circle my tongue around your navel. I pour oil directly into the navel, watching your back arch as I use unheated oil this time. My hands work up and down, still making small circles around your breasts. My tongue sucks out the flavored oil from your navel.

Once I am sure I can retrieve no more, I lower myself between your thighs. My eyes behold the wet spot that has formed on the crotch of your panties. How hot you are for more! And more is yet to come, baby.

Placing my hands under the waist band, I slowly remove your panties. You arch your hips, allowing me access to pull them down. As I remove them, the once soft, fluffy pubic hair is slightly matted with the wetness of your desire. The fragrant aroma of a hot woman fills the air and my nostrils flare with desire of my own.

Finally clearing your hips, you watch through half closed eyes, eyes filled with desire of your own, as I hold the crotch of the panties up to my nose and inhale your rich aroma. You smile as my tongue sneaks from my mouth and gingerly tastes you on the material. A smile crosses my lips as I taste you, my lover. This is my souvenir, your panties. Something I will treasure always, for they are mine now. Something to remember you by. Something to keep with me from this day forward as remembrance of out night together. You don't mind, you tell yourself. You can always buy new panties, but training a new lover... well it is more costly in time and pleasure.

"You can have them," you say as if reading my mind. You know that other than feeling your body next to mine, seeing you in sexy lingerie, this is my favorite thing. Knowing that these panties once caressed your sweet body, your hot pussy, now they are a gift from you to me. I toss them over my shoulder to collect later. My work here is far from over, for I must satisfy you, my lover, as no man has ever done. As no man will ever be able to do. For you must never forget how special you are to me. How much I desire to please you.

With oil once again, I rub into the pubic hair until the fragrance of oil is mixed with the rich aroma of your hot body. Looking down, I see the lips of your pussy, open with desire. I see the wetness of that beautiful pussy begging for a tongue, a finger, a cock.

Lowering my head, my lips take into my mouth the pubic hair and I gently pull it with my lips. Between the smell of cinnamon and the smell of your pussy, I go crazy with desire. My only desire is to please you, babe. I know that if I leave here with you happy and content, I will be invited back. If not, I will lose you as a lover, as you continue your search for the perfect man to love and please your body. I must have you, I must feel you, I must taste you, I must please you as no other man has. Or I will run the risk of losing you forever.

Removing my lips from your pubic hair, I see your clit. Swollen, hard, throbbing, begging for attention. I move my tongue down and flick it from side to side, just as I had done your nipples. So small, yet so tender and pleasing, this little part of you. Gently, I wrap the lips of my mouth around the clit and suck. Softly, tenderly, slowly.

Your body responds to my mouth, my tongue. You thrash around the bed. I find myself trying to steady your movements as passion consumes your body. Carefully grasping your clit between my teeth, I use my tongue to flicker across the tenderness of your womanhood. As your body races to the peak of desire, the rich, tangy taste of your juices flows freely, coating my tongue, filling my mouth with your nectar. You paint my face with the most erotic of all things. You.

As I release the clit from my teeth, I use my tongue to lick up and down your labia. Drawing into my mouth the offering you presented me. Knowing you are on the brink of orgasm, and knowing how badly you want to cum, I switch tactics.

Once again I take your clit in my mouth, but now I fill you with first one, then two fingers inside your pussy. Slowly moving them in and out. As your body once again moves to the rhythm of desire, the speed of my fingers and the depth of penetration quicken. It is just a matter of time before you cum. With your clit in my mouth, fingers buried deep within your sweet pussy, I sneak one finger around to your ass and apply pressure to your tightest orifice.

Your breasts move across your chest as if they have a life of their own as you work toward release. Suddenly you explode in a blinding flash of color as the passion reaches its boiling point. Your hips thrust upward and bury within my face. The juices flow freely from your pussy, only to be licked and sucked into my mouth. I greedily swallow all you have to offer me, yet want more. As your breathing becomes more even and more relaxed, and you come down from your peak, I remove my fingers and finally my mouth from your pussy.

I look up from between your legs; the satisfied smile across your face lets me know I have brought you untold pleasure. As you cast your gaze on me, seeing my face shining with your juices, your smile becomes even bigger. A sigh of relief comes from you as you tell me that was good. Very good. But as your breathing returns to normal, the desire is still alive within your body and soul. You want more.

Looking down you notice I am still dressed, fully clothed, for this was about your pleasure, your orgasm, not mine. Seeing the outline of my hard cock, you decide that perhaps it is time we each find release. "Please, baby, make love to me. I want your hard cock in my pussy. I want us to both cum together."

And so begins round two of our first night of a long weekend together.

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