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A chance encounter at the bar
I have just gotten off of work and decide to stop for a few drinks at the bar. You are already there and sitting a few seats away. I see you and you wave and say hello. We are both just sitting enjoying our drinks but occasionally glance at one another. There is a seat open next to me and you come and sit down and ask me how I am doing. I tell you I am fine and ask how you have been and what is new with you. We sit and talk and make jokes and steal quick glances at one another looking at each other’s eyes as we do. People are sitting around us and telling jokes and stories and you hear one that is funny and bust up laughing, and then make some comments about it. I look at you and you give me this devilish smile.

You ask me if I have written any more stories and I tell you that I haven’t written one in quite awhile. Your drinks are starting to have an effect and you tell me you would like to have another one. Then you lean in and ask me if the stories are based on actual experience. I tell you that they are fiction but that I love to do everything I write about in them. You look at me and then lightly and quickly run your hand on my thigh so that no one notices. More jokes are being told and you are making more and more comments. You lean in and quietly tell me you want to see if I can live up to a story I have written. I laugh and tell you that I can. You look at me with a serious look on your face and tell me to prove it. You ask where I live and I tell you. You tell me you want to meet me at my place. I can’t believe what I am hearing but am eager to get out of the bar. I tell you I will finish my beer and to meet me in a 10 minutes at my house.

I leave the bar before you do and go home. You sit and talk for a few more minutes and finish your drink. You show up and come inside. Before I have even taken your coat you have you lips on mine and your tongue darting into my mouth. I let your coat fall to the floor and pull you close to me as we continue to kiss. I undo your shirt and take it off of you. You are working to take my shirt off as we keep kissing. I kiss down your neck and slide your lacy bra up over your nipples and take one in my mouth. I lick and suck it as I rub the other between my thumb and finger. I undo your bra and now alternate sucking your nipples. As I do my hands are undoing your slacks. I shove your pants down and you step out of them. I run my hands across your matching thong and can feel how wet you are. I slide my hand inside and rub your wet pussy. I push your thong down and take you over to the couch. I step back and look at your sexy body before me. Your hard erect nipples craving attention, your beautifully shaven pussy glistening with your juices.

I sit you down on the couch and kiss you and kiss my way down your sexy body. I suck your nipples then kiss down your stomach. I reach your clit and suck it into my mouth. I taste your sweet juices as I slide a finger inside of you. I slide one then two fingers into you as I suck your clit. I take a finger and slide it down to your ass and slowly slip it inside as I finger your pussy and ass at the same time.

You are moaning with pleasure and are holding my head tight to your pussy. I slide my tongue down and shove it deep inside your pussy as I rub your clit. You are bucking against my mouth telling me you are going to cum. I keep licking and fingering you faster and faster until you cum all over my mouth. You look down and tell me you need my cock inside of you. I move up and kiss you, letting you lick your juices off of my face. I rub my cock across your clit and the folds of your pussy. You look at me and tell me to fuck you, and fuck you hard. I slide my cock inside of you. Your pussy feels so good as it wraps itself around my hard cock. I am all the way in and you start moving against me. I thrust into you, savoring the feeling of being inside of you. You tell me to fuck you hard. Hearing you talk like that turns me on and I start fucking you hard and fast.

I lean in and kiss you then move down and suck your nipples. I fuck you harder and harder. You tell me you want it from behind. I pull out and let you turn over; your beautiful ass is before me as I thrust my hard cock into your pussy from behind. I am pounding you with my cock and you tell me to spank your ass. I love to do that and take my hand and slap your ass as my cock pounds into you. You tell me you are going to cum and thrust into you as hard and fast as I can. Your pussy contracts and I can tell you are cumming. This pushes me over the edge and I fill your hot pussy with my cum. Thrust after thrust I pump it into you. You collapse and fall forward; I am still inside of you and kiss your neck.

I move off of you and my cock is still hard and you look down and smile. You lean down and take my cock into your mouth. Your mouth feels incredible as you lick our mixture of cum off it. You keep licking and sucking me and I tell you I am going to cum. You don’t pull off but suck faster and harder until I shoot my cum down your throat. You take it all and don’t waste a drop. You move up and kiss me, rest for a quick second and tell me you have to get going. You tell me you are glad you came over and I tell the pleasure was all mine and hope that I lived up to what I write. You smile and kiss me and tell me you may want more examples and give me a wink as you walk out the door.

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