Using you

By Reco696

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O, how you love being used...
After having some good dreams of you playing with me while I was asleep, I wake up fully aroused and ready to go. Unknowingly I've been touching myself as you were in my dream. My hand already wrapped around myself with a firm grip and wanting you badly!
Rolling over I see that you're already up and out of bed to my dismay. But on the plus side, I can smell breakfast on the stove. Always so eager to keep me happy. You're such a good girl, and who could want more. You make love like no other, and your willingness to be used occasionally for pleasure at my disposal is just the perfect mix. Secretly down inside it's a turn on for you as well. To be used by me from time to time. Mmmm..... You don't know it yet, but this is one of those mornings.
Reaching for the baby oil on the night stand, I drizzle a little bit over myself. The cold drops hitting the tip, and flowing down between my fingers, and to the base of my shaft as I tighten, and then loosen my grip on myself. You still in the kitchen believing that I'm fast asleep. Cooking away at the stove in nothing but your thong, and apron. You're still tingling and slightly wet from last nights adventures. Our juice's mixed together, still inside you. Depending on how you stand your thong slightly wet from the fluid that leaks out.
Laying in bed I don't want to make a mess on the sheets, or my tummy. So I get up and wander toward the kitchen. Standing in the door way watching you cook. Seeing your bare, and cute little ass is arousing me even more. Moving in close to you I startle you just a little bit as I nibble on the top of your shoulder. You can feel my hand bumping against your cheeks as I keep stroking myself. This is driving you crazy. I reach around under your apron and touch you as well. Holding your flat tummy, you lean against the counter as I whisper how I'm going to use you.
I squat down and grab an apron string in my mouth and give it a tug. Opening up the back so I can get to you. Kneeling down I trace the back of your leg. Down one side, and back up the other. Giving you a quick bite on the ass as I slip a finger around your waist band. With my teeth I rip your thong from your body. The sound of tearing cotton makes your toes curl. Grabbing your ankles I spread your feet apart, causing you to bite your lip. Pressed against the cabinet, and braced on the counter top, you wait with building anticipation knowing that any moment I'm going to take you without warning. And so I do.
As I'm almost about to cum, I kneel down to position myself, and lean into you. My slick head parting your lips with just enough force to make you whimper with delight. O, but it's a good kind of hurt, as you beg me not to stop. Slamming you against the counter with a short session of long hard strokes. The tip forcefully rubbing your g spot making you about to cum instantly. Holding you still to take all I have I bury myself deep as I explode inside you. Filling you with every last drop I have.
As quickly as entered you, I slip out just the same. Your on the edge, and aching for more, but not getting it. You turn around to see me heading for the shower. Instantly dropping to your knees and stuffing a couple fingers inside yourself to finish what I started. Moaning with pleasure, you take out those fingers and replace them with your other hand. Licking your fingers clean to taste me as you cum into your other hand. A smile crosses my face as I hear you from the other room. Moaning, screaming, and eventually calling out my name, and I'm not even there.