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On the shores of Lake Michigan and unexpected fling occurs.
Ten minutes and I would be there. I couldn’t wait. It was as if I could smell the lake, right around the corner. I kept thinking the next corner and I would see the amazing Mackinac Bridge. Yet, I still had a good ten miles to go, but I could sense it, feel it, smell it. The excitement built up inside me until a smile washed upon my face. The Upper Peninsula in Michigan was my favorite place. The entire region is beautiful, but being near the bridge is just fantastic.

I had the windows down, and the breeze coming in was a bit cool but spectacular. My arm seemed to automatically go out the window as if I were flying. I had rented a cabin right on Lake Michigan just into the UP on the west side of the bridge. I knew it would be the getaway that I wanted. Needed. It would be tranquil, mesmerizing, and stress free. Just what I needed after a messy divorce and a job that sucked. I needed a break from it all, even from family and friends.

Just as I was wondering if I was farther away from the bridge than I thought I turned the corner, and there was the most amazing sight. The Mackinac Bridge that would take me five miles across Great Lakes Huron and Michigan to my log cabin. I could really smell it in the air now: the water, the sand, the forest, the atmosphere.

I felt already at peace. I took a deep breath in, let it out, then took in another and another until I just felt so free, so happy. I felt so small coming up on the lake and the bridge. The pillars to the Mighty Mac seemed to watch me.

Right before the bridge I took a right to go into Mackinaw City. I couldn’t go by without stopping to get an ice cream cone, and some famous and delicious Mackinac Fudge. Since it was almost fall, the tourists were minimal. I could take a walk through town and not have to bump into hundreds of people. I stopped and picked up some chocolate and peanut butter fudge, and then on to the ice cream parlor. It just didn’t seem right not to. It had Mackinac Island fudge inside. What a wonderful flavor. I sat outside at a small table and looked out to the lake.

“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” I looked up to see a handsome man with the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen, and a great smile.

“It sure is. It just takes my breath away when I come up here,” I said.

“You aren’t from here?”

“Oh, no. I’m from downstate. I’m just vacationing here, getting away from it all. It’s so peaceful and stress free,” I told him, taking a bite of my ice cream.

“I’m not from around here either. I just love to come up here for the same reasons as you said. I needed to get away from the business, away from my family.” He stood next to me, and although I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I didn’t really want to talk much. Though he was as nice to look at as the lake.

“Do you come up here often?” I asked.

“Not as much as I would like.”

“Me, either,” I said, disappointed. “I’m thinking of changing that policy. I’m happiest up here, and I think I want to work on being here more often.”

“I certainly don’t blame you. It’s fantastic here. And the bridge is amazing. Are you staying on this side of it?”

“No. I am going to stay in a cabin on the other side.”

He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was thinking something. Suddenly he reached his hand out to shake mine. “My name is Steve.”

“I’m Karen. It’s nice to meet you.” I hoped that statement was true. I hoped he wasn’t some sort of a loon or something. I had had enough of those. My ex-husband was one, and I didn’t need any more of those.

“Do you mind if I sit and watch out there with you?” he asked.

“Well, I’m kind of here to get away from people.” I looked at his sad face, and couldn’t help myself. “Okay, for a minute,then I have to get going so I can make it to cabin before dark.”

“But the bridge is amazing when it’s dark and lit up,” Steve said.

“I know, I will be able to see it from where I will be staying,” I told him.

“That’s great. Nice vacation place. Have you been to the lighthouse yet today?”

“Not yet. I will stop on the way,” I said. I could see it from where I was sitting. It was a gorgeous lighthouse, so romantic and mysterious. They said it was haunted, but I had yet to ever feel anything or see anything. Old Mackinac Lighthouse had stood on the shores of Lake Huron since 1889, and had helped many a ship to safety during storms.

“Are you going to go up inside it?”

“Not today. I have been up there before though. It’s a great view of the bridge, lake, and Mackinaw Island.”

“Yes, it is.”

I finished my ice cream, and sadly, I knew I had to go, though a part of me wanted to keep talking.

“Well, I should get going, but it has been wonderful meeting you. Maybe I will run into you again when I come here.” I stood and went to shake his hand goodbye.

Steve reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a business card. It had the name of his business, his name, and his cell phone number. “If you ever want to talk again, give me a call. I’d be happy to talk again, Karen.” He smiled this incredible smile that made me nearly go weak at the knees. I had not felt that way in a very long. He nearly made me want to call him. I had to tell myself that meeting another man right now was not a good idea. I looked at his face again, wanting to run my fingers through his short, black hair. The ache in my loins told me that maybe I should run away very fast.

“Thank you,” was all I said. I took his card, and walked away. I couldn’t get his face out of my mind though, so I tucked his card into my pocket for safekeeping.

I drove down to the lake on the south side of the bridge on the Lake Huron side. I parked in front of the lighthouse and went to sit at a picnic table. The breeze was chilly, but still wonderful. It smelled fresh, unlike the city. I never wanted to go back. I just wanted to stay there.

Before I left, I walked down to the beach, kicked off my sandals, and walked in the water. It was very cold, and very refreshing. I lifted my cotton sundress up to the tops of my thighs to get a little deeper. The waves washed up and caught a little of the bottom of the dress, but I didn’t care.

“Nice legs,” someone yelled from down on the beach. I smiled at the compliment, then with hesitation, walked out of the water, grabbed my sandals, and walked to the car.

As I returned to the main road to cross the bridge, I thought of Steve, his smile, his twinkling eyes and muscular body. The shorts and t-shirt he wore let me view his muscles readily. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to call him. Maybe he would meet me for dinner down on the beach before I headed back to the city.

The towers of the Mackinac Bridge took my breath away as I crossed it. They towered over me as I drove under them one by one. I looked out at Lake Huron on one side, and Lake Michigan on the other. The waves sparkled like glass in the sunset. I caught a glimpse of a boat going over to Mackinaw Island. I always wondered why Mackinaw Island spelled the name differently than anywhere else. This was American Indian country, and the letter 'c' had the w sound, so why was one different than the other? No matter. It was just something I thought of when I was up this way.

I turned off the highway after getting off the bridge and headed west to the cabin. I couldn’t wait to get there. The sun was going down very quickly, and the colors in the sky changed from oranges and reds to pinks and blues.

I pulled into the driveway of the cabins. I had the smaller one on the left, farthest away from the rest. I wanted it that way, though if they had a campfire or anything, I did plan on attending. Some fun and laughs would do me good.

Inside my cabin it was somewhat rustic and yet, modern. It was built of log and the furniture was wood. There was a modern bathroom, with shower and kitchen and refrigerator. I started to unpack my things and take them inside, putting all of the food away. I set my clothes and things in the bedroom, then headed down to the lake. What a wonderful site it was. Lake Michigan was one of my favorite Great Lakes.

I looked down to the bridge, still a magnificent view from where I was. It wasn’t lit up with colorful lights yet, but it would be soon.

“No way,” I heard a voice say. It sounded familiar and I turned to see who it was.

“Really? You are staying here?” It was Steve. Out of all the places in the world to stay, he was there. “Are you following me?”

“Nope. I have rented that cabin over there every year for ten years,” he said, pointing. “If you don’t believe me, you can check with the manager. They know me well.”

“I just might have to,” I said, more surprised than I could say.

“This is a little strange, almost too much for just a coincidence.” Suddenly Steve looked behind me and yelled. “Hey, Dave.” He waved at the manager of the cabins who came over to us.

“What’s up?” Dave asked.

“How long have you known me?” Steve asked.

“Long enough that had you bought a cabin, you would own it by now,” Dave said.

“He’s been coming here for a while?” I asked

“He has a long-standing reservation a few times a year for about, what, ten years now?” Dave asked. “Why? Is there some sort of a problem?”

“No. She just didn’t believe that I’m staying here now.”

“Cabin 3,” Dave pointed to the same cabin Steve had. “Steve has even fixed it up to his liking.”

“Wow! That’s just strange,” I said.

“Hey! Don’t jump on that,” Dave said, to some kids jumping on the patio furniture. He headed over to the kids.

“Maybe this means we were destined to meet,” Dave said, with the cutest grin.

“You think you are cute, don’t you?” I said, smiling.

“I think you do,” Steve said, laughing.

“Maybe. The verdict is still out,” I told him. He had to do more to impress me than that.

The sun was nearly down. There was a nice breeze coming off Lake Michigan, and I shivered.

“Are you cold?” Steve asked.

“Or just creeped out.”

Steve took his jacket off and put it around my shoulders.

“Thank you,” I looked up at him.

I had to admit there was something about him that I liked. He was quite charming. Still though, I wasn’t sure that I was ready to be with someone again.

“Are you two hungry?” Dave asked. “We have the fire, hot dogs to roast, some homemade potato salad and bags of chips here.”

“I’m starving,” Steve said. “And I’m guessing that ice cream cone didn’t tide you over for long.”

“I’m starving, too,” I said. Steve took my hand, and guided me over to the fire. The fire felt warm, but so did the warmth coming from Steve.

Steve cooked a hot dog for both of us, which I thought was sweet. After we ate, he ran to his cabin and brought out a guitar. By that time the few kids that had been outside with us had gone inside. Only three other people were sitting with us, including Dave. Steve began to play and sang. He had a dreamy voice, and the words to the song melted my heart. I felt myself light up inside. Then we all sang together. At one point Steve and I sang a song together, it turned out amazing and everyone clapped for us. At that point I was totally smitten with him. He was sexy, sweet, romantic, could sing and was funny. There wasn’t anything not to like.

“Want to go for a walk along the beach?” Steve asked, setting his guitar down.

“I would love that,” not being able to resist his smile. He wrapped his arm around me, as we walked along the beach. The sky was dark but the moon was full, and we could see fairly well. The stars were out in droves, and the sound of the water washing up on shore made it all the more romantic. We looked down the coastline to see the lights on the Mackinac Bridge. It was truly stunning.

“It’s beautiful out,” I said.

“Yes, it is, but you are more beautiful than it is out here.”

“Do you always know exactly what to say?”

“No, I usually trip over my tongue. But you make it so easy to talk to you. I feel like I’ve known you for a long time.” Steve looked at me, and put a hand on each of my shoulders. He was a head taller than me, and I felt small up against him. We were far enough from the cabins that no one could see us.

“I’m glad we met. You feel it, too. I know you do,” Steve said. He was right. I felt it. It wasn’t anything I had ever felt before. It was as if we had been drawn together by fate, and there was a feeling deep inside like we had known each other for a long time.

“I’m just not sure if I want to get involved with now,” I said.

“I came up here to get away from it all.”

“You are quivering,” he said. “You are already involved.”

“Let’s say we spend time together and like each other,”

“We already like each other,” he interrupted.

“Yes, but we don’t know each other,” I said. “You could be a loon.”

“So could you,” he said. “Take a chance. Feel it.”

“We don’t live near each other,” I said, not really knowing but assuming.

“Where do you live?”

“Bay City,” I said.

“I’m twenty minutes from there. I will show you my license when we get to some light. Now what do you have for me?”

“Are you for real?” Yet another strange coincidence. It really was like fate wanted us together.

“I am,” He was serious.

“Wow!” Was all I had.

Steve wasted no more time, he kissed me. His lips parted mine and danced with my tongue in the starlight. I melted in his arms as he kissed me, his jacket fell off my shoulders, but I was quite warm.

I didn’t remember being kissed or been swept off my feet like that before,. I didn’t him want to stop. I wanted to keep going right there on the beach in the sand. I was no longer cold, scared or leery. There was a reason for all the coincidences, a reason we had been brought together. If it didn’t work out in the end, okay, but I wanted to take the chance now.

He kissed my neck, my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. My breathing deepened and increased, as I let him kiss across my neck to my other ear. Then kissed my bare shoulder, across my chest and over to the other shoulder. The spaghetti straps on my dress slid down my arms slightly.

As he kissed my shoulder, he asked, “Are you okay with this?”

“Yes, Steve,” I said. “Oh, yes.” It had been so long since I felt this way. Since I’d felt anything at all. He made me yearn, ache, I just wanted to go for it.

I wanted him.

I wanted him to make me feel like someone cared for. To make me feel safe, sexy, excited, warm. I wanted to him to kiss me, touch me, taste me and make love to me right there on the beach. He kissed his way back up to my lips, holding me so tight that all that mattered was him and the way he felt against me, the way his arms felt around me, the way his tongue played with mine. As he kissed me, he pulled one of the strings to my spaghetti strap dress and it came untied. Then he did the other, and it fell the to the ground. The only thing that stood in the way of me being completely naked for him was my black panties.

Steve stepped back and moaned. “You are amazingly beautiful. Your long, straight auburn hair, big blue eyes, and that figure captured me from the moment I saw you.”

He cupped just the underside of my fairly large breasts, and ran his hands down my sides, over my hips and down my well-taken care of thighs. It felt so good to be touched, admired. “Wow!”

Bringing his lips to my right breast, he kissed it softly at first, then suckled on it while cupping the other. I looked down to watch, and then ran my fingers through his soft hair. He switched breasts, he was so loving, gentle, yet, I could tell he was excited and wanted to hurry, yet he savored. I felt he same about him. I wanted to bring him up to me, undress him to touch and taste his body. The urge was overwhelming.

As he kissed his way down my body, he removed my panties. I was open for him. No longer did I think that it wasn’t a good idea to be with him. I wanted to feel wanted. I wanted to feel like he needed me and only I would do.

Steve kissed the soft mound of hair between my legs, kissing his way back up my body until he stood and kissed my lips again. I reached and took off his t-shirt, and ran my hands over his chest, his muscled abs and his shoulders. I felt so lucky and turned on to have such a gorgeous, sweet man. He touched my breasts as I touched his chest, we were both touching, admiring. I felt an ache between my legs, felt my clit grow hard, more excited and wetter. I fumbled with his belt buckle, then the clasp and zipper on his jeans. I wanted him naked. The pants and his boxers felt to the ground, and I backed away slightly to stare. He had more muscles than I had realized, and a cock that I wanted to suck on more than anything.

“You like?” he asked, with a grin.

“You are so gorgeous, Steve. I want you so badly.” I touched his chest, pinched his nipples, slid my hands down his body, and lingered in certain spots. It turned me on even more to hear him moan as I touched him, see him squirm as my fingers lightly ran over his hips, abs and inner thighs. I purposely touched everywhere, except his cock. I wanted him thoroughly aching for it when I finally did. Teasing was a specialty of mine.

“You are driving me crazy,” he said.

I smiled and looked up at him, then kneeled in front of him and ran my fingertips over his hips, abs, inner thighs, and this time up and over his rock hard shaft that begged for my attention. I wanted to give it to him. I ran the palms over it, one over, one under the shaft. I stroked him that way for a few minutes before bringing my lips down on him. I slid my mouth completely down the shaft. I heard Steve moan, and I continued to move my mouth up and down on him, while my fingers caressed his hips and balls. He put his hands on my head and helped me with the rhythm that he wanted. He was the perfect size to fit into my mouth. I held him there, deep, and sucked in waving motion.

“Oh, Karen. Keep going, please,” he moaned. I did as he asked, sucking, then stopping, then sucking more. I ached more by the minute. He suddenly pulled out of my mouth, bent down and spread his jacket on the beach, then laid me back.

Steve kissed, licked, and nibbled down my body. He lifted my knees and spread my legs for access to the wetness that awaited him. His tongue danced on my clit as his fingers slid in and out of me, first fast, then slow, then fast again. Then his expert fingers played with my clit, moving it from side to side, then in circles. The water from the beach came up and just caught the side of me, making me quiver slightly, which only enhanced the excitement that I was feeling. I reached for my breasts, kneading them, pinching the nipples. He watched me.

“I’m coming,” I said, trying to be quiet so the whole lake didn’t hear me. “Oh, Steve! Keep going, baby.” And he did. He kept playing with me, until I just couldn’t take it.

He grabbed his pants, his wallet, and with great expertise, he put on a condom. I turned over, kneeling on all fours. “Take me,” I said, arching my back.

He pushed up against me, maneuvering deep inside me. I gasped as I felt the pressure of him filling me. He grabbed my hips, moving me back and forth. He was so hard inside me, desperately he thrust in and out of me. I welcomed it, reaching down between my legs to play with my clit balancing on one elbow and my knees.

“I’m going to come in you,” he said, moaning and shaking. I felt so much pressure from the last thrust that it threw me over the edge. I moaned with him, shaking madly. He reached around me to pinch my nipple. “You are so beautiful!”

We rocked together with the waves of the water until he slid from inside me. He held me tight and close, keeping me warm in the chilly breeze and wet sand.

“You aren’t going to stop seeing me, are you?” he asked.

“Me?” I giggled.

“Yes, you. You don’t seem thrilled to be dating,” he kissed my ear, neck and lips.

“I won’t stop seeing you. You have a couple of weeks to woo me, so I will still want to see you when we get back to the city,”

I was going to give him a chance. So far, he was fun, sweet, exciting. I wanted more, wanted to continue to get to know him. I wanted to continue to feel as special as he made me feel.

“I will woo you every single day, and will keep wooing you as long as you let me,” Steve said.

I smiled and kissed him, as I wrapped my leg over his and entwined myself into him.

We kept cuddling on the beach until it grew late and cold. Then we went inside my cabin and went to bed together. I was ready for another adventure the next day and in the weeks to come.
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