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Unexpected Stranger (From novella entitled: ESCAPE)

Tags: bar, hotel, erotic
When Lauren meets Adam in a bar, what follows in his hotel room is a night of unbridled sex
Chapter One

It was Friday night around ten o’clock, Lauren guessed. She wasn’t really sure, because the only thing that had her complete attention at that moment were dark brown handsome eyes boring into hers with such intensity that she couldn’t look away. She was mesmerized.

The night had started out innocently enough. She and her girlfriend had come to MacAllister’s bar to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday. The next thing she knew, her friend on the barstool to her right was laughing with a group of co-workers who had shown up unexpectedly. And on the barstool to her left sat Adam, a drop dead gorgeous man with deep-set eyes, thick dark eyebrows and a sexy hint of stubble. His presence was drowning out everything else going on around her.

Lauren couldn’t quite say when he had sat down, and she couldn’t quite recall how the conversation had started. But in less than an hour, she was fantasizing about what this stranger would taste like, what he’d feel like. Even though she tried with every part of her rational being to put it out of her mind, Lauren couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to have Adam’s hands touching her and caressing her most intimate areas. And she longed to feel the heat of his lips exploring every inch of her body.

Adam worked for the US Coast Guard and was in town for the night, staying at a hotel just across the parking lot from MacAllister’s bar. He wasn’t in uniform, but she wasn’t surprised thst he was a service man by his short cropped haircut, confident air, golden tan and chiseled body – a body that was teasing all of her senses and causing an unrelenting heat between her legs that was getting hotter by the minute.

Finishing their drinks, Adam gave her a long, searching look. With a gentle touch of his hand, very few words, and a slow sexy smile that promised a night to remember, he made it known how he’d like the night to continue. Lauren loved the thrill of the forbidden. Throwing caution to the wind she looked directly into his eyes and without saying a word, gave him his answer by rubbing his leg in a slow, seductive manner, advancing toward his zipper and lingering there.

“Let’s take this out of here,” Adam whispered. “Come with me.” Turning to her friend who was deep in conversation with her work associates, Lauren indicated that she’d be right back.

Chapter Two

Adam held onto her hand as they moved across the parking lot toward the hotel, both feeling like they couldn’t get there fast enough. Lauren only took her mind off the sexiness and excitement of the moment to briefly recall how she had lived in this hotel about seventeen years ago, when she was recruited to the area for a management position. The company that had hired her had put her up here for a couple of weeks until she found a place to live. But that memory disintegrated into thin air the moment they were at his hotel room door, and his key card slid into the lock.

Once inside, Adam turned to her, put his hands on each side of her face, seductively rubbed his thumb along her lower lip for a moment and, in one quick movement that left her breathless, grabbed both her hands, lifted her arms over her head and pushed her hard up against the wall, asserting a raw dominance that left her weak in the knees.

Pressed tightly between his strong muscular body and the wall, Lauren could feel his desire pressing against her body and she could hear her own ragged breathing as her excitement mounted in anticipation of what was to come. Holding her arms over her head with one hand, and reaching behind her head with the other, Adam grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face irresistibly close to his. Lauren could smell a faint hint of his cologne, feel the heat of his breath on her face and ached to feel his lips take control of hers.

Trying to wiggle herself free from his captive hold so she could touch him, Adam answered with a low throaty voice, “Oh no you don’t. Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s dangerous to go to a stranger’s hotel room?” And with a slow, secretive smile and a glint in his eye, he said, “I think maybe what you need, is to be taught a lesson for this naughty behavior.” For some unknown reason, Lauren trusted him completely and knew she was not in trouble, at least not in a dangerous way. But something unexpected was most assuredly coming and she couldn’t deny the tingle that shot through her vagina.

Gently letting her arms down from over her head and releasing the pressure of his body from hers, Adam commanded in a quiet voice, “Pull down your pants…slowly.” As he took a few steps back so she could comply with his request, Lauren stood frozen to the spot. “Don’t make me ask you twice,” he said with a soft but warning tone. Undoing her pants she slowly pushed them over her hips, letting them fall to the floor while also kicking off her sandals. “That’s better,” he said, while giving her legs a long, appreciative look. “Now, it’s time for that lesson.”

Reaching for her hand, Adam pointed to the upholstered armchair in the corner of the room. In one swift movement, he spun the small chair around so the back of the chair was facing them, instead of facing the wall. With fire dancing in his eyes, he directed her, “Bend over the chair.” Feeling her heartbeat race and her pulse quicken, Lauren knew exactly what he was going to do to her. Already she could feel a wet warmth spreading between her legs and she could barely breathe. Bending over the back of the chair, her bottom was face up in the air. And then it came: the sting of his hand slapping down on her bare ass cheeks and the sound of flesh meeting flesh ringing in the air.

One slap, a second slap, a third. In a playful and impossibly sexy tone Adam said, “You know you’ve been a bad girl, don’t you Lauren?” All she could manage was a moan of sheer pleasure. Smacking her already pink backside a bit harder he repeated, “Say it! You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you? Coming to my hotel room.”

“Yes!” She cried out. “Yes, I’ve been bad.”

With a slow, satisfied chuckle under his breath he said, “That’s more like it. Bad girls need to be spanked and taught a lesson!” Lauren had never felt so vulnerable and sexy in all her life.

She could feel the slow creep of an orgasm beginning to overtake her and crying out she pleaded, “Please don’t stop.”

Adam obliged with a few more assaults to her bottom and then said, “That’s all you get…for now. Now it’s my turn!”

Reaching for her hips he helped her to stand up and turned her around to face him. As she reached out for his face, needing to feel his lips on hers and his tongue in her mouth, her heat had risen to a fever pitch and she was close to going out of her mind. Holding her back Adam said, “Not quite yet. I need something from you first.”

Standing face to face, Lauren wondered what was next to come. Adam seemed to be directing every moment like a scripted play, and she was not afraid to give up control to him. Licking his thumb, he ran it again along her lower lip and said in observation, “Seems like one of us still has pants on. I think that needs to be corrected.” Reaching for her hands, Adam guided them to his belt and with a smoldering look and a low whisper he instructed, “Take them off.” Only too willing to do as he instructed, Lauren undid his buckle, slowly lowered the zipper and pushed his pants down so they rested around his thighs. Placing his hands on both of her shoulders, he pushed down on them and said, “Get down on your knees.” While Adam stayed standing, Lauren lowered to her knees, and pulled his pants the rest of the way to the floor, along with his briefs.

Never had she ever seen a man’s cock as perfect as what was in front of her eyes. Lauren gasped in amazement as she took in the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. But now it was her turn to be in control, and she took full advantage of her position. Moving her head forward she began by slowly licking her tongue around his tip then flicked her tongue lightly and gently massaged him with her lips. As she reached between his legs to gently cup what hung further back between his legs, Lauren explored with her mouth, taking in more of him.

Lost in another place and time, she let herself totally go. While stroking his balls with one hand, she stroked the base of his manhood with the other, all the while sucking, licking and massaging with her lips and tongue in a seductive rhythm. Taking her hand away from the base of his penis, Lauren made room to take him deeper into her wet, inviting mouth. She could hear his groans of pleasure as his hands moved her head back and forth to meet his need. She reached around and massaged his perfectly toned buttocks as she continued pleasuring him in the most intimate of ways with her mouth. Suddenly, Adam stopped, cupped her face in his hands and carefully stepped back. Pulling her up to her feet, he growled, “Any more of that and it’s all over right here. And believe me, we’re just getting started.”

Chapter Three

Wrapping her into his arms Adam whispered seductively in her ear, “Now I’m going to kiss you.” Lauren could feel herself tremble as she folded her arms around his neck. As his mouth met hers, he teased her lips ever so softly with his, delaying the kiss. His tongue glided over her top lip and he gently bit her lower lip, causing her to moan in frustration. “Patience,” Adam’s voice breathed. “Let’s take this nice and slow.” Reaching for the bottom of her shirt, he glided it up and over her head, revealing a thin, lacy, sheer bra and hard ripe nipples underneath that gave evidence to her excitement. With one hand, he easily undid her bra while reaching up behind the back of her neck with his other. With her head tilted back, Adam claimed her mouth with as fierce a passion as the storm raging between his legs.

As he drove his tongue inside her mouth he explored every inch while their wet lips devoured each other in passionate desperation. Following his lead, Lauren grabbed for his shirt and pulled it off, begging him to give her the release she longed for.

Only too happy to comply, he sat down on the foot of the bed and pulled her to sit on his lap, with her back facing him. Slowly trailing his tongue along her spine and kissing her shoulders, he reached around to her breasts. While cupping one of her soft full mounds in one hand, his other hand took possession of the hardened nipple of her other breast and he pinched it, playing, teasing, and pinching again. Releasing her nipple for just a moment, Adam brought his two fingers to his mouth and moistened them with his tongue, then reached back around to pinch again, while running his forefinger in a circular motion around the tip of her nipple.

Arching her back, Lauren cried out and begged him for more. As he started to tease and pinch her other breast with his left hand, he slowly moved his right hand down her stomach, caressing its softness until he reached the apex between her legs. The excitement of what he was doing to her breast and the anticipation of what his right hand was about to do was almost her undoing. She fought to not cum right then and there on his leg. Lauren desperately wanted him to do to her lady parts what he was doing to her nipple. Without hesitation, he glided his finger right to her throbbing sweet spot and she cried out while a shudder engulfed her whole body. But Adam didn’t need to lick his fingers to massage that area. Lauren was already dripping from how aroused she was, and was growing more so by the minute. Keeping up the teasing intensity of what he was doing to her left breast, Adam’s hand began to gently rub, tease and pinch her clit. Knowing her orgasm was right on the brink of eruption, and feeling his desire pushing hard against her, Lauren couldn’t hold out any longer. She needed to take him, and be taken immediately.

Fortunately she had long legs, and even though she was sitting on his lap with her legs spread apart, her feet still touched the floor. Without causing any interruption to what he was doing to her, Lauren was able to put her hands on his thighs for support, and use her legs to lift herself up just enough so he could enter her as she lowered herself back down on his throbbing and aching penis. Moving together she rode him with her hips as his fingers brought her to the brink of climax. And in a matter of seconds, they both screamed out and let themselves go.

Chapter Four

Weak from her shattering orgasm, Lauren was barely able to stand up to get off his lap. But she didn’t need to, because in a heartbeat, Adam put his arms around her and rolled her onto the bed so they were now lying side by side. Trying to catch their breath they lay together in companionable silence, thinking about the incredible chemistry that just ignited between them. Lauren was blown away by this beautiful man lying beside her, and felt incredibly flattered and amazed that of all the pretty girls in the bar Adam could have taken to his bed that night, he had chosen her.

Sharing a cold beer from his hotel room refrigerator, they talked a bit more about his training exercise that day and about him heading back home to Virginia the next day. All at once Lauren remembered that her friend was still at the bar, and that she was Lauren’s ride home! Sitting up she said, “I’ve got to get going. My friend is probably wondering where I am!”

Staring at her thoughtfully, and feeling his erection starting to grow again, Adam grabbed her arm and said, “Not so fast. I’m not quite done with you yet.” Intrigued, she looked deep into his eyes and gave him a shy smile.

Putting the beer bottle down on the bedside table, Aam stood up and went over to the closet. Reaching in, he pulled out a black necktie from his Coast Guard uniform. Looking around the room, he spotted the two window treatments flanking the double windows and released the two drapery ties that held them back. Lauren watched him approach the bed with the three ties in hand, and felt her body heat up all over again.

“Let’s have a little more fun before you go,” he said. “I want to take total control of you, if you trust me and will let me.” By the way her nipples suddenly gave her away and from the moisture she could feel pooling between her legs again, they both knew she would say yes.

Taking the necktie from his uniform, Adam told her to lie on her back. He gently tied both of her wrists together and secured the other end of the tie to the headboard, so her arms were over her head. Moving deftly, he took the first drapery tie, secured it around her left ankle and tied it to the footboard. Then he repeated the same motion with her right ankle. Lying completely naked, vulnerable and outstretched across the bed, Lauren’s face started to flush. Seeing her flush only made his arousal climb even higher.

Taking his time, Adam gave her a deep penetrating kiss, leaving no doubt what he wanted from her. As he seductively kissed her neck, Lauren arched her head back to allow him complete access. With bent knees on either side of her body, he worked his way down to her breasts. Lauren’s nipples were hard and tight and pointed up at him, begging for his mouth to taste them. Lavishing her left breast first, Adam took his time licking and sucking it while her body writhed below him. Because she couldn’t move, all she could do was moan and cry out with pleasure when he bit down. She was his captive and totally under his control. As he continued his passionate ministrations on her right breast, Lauren felt her eyes roll back in her head as fire raged even hotter between her legs.

Moving down her torso Adam took his sweet time, bringing her ache to a peak that she had never experienced before. As he continued to caress and explore with his tongue; his head was now below her belly button. Desperate to feel what he was about to do between her legs with his mouth, Lauren tried to arch her body up toward him. Angrily she cried out in protest as he stopped his descent and instead, moved his body back up and away from her sweet spot. Giving her a devilish grin, his mouth came down on hers and while he made love to her mouth with his, he reached down and slowly inserted his finger inside her, teasing her with a gentle back and forth motion, giving her a taste of what was to come.

Adam was trying to hold himself back, wanting this to last as long as he could make it. But at the same time, he wanted to tease her and bring her right to the brink, before he claimed her again. Sliding a second finger inside her to join the first one, he continued taking control of her body like a puppeteer. Feeling her body start to spasm inside, and knowing she was moments from climax, Adam gently pulled his fingers out and lowered his head between her legs, spread her lower lips apart with his thumbs and stroked her with his soft, wet tongue until she exploded into orgasm.

Untying just her legs, but keeping her arms tied firmly above her head, he kneeled on the bed and straddled each leg on either side of her head, with his cock just inches from her lips. Moving his hips toward her, Lauren took him greedily with her mouth. Holding on to the headboard for balance, Adam let her suck him hard and fast. Just before he was about to go over the edge, he pulled himself out of her mouth, grabbed both of her legs, pushed them up above her head so they rested on each of his shoulders, and he pounded into her like waves crashing against a rocky coastline. The headboard registered its objections by clamoring against the wall, as he slid in and out, slower then faster, shallow then deep. Lauren cried out his name and hearing the sound of her voice calling to him, Adam let himself explode into her as his entire body shook with release.

Chapter Five

Lying sweaty and spent on the bed, they took a few minutes to catch their breath before Adam untied her arms from the headboard. He gently rubbed her wrists, hoping he hadn’t caused her any pain or left any marks. Without a word, they both got up from the bed and got dressed. Taking her hand, they left the hotel room and headed across the parking lot back to the bar. Seeing that her friend was still inside with a group that had grown in size since she had left, Lauren knew she would be making it home just fine.

“Don’t come in,” she said. “I’d rather say goodbye to you out here.” It was now approaching midnight and the night air felt cool on their skin. The sky was clear and they could see each other in the moonlight. Taking her hands in his, Adam leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss. And for one last time, Lauren stared into those beautiful brown eyes, before he turned and walked away.

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