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Unexpected Surprise

It started as masturbation.....

Lazily, I rise from the comfort of my bed to get into the shower. I turn the water on as hot as I can stand it and gingerly step in. Leaning my head back, I let the water caress my scalp and run down my face. I reach down for the shampoo and methodically massage the liquid into my hair. Rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I reach for the conditioner. It’s amazing how incredibly sensuous washing your hair can be. My senses tingling, I rinse the conditioner out. Dispensing body wash onto the loofa, I slowly begin washing my body, starting at my neck. I gently move to my breasts. I feel my sensitive nipples growing erect. Hands gingerly moving down my abdomen to my vagina, I quickly push the thought out of my head. Scrubbing my long, shapely legs I become slightly more turned on. After washing my beautifully pedicured feet, I rinse off and reach for my towel.

I quickly run the towel through my hair and wrap it around my body. Stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, I cross to the full length mirror. Letting the towel drop, I gaze at my naked body, slightly flushed from the scalding water. As I stare at my breasts, I can’t help but fondle them. My nipples quickly become two little pebbles and I become slightly moist. I let my hands wander down south, gently stroking my clit. I expertly insert 2 fingers and my tight, cunt quickly becomes wet. Moaning quietly, it doesn’t take long to find the rhythm that continuously brings me closer to orgasm. I hear the bedroom door open. I freeze with anticipation as to who it is.

I slowly turn around to find my ruggedly handsome neighbor, Chase, watching intently with amazement. Smiling wickedly, I cross to the bed. Lying on the bed, I spread my legs just enough for a small, inviting glimpse. Chase quickly crosses the room and wraps his arms around me, kissing me gently at first, then harder. I feel his rock hard erection pressed up against me. Trailing my hands down his chest, I stop at his waistband. He groans with anticipation. I’m not ready just yet. He brings his mouth to my neck, gently biting and sucking. His mouth traveling to my breasts, he takes my nipples into his mouth, biting carefully.

A small moan escapes me as his hands find the moist area between my thighs. My breathing becomes short and ragged as he finds my g-spot. I’m so close, yet he stops. Grinning mischievously he lays on the bed next to me. Quickly and with ease, I undo his zipper. I grab his enormous cock and take him into my mouth. A moan escapes him as I alternate twirling my tongue around his erection and moving my hands up and down his shaft. Not thinking it’d be possible, he becomes even harder. He sits up, putting me on my back.

With one hard thrust, he’s enveloped my tight, dripping wet cunt. Each thrust expertly maneuvered, I feel the beginnings of orgasm. As I reach my full climax, one last, deep thrust and he lets out a groan that can only mean he’s just came too. He collapses on top of me as we both sigh with sexual satisfaction. Climbing out from under him, I cross to the dresser, smiling. I know this is one morning to not be forgotten.

As I pull my bra and panties out of the top drawer, I’m gently grabbed from behind.


            “Where do you think you’re going,” Chase asks in a low, gravelly voice.


Slowly turning to face him, I look into his eyes. He peers hungrily back into mine. His desire for me sparks a warmth, low in my abdomen. Stepping back from him, my gaze travels from his broad shoulders slowly down his toned abs, still glistening with sweat. In appreciation, I trail my fingers from his cheek down his defined body, stopping at his member. Flushed with excitement, I drop to my knees. I tenderly kiss his thighs, my hands following. I bring his cock to my lips, a mixture of sweet and slightly salty as I taste our mixed juices. Without hesitation, I clean our juices off of his, once again, erect cock. It’s not long before I taste his hot cum at the back of my throat. I moan with pleasure as I swallow every last drop. Licking my lips, I smile up at him. The need to feel him is growing. Laying me on the floor, he parts my legs. Kissing my thighs, he parts my pussy lips with his fingers. I gasp as he roughly inserts two fingers into my now soaking cunt. Without notice, I feel his hot tongue caressing my clit. Removing his fingers, he excitedly pounds his tongue into my swollen pussy, lapping up my sweet juices. Sucking my clit and fingering my tight hole, he uses his other hand to stroke his enormous cock. I can’t take it anymore! I stand up and push him to the floor. I quickly climb onto his waiting erection. Grinding in slow, deliberate circles, I watch his eyes close in enjoyment. I feel myself contract around his member and stop. I don’t want to orgasm until I’ve had my fill of him

Pulling Chase to his feet, I wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss him. Gently at first, then harder as I stroke his throbbing, rock hard cock. He groans under my touch. A few more minutes of fondling and he can’t stand to wait for me any longer. Throwing me onto the bed, he puts my legs on his shoulders. With one fluid thrust he’s inside my sopping wet love hole. Fucking me slowly, he’s teasing my pussy. Tightening my muscles around his cock, he lets out a gasp of surprise.


            “Now you’re gonna get it,” He says.


            “Baby, you can’t fuck me hard enough,” is my whispered reply.


            “We’ll see about that.”


Pounding my tight, dripping wet cunt, I scream out his name.


            “Oh, Chase! Fuck me HARDER!”


He reciprocates by pulling almost all the way out just to slam his cock into my waiting hole. Watching him pull his cock soaked with my juices, out of my cunt, I prepare myself for the beating he’s giving my pussy. Orgasm overtakes me and I claw into his back as my juices pour over Chase’s cock.


Grinning at me mischievously he says, “I’m not finished yet.”

I watch as he uses my dripping cunt to lubricate his fingers. Slowly, he glides a finger into my tight, virgin asshole. I feel my muscles already constrict with pleasure. Watching my reaction with pleasure, he fingers my asshole until I’m ready to cum again.


            “No, you can’t cum yet,” I’m told.


Silently watching him, he lubes his cock with my still very moist cunt.


            “It’s ok, baby. I’ll be real gentle,” Chase tells me as he guides his member into my asshole.


I feel the head of his cock push through the tight barrier. At once, my muscles tighten around his large member. It hurts in such a wickedly fantastic way. Before I know it, he’s already buried deep in my ass. He’s thrusting so gently as not to hurt me. I soon ache for the pain of him pounding my asshole.

            “Pound my asshole. Make it hurt! I wanna feel the pain,” I tell Chase, my breathing growing more ragged.


He obliges with joy as I scream out with pain and pleasure. The two feelings soon combine into ecstasy. I know I can’t hold on much longer. My orgasm is about to overtake me. One more thrust and I’m thrown over the top.


            “Don’t cum yet,” I tell Chase.


Taking his cock out of my ass, he looks baffled. I smile innocently as I take his entire cock into my hand. Stroking him hard and fast, sweet and slow. I feel his member begin to contract. Feeling him getting closer to orgasm, I feverishly stroke his cock. One last groan and he shoots his load all over my huge, perky breasts.


I look up at him as I take a finger and clean his juices off my tits, excitedly swallowing his salty cum. Kissing him on the cheek, I cross the room to throw my robe on. Watching him get dressed excites me again. Pushing the new naughty thoughts out of my head, I show him the door.

Watching him cross the yard to his door, I think, “That’s a performance I’d not mind repeating.”

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