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Unexpected experience

What would you have done?
It was an extremely busy day and when I finally got home, I found a note on the table. It asked me to pick up a few items from the shop. Looking at the time, I grabbed the keys and rushed back out to the car. I get in, start the car and head for the shop. Of course, since I was in a hurry, I caught every red light. Biting my lip, something I do when I get nervous, knowing that if I don’t hurry the shop will be closed.

After fifteen minutes, I pull into the shop car park and take the first available spot and rush inside. I am a regular here, so I am familiar with the store’s layout which makes gathering the items today quicker. However, as I move round the store, I feel someone’s eyes watching me. Once I had everything, I headed to the checkout and started unloading the items onto the register conveyer belt and then waited.

Looking around, I see the shop is very empty and then hear a voice over the PA system say, "Thank you for shopping with us today, can everyone please move to the checkouts, as the store is now closed.”

I look over at the checkout operator, as he says “Hello” and starts scanning and bagging the items. This first time since waiting, I took a really good look at him.

He stands approximately 6’0 with dark hair, a tanned complexion and just enough muscles so you can tell he is active. In my opinion he is very handsome, no, sexy. Looking into his eyes, I feel an immediate attraction. I return my focus onto the bagged items and begin to place them back in the trolley.

Noticing as he scans the last item. I place the bag into the trolley and I reach for my handbag to start looking for my purse. I pull all my items out, placing them on the belt and I can find everything but my purse. Raising my hand to my head, I cry out, “Oh God, no...” Realising I must have left it on the kitchen bench in my rush.

He looks at me telling me the total amount I owe and then notices the distressed look he asks, “What’s wrong?”

I tell him what has happened and offer to call a friend, to bring some money down. However, he tells me, he can’t wait that long. Not sure what to do and out of other options, I start to walk away knowing when I get home, I will be in so much trouble. I had only taken a few steps when he says, “Wait, I may have a solution.....”

I stop and turn around, watching as he locks the doors and turns of the lights. He indicates I should bring the trolley and follow him. We head to the rear of the store, once there he opens the door to an office and direct me to go inside. He follows closing the door and the blinds behind him. He sits down in a big black leather lounge and he explains his idea or trade.

He says if I agree to fuck him, I can have all the items. I look at him for a moment in shock and then think about his offer and nod in agreement. Looking at him, I slowly walk across the room nervously, unsure what I am about to do. Stepping closer to him, I slowly run my fingers over his shoulders, massaging them.

I start undoing the buttons on his shirt as I kiss his neck pulling the shirt aside revealing his chest. Licking and nipping down until I reach his navel. I run my tongue around and then flick my tip against it, as I undo the zip to his shorts and pull them down freeing his cock.

I move my hand to caress his balls as I softly kiss both of his inner thighs. Moving back to his balls, I lean forward and lick around them before moving back up and down his length. I watch him closely as I hear him moan. I take his cock gradually into my mouth, inch by inch, beginning to suck slowly.

I move faster, sucking his cock before releasing it and moving back onto his balls. Slowly running my tongue over them then drawing them into my mouth one by one, pumping his cock with my hand. I feel him reach out and place his hands on my head and push me down.

He pulls out of my mouth, pushing me onto the coffee table in front lounge while his hands run up my legs forcing them wider apart, so he can fit between. He reaches up to remove my underwear and is surprised to find I’m not wearing any, then moves his attention to my blouse, ripping it open revealing my breasts.

Leaning forward, I feel his hard cock brushing against my pussy as he begins to lick, suck, twist, and bite my nipples, making me moan as they become hard. Then he slides in. As he thrusts even faster, I feel him rub my clit, pressing hard. He continues to thrust as he licks his fingers, covering them in his salvia before rubbing it against my anus and sliding his finger in, wiggling it back and forth.

Feeling him thrust deep into my moist pussy very slowly at first, gradually getting faster and faster. He removes his fingers and thrusts his cock into my ass, causing me to moan ever so loud and I hear him scream "I'm going to cum" and fill me with all his seed.

He collapses on to me as he tries to catch his breath and the cock buried in my ass starts to soften. He kisses me on the lips and smiles, looking at me in the eyes he says "Thank you, that was great!"

He walks me out to the car after I get dressed. I look at him one more time and say, “Hopefully we have more time, next time...'

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