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Unexpected Night

I contemplated going out tonight. I'm really glad that I did.
First off this is my first story ever so bear with me.

I'm gonna tell you a little bit about myself real quick. My name is John and I run a gun store in Wyoming. My town is averaged size with majority of our economy being the oil fields. I'm 5' 8" 150 pounds. I'm not in the greatest of shape but I'm some what toned. Short brown hair and Hazel eyes. I'm 22 years old. Like I said I run a gun store for a local couple in town. They are the nicest people you will ever meet. Our store is a very successful business. It's managed well, thanks to me.

There's this girl who works at the local floral shop whom I've been lusting over the past 2 months. Her name is Kristen. I've never been able to quite build up enough courage to go and ask her out, obviously being afraid of rejection.

Every night while laying in bed I'd close my eyes and remember Kristen's beautiful face, nice breasts and firm looking ass. All the while feeling my cock harden. Naturally I reach down and stroke it while these images run through my mind. I imagine what her breasts must look like without a shirt and bra on. I began to stroke faster. Taking her nipples into my mouth and gently sucking on them and giving them a nice little nibble. I began to wonder what her pussy is like. Is it shaved? Is there a line? Does she have a small patch? I stroke a little faster now. I envision a nice landing strip and began to eat at her pussy. Imagining her screaming my name with pleasure. Making me stroke faster. I lay her down and gently ease my cock into her extremely wet pussy. I began to wonder how tight it is. I pick up the pace on my stroking even more. Finally I'm all the way in. I imagine a nice tight wonderful pussy engulfing my cock. Now I'm stroking it relentlessly. Imagining making love to her until finally I feel my cock harden and out comes my load. I roll over go to sleep happy, thinking about her laying next to me.

I work in the store Monday through Saturday. I don't have time to go out and do anything considering how tired I am at the end of the day. Well this particular Saturday evening I decided it would be wise to go out and sit at a bar, even if I only have a couple beers. I was sitting at the bar alone for oh about 30 minutes or so when a group of people walked in. Two couples and a girl who was by herself. They decide to sit at the table next to me. I noticed the girl who was by herself was Kristen, the girl from the local floral shop. My stomach dropped from under me at the site of her beauty. She looked over at me and gave me a nice smile. I could feel myself turning red. I couldn't look away.

I'm sitting there drinking my beer trying to muster up the courage to go talk to her when something strange happens. Kristen leans over the table and said something to the girl sitting closest to me. The girl closest to me then reaches out and strokes my arm as to get my attention. I look over and see them both looking at me. They turn away real quick blushing. Kristen and the girls decide to get up and go to the dance floor to dance. I look over at the other guys and asked why she stroked my arm. They had no idea.

I couldn't help but to watch Kristen dance with her friends. I was watching her very intently and occasionally would glance at me, smile and turn away real quick. This was building my confidence to talk to her. I keep watching her move her body. She looked like a goddess out there. I could feel my cock begin to harden so I make a break for the bathroom.

Once I'm in the privacy of the bathroom I begin to tell myself to calm down. I don't need to embarrass myself out there. I take a piss then walk back out.

I sit back down and continue to drink my beer. I noticed that Kristen and the girls were back at the table. I also noticed that some guy had walked up and was talking to Kristen. I began to get a little angry myself for not getting up and talking to her sooner. He said a couple more things to her and walked away. A look of relief came over her face. This lifted my spirits.

There were quite a few people in the bar and it seemed that she knew some other people there too as she would occasionally talk to other people in our surrounding area. I continued to watch her while growing the balls to go talk to her. After a few minutes she got up and went into the bathroom.

After she walked away one of the girls leans over to me and asked "Why aren't you acknowledging her?"

"I've been watching her all night. I'm trying to get the courage to talk to her." I replied.

Her friends laugh and quickly turn away as she was walking back to the table. Finally I felt brave enough.

I sat my beer down and looked over. Her friends got up and said they would be right back. One of them looks back at me and gave me the look that said you better do it now or it's too late. I took a deep breath, got up and walked over to her and asked

"What's your name?" Clearly I already knew this but she didn't know I knew.

"Kristen." She replies.

"Nice to meet you, I'm John." Giving her a smile.

We sat and talked for awhile until finally she grabbed my hand and said "let's dance!"

She led me to the dance floor and began to dance on me. I could feel my cock getting harder every time she came into contact with me. Kristen turned and shook her ass on my cock. Instantly it sprang to life. This must've turned her on as she could feel my bulge in her ass. She began slowly rubbing on my cock with her ass and looking back at me with a new look in her eye. She turned around and gave me a kiss that I could not refuse. Her tongue going into my mouth and intertwined with mine. She was a very good kisser. I pulled away and looked down at my bulge. Kristen starts laughing and gently rubs it. I look at her and ask

"You wanna get out of here?"

"Take me home and stay with me tonight babe. I'll go tell my friends you're taking me home."

We grab our stuff and head for the door.

I led Kristen to my truck and helped her get in. Mean while she's telling me I have a nice truck. We pull out of the parking lot and she gives me directions back to her apartment. Kristen couldn't keep her hands off my bulge the entire way there.

"I wanna see that cock of yours." She said "I want it in my mouth right now."

I'm rock hard now and it begins to hurt cause of the pressure against my jeans. It seemed like hours had gone by when we finally pulled into her complex. We get out and she immediately starts kissing me and trying to undo my pants.

"Not here" I said. "Wait until we get inside."

"I want it really bad!" She replies.

"You'll get it soon enough."

We finally get inside as we are tearing off each others clothes. We make our way to the bedroom, kissing all the way down the hall.

To Be Continued.....
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