Unbearable Attraction (True Story)

By curious_bunny

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One day our attraction couldn't be contained anymore. We had hot secret sex when his wife was gone.
I lay with my back against the stairs as we finish writing the lyrics. Alex is completely focused, but I am in another state. The other man we’ve been working with gathers his things and calls it a day. His departure couldn’t have come soon enough. Alex and I sit alone in the small studio as the door slams, reminding me that we are finally alone. I acknowledge how rare our privacy is because, usually, Alex’s wife is around. But not today. She won’t be back for a very long time. He picks up a track and begins to focus on recording. All I can think about is how badly I want him. I watch lustfully as he leans against the desk and his muscles ripple and flex with each strum. I have never been so hungry for anything. I want him inside of me.

“How’s this?” He asks, referring to a chord change.

I am speechless. His voice alone gets me so hot. I say nothing. Our eyes lock and I can feel his energy pull into the mood. He stands straight and tall and looks down at me knowingly. My choice to not wear a bra today has noticeably been catching his attention all day. I know he has been trying to be discrete about it, but he certainly isn’t trying to be anymore. I let him stare at my nipples, clearly distinguishable through my shirt, and bite my bottom lip in effort to contain my sex craze for him. He sets the guitar on the ground and crosses the room to me, wasting no time. I jump from my restful form and accept the strong embrace he takes me in. He wraps his fingers into my long hair and pulls my face to his. We kiss with force and uncontainable passion. I can taste his warm breath and the slip of his eager tongue. I bite his bottom lip gently from the spur of my desire and he kisses me with more intense feel in return. A quiet yearning moan escapes my lips as he rushes his desiring hands under my blouse.

He pulls it open from the inside exposing my large young breasts to the cool air. He licks his lips cravingly and cups them both with his hands. I reach my hand to his jeans and quickly find his hard penis still growing in his pants. I rub as he nestles his head to my breasts and sucks vigorously. I can’t stand it anymore. I tear at the shirt hiding his strong, heavily beating chest. He dives a hand under my skirt and teases a finger outside my wet pussy. I pull down the skirt with haste and promptly then undo his belt and take off his jeans. I’m wet at the sight of his monster dick popping out of his boxers. I remove those, too, before he slams me onto the desk and kisses me all over my body. He slides down to my thighs and teases his tongue around my pussy. I moan with pleasure and sit up to stroke his cock as he digs his hungry tongue around my special spot. He squeezes my ass hard and slides back up to suck my breast again. He grabs me by the hair as he does so, making me moan louder.

I move down to his penis and take it all in my mouth. He pushes me from the back of my head as I take in his long cock, licking and flipping my tongue along his shaft. He quietly sounds his pleasure, and before too long, knows what more we both want before he finishes. So he picks me up and I wrap my legs around him. He pulls on my hair and kisses me forcefully as he slowly enters me. I moan as he gradually goes faster. I squeeze my legs hard around his waist as he thrusts with more force each time. By now, he is going so fast, I can hardly keep myself from screaming. He is breathing hard and I call his name while wrapping my fingers tightly in his hair. His thick penis slides quickly and tightly inside me over and over again before I feel myself beginning to climax.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to cum!” I cry out.

He fucks me even faster and harder, reaching me to the best orgasm of my life. I scream with uncontainable pleasure, never wanting this sensation to end. Just as I finish, he pulls out and takes his long cock to my face, where he cums a full warm load from my lips to my breasts. He tilts his head back and sighs as I rub the lukewarm semen around my breasts and nipples. I glance seductively to him as he beams, handing me a blanket to clean off my face and chest. He squats down beside me with a big smile on his face as I wipe my jaw.

“That was amazing.” He says breathlessly.

I say nothing. I only grasp his face tightly with both my hands and kiss his lips with whatever energy I have left. He was right. It was beyond amazing. And it wouldn’t be the last time.