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Unexpected Fun With My Best Friend

Paige gets the chance to fool around with her best friend and longtime crust, Alex.
Alex and I had known each other for years. We had met in junior high school, and had “dated” back then, but ended up breaking up and stayed best friends. We were each other’s first kiss and I always referred to him as my first love. After high school we lost touch for about a year. He was a grade behind me and I got caught up in the college scene so we lost touch. We would instant message every now and then, but didn't talk as frequently as we used to.

We caught back up at a party the summer after he graduated. As soon as I saw him my heart dropped. In the year we didn't talk he had grown. Somehow, I hadn't noticed, but he got taller and must have started working out because his shirts were tighter fitting than what I remembered. He had grown his hair out slightly and had a rougher appearance than the sweet high school kid I knew. I was seeing him in a way I never had before, but the good feeling didn't last too long. He had a girlfriend, whom I had helped him get together with. She was his high school sweetheart, but would be going to a university in a different part of the state. I knew he loved her and would never think of getting in the way.

Going to the same school we went right back into being best friends. We studied together and talked constantly. Only now when he talked about his girlfriend my stomach wrenched and I would always find some subtle way to change the subject. Each time we hung out I felt my crush on him growing but out of respect for his girlfriend didn't even flirt with him, let alone come out and tell him how I felt.

Another year went by and I still had the same feelings for him. Out of boredom I dated a few guys, but was never truly into the relationship so each guy never lasted more than a month or so. In my heart I knew I wanted to be with Alex. I was never the kind of girl to interfere with someone else’s relationship, but lately he had told me that the long distance was getting to them. He confided that he wasn't even sure she was being faithful.

Sitting in class one day I felt my phone vibrate in the pocket of my jacket. Keeping it out of sight from my professor I swiped the screen and opened my messages; it was from Alex.

“Something’s happened with Beth. Need to talk.” Was what the entire message said.

The first thing my mind jumped to was an accident of some kind. I knew Beth and was genuinely concerned that something serious had happened. As soon as the lecture ended I raced from the class and called Alex right away.

“Hey, I got your text what’s wrong? Is Beth okay?” I asked.

“Yea, she’s fine I guess…” His voice trailed off and he got quiet.

“Alex, what’s wrong? You can tell me.”

There was hesitation on the other end.

“I don’t want to talk about it over the phone. Can you meet me in my dorm? I am on my way there now.”

“Sure.” I started fast walking across campus to Alex’s dorm building. His bike was on the rack outside so I knew he had beaten me there. I knocked on the door and it opened almost immediately.

He looked terrible. His eyes were red and puffy and his hair was unkempt.

“Alex, what happened? Is everything okay?” I came into the dorm and stood in the entrance after he closed the door.

“Paige, it's Beth –“

“Is she hurt?” My mind instantly went to this.

“No.” He stopped I could tell whatever he was about to say was hard. “We aren't together anymore.”

My eyes widened. Instantly I became torn. My best friend was hurt and I knew I needed to be there for him, but at the same time, he was my crush and I finally saw an opportunity to have a chance with him.

I decided comforting friend was what he needed.

“What happened?” I led him to his couch and we sat close, or knees touching, my hand on his.

“She basically admitted to fucking some random guy who goes to her school. She pleaded and apologized to me, but I ended it. How disgusting do you have to be to fuck some guy you don’t even know?”

I didn't know what to say. Obviously this last question was rhetorical, but I still felt the need to say something.

“Alex I’m sorry.” I leaned in to give him a hug.

“I don’t fucking need that whore.” He had taken a tone I had never heard him use before.

“You don’t need her. Not if she is going to do something like that. You deserve better.”

We separated, but I replaced my hand on his and rubbed it gently. I could tell he was trying to put up a front, but was still upset.

“Fuck! I’m so pissed! What a fucking slut. Like seriously. It was the fucking weekend I went to visit her. She fucked him before I got there, and as soon as I fucking left. Fuck I’m such an idiot!”

“Hey, you’re not an idiot. These things happen. I know its hard now, but it will get better. Trust me.” I squeezed his hand tighter and stared into his eyes hoping he believed me. He stared back into mine in silence.

I felt my heart starting to race. I watched his eyes dart from mine to my lips and back up again. Without realizing, I did the same. For over a year I had imagined his soft lips kissing mine. Instinctively I leaned myself in to him slightly, enough to let him know it was okay, but held back enough that if he wanted an out he could take it. To my partial surprise he leaned the rest of the way. My lips touched his and it was like someone was setting off fireworks all around us. He moved his arms up under my sweater and I put my arms around his sides. We both breathed hard as we kissed. I let out a soft moan as he started to lean me back onto his couch.

“Paige?” He broke our kiss but did not let me go.


“Are you okay with this? Do you want me to keep going?”

I wanted to scream how I had been longing for this moment for so long, but I managed to slowly nod. “Please keep going.”

He moved back into me, this time taking his tongue and sliding it past my lips. I moaned again and dove my tongue deep into his mouth. He lifted off my shirt and tossed it to the side. I did the same for him. He kissed me hard and as our tongues danced together he moved his hands down to undo my pants. My pussy was already throbbing and I could see his erection growing through his jeans. He slid down my pants and started kissing down my chest, kissing each breast, still in my bra and moving his way down my smooth stomach.

His gentle kisses gave me goose bumps. I wanted him so bad. Without a word his kisses reached my pussy and he kissed me through my panties.

He moaned.

“Mmmm…you’re so wet babe.”

I moaned as he slid down my panties and covered my wet pussy with his mouth. His warm tongue licking me from my dripping entrance to my clit. He flicked his tongue on my clit a few times. I moaned even louder. Then he took each lip in between his lips and sucked on them gently. Eyes closed, my hands found the back of his head and I ran my fingers through his hair applying slight pressure as he continued to lick.

When he dove his tongue deep into my pussy practically drinking my juices I nearly lost it. He moved his mouth to my clit and sucked hard as he dove his fingers into my pussy, curling them as to hit my g-spot so perfectly. My back arched and I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers.

“Oh, Alex. Fuck yes, please don’t stop.”

This must have turned him on more because he clamped down hard on my clit, each suck bringing me so close to climax.

His deep moans brought me to the point of no return and I felt the first waves of orgasm consume my body. I screamed his name as I came, his mouth and fingers still in and on my pussy. As the waves of pleasure came down in intensity, he slowly lifted his head to look at me. My chest was rising and falling hard and my heart was racing.

“Are you okay?” he whispered sitting up.

“Yes.” I panted. I sat up as well, moving closer to him.

“Is this okay?”

“Why wouldn't it be?” My voice was urging him to continue, but I was torn between being his best friend and his next hook up.

He didn't say another word about it. He leaned forward and pulled me toward him. Reaching his arms around my back he undid my bra and lifted me onto his lap. His jeans were still on and I could feel his package underneath them hard as a rock.

I leaned forward and kissed him on his lips as I unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper. I raised myself up a bit from his lap so he could slide down his jeans and boxer briefs, kicking them off to the floor.

Alex’s cock rested rock hard against his stomach. He pulled me closer to him and kissed up and down my neck and chest. I grabbed his cock; my first time ever seeing or touching it. I jerked it off for a second just to hear his soft moans. Knees on either side of him, I raise my pussy off and line up his cock with my entrance. Just before I lowered my hips he took my right breast into his mouth and sucked on it, making my nipple hard. I lowered myself onto him closing my eyes and taking in the moment. His thick hard cock was about to satisfy my pussy. I loved the feeling as his thickness filled my pussy and I began to take long strides, moving faster and faster each time.

He took the other breast in his mouth, making that nipple hard as well. His hands were now on my hips guiding me on his cock.

“Oh, Alex, fuck you feel so good inside me.” I panted.

He removed my breast from his mouth and pressed his lips to mine, finding my tongue. I could still taste my pussy on his tongue and I let out a soft moan pressing my hips down deeper. I was literally dripping, coating his cock and hips with my sweet juices.

He pulled away slightly.

“I have an idea.”

Without waiting for my response he locked his arms around either of my legs and stood, lifting me with my legs around his waist. This display of strength turned me on so much. He was so strong. My small frame bounced on his cock as he walked us to his room and laid me back on the foot of his bed. He leaned forward and kissed me one more time, all the while thrusting slowly and deep into my now stretched pussy.

“Oh Alex!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, Paige, your pussy feels so good. God it’s so fucking wet.”

Hearing him say that drove me wild and I could feel myself losing control.

“Fuck me, Alex, please. I want you to feel me cum on your cock.” I was really getting into it.


He lifted my legs straight up in the air so they rested on his shoulders as he pounded my throbbing cunt. He brought his hands to my shoulders pressing me down into him as he continued to thrust and ram his cock deep into me, his bed bashing against the wall.

My pussy tightened. I could tell from his face that he could feel it and that he was close too.

“Oh baby don’t stop! Alex, you’re going to make me cum.”

“I want to cum inside you.” He continued to pound faster.

“Cum, Alex. I want your cum in me so bad. God you are going to make me cum,” I exclaimed.

“Mmmm, Paige, cum for me.”

I moaned at this command, my breathing got so hard and heavy and my toes started to curl around his neck.

“Alex, fuck, I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop. Oh, Alex, Please don’t stop.”

“Cum for me. Fuck, I’m close too.”

At that moment my body erupted in a deep orgasm. My pussy walls clamping tight around his cock.

“Mmmm, Alex. Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming for you!”

This must have driven him over the top because the next thing I knew I could feel his cock contract as he thrust in me moaning.

Our orgasms continue until finally he let my legs down and collapsed over top of me, still inside. My body quivered one last shock wave of pleasure and I laid there his weight partially on top of me and I started to play with his hair. We were both breathing deep, I could feel his heart racing on my chest. He turned his head to face me.

I smiled half a cheeky grin.

“Feeling better?”

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