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Unexpected visitors

Susan gets more than she expected

Ben and Craig were small-time criminals supplementing
their unemployment cheques with the proceeds of their
petty crimes. Their favourite ploy was to trawl neighbourhoods
late at night looking for house or car doors left unlocked.
This night brought them to a part of the city they had never
tried before. But they were having no luck. Everyone round
these parts appeared to lock their car and house doors.

It was 3 am and they were on the last part of their long trawl
through the tree-lined avenues. They found themselves
at the back of two houses that shared a driveway. Both houses
had cars parked at the rear but as was their luck this night
both were locked. Ben then tried the door of one house but
it was locked. Craig had just tried turning the door handle
of the other house when the kitchen light came on. He ducked
down below the level of the kitchen windows before scuttling
over to hide in the shadows near the garage. Ben ducked down
behind the car parked in the driveway. From here he could
see into the kitchen of house where the light had just come

And what he saw got his cock twitching. The woman who walked
past the kitchen window had the best set of breasts that
Ben had seen in ages. Even though she had a nightgown on he
could still make out the ample form of her breasts. A 36 or
38 D he thought to himself and his dick twitched in anticipation
again. Using his hands he made the shape of two large breasts
over to Craig whose dick warmed at the thought of a large
pair of breasts for his mouth and hands. Pity her door was
locked they both thought. Their dicks got a lot harder when
she unlocked the back door and walked back through the house.

Susan had awoken early. She had invited her lover Gerry
to come by early that morning. She had advised him that she
would leave the back door open so that he could let himself
in on his way from the airport. After opening the back door
she returned to bed and was already anticipating being
awoken by her lover, being turned on by his gentle touch,
and making love to him all morning.

Susan fell back to sleep shortly before the two thieves
silently made their way into her house. Ben and Craig couldn’t
believe their luck when the back door was unlocked. They
quickly agreed that they would wait for half an hour before
entering the house. Then they would move slowly through
the house up to the bedroom. They only wanted one thing now,
hours of sex with the woman who opened the door.

After quickly but silently exploring downstairs both
men climbed the stairs to Susan’s bedroom. They slowly
and quietly opened the bedroom door. They were delighted
when they only saw her figure in the bed. They watched her
sleeping for a while, her breasts heaving as she breathed
heavily. Their cocks hardened again as they were turned
on by the sight of her heaving breasts, by the thought that
they were going to have sex with this lone woman whether
she wanted to or not.

They awoke her gently by softly kissing and touching her.
Ben softly kissed her nipples trough her pyjama top. Craig
gently fingered her clit through her bottoms. Susan awoke
in a state of arousal but was startled to see two strange
faces instead of Gerry’s face. She got scared at the thought
of what might happen to her. The men warned her to be quiet.
They promised not to hurt her if she cooperates and doesn’t
struggle. They flash a knife past her face just to show her
who is in charge.

They return to exploring her body continuing to kiss her
lips softly, to touch her breasts and nipples and to finger
her pussy through her pyjama bottoms.

Susan can’t help herself but she is soon beginning to get
aroused by their actions. The men are kissing her and touching
her in the way only Gerry has done. Her pussy is starting
to get moist as her state of sexual arousal increases.

Slowly Ben and Craig remove Susan’s pyjamas and instantly
their cocks get harder from seeing her naked for the first
time. Ben goes down on Susan his mouth and lips eating her
pussy, teasing her clit. Craig takes her breasts in turn
in his mouth and teases her nipples. His expert kissing
of her nipples soon has Susan moaning and writhing. She
doesn’t want to enjoy this. But with one man teasing her
clit and the other at her breasts she is becoming more aroused
and turned on.

Craig quickly picks up on the effect his teasing of her nipples
is having on Susan. Ben and Craig quickly get Susan into
a greater state of arousal by kissing her and touching her.
Ben moves Susan into the doggy position on the bed. Craig
goes to her head. He places his hard cock against her mouth
and teases her with it.

Ben places his cock head against the mouth of Susan’s wet
pussy. His thick, hard cock easily enters her now soaking
wet pussy. Craig puts his cock in Susan’s mouth and with
his hands on her head makes her suck his hard cock.
Both are also teasing her breasts and nipples with their

Ben increases the pace of his thrusts. Susan thrusts back
against him as she is becoming more aroused by their actions.
Susan feels the release building in Ben as he rides her harder.
He soon cums in her and he falls onto her.

Craig then replaces him at her rear. He slowly thrusts his
cock deep into her wet cum filled pussy. Ben places his pussy
juice and cum soaked hard cock in her mouth. Susan sucks
it eagerly.

Craig is fucking Susan doggy style like a man possessed.
He increases the pace of his thrusts. He eases his hard cock
out of Susan’s pussy until it is almost free then rams it
back home with a vengeance. This continuous hard fucking
has Susan on the brink of a climax. She pushes her ass back
against Craig’s thrusts and she feels his balls slap against
her. Susan’s moans of pleasure spur Craig on. Using his
powerful hands Craig pulls Susan back onto him with more
force. Finally Susan lets out a long deep moan of pleasure
as she reaches her climax Shortly after Craig lets out a
moan of animalistic pleasure as he reaches his climax and
shoots his warm cum into Susan’s well lubricated pussy.

Ben, Craig and Susan fall onto the bed exhausted but totally
satisfied. Susan reaches for a cigarette from her bedside
cabinet and lights it. She takes a long draw from the cigarette.
Ben and Craig spend some time exploring Susan’s body. They
take turns kissing her passionately, sucking and biting
her nipples, fingering her soaking wet pussy. They had
noticed earlier how sensitive Susan’s nipples were and
between them they make her cum again while she is smoking.
Watching Susan cum gets the two men aroused again. Susan
as been kept in a constant state of arousal by the men and
soon she wants to feel them in her again. Finishing her cigarette
she grabs Ben’s cock which is hard and erect again. She slowly
strokes it with her hand before she puts her head between
his legs and takes his cock in her mouth. She kisses, licks
and sucks Ben’s cock getting him harder as she does this.

Meanwhile Craig has returned from the bathroom with a jar
of Vaseline. Craig lifts Susan’s hips into the air so that
she is now kneeling in the doggy position. She eagerly continues
to suck Ben’s cock while Craig greases the fingers of one
hand with Vaseline. Slowly he starts to insert a finger
into Susan’s ass. He finger fucks her ass for a few minutes
while she continues to blow Ben’s hard. Using a second finger
Craig continues to grease Susan’s ass in readiness for
his hard cock. He fingers her ass with two fingers then with
three to get her ass used to the sensation.

Craig then smears a large wad of Vaseline onto his hard cock.
He rubs it all over his cock. He then places the head of his
cock against Susan’s ass. She feels the hardness against
her ass. She continues to eagerly suck Ben’s cock but she
has never been ass-fucked before and she is wary that it
might be too painful for her.

Craig fingers her ass with three fingers before he slowly
pushes his greased cock into Susan’s greased ass. She gasps
in pain as he pushes it in too far too soon. But Craig tries
again this time slowly easing his hard cock in to her ass.
This time it slides in easier and Susan takes it better.
Slowly he eases all eight inches of his hard, thick cock
into Susan’s ass. She continues her eager sucking of Ben’s
cock as Craig gives small, gentle thrusts in and out of her

Craig lets his cock settle into Susan then reaches round
and grabs her breasts. His fingers tease Susan’s sensitive
nipples. He plays with her nipples for a couple of minutes
while she continues to suck Ben then Craig slowly builds
the depth and pace of his thrusts. He has stretched her ass
so that it can now take the fucking he is going to give it.
Craig starts to fuck Susan harder. She starts to moan with
a little pain and huge pleasure as Craig’s hard cock fucks
her ass. Craig is pounding away at Susan’s ass while teasing
her nipples. For several minutes he builds up the pace of
his thrusts. Soon Craig pushes in as deep as he can go into
Susan’s ass then she feels him unload a stream of hot cum
into her. Susan cums just as Ben has started to fuck her mouth
more vigorously.

Craig eases his cock out of Susan’s ass but it is immediately
replaced by Ben’s. Slowly he eases his cock into her well-greased,
ready ass and starts to fuck her. Craig has placed his still
hard dick in Susan’s mouth. This keeps her mouth busy while
her ass is being pounded. Susan’s body is betraying her
feelings as she pushes back against the cock fucking her
ass. Ben increases the pace and force of his riding. Soon
he releases an animalistic groan of pleasure as he shoots
a load of hot cum into Susan just as she has another climax.

All three of them lie together exhausted, the men’s cocks
still throbbing away inside Susan’s holes. Susan manages
to find and light another cigarette. She slowly smokes
the cigarette and as her body comes back down to earth she
falls asleep.

Susan awakes totally aroused as Ben and Craig have entered
her again. They are slowly fucking both her holes. They
have her sandwiched between them as they ride her ass and
pussy. Susan feels two hard cocks throbbing inside her.
She squeezes her pussy muscles against the cock in her pussy
trying to milk it of cum. She kisses Craig, who is lying below
her, passionately as they both bring her to another climax.
She has never been fucked like this before and that’s what
they are doing to her. Giving Susan you the best fucking
she ever had.

Ben, who is fucking Susan in the ass, increases his pace
as he builds for a climax. Craig soon matches the pace of
Ben’s thrusts. They build their pace together as both Susan’s
holes now ache with the double fucking she is getting. Finally
Ben cums in Susan’s ass, his thick cum juice shoots into
her ass. She feels the hot sticky juice in her and she cums
again. Shortly after this Craig releases a long slow guttural
groan as he unloads his cum into Susan’s wet pussy. All 3
of them sink onto the bed, the men’s hard cocks still throbbing
inside Susan’s two holes.

Susan lights another cigarette as she lies between them,
exhausted and sore. Slowly they remove their cocks from
her body. Against her wishes and better judgement Susan
has enjoyed getting fucked by them. They get dressed and
ready to leave. But Susan hints that the back door may be
left unlocked another night. Both men leave and Susan tries
to get some sleep since she is expecting Gerry soon.

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