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Unexpected Visitor Part 2

The unexpected visitor from the gym shower came back for another visit...
Sweat was pouring down my body. I could feel a drip slide down the groove of my spine under my loose t-shirt, into the waistband of my spandex shorts. Gasping in a breath I pushed one more time, lifting the weight for my final rep, slowly exhaling as I pushed the bar from my chest. Carefully putting the weight back on its rest, I waved to my spotter, a small nod of thanks. Exhausted, I cleaned the bench and grabbed my water bottle and wound my way through the people in the weight room, grabbing a towel and wandering to the locker room.

The room was packed with girls getting ready to work out or just coming in after they were done. Usually when I work out in the early morning I’ll shower at the gym, but in the afternoon when it’s busy like this and I’m just going home anyway I’ll just go home and shower there. Sliding some sweats on over my shorts, I glanced at the showers. I couldn’t help but remember the stranger that had joined me there just a week ago. His hands on my body, his mouth on my neck…that morning was the most erotic experience of my life, and I still had no idea who he was! My body ached to be pushed back up against that cold tile wall, to feel him fucking me from behind like a wild animal all over again. I needed that. I needed to just be taken, over and over.

Walking home, the cool air blowing against my cheeks, I wondered about the stranger just like I’d been doing every day since that morning when he had claimed me. Whoever he was, I desperately wished he would come visit me again, my pussy felt so empty without him inside me, stretching me, punishing me. Just thinking about it was making me wet. I was almost panting with need walking home with people all around me. My nipples were hard under my bra, my pussy lips slick against my panties. I hurried home. Thank god all my roommates were gone for the weekend and I had the apartment to myself. The apartment was so hot, so I cracked open the patio door and walked to the bathroom, stripping off clothes on the way. The blinds were open all over the apartment, but I ignored it, no one was going to notice me half dressed I figured. In my bra and spandex shorts I wandered to my room to grab my vibrator on the way to the bathroom. I knew there was a reason I bought a waterproof one…

Getting in under the spray, I quickly cleaned up. Grabbing my toy I ran it over my body, touching it against my tender nipples and smoothing it down my quivering tummy. Feeling the hot water sluice over me, I remembered his hot body inside mine, his hand around my throat, the power and control he took, and I almost came without even touching my mound at all. Quickly turning the shower off, I briskly ran a towel over my body I took my vibrator back to my room. I didn’t bother closing the door; I was the only one home all weekend anyway. Crawling into bed, I laid on my back, spreading my legs. I ran both hands up the insides of my thighs, spreading my swollen pussy lips with both hands, rubbing myself, spreading the wetness from my pussy, my hips bucking under my hands. I needed to cum.

Suddenly I realized that I was not alone. For a moment of paralyzed fear I looked at the man lounging in my open bedroom door. Then he smiled and I just knew this was the stranger. He had the same animal magnetism, and my body responded instantly, going rigid, a low moan escaping my lips. Looking straight at him, I said just one word. It was the only word I could get out. Of all the begging running through my mind it was the only word I could force out of my mouth, but it was enough: please.

I could see his shoulders go rock hard under his t-shirt. Pulling it off, he strode forward. I could see the hard bulge in his jeans. Pulling my hands away from my pussy, he put them over my head. “Keep them there” he told me, not an ounce of flexibility in his tone. My head fell back as he knelt between my legs. His hands brushed up my stomach and chest until he roughly held my breasts. My hips arched up under him and he just laughed. “You just love it rough don’t you?” I couldn’t do anything more than nod. I could see from the wicked gleam in his eyes he had some ideas about that. Who was he? I wondered. Then he pressed his hard jean-encased bulge against me and I wondered nothing. All thoughts fled my mind as I felt that hard cock press against me.

Pinching my nipples, he shook his head at me as my hands came down to grip his shoulders. Looking around my room he grabbed a silk scarf I had hanging by the door and prowled back to the bed. Taking my hands he lifted them over my head again. His grip was gentle but unbreakable. Skillfully he tied my hands to together before tying them to the headboard, leaving about a foot of material between my hands and where they were tied to the bed. Testing them I realized that while they didn’t hurt there was no way I was getting out until he let me. I had just let a man I still didn’t know tie me to the bed, naked. I felt completely vulnerable and exposed, but I was so turned on. Somehow I just knew I could trust him.

Smiling down at me, he gently tweaked my nipples, watching them pucker and ripen under his fingers. Dropping his head he kissed me gently, then deeply, ravaging my mouth as his hands ravaged my breasts. Digging my heels into the bed I arched up into him, rubbing and grinding, needing him. Sliding down away from me, he captured one hard raspberry nipple in his mouth. Sliding his fingertips up the insides of my thighs, he softly parted the lips of my pussy. Feeling the tips of his blunt fingers between my soft slick folds was so erotic. Pulling against the scarf, I sobbed as he gently but unstoppably pushed two fingers deep inside me. Feeling him spreading my wetness up to my clit, he teased me, circling around it, never quite applying pressure where I needed it most.

Suddenly he backed off and flipped me over. On my knees, hands still tied to the headboard, I rested my face on my forearms, gently biting my own arm when he pressed up against me from behind. Feeling the rough denim rub against my pussy was amazing. It felt like I was on fire. I know I must have made a mess all over the front of his jeans, but I didn’t care. I needed to cum. Finally he undid his pants, but he only pushed them far enough out of the way to free himself, because when he pushed back up against me I could still feel the harshness of the denim and the occasional rub from the zipper against my ass. Slipping his rock hard length between my wet folds he leaned over me, covering me with his body, his chest flush to my back. Wrapping both arms around my waist he gently prodded my entrance with his swollen cockhead.

I gasped under him as he slowly started to feed his length inside me. Feeling him stretch me again, I couldn’t believe that this had fit inside me before, or that it would this time. He was pushing in deep, pushing me to my limits. Slowly but firmly he invaded me. Kneeing my legs further apart, his hands swept up over my chest, crossing my body, his right hand landing on my left shoulder and his left landing on my right. His arms crossed beneath me, he pulled back on my shoulders, making sure there was not a breath of space between our hips. Slowly he pulled out of me, before thrusting back in, hard and fast. Slowly he would withdraw before slamming back into me. Soon the pace increased and he was fucking me, roughly, deeply, quickly.

This is what I had needed. With every stroke I could feel it building in me, the pressure increasing. Feeling his hard length spreading me, filling me over and over, his hands gripping deep into my shoulders, pulling me into each thrust, I cried out. I sobbed and I begged. Feeling his hot breath on my neck and his hips grinding into me, I started to shake. The muscles in my legs quivered and my pussy muscles started to squeeze him over and over, tighter and tighter. I started to cum and my pussy clamped down on him, milking him for every drop he could give me. Feeling him shooting into me, I started cumming again, unable and unwilling to stop myself.

When I woke up, he was untying my hands from the bed. He kissed my wrists where my struggles had left some marks, and wrapped me tightly in his arms. Curling into him, I went back to sleep. I knew he’d be there when I woke up.
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