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Under the Stars - Part Two

He's perfect.
Be sure to the read first part, Under the Stars - Part One to get caught up!

As Corey slid into Ally, his vision blurred in pleasure. The beast within him awoke as he heard Ally inhale sharply at the feeling of his thick member slowly sliding into the wet folds of her sex, her eyes fluttering as he pushed in deeper. Corey eased himself onto her body as he bottomed out in this slice of heaven. They were finally one. Corey's primal instincts were to pump her full of his cum in as little time as possible yet Ally refused.

"Make love to me baby." She moaned.


I couldn't think. My whole body was focused on the thick cock that filled me up completely. I could feel the hot blood pulsating through the thick veins, every bulge, every twitch of it inside of me. It was like a living organism, full of life. My pleasure was off the charts and I panicked as I felt him get ready to lose himself in his own pleasure as other males always did. I grabbed hold of his oh so firm buttocks and rammed my pelvis into his forcing him to bottom out again.

"Make love to me baby." I said into his ear, completely breathless.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and kept trying to catch my breath. God he's good at doing nothing. My body began to light up with fire as he kissed me deeply, his warm breath filling my nostrils with minty freshness. He broke away and his tongue traced my jawline down to my neck before stopping and clamping down on the sensitive skin over my carotid artery. I squirmed in delight as he gently sucked at the tender skin, breaking the tiny vessels underneath and marking me with the bite of his love.

"Corey. . . Corey. . ." was all I could muster.

The more I squirmed under his mouth the more I would feel his cock inside of me which sent waves of pleasure through me. His right hand reached up to cup my left breast, delicately squeezing and kneading the supple skin. My eyes were rolling back in my head from the amount of gratification I was receiving. He pinched my sensitive nipple between two of his fingers and I yelped in satisfaction. I squirmed once again and his cock twitched inside of me, driving me absolutely crazy. He moved back up to my lips, electricity racing through me as his lips met mine once more.

I melted as his tongue parted my lips and moved in, grabbing hold of mine and dancing a lustful tango in my mouth. He broke away and I chased him down but that ended only in him seizing my bottom lip and lovingly sucking and tugging at it. I had enough, I needed to feel him thrusting inside me.

"Baby, Oh God, I'm ready now. . . I'm ready. . ."


Corey was busy tugging at her bottom lip when Ally sultrily pleaded,

"Oh God Baby, I'm ready."

The time he had been waiting on was here.

Corey sat up in between her legs and slowly pulled out before thrusting back in again. He groaned in delight and loomed over her, balancing himself on his fists as he slowly pumped in out of her glorious sex.

"Oh God babe. . . I want more . . . Baby. . . Faster." she crooned.

Corey began to move quickly, his thrusts increasingly becoming more and more powerful. Her head dropped to the side and her eyes closed as her breasts began to rock to the rhythm of his thrusts. Corey was working up a sweat as he could feel the primal urges taking hold again. He began slamming deep into her pussy, his balls slapping loudly against her plump ass.

"Fuck yes . . ." He groaned as he grabbed hold of both her breasts and squeezed.

"Oh fuck Corey. . . Fuck baby. . . Mmm. . . Oh yes . . ." was her reply.

Corey was going all out now, pounding the pink flesh that hid in between those lovely lips. He fell back onto her body, wrapping his arms under hers and grabbing hold of her shoulders as he fucked her with everything he had.


This was perfect. I couldn't get enough of him, I was so hungry, I couldn't be satisfied. Corey was bulldozing through me and I moaned incessantly. I tried to reach down and rub my clit, but he batted my hand away. Oh God. At this rate, I doubt he would last long and I needed that orgasm. I timed his thrusts, and as he pushed into me I threw my weight into him and switched positions, I now having the position of power.

"Ally what wa-"

I silenced his questions with the slow, deliberate movements I made on top of his cock and the plethora of subsequent seductive moans flying from my throat. This is what I was looking for. I rubbed my clit furiously as I rode him with a greedy frenzy.

It got even better.

The heavens opened and rain poured down on us as we made love in the dark night. We were soon soaked and the cold rain clashed with the fiery aura of my skin and my nipples hardened almost painfully. Corey began to thrust with vicious might as he grabbed hold of my hips, guiding me onto his thick penis. Water splashed as spanked my ass hard, the hot, stinging sensation cooled by the pouring rain.

"Oh my fucking God! Yes baby! Fuck me! Fuck me Corey! You're so perfect." was all I was screaming.

Corey continued spanking me roughly as I bounced on his cock without restraint. I attacked my clit, feverishly rubbing the engorged button of pleasure and I couldn't stop screaming as his cock scraped the top of my pussy walls. Little ripples were beginning to form in the pit of my stomach as my orgasm began to build. Corey was groaning hysterically beneath me and the deep, sexual sounds spurred me on.

"Oh fuck baby, fuck, here it comes, baby faster, deeper, oh fuck, harder. . . Oh my fucking God oh YES, YES, YES!"

I could feel the ripples morphing into tidal waves, crashing into my entire body. My head dropped back and I jerked convulsively as I was blindsided by my orgasm. I could feel the familiar pleasurable sensation of my cum seeking an opening and spraying out in between my thighs. The warm liquid mixed with the cold water and added even more pleasure to the mix. My eyesight was an explosion of colors and flashing lights before finally dimming as I crashed down onto Corey in a breathless heap. The torrents of rain massaged my back as I lie on top of him in total bliss.


God this woman was amazing. Corey almost blew his load at the sight of the rivulets of rain water racing down her body as she hung her head back in ecstasy and orgasmed violently. Her breasts heaved and she screamed in euphoria and he struggled to keep his composure as he felt the torrent of cum flush past his cock and flood his inner thighs. She collapsed onto his bare chest as the rain continued to fall. They sat there for what seemed an eternity before Ally begun outlining Corey's pinna, sexily sucking on his earlobe and whispering sultrily into his ear.

"I want your cum, deep inside of me."

Corey needed no more motivation. He sat up and gathered her into his arms while she continued whispering and nibbling on his neck and ear. He groaned as she returned his love bite, leaving three in total. Corey pushed her up against a tree and began to fuck her with all his might once more.

"Oh fuck Corey, yes baby, fuck me hard against this tree, I want you to cum deep inside of me. . . Fuck me. . ."

Ally leaned in and bit at his lower lip, tugging violently as Corey neared his orgasm.

"Cum for me. . . I want to feel that hot, sticky seed deep inside my sopping wet cunt. . ."

Corey pumped the hardest he had the entire night as Ally urged him to fill her with his seed.

"Go ahead Daddy, fill me up. . ." she said before moaning heavily into his ear.

That was all it took.

"Ally . . ." was the only thing that escaped his lips as he blew his load violently inside of her. Corey kept on pumping as stream after stream flew into the warm, wet folds of her young slit. Ally asked to be put down and she dropped to her knees and sucked free the last few drops of cum from his limping cock.


I gently cleaned up his softening cock and stood up in total contentment. I had never been so happy in my life.

"I love you Corey." I said, gazing deeply into his eyes in the pouring rain.

"I love you too Ally."

We stood there a little while longer, wrapped in each other's arms, enjoying each other's presence before I pulled away.

"Babe if I get pneumonia, we're never fucking again." I said with a sarcastic smirk on my face. He laughed out loud.

"Then we might as well get going sweet heart, get in the truck, I'll grab our things."

"Babyyyyy" I said in my most innocent voice.

"Yes love?"

"Will you carry meeeee" I pleaded.

He laughed again and swept me off my feet into an enormous naked bear hug before carrying me to the car.

"You're sitting with me." He said with a smile.

He slid the driver's seat back and I giggled as he sat me in his lap to drive. I turned to kiss him and he slowly slid inside of me before finally driving off.

I love my boyfriend.

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