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Under The Boardwalk

It was a warm day in August, Kate and Lisa were at the boardwalk riding the rides.  They were in line to ride the flume.  They were talking to various people wasting time waiting for their turn.  Kate and Lisa were visiting Kate's grandparents in New Jersey.  The girls lived in Florida and would be leaving tomorrow.

Eventually, it was their turn.  They entered the log and sat down.  Kate sat in front of Lisa.  They put their arms on the bars and got ready for their ride.  The ride started and it was fun.  It went all around the course.  The main drop was the highest hill of the entire ride.  The girls were hot and hoping they'd get wet by the big splash.

As they were approaching the top of the drop, the most gorgeous guy was sitting at the top.  The guy had long curly brown hair and blue eyes.  He had a muscled body and was totally hot.  He was wearing jeans and a guinea tee shirt.  Kate was in love at first sight.  As the girls were dropping down the hill, Kate yelled out that she wanted to fuck the flume man.  Lisa was horrified and couldn't believe her friend was acting like such a slut.  She wondered if the guy really would want to fuck her friend.

The hot guy told the girls to ride the ride again.  Kate was a bit of a slut and when she saw something good, she had to have it right away.  The guy was probably in his early thirties.  Kate and Lisa were just eighteen.

“Kate, are you really going to fuck him?”

“Why not.  Did you see him?  He’s so fucking hot!”

“Kate Smith, you’re such a slut.”

“Takes one to know one.”

The girls laughed and continued with the ride.

“If you want, we could both fuck him.  I’m sure there’s plenty for the two of us.”

“No,  you can have him.  I’ll go have some lunch while you mess around.”

Kate and Lisa enjoyed the ride and when they got to where the guy was, he told them to meet him near the entrance in an hour.

They finished the ride and Kate and Lisa ran to the bathroom.  Kate needed to fix her hair and make-up.  She planned on fucking the guy at the flume.  She didn’t know where they’d fuck, but she was going to have some fun.

“You better be careful.  Make him wear a condom!”

“You should come with us.  I bet he would love to fool around with us both.”

“I’m not a whore like you.”

“Yes, you are.  What about the guy you fucked last night?”

“I better get over to the entrance.  I’ll meet you at the pizza parlor."

“Be safe, Kate.”

“You too.”


Kate walked toward the front of the flume.  Her mystery man was waiting by the sign.  Kate licked her lips and walked towards him.

“Hey sexy.  You’re a sexy thing, aren’t you?”

“It’s your lucky day.  Want to have some fun?”

“You said we’d fuck.  Where do you want to go?”

“We could get a room?”

“How about under the boardwalk? I’m still working.”

“Sure.  Under the boardwalk is cool.  I’m Kate by the way.”

“John.  Nice to meet you.  You’re so hot!”

John and Kate walked down by the water and then under the boardwalk.  He seemed to know exactly where to go.  Kate was sure he was a player and fucked lots of girls on the beach.  She was tickled pink that he was going to fuck her.  She had a condom in her back pocket that she’d insist he’d wear.  She wasn’t going to catch anything from him.

Once they were under the boardwalk, John pulled Kate close to his body.  They shared a deep and passionate kiss.  His hands were all over her body.  He pulled her tube top down and played with her breasts.  He cupped and massaged them.

“Your tits are great!  Damn!  You’re so hot.”

“You’re sexy too.”

John pulled Kate’s mini skirt up and was happy to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. 

“Nice.  No panties.”

“I told you it was your lucky day.  Here’s a condom.  You can only fuck me if you wear it.”

No problem.  Glad you had one.”

John took his pants off and threw his clothes down on the sand and ran back under the boardwalk.  He rolled the condom onto his cock and slid his cock up into Kate’s pussy.  She was holding onto one of the slats while John entered her pussy.  He held her hips and thrusted in and out of her wet cunt. 

“Oh God!  Fucking hell!”

Kate moaned while John rammed his cock deeper and harder up her twat.  Her pussy felt amazing on his dick.  She was backing up so she’d feel his entire cock.  He pulled out and held Kate in his arms.  They kissed passionately while he pushed himself into her pussy.  She was just a little thing so he could hold her in his arms.

“I’d love to come down your throat.  Would you mind sucking me off?”


John put Kate down and she pulled up her tube top and pulled down her skirt.  John took off his condom and walked over to the rocks.  He sat down and she wrapped her lips around his cock.  She pushed his cock down her throat.  She held and massaged his warm balls while sucking his cock.  He moaned and groaned and enjoyed her efforts.

“I’m going to come!  Shit.”

John blasted Kate’s mouth with a pile of his cream.  She swallowed it all down.

“That was so hot.  You’re quite a girl. Glad we met.”

“I’m going home tomorrow.  I don’t think will be seeing each other again.”

“Where do you live?”

“Florida.  I won’t be back anytime soon.”

“It was so nice to meet you.”

“I bet you’ve never had an offer like that?”

“You’re definitely the first.  I’m glad you put out though.”

The couple just laughed.  They walked back to where John threw his clothes.  He got dressed and they both walked back to the pier.

They shared a kiss and John walked back towards the flume.  Kate walked over to the pizza parlor where Lisa was waiting.

“How was it, slut?”

“Great, whore.”

The girls laughed and walked over to play games in the arcade.  It was a fun day.



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