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Weeks of frustration finds its release after a relaxing massage…
She absentmindedly handled the new nine-inch vibrator between inquisitive fingers. Her face was free of any expression whatsoever.

Not that she had ever been one to express feelings in any way. She has never been a feelings person. Damn, she was not even remotely romantic! Yet somehow, I know something was slowly snaking through her thoughts.

“You know Babe, I am not so sure we are on the same page…“ her voice fading away in thoughts.

“I’m listening?”

“There are so many things you have promised in the past few weeks, commitments you made and I saw none materialise.” She named some major commitments, which, I rightly deserved her admonishment for. Though I did not take the time to do so, I could think of how many things I actually did which I could name in my defence. Promises I kept but did no get credit for.

Her wrist flipped toward me, the silicone dildo unceremoniously swinging in the momentum. I took it from her and wordlessly put it back in my bedside draw… She will get over it in time. I silently got up and left the room. When returning an hour or so later, she was fast asleep.

Two weeks went by. In feeding my continuous hunger, I watched numerous porn clips on the tube. I read some stories on the web, read my kindle, on which quite a few hot stories was downloaded, jerked off, cleaned up and moved on. Several times, the same old, same old. Shit, it’s a routine! And while I was a routine person, it sort of satisfied me. It was routine…

Sometimes I wonder why we are even together. She has her schedule, I have mine. We talk about her job, we talk about mine. We eat, we shower, we get to bed, we fight.

Two weeks after our conversation in the bedroom, I pick her up from work. It has been raining unceasingly for almost three days. Rain is good, it soothes the soul in a manner of its own. Yet, it sort of restricts you. I stay inside, don’t get out, don’t go anywhere!! At least, if it was not raining the whole time, I could have gone fishing. It would have taken me out of the confines I share with her moods.

The moment she rushes into the passenger seat, having deposited her laptop and files in the boot, I notice she is different. It's as if she is just being there, yet not there.

I try to strike a conversation but she barely answers me. I dare not ask about what we will eat because I might get a grunt I don’t particularly need… or feel like.

“You ok?”

“Just tired… its never ending! I feel ran to ground.” I continue driving and softly touch her upper leg, as if offering comfort.

“How about I give you a massage tonight..?”

She sighs laboriously. “You know I fall asleep when you do it…?” as if trying to tell me that I may try my luck, but she will be asleep by the time I get down and dirty.

“Falling asleep is ok, you need it.” Silence takes over and continues the conversation on our behalf. I feel my mood tilt the wrong way. Damn!! Sometimes I feel that nobody ever recognises me getting stuck in a rut?

Later in the evening, with her finalising a few mails, I dart for the shower, stopping by her underwear draw to select a lacy black thong. It fits perfectly with a very short black silk gown embroidered with some Oriental detail. She has not worn it in ages and I decide tonight will be a good occasion… That is, if things go in the direction I want. I rush through the shower, having shaved and groomed that morning in the shower, dress in a boxer and start my preparations.

When she enters the room she realises that I won’t relent as I am busy preparing the bed for a massage. She silently heads for the bathroom with an expression that says she is really not in the mood.

Suddenly she opens the door and asks me directly, “What is your expectation for tonight?”

Without blinking, I answer, “Whatever happens... If you fall asleep its fine. I intend to give you a nice relaxing massage and that is it.”

Her look says anything but the fact that she believes me. Moments later, I hear the electric razor buzzing… It could mean anything?

Without skipping a beat, I continue my preparations, essential oils, duvet folded back, big soft towel on the bed, oil lamps against the wall is lit, soft music… and the nine inch dildo hidden in the covers.

When she enters the bedroom, she smiles softly at the scene greeting her… “Nice”, she says. I decide not to force my hand but rather let things play out however she feels comfortable. So far, so good…

She joins me on the bed and says little else other than silent expressions, just sliding into my waiting arm… on her back!! Goodness!! This woman…

I pull her over on her side and our faces are so close I can feel the heat emanating from her skin. She smells fresh and I compliment her while starting a slow caress anywhere but any erogenous zone. As if totally natural our lips meet, her kiss returning mine soft and wet, engulfing mine with passion, biting lightly, sucking in, taking turns on the upper and bottom lips…

Still, I keep my distance, refusing even the warm softness of her naked skin. Exchanging kisses as we were has its effects and I can sense her breathing turning more laboured the more we kiss. I can feel my cock in my boxers, hard, pulsing and pre-cum oozing out of my slit.

My right hand finds the silk cord of her gown and I slowly pull, the knot in material giving way to the pressure with a soft jolt. My hand finds the soft warmth of her stomach and navigates up between her breasts slipping the garment first of her left shoulder then of the right. We break the kiss with reluctance, having found the perfect rhythm in the soft suction and the slight teasing between our tongues… She looks straight at me, seductive drowsiness hidden in her slightly drooped eyelids.

I slide away and nudge her hip as a sign to roll over on her front. The gown finds the floor in a soft rustle…. Softly, without putting too much pressure on her butt, I position my knees either side of her hips.

With sufficient oil in my hands, I start rubbing her back, spreading the oil over every inch of her back, creating a soft glow all over in the ambient light. Smooth firm strokes warm her muscles and I start the massage. In time, I move down her back. Down to her legs, I do first the left, then the right. Loitering long enough at her feet to give proper attention to both feet, firmly massaging the pads of her feet.

“This feels so nice,” she murmurs, letting me know she is still with me, enjoying my ministrations to her body.

Moving up, having done most of her back legs, my hands softly slip under the bands to the side of her thong, tugging softly to slip it over her butt. She lifts her hips to assist me and the garment effortlessly slips down her legs. My finger slips over the gusset of the thong and I smile softly to myself as I bring it to my tongue to taste her wetness.

Some moments later, my boxers slip down my legs and join her gown on the carpet next to the bed.

I hoped that she would welcome what came next. This part of my treat was always risky and not always desired and maybe more to my benefit than hers. To both of us definitely. Sitting spreadeagled over her knees, I rubbed more oil between my palms, heating it before spreading the oiliness first over her upper legs. Massaging deeply for a few long moments, my fingertips start reaching dangerously close to her labia. A few more strokes and lazy circles allowed my fingertips to brush her labia and she utters a soft sigh.

In normal circumstances, it might have seemed too much, but the amount of oil between my hands would soon serve a certain purpose.

With my hands rubbing both legs in unison, the one hand copying the moves of the other, my fingers pointing toward her butt, the movement extends up her legs and over her buttocks, making lazy circles on the firm globes. Massaging softly, the circles get bigger and dances closer to the insides of the cleft between the shiny globes and her sensitive starfish.

I notice pre-cum oozing out of my slit, stretching toward the gap between her legs, reaching and by a soft whiff of air swinging and landing on the inside of her leg.

The oily palms of both hands complete another wide circle then changes direction to bring both thumbs in sensuously close proximity of her butt hole. The movement in such close proximity brought the desired effect when she lifted her buttocks to intercept the two thumbs. That was what I was hoping for, and my one thumb returns to lightly skim directly over her hole. It had a tremendous effect as she inhaled sharply as I touch her forbidden area.

Adding more oil to my thumb, I start a slow massage directly on top and on the smooth area around her sphincter. She groans audibly at the sensation the slipperiness of the oil creates and lifts her butt in anticipation of more. Taking the cue, I exert more pressure while slowly massaging her starfish. Putting pressure directly on the crinkled spot, she utters a soft consent and I press further down and almost into her.

“Be careful please?” I utter my understanding and reach for another threatening drop of pre-cum, spreading it over my index while rubbing her with my thumb. The wet index finger takes over and slowly inserts itself.

I am rigid with lust and while continuing my attention to her butthole, gently move upward, pointing my cock to her visibly wet labia where a drop of moisture is shining in the dim light. Realising my intent, she flexes the muscle inside her pussy and as if on cue her labia opens to accept the shiny head of my cock.

Putting just the right amount of pressure, I crown inside her, feeling her inner muscles gripping me. At this, I almost loose my cool. Having a finger almost inside her butt and my cock being gripped so firmly, almost dragged me down. But I held on.

She lifts her hips to take more of me, but a hand on her butt indicates I am content where I am.

With her crinkled hole more relaxed, my finger slips inside her with a bit of pressure, slowly massaging into her boiling hot rear cavern. This act and the continued movement inside her bring forth a continuous stream of “Uhmmm’s” and “Ahhh’s,” her breathing becoming much deeper with each breathe.

“More oil, Babe…” she moans and I drip a copious amount of oil around the intruding digit. Working the sole finger deeper inside her, my hips start forward of their own volition. Taking the same rhythm as my breathing, I continue moving inside her pussy at an excruciatingly slow pace. With every push inside her, our joint wetness reaches for my ears. She is drenched inside and I feel her muscles contracting more urgent with every move.

“Try one more finger, Baby…?” she utters under her laboured breathing.

While keeping the tip of my index inside the rim, my middle finger joins it and I slowly squeeze inside her.

“Uhhmmm, That feels soooo good… You’re gonna make me cum soon doing that.” Feeling the urge, I move the two intruders deeper in her while giving her a powerful shove with my hips. Gaining at least two more inches inside her super lubricated passage.

That was it! She screamed unintelligible obscenities into her pillow. Yet I was sure anybody could have heard and sensed her passion. While riding out her orgasm my fingers continue to slip deep inside her rectum, creating numerous shockwaves through her body.

Now equally wet, my cock keeps slipping even into her wet cunt. Her screams were becoming strained into the pillow as it races toward a second, even stronger crescendo. Moments later her back arches upward and she groans a raw, primitive “Awwww FUCK!!” as her second orgasm washes over her being. At the same time, my cock, balls and the towel gets drenched as she squirts a flood of cum. The drops hit even over my chest…

She continues to moan her exhilarations and almost out of breath, drops face down into the pillow. Still her buttocks moved rhythmically back against me. She wasn’t done…

Pushing my fingers deep into her recesses once again, she urgently utters her request by grabbing both globes with her hands, stretching her butthole open for my convenience.

Dangerously close to busting my nuts, I pull out of her pussy and position myself to enter her rear door.

As my cock touches her sphincter, she pushes her hips back with a loud moan, forcing me into her recesses, sheathing my hardness inside her boiling cavern.

As my nuts push themselves against her wet pussy, she tumbles over into another explosion.

Waiting for her to come down from the throes of her recent orgasm, my eyes sweep her body… droplets of sweat has formed all over her back. I look up and look into her sweaty face, hair plastered against her skin. Her mouth hangs open in ecstasy, her breathing deep, heavy and almost hoarse… she seems on a far away place.

My cock firmly embedded in her ass, she looks over to that point where our shiny torsos join. She looks back at me then, her breathing ragged.

“Now!! Fuck my ass… make me cum again!”

How could I refuse a wish from such a sexy sight? I start concentrating on her pleasure and take her over the edge twice more… with her rubbing her almost over stimulated clit in the process; her next orgasm washes our upper legs in almost boiling hot woman juice.

That was just too much. I warn her of my impending release and she helped it on, working her body back against mine. Our bodies slapping against each other causing a burning sensation in my groin, she looks over her shoulder once again, our eyes meet and hold each other. I knew she is running this race with me.

The feeling of cum rushing up my pipes causes a silent roar to start inside me. It reaches its pinnacle as I blast rope after rope of hot cum inside my wife’s well-fucked ass. As the second shot hit her insides, she comes again, hard… pressed back hard, making sure I paint the deepest of her insides with my cum.

We spoon, basking in the afterglow of our coupling, the bed soaked in a combination of cum, sweat and oil.

I am still inside her, still hard… and her muscles are gripping me in urgency…

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