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Vagary - The Cowboy

Meeting a woman, one of a kind...
Leaning over the rail, trying to see more as the cowboy in the ring hog tied a calf, she smiled widely. Wearing short tight blue denim shorts, a pink and black plaid vest, and a white tank top, her toes sparkling in pink flip flops. Leaning over, I had a fantastic view. She was curvy !

A little extra meaty, but curvy none-the-less. She was probably a few inches shorter than I, her black hair was in pigtails under her cowboy hat. She was hot. She did it for me.

Mustering up my best sexy smile, walking up behind, I whispered into her ear that I loved her pigtails. Keeping my sexy smile on as she turns around. My legs tremble when she looks at me. She’s gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Think full lips, big green eyes under long and thin eyebrows. Porcelain skin and blood stained lips. I feel a tug in my groin as she asks me what my name is. Putting my arm around her waist, my hand on her hips, I turn her toward the ring. Looking down at her I can admire her perky breasts that filled out her top, see the spatter of freckles across her cleavage. She laughs loud, but genuine happiness is all that’s heard.

Chatting, we ask each other questions. Every so often, she lights my skin afire with a soft touch, or a brush of her legs against mine. I’ve never been so aroused by a woman. Every aspect of her clings to me, makes me want her more.

She smiles coyly at me over mugs of beer and hotdogs. Teases me with her fingers. At night, dancing, she molds her body up against mine at all the right times. She’s seducing me, without any effort it seems.

Thinking back, this makes me smile ear to ear. She didn’t have to put forth any effort. She was like a drug; I wanted more and more of her.

By the end of the night, even before I had taken her home. I couldn’t get enough of her. I wanted her so much, so many ways. Even before we started stripping on my front lawn, before we tripped over my coffee table. Before we woke my room mate up, all I wanted was to take all of her, never letting go. Keep this feeling forever, she made me feel so young. She looked to be in her early twenties, did she realize I was in my thirties?

Doesn’t matter! I thought to myself, as she let me pin her to my bedroom door. She had peeled off my shirt, had dug her nails into my shoulders. As I lifted her up against the door, grinding her hips up against mine. Moaning, grinding up against my thickness seemed to drive her crazy; she was kissing me, pulling at my belt, almost arguing. After taking a few moments, she laughed at the buckle. I was still trying to get her bra undone!

I had to calm her down; she seemed so wanting. Kissing her, she started rubbing me through my briefs, my head touching her belly button. Giggling, she lowered herself to the floor. She turned me around to have my back to the door as she dropped to her knees, pulling my jeans around my ankles. She was kissing me through my underwear, rubbing me, cupping my balls. All the while her eyes never left mine, the heat and lust burned through those large green eyes.

Still holding my gaze, she pulled me out of my underwear, leaving them on me. Using one hand to stroke and the other to squeeze my balls, she flicked her tongue against my head. While she jacked me off, feeling three separate sensations was too much. I wanted to blow within seconds, but I forced it down three or four times before she wrapped her lips around me. Moaning, I used her pig tails as handle bars, showing her which way I liked best. Her mouth felt so good, I wondered how tight and wet she was. I noticed her adjust her hips every so often…

Gasping, being so close, she pulled me down to her chest, gasping, asked me if I was close. Throwing my head back, holding my breath, I blew all over her tank top. Giggling, she pulled it off gingerly, careful not to spread the white liquid all over her breasts.

I never did get her bra off, I thought as I brought her to her feet and dropped to my knees. Pushing her breasts together, I kneaded, flicked, hugged her breasts with my hands. She was so curvy, I wanted to feel every inch of soft squishy, woman. I undid her bra, my face buried into her chest as I peeled her bra off. Her breasts, small but full and perky, erect pierced nipples. Oh! Rubbing her nipples around my face, kissing and licking, almost as if in a fevered dream. I played with her, she was so beautiful. Undoing the denim shorts, pulling them down to her ankles, there was a surprise in her underwear…

White frilly bikini style underwear delighted me when I pulled her shorts off. Smiling, gulping, I traced her through her underwear, across her lips, squeezing her ass with my hand.

Leaning against the door, she needed only gentle encouragement to wrap a leg around my neck. Pulling her little white frilly panties to the side, I feasted on her. Sucking, nibbling, licking, I felt so good as I tasted her, so good. She was tangy a little, definitely trimmed. I knew my moustache tickled, this making her giggle and gasp at different moments.

She really got into it. My hands cupping and tweaking her breasts, she grinding up against my mouth, moaning and pulling on my hair. When she looked at me, she had this look of pure animalistic desire.

Gasping, she moaned, grinded harder, then stepped back, begging me to enter her. I giggled, Pinned her to the door and continued. Squeezing my neck and shoulders with her leg, I wanted to taste her. I stood on my knees, pushed her up more, put her other leg on my shoulders, holding her up.

I felt her tremble, beg and plead. Felt her dig into my skull and pull my hair. Screaming my name she came in my mouth, I greedily drank her up. She tasted amazing, and I let her know that. Coming off my shoulders, she looked spent, her eyes wild and her hair a mess. I pulled her into the bed. I wanted more; I rarely indulge in women.

Rock hard again, I pulled her on top of me, sitting on the edge of the bed. Bouncing her up and down, grinding her against me, I held it back at least three times. I had to pace myself.

Feeling her clench around me, my eyes rolling into my head, I felt her come. Backing up in the bed a little, her still on my hips, I flipped her over, standing on my kneels to pull her hips onto my lap. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her ankles together to hold her up. Pounding her, so hard, she cries out, screaming out my name over and over again. Playing with her, using my thumb on her clit I feel her clench around me again, knowing she’s close and I stop. She looks up at me questioningly again as I flip her over onto her stomach.

Pulling her hips up so she’s bent over on all fours, I go to town. Last and final, this is it for me, I can’t go any longer. Knowing she’ll finish when I do, and it’ll be big, I pound her like she’s never had, My head rubbing against her walls, she’s balling the sheets up with her fists. Screaming my name, loud, she’s going to come she tells me, so I blow. Pulsing, my body bucking, I bite down on her shoulder muttering her name as I feel all the energy leave my body.

We fell asleep, directly after that. Comatose sleep. I woke in the morning to an empty bed, with a very red eyed room mate poking me awake.

Not bothering to cover myself, it takes a few minutes to understand what he’s telling me. My mind hadn’t recovered from last night. My body feels weak and strangely fluid.

Great sex does that to you.

Yawning, stretching, my roommate is very animated. I haven’t a clue why. He throws the jeans I was wearing last night at me, tell me to follow him. Shrugging into them, buttoning them up, not asking questions I follow him.

Grinning ear to ear, we approach the kitchen. She’s standing in front of the stove, wearing nothing but my cowboy hat, cooking breakfast. She’s singing a song we danced to last night, her hips swaying, her hair loose and bouncing on her shoulders. I call out her name, she blushes as she notices my roommate. Taking the apron off the peg next to the fridge, she covers herself.

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