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Under the Stars - Part One

I finally have sex with my new boyfriend.
It was Friday after school and volleyball practice just ended. I stayed in the gym for a bit putting all the equipment away as one by one all the girls left. When I was done, I walked into the empty locker room and turned on the water. I stripped off my volleyball attire and stood naked while the water heated up. My nipples were hard from the freezing air spewing from the vents above me, and I gladly stepped into the steamy, hot water. The temperature transition got my nipples all the harder. I let the warm water find it's way to every part of my body and cleanse me. It was then I felt a presence behind me.

"Hello, gorgeous," Corey said as his hands massaged my waist and felt my ass.

"Hello there, sexy," I replied. I could feel his hard cock poking into the small of my back.

"I watched you today you were great. You looked even better in those tight shorts."

I giggled and turned to face him. He was beautiful. His dark almost brown skin perfectly accentuated his muscular, athletic physique and dusty blonde hair. His sexy, loving honey brown eyes and gentle personality attracted me to him like no other. I loved his carefree attitude and smart humor. He was the one for me. I kissed him passionately on the lips, sucking his bottom lip just the way he liked. He gently fondled my breasts, rubbing his fingers over my sensitive nipples.

"Ooh that feels good baby!" I smiled at him.

I grabbed hold of his hard member and slowly outlined my pussy with the head. I could feel his cock swelling in my hand, desperate to enter my wet slit. I looked into his eyes and could tell he wanted to have my sweet pussy. He pushed forward a bit only the tip inside my lips before I stopped him.

"Unh unh unh, not yet baby."


Corey followed her out of the shower.

"I swear Ally, one day I'm gonna tease you as horribly as you tease me!"

She laughed and her reply was to hook her arms around his neck and smile.

"You know I love you right?" she asked him.

Corey looked into her deep ocean grey eyes and felt the love coming through them. He loved Ally and marveled at her body. Her thick, long blonde hair, full round C cup breasts, tiny waist, and her perfect, shapely ass. Her pussy was perfectly shaved and pink, just mocking his 10 inch cock. He adored her perfect smile, flirtatious attitude and intelligence. But above all, he loved her eyes. Her deep gray ocean eyes channeled everything through them, he could read them like a book. Her mood, her attitude, all of it was in her eyes. Cory looked into her eyes and felt the love coming through them.

"Yes I do," he replied.

"So trust me when I say when I give you my all, your never going to have enough. And besides, when you can't have something, don't you want it even more?"

"You're right."

She pecked him on the lips and pulled out her clothes. With one swift move, he stole the thong sitting on top of the pile.

"Until then, I'm keeping these!"

"You evil bastard give those back!" she laughed at him.


Corey started to run and I was running after him butt-naked in the locker room. I quickly cut him off and stole the panties. Before I could run though, he picked me up and set me on a bench and began tickling me.

"Stop it! Stop it!" I laughed.

"Give me the panties." He smiled back at me.

"Never!!!" I said dramatically.

He continued until I was blue and I finally surrendered the thong.

"That's a good girl," he said as he kissed me.

He put on his clothes and left.

I lay on the bench breathing heavily.

"I love my boyfriend."


It was Saturday night and Corey was in a spooning position with Ally on the couch. His arm was over her possessively as they watched the movie Avatar. Ally was completely engrossed in the movie while Corey was lost in the female beside him.

"She's so beautiful."

Corey smelled the sweet scent of her hair. Oh how he wanted her. Everything about her screamed sex. He looked down her body and doted on the sexy little tank top and denim short shorts. He watched the little gold chain in her cleavage rise up and down with her breathing. Corey reached down in between her legs and outlined her glorious vagina. Ally moaned as he rubbed her pussy through the denim. He unbuttoned her and slipped inside. His cock was rock hard underneath her luscious ass. He rubbed his thick cock against her ass, enjoying the feel. His hand rested on her now wet pussy as he dry humped her. He began to feel her slit. He massaged her cleanly shaved mound and her sensitive clit. She began to breathe heavily and he could see her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her bra and shirt. She suddenly pulled his hand out of her pants and zipped them up. On the screen, Neytiri and Jake were under the trees of Eywa.

"Don't you wish you could sleep under the stars with the person you love? That would be so romantic."

Corey knew this could be his chance.

"Then why don't we?" he said.

She lifted up her head looked at him incredulously.


"Let's go," he replied.

Corey ran around the house a couple things then they both hopped into the car.


We pulled up to a secluded spot next to a lake and got out. Corey set a comforter on the ground and then a sleeping bag. I crawled in and Corey followed me. I felt so good right there in his arms and gazing at the millions of twinkling stars. A snuggled up closer to him and he held me tight.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I said.

"Yes you are," he replied.

He whisked a strand of hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. He kissed me lovingly on the forehead and looked into my eyes with a smile. Instantly, I was hungry for him. I don't know what came over me, but I wanted to him to know he made the right choice choosing me for his girlfriend. I got out of the sleeping bag and unzipped it wide open. He looked at me quizzically and I got on top of him.

"It's time," I whispered seductively into his ear.

His eyes widened as I licked the nape of his neck. I planted light kisses on his earlobes and squeezed his muscles.

"Mmm...Corey your biceps are so hot."

"Not as hot as you're making me baby," he said.

"Oh Corey you naughty little boy. Your going to cum so much during what I have planned for you. I'm going to make you fuck me crazy until you drop."

I slowly began moving down, taking off his shirt and licking his chest. I took off my shirt and let him enjoy the sight of my luscious breasts in my pink lace bra. Corey reached out and cupped my breast, circling his thumb over my erect nipple.


 I reached down to his shorts and tugged them down with my teeth. I pulled down his boxers and set free his raging hard-on. I traced my tongue along his inner thighs, stopping at the base of his cock. He shuddered as I ran my tongue up his shaft. We locked eyes and his cock swelled as he met my devilish gaze. I went back down to his base and gave his testes some attention. He moaned as I slowly licked them and took one onto my mouth. I gently sucked it and ran my tongue around it. The look on his face was of pure pleasure.

"Ally, that is so fucking good..."

He stood up and held my hair. I ran up his shaft again, feeling every vein and bulge. I stopped at his head and kissed the purple, hard, smooth surface. I opened my mouth and exhaled. He groaned as the warmness of my breath swelled his cock even bigger. I casually took his head into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it and sucking it. I went down farther on his cock, circling his shaft with my tongue. It was in. His cocked was lodged in my throat, and he exhaled in pleasure as it constricted around his dick.

"Oh fuck yes Ally...suck my humongous dick."

I pulled out and went down on him again. The speed increased and he hung his head back. I reached into my pants and began playing with my clit, pleasuring myself as I pleasured him. I moaned as I played with myself and the vibrations were sent up his cock.

"Oh fuck! That's good!"

He wrapped my hair around his fist and began to guide my head onto his cock while he thrust his hips forward. He reached over with his free hand and unclasped my bra. My breasts hung free and twisted at my nipple as I sucked his cock. We were both moaning and were at a sexual high.


Corey watched what was unfolding in front of him. The hottest girl in the entire school was on her knees masturbating and sucking his cock. He couldn't believe it. He watched his cock disappear into Ally's oh so warm mouth. She expertly took him into her throat without a second thought. He loved the sight of his dick in her mouth, her pert nipples in the cold night air, and her sweet pink pussy being pleasured by her finger. Corey held onto her head with both hands now. his was the best blow job he ever had in his life. He picked up the speed of his hips and began to face fuck her. The moistness of her throat coupled with her moaning and ball fondling had him careening over the edge.

"That's it Ally...Fuck yes! Oh my God You know how to suck some cock. Ahhh yes..."

Ally picked up speed herself and Corey could feel the familiar urge down in his testes. He tensed up and Ally went even faster, encouraging him to cum.

"Fuck Ally I'm gonna cum."

Ally continued to suck his dick with ever increasing speed. Corey tensed up then exploded. He held her head as he shot his load deep into her mouth and throat. He went on for about 15 seconds, shooting his enormous load of skeet. Corey never had cum so much. He knew it was because of the woman in front of him. There was so much cum, it spilled out the corner of her mouth. He watched it dribble down her chin, and onto her breast. She withdrew the finger lodged in her pussy and scooped up the cum. With the most alluring face on, she massaged the cum on to her erect nipple, breathing heavily as she did so. She pushed her chest into the air and slowly put the finger into her mouth .She held back her head with her eyes closed. She sucked on the mixture of juices and moaned so erotically, he would've sworn it was Aphrodite trapped in this woman. His cock instantly sprung to life again. Ally looked at him and smiled her devilish smile.

"Did you like part one?" she asked him.

"Unbelievable," Corey said.

"Part two will have you reeling."


I've never been this horny in my life. I had a unsatisfiable hunger for this man, a hunger to please him with my body, to make him ecstatic. I wanted to be dominated, to be controlled for once in life. I slowly pulled down my shorts and exposed my sexy little lace v-string. I dramatically walked to him and let him memorize my body, taking in the beauty of what was about to happen. She walked to him and whispered in his ear.

"Corey, take control. I want you to handle me like in your wildest fantasies. I want to fulfill them. Take control, be a man. Fuck me, fuck me long and hard"

I slid down my lace panties and lied down on the blanket.


He couldn't believe his ears. He looked at the naked woman before him. He watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, her blonde hair splayed like a fan around her head, and her oh so pink pussy. She began to touch herself and he watched her explore her own body. He was extremely hard and he finally got to do what he wanted for months. Corey got in between her legs with his stiff dick aimed at her pussy. He got down next to her and began to lick and kiss her body. He planted light kisses on her neck and she moaned as he pecked at her earlobes. He licked his way down in between her breasts, dropping kisses on her nipples. She moaned sensually and grabbed at the blanket. He traveled further south and licked her inner thighs. This was payback.

"Corey stop teasing me! Baby I want you now!"

Corey smiled at her pleas, but ignored them. He continued to pleasure her inner thighs, driving her over to her max. He reached her pussy and licked her lips, enjoying the taste.

"Corey please!" she whined.

Corey sat up and held his cock. He outlined her pussy with his head, just as she had done to him. He made her lick the shiny head wet with her juices.

"OK Corey I'm sorry for teasing you baby just please fuck me!"

This time Corey listened. Corey slowly slid his 10 inch member into her sopping, wet cunt.

"Ahhh..." They both said simultaneously. this was his dream. He sat there for a moment, enjoying the feel of her warm pussy quivering with delight with his rod inside her. The feeling was better than in his fantasies... He was going to make this night last forever.

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