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Under the Lights

I arrived at the San Diego Bay front Hilton on Tuesday afternoon, checked in and went up to my room. The view was ok but not the best the hotel had to offer. I was on the 14th floor looking south, and the best view was to the north, but from the 14th floor you can see a lot so it was not that bad.
As I was unpacking I realized that I had not packed a dress belt. Crap, now what am I going to do. I can't show up at the conference tomorrow wearing wool slacks and a Nautica dress shirt and no belt.
I went down to Guest Services to see if they might possibly have a 'lost and found' but struck out there. So I asked where I could get a belt in a hurry and they directed me to the mall that was just a few blocks away, right on the edge of the Gas Light Quarter.

Off I went in search of a belt. It turned out to be very close and I found exactly what I needed at Macy's. Now I needed to get my parking ticket validated, and that meant walking through the mall to find the validation machine. I left Macy's and started weaving my way through the vendors and the next thing I knew I was sitting on a stool having these white 'salt like' crystals rubbed into my hands by a very attractive young Italian woman. I couldn't tell she was Italian at first because I am not that familiar with the Italian accent, but I knew she had to be French or Italian, and eventually eliminated French. She got my attention by unbuttoning my sleeves without even asking for permission. Her accent (and her eyes and mouth) had me mesmerized and I had to keep telling myself that she could be my daughter.

I was in a very playful mood and I kept teasing her as she explained the benefits of these products she was demonstrating on my skin. Finally I asked her outright what she was doing tonight and she said "nothing" with a little grin on her face. Now I decided she was teasing me, but without hesitation I asked her what time she was through for the day. She said that technically she could stop any time but she was going to keep working until at least 5 and maybe 6, depending on business. I introduced myself and learned her name was Sonia. So I suggested that I pick her up at 6 and take her to dinner, and asked where she would like to meet me. I didn't believe for a heartbeat that she would actually agree, but to my shock she said she would need to change clothes and I should come to her apartment. She lived above one of the stores in the Gas Light Quarter and gave me the address. I looked at her quizzically and she read my mind, stating that she had no other plans and enjoyed the attention of older men. My first thought was, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and this might be a good example of that.

I decided to make a fun evening of it so I hired a Pedi cab and arrived at her door at 6:05. Sonia met me wearing a long over coat, and when she saw me looking at it doubtfully, she opened it to reveal a very short skirt and low cut blouse, displaying ample cleavage.
"It's going to get chilly later." she said.
Fine by me. I took her arm and escorted her to the Pedi cab.

I'd been checking around and had a couple of restaurants in mind, and between us we decided on a steak house. I ordered a nice bottle of wine and we began to talk over wine as we waited for the food to arrive. She was a very adventurous young woman and had been around the world, working here and there. San Diego was another temporary stop for her and she had only been there a month.

The wine was going down fast and the bottle was half empty before the food arrived, at which time I ordered another bottle.
Both our spirits were high and we were laughing and having a very good time. She was very open about herself and I learned far more about her than she learned about me. As the wine began to affect me I began to have hopes about getting invited in when I brought her back to her apartment, but I didn't really think it likely.

Towards the end of dinner she was becoming a little tipsy, and her inhibitions began to diminish. Sonia placed her hand on my arm frequently as she talked, and her foot would come into contact with my calf and remain there for a time before she moved it away. I assumed it was unconscious behavior, not daring to believe that she might actually have any amorous intentions.

We finished the meal, and the second bottle of wine, and left the restaurant. I hailed another Pedi cab and asked her where she would like to go next. She suggested that we just cruise for a while, and I was happy with that outcome.

The Pedi cab was built for two passengers, but we had to sit close together. Because it was a little tight I put my arm around her shoulders to make it more comfortable, and she grabbed my arm and pulled it down even closer. I looked at her and she looked up at me and kissing her seemed like the most natural thing to do. And that I did. And she kissed me back, with unbridled passion. I was momentarily caught off guard, not coming even close to expecting this, but I recovered quickly and returned her passion with interest.

As I looked at her face in my inebriated state I felt that she was incredibly beautiful. Her full lips were very experienced and her deep dark eyes were disturbingly enchanting. As I kissed her lips, and then her neck, I realized that we were in the middle of a brightly lit street with people all over the place. I took a quick look and noticed that most people were not paying attention to us, but a few were. I then told the driver to turn down a side street but my Italian beauty said no, she liked the bright lights. I acquiesced, but I felt that it meant we had gone as far as we were going to go. Once again she surprised me. Not only did we continue our display of uninhibited passion in the middle of the street, but I found her hand rubbing my thigh and moving higher and higher. I matched her move for move and put my hand inside her coat, reaching around her waist and moving slowly upward. Her breathing was getting quicker as my hand came into contact with the bottom of her breast. I was not meeting any resistance, so I placed my hand on her breast and pressed hard. Sonia let out a low moan and almost simultaneously moved her hand from my thigh to my bulging cock. She began to stroke the top of my trousers and I began to unbutton her blouse.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that people would be looking at us, but I refused to look, refused to stop, unable to stop. My excitement was nearly paramount as she pulled my zipper down and reached her hand inside my pants. She was braless and I had my hand on her breast and her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing and pinching and eliciting gasps from my Italian beauty.
She was unbuckling my pants now and I was beginning to become a little nervous about where this was going. Her breasts were exposed to my hand, but her coat covered her. I had nothing to hide under. The next thing I knew her hand was inside my underwear and gripping my throbbing cock. I was unable to stop her; my excitement was just too out of control.

At this point I didn't think anyone could see anything unless they came right up beside the Pedi cab and I decided not to worry about it. I shifted my attention from my body to hers. I moved my hand inside her coat, down to her thigh and began sliding my hand up. Her skirt was already practically up to her crotch and I didn't have far to go. She spread her legs in an obvious invitation and I was quick to get the hint. I rolled my hand across from her bare hip to that hot mound between her legs and began to stroke her. Her fast breathing turned to moans and her panties became damp very quickly. We continued to kiss as our hands stroked each other and our excitement grew. For an instant it occurred to me that doing this in front of all these people was a major source of her excitement, and I realized that the long overcoat may have been part of her plan. But I let that thought go quickly as I slipped my hand inside her now wet panties and felt the heat and wetness beneath. Her hips began to move in rhythm with my hand as I stroked her pussy, one finger between her lips. I opened one eye and looked down to see that my cock was in plain sight to anyone who got near, her hand the only thing covering it. I had a moment of concern but it was a very short moment as I realized that she was having an orgasm. The orgasm lasted only a few seconds, and then she removed her hand from my cock and reached down to remove her panties. I looked around and noticed a couple of people on the sidewalk near by watching us closely and whispering to each other. I could not tell what they were able to see but felt sure that they knew what was going on.

Sonia returned her hand to my cock and her lips to mine and I returned my hand to her soaking wet pussy. I found her clit and squeezed it, bringing out a load moan that I am sure turned heads. I no longer cared, I was too far gone. I was aware that the driver of the Pedi cab was taking every opportunity to take in the scene, and I decided that was going to be his tip.
Sonia had another orgasm, louder this time, but I kept my hand in place, a finger sliding inside her pussy and massaging her G spot. She was squirming and thrusting her hips while simultaneously stroking my fully exposed cock. Suddenly she sat up and reached over and grabbed my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I was consciously surprised and alarmed, but unconsciously understanding what she was doing and I lifted my butt to help her pull my slacks down.
She quickly threw her leg over and straddled me, covering everything with her coat.
I felt less exposed, but more obvious. We began kissing again as she slid her wet pussy up and down my throbbing cock. She was moaning constantly and not quietly and I knew we had an audience, but I didn't care. She had an orgasm and I opened my eyes to see the driver watching intently. Too bad for him, sound was all he was getting out of this now.
Sonia's orgasm subsided and she reached down and inserted my cock between her wet swollen lips.

"Oh my God this feels good", I thought, as she slowly slid all the way down until my cock was completely buried in her pussy. She began to move her hips forward and back, allowing me to come almost all of the way out before thrusting forward and sucking my cock all the way into the depth of her cavern. She was kissing my mouth and my neck and moaning incessantly and getting louder and louder. I was vaguely aware that there was a crowd of people who were walking along the street, trying to keep up with us. Sonia was thrusting faster and harder now and orgasms were coming in quick succession. I was beginning to feel myself getting close and it seemed that Sonia could feel it too. My cock was getting harder and more engorged and my breathing was harsh and fast. I was moaning now, and I didn't care who heard me. My excitement was otherworldly, almost as if this was not real. I would never have imagined myself having sex in public, but here I was fucking this hot Italian woman in front of a crowd of people.

And fucking we were, hard and fast. We were both thrusting in unison, kissing and moaning, and floating at the apex of excitement. Sonia was having one orgasm after another and they seemed to be getting more intense and lasting longer. Finally I felt my balls expanding and I began to cum, shooting my hot cream deep into her pussy. Sonia was having an orgasm when I started and it was if her orgasm started over, her moan becoming a squeal that drowned out any sound I was making. We continued to cum together for many seconds until she finally collapsed in my arms.

And then the applause began. Sonia looked around and smiled a broad beaming smile and people were applauding from both sides of the street. I looked around and estimated there must have been at least 40 to 50 people gathered around. Sonia loved the attention. She grabbed my face between her hands and kissed me long and deep. My cock was still hard, still quivering with my orgasm, still thrust deep inside her pussy. The cab continued down the street and we left the crowd behind.

Sonia laid her head on my shoulder and we stayed in that position until I finally softened and slipped out of her. She sat back down and we got our clothes in order and I asked where she would like to go.
"To my place of course, I'm not through with you yet."

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