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Under Arrest

who knew that being arrested could be so much sexy fun?
Our town's night shift cop is a total jerk. I live in a very small town, a hamlet really. We have a population of about 2500. The landmarks are a town hall, a small grocery, a gas station, a post office, six churches and four bars. There is a town Marshall, who works the day shift and is a very professional and personable man. Just about everyone likes and trusts him. Then there is the young deputy who works the evening shift. Deputy Dave Williams is the asshole. He often parks his patrol car in hidden spots and pulls over folks going 35 in 30, to top it off he doesn't seem to believe in warning tickets. He is fond of handing out citations for petty town rule violations, like not having your garbage can pulled from the end of your drive by 6:00 P.M. He is a very unpopular cop. The majority of the town residents call him Deputy Dave behind his back.

I am a mother of teenage boys. As I said, the town is very small. Sometimes my boys and his friends get up to mischief. Nothing that hurts anyone or anything, but small things like riding skateboards down the middle of the street or messing with the teenage girls, pulling pranks and the like. Needless to say Deputy Dave has showed up on my doorstep more than once.

Deputy Dave is a former military man, he has that super erect posture, keeps his hair in a perpetual flat top and uses sir and ma'am in every short and facts only conversation he engages in. He is probably 5'9 or so and fit looking. I would tell you that he is good looking, except I have never seen his eyes. He wears mirrored sunglasses all the time, even when it is dark. I can say that he has a square face and a cleft chin. His lips are well shaped, thin, with a marginally fuller bottom lip.

As you can tell, I have gotten a good look at him. I've seen him enough. I think he picks on my boys. There are some really rotten hooligans in our town that he never seems to bother. Like I said I think he is an asshole jerk.

I walk my dogs just about every night after work. we get out around 4:30 or so and walk two miles and then head back to my house. I walk the main drag as a matter of routine. I know where all the other dogs, cats and rowdy kids are that way. When you walk two 70 pound dogs, you want to avoid those three things or you are courting tragedy.

Every night I throw on a pair of old worn jeans, a t-shirt and walking shoes and get moving. I like to be back at the house by quarter after 5. Deputy Dave is often lurking around the main drag at that time. Better to catch the people coming home from work and speeding unawares. Jerk!

Unfortunately, due to this mutual time slot, he often pulls over to ask me a question or make a smart ass comment. He never takes off his shades and smirks most of the time. I don't think he has ever smiled.

I have come to loath him and dread seeing him. He cruises up and down Main St. without fail every weeknight. Why couldn't he ever get sick or take a vacation?

I could walk the dogs later, but I do not want to be out after dark. So, I have made a game of how counting how many times he drives up and down Main St. before he pulls over to irritate me.

The day before yesterday, I went walking by myself. I had a terrible day at work, the house was a total mess and my husband called to tell me he was working over. I didn't feel like hooking the dogs up. I had to get out of the house.

I threw on my usual garb and took off like a bat out of hell. Of course, walking huffily like that causes my generous back side to really swing. I didn't care though. I huffed and puffed along, reviewing the rotten day in my head. Before long I was sweating a bit and I could feel my checks were hot.

To top it all off, up along side me pulls Deputy Dave. Perfect! What will the asshole have to say today?

"What seems to be the problem ma'am?" He said condescendingly.

"Fuck him." I thought. "It isn't any of his business!" I was already in a very shitty mood. I was talking myself into trouble by letting Dave irritate me.

"Nothing is wrong Officer Dave. I am just taking a walk." I said in an exasperated manner. Then I stupidly added "What's it to you?"

"Look here ma'am, I am just checking on you. You seem out of sorts. There is no need for you to become belligerent." He said.

"Belligerent!" I sputtered, getting madder by the second. "Look here you arrogant fuck, I am minding my own business, leave me the fuck alone!"

That did it, the lights flipped on and he was out of the car with his hand on his night stick. He reached my side in about four steps. He got close enough that I could smell his aftershave.

"Have you been drinking?" He stated.

"Are you nuts?" I yelled. "No, I haven't been drinking!"

"Ma'am, you need to calm down or I will have to take you in." He spoke slowly with emphasis on the ma'am.

"Take me in? I haven't done anything. You have lost your god damned mind. Your a fucking asshole." As the words poured out of my mouth, from some faraway place in my mind, I knew I was not being wise. I don't know where all that anger came from. I just couldn't control my mouth.

"Ma'am, I am placing you under arrest for disorderly conduct. I will be taking you to the station. Now turn around and cuff up." He said.

That did it. I calmed down immediately I got set to panic. I turned around blindly and put my hands behind my back. I felt cold metal snap around my wrist and heard the click of the cuffs locking.

Deputy Williams escorted my by the elbow the trunk of his car. He roughly pushed me over and began a pat search of my body. I felt his gloved hands begin to squeeze down my arms, torso and legs. Back up and between my legs, where the palm of his hand cupped and squeezed my mound.

I was too scared to object. I rationalized that I misinterpreted his actions. I must have imagined it. I reasoned that it must be police procedure or something.

Deputy Williams then opened the back of his squad car and shoved me roughly inside. I landed in the back in a heap.

On the way to the station I kept looking in the rear view mirror and catching him looking back at me. At least I thought he was looking at me. Who could tell with the shades? I do know that I was really worried. Was he really going to arrest me? Me and my big mouth. Why didn't I know when to just shut up?

As soon as Deputy Williams pulled up to the station, he had no sooner stopped than he was yanking me out of the car. I half stumbled, half walked to the door with his rough assistance.

Deputy Williams unlocked the door while holding me against the front of his body. His lips were very close to my ear and I could feel his hot breath fan in and out against my neck. My butt was crushed up against his crotch. I gradually became aware that his cock was hard and pushing up against my bottom.

The situation took on an unreal quality. I felt like I was underwater and moving oh so slowly. I don't know when fear turned into desire. It happened suddenly. I was scared and worried and in the moment I realized he had a hard on, my pussy got wet and me breath came faster.

I pushed my bottom hard against his hard dick and ground it around in a circle. My pussy became even wetter almost immediately. My nipples were hard.

Deputy Williams pushed open the door. Then, we were moving through the door. I felt my body being propelled more gently through several rooms. We ended up in a small room with a small couch a table and chairs and a television. I think it was a break area.

Deputy Williams announced that I would have to submit to a strip search for processing. My hands were still handcuffed around my back. He sat me down in one of the chairs and uncurled one hand and cuffed it around the chair rung.

"Do you plan on cooperating with this strip search ma'am?" He asked gruffly.

I nodded my head yes. I could barely keep my eyes off the bulge in his pants. I felt my cunt getting wetter still.

He pulled my shirt off over my head, leaving it hanging around the arm still cuffed to the chair. He did the same with my bra. My breasts popped free, the nipples hard and hot. I arched my back, thrusting my tits out, straining to be touched. He made no move to touch them.

Deputy Williams pulled me to my feet and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. With both hands he yanked them down to my ankles along with my panties. He pushed me back to sitting and removed my shoes and socks along with my pants and panties.

"I need to do a cavity check" He said while kneeling down in between my legs, shoving my knees apart. I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips apart. A single finger invaded me, hooked and searching.

"Oh my God!" I gasped as he found my G-spot. His hooked finger stroked and pressed the upper wall of my cunt. I pushed my ass to the very edge of the seat. I threw my head back and gulped air into my lungs as the pleasure became so intense it was nearly painful.

One finger became two. He finger fucked me while twisting and turning. My clit begged to be touched. My hips bucked and thrust wildly.

Suddenly he removed his fingers. He stood up quickly and unzipped his pants. His crotch was level with my face. He pulled his cock out of his pants. He walked a step forward and pushed his cock in my face. His hands were in my hair and my free hand was pulling his cock into my open mouth.

I shoved as much cock in my mouth as I could. His cock was smooth and hot. A fat vein on the underside of his tool throbbed against my tongue. My head bobbed back and forth against the polyester of his trousers. Soon the front of his pants were as wet as my cunt.

I looked up into his face. He was looking down at me, his mouth slightly open. He still had not taken his shades off. I saw my reflection mirrored in each lens. Watching myself devour his hot cock made me feel dirty and sexy. I attacked his cock with my tongue, putting every ounce of energy in my body to work on his rod.

I desperately wanted to play with my clit, which felt as if had swelled to the size of an eraser. I could not take my one free hand of his beautiful cock. My cunt was so wet, my juices dripped onto the wooden seat. I adjusted my hips so that my pussy could rub against the wet seat of the chair.

Soon my mouth was bobbing against his cock in rhythm with my rubbing pussy. Saliva dripped from my lips and mouth off of his prick.

Suddenly he pulled his dick out my mouth. Deputy Williams pulled me to my feet and uncuffed my arm. He again put my hands behind my back and cuffed them.

He sat down in the chair with me standing in front of him. He reached both hands up to cup my generous breasts. He pulled the left nipple in his mouth while tugging and rolling the right nipple between his fingers. I let out a contented sigh. I pushed my tits into his face, wanting more mouth more tongue.

My pussy continued to drip and pulse. When was he going to fuck me? My brain screamed it over and over. My chest heaved with the breath that whooshed in and out of my mouth hotly.

Deputy Williams fingers once again invaded my cunt. He roughly shoved three fingers in and out. He continued to finger bang me while he backed my body up against the table and pushed me down on the table top.

Spreading my legs apart and placing them on his shoulders he bent his head to my cunt. I could feel his hot breath tickling my pussy lips. Finally after what seemed an eternity, his lips closed around my clit. He sucked it wetly. His fingers remained up my hole, pushing in and out, over and over. Making me pant and beg.

I looked down to see his shaded eyes peeking above my womanhood. His tongue began to stroke my clit. My back arched, my handcuffed arms were aching from the strain of laying on them, but I barely felt it.

I came against his mouth with a cry. Pushing my cunt into his face. His tongue continued to lick my clit, but it was too much, I jerked my hips away from him relentless tongue.

Deputy Williams pulled my weak body upright to my feet. Standing rather unsteadily, I waited while he pushed his pants, boxers and utility belt down around his ankles.

He sat down bringing me to him as he did so. Knees wide apart, I sat down on his lap while he held his cock out to insert into my pussy. The head of his cock nudged against my lips and pushed itself almost without help.

I sunk down onto his rod. I felt it drive itself deeply into my snatch, gravity doing most of the work.

My feet barely touched the floor. My thighs worked as hard as they ever would, trying to fuck him as fast as possible. Deputy Williams helped out by pumping his own hips up and down.

My tits shook and bounced. My handcuffed hands forced them into his face.

A strong hand kneaded a buttock check. His mouth tried to capture a nipple.

Deputy Williams mouth sucked my nipple while I bounced like a madwoman all over his cock. His breath rasped in and out of his mouth. My nipple popped out of his mouth and he threw his head back. He came with a stilted yell.

I laid against his chest, waiting. Tired and sated.

Deputy Williams leaned forward holding me against him, his cock softening inside me. He pulled his keys off of his duty belt. He then reached behind me and uncuffed me.

Freed at last, I shook my numb arms out. I then leaned forward and took his glasses off. Staring at me were eyes as blue as my own. He really was very good looking and he knew how to fuck. He smiled (Oh God! he was impossibly good looking with a smile) and pulled my head towards his mouth. Placing his lips over mine, he pushed his tongue against my own.

We kissed a bit longer while he ran his hands up and down my back, stopping periodically to massage my arms and hands. Deputy Williams had a sweet side!

Finally, I stood and got dressed slowly. Sorry for the session to end, our commingled juices leaked into my panties. I moved towards the door. I turned to him at the door, he sat in the chair, softened cock curled sweetly in his lap.

"Do you want a ride home?" he asked smiling.

"No, I better not. But, you know what?" I asked smiling back at him sweetly.

"What?" he said lazily.

"I still think your an asshole, but you fuck so good it makes up for it."

 I walked out the door into darkening sky.

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