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Valentine's Day Surprise

He was completely and utterly bored. Another Valentine's when the same thing would happen- dinner and drinks at the hotel, then back home for Valentine's sex, which if he was lucky would include the lights being on. He was so fed up with it all- when they first got married, 20 years ago, the sex was amazing- she would always surprise him in some way and drive him wild. Kids and the mundane routine killed that years ago. Though they were both still quite young, in their early 40’s, he felt like he was living the life of an old man.

As he drove to the hotel to meet her he thought that he hadn’t actually seen her completely naked in months now- he wondered if he would even recognize her body if he did. That thought made him sad- he used to know her body so well. She used to be breathtakingly gorgeous with her dark hair and pale skin, warm green eyes and curvy figure. She used to make an effort to always look her best, now it looked like she didn’t care anymore.

“Maybe she was bored too,” the thought came suddenly.

Maybe they had both given up somewhere along the way.

He realized that he had been so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t even notice that he was already pulling up into the hotel parking lot. The valet took his car and gave him his ticket and he proceeded to the fancy restaurant located on the first floor. The whole restaurant was decked out in Valentine's décor- all red hearts, red satin table clothes, red and white roses. The place was packed full, as it always was on Valentine's, by middle-upper class couples having “romantic” dinners. The waiter escorted him to the table he had reserved and he sat down to wait for his wife to arrive.

After about 15 minutes of waiting the waiter came up to him and handed him a glass of his favorite chardonnay and a note in a hotel envelope.

“The lady asked to give this to you, Mr Samuels,” the waiter put down the glass of wine and the note and withdrew.

He sat there slowly sipping the wine and fiddling with the unopened note in his hand, he couldn’t understand what all of this meant. After some minutes he decided that the best way to figure out what it meant was to open it and see. He slowly slit the top of the envelope with his dinner knife and took out the note inside it.

Dear Ben,

I know that you have long been bored with our life and the never ending routine, and frankly so have I.

I feel that we have reached a crossroads and that this will determine how our future together will look like.

I know you once loved surprises and so I have decided to give you one as a gift for Valentine's- go to the reception desk and ask for the key to room 615, where a woman will be waiting for you to fulfill your every wish.

This is my gift to you- enjoy it.

Xoxo Holly.

He stared at the note in surprise- it was obviously her handwriting but he had a difficulty believing what was written in it, she was always so against sleeping with other people- even when they were young and adventurous. He re-read the note just to make sure it still said the same thing- it did. He kept sipping his wine and staring at the note in indecision.

“Fuck it,” he suddenly thought, “if this is her decision I’m going to at least enjoy it.”

He stuffed the note in his breast pocket, took the last mouthful of wine in one gulp and strode out of the restaurant.

He came up to the receptionist and asked for the key card to room 615 that had been left for him as Holly had instructed. The receptionist checked his driver’s license for ID and gave him the key card.

“Have a great stay,” she greeted him.

“Oh I intend to,” he threw back at her over his shoulder as he headed for the elevator.

He rode up to the sixth floor and proceeded to the room, opening it with his key card and walking in. The lights in the room were dimmed and he had to wait a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the half gloom.

He looked at the bed where sat a beautiful, red headed woman wearing lingerie and a lacy carnival mask in black and red that covered half her face. The black corset, lacy thong and hold-ups she wore contrasted with her milky white skin. She looked so sensuous, just sitting there waiting to please him, looking up at him as he approached her. He held his hand out and she took it and stood up, her height almost matching his due to the very high heels she wore on her feet.

He didn’t say a word as he pressed her to him and buried his face in her soft, fragrant neck. He nibbled her skin that smelled faintly of passion fruit as his hands roamed her round ass cheeks. She wrapped her arms around him and felt him already hard against her.

He kissed her soft, red painted lips and tasted her fresh, minty mouth. She kissed him back passionately, her tongue invading his mouth. Their tongues danced together as she pushed his jacket off his shoulders and onto the floor. Then she broke the kiss and moved to nibble and bite his earlobe as she unbuttoned his shirt, her long, red fingernails gently scratching the skin that was revealed.

Her soft touch was driving him crazy- he had not been touched that way in so long. When his shirt was discarded on the floor in the same way as the jacket, she leaned down her head and licked each of his nipples in turn, causing him to shudder and moan loudly.

He didn’t know how but suddenly she dropped to her knees in one slow, fluid motion and started undoing his belt and zipper, all the while kissing and nibbling the skin of his stomach above his pants. Once his pants were around his ankles she looked up into his eyes, licking her lips as he looked down at her, and pushed his boxers down. His hard cock sprang free and he felt her warm, wet tongue licking his shaft. He had not felt that in so long that he had to fight hard against the urge to hold her by the hair and push his hard, hungry cock all the way into her mouth in one strong thrust.

She teased him for a long time- licking and sucking his balls, teasing the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue, licking around the sensitive underside of the head over and over again. His head was swimming by the time she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it all into her mouth. When his cock hit the back of her throat she didn’t even flinch, she just kept sucking him and looking into his half closed eyes.

His fingers tangled in her hair, holding her head as he started moving his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth faster and faster. She felt him harden and twitch in her mouth and prepared herself to swallow his cum. When he came his whole body shook with the intensity of his orgasm- he had to steady himself by gripping her hair harder to stop himself from falling.

When he recovered from his orgasm he felt that she was still sucking his softening cock, draining him of every drop of cum. When she had sucked him dry she let his cock plop out of her mouth, stood up and kissed him, spinning him with his back to the bed as she did so. She pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, her warm, wet pussy grinding over his cock as she licked his nipples again.

She really knew how to work him and he couldn’t understand how. “Maybe Holly had told her what he liked,” he thought. The thought of his wife instructing this woman what to do aroused him and made him hard again.

He felt her now grinding against his hardening cock and cooing softly. She was obviously enjoying herself and he stared at her with her eyes closed as she kept grinding against him. Seeing how much she was enjoying his cock was amazing, she was scratching his chest and grinding faster. He could feel her pussy flooding his cock and it wasn’t even in her- that was making him even harder, making him want to feel her pussy from the inside.

He rolled her over in one quick motion and pulled her panties off. He didn’t want to undress her completely because he loved the way the corset made her look but he freed her ample breasts from it by pushing it slightly down. He positioned his hard cock at the entrance of her soft, wet lips and teased her by running it up and down her slit and rubbing her clit with it. She was biting her lip and gripping the sheets in order to stop herself from screaming.

He wanted to fuck her so much as he looked at her body shuddering each time he touched her clit, but he also felt guilt and a desire that it would be Holly that was lying there dressed like that and enjoying his touch.

“Oh well,” he thought, “she sent this woman here instead of coming herself- so be it.”

He pushed his cock all the way into her in one fast, unexpected thrust. After all the teasing, she gasped in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him, pushing him in even deeper, digging her heels into his back. He could feel how much she wanted him by how wet she was inside and it drove him wild. He started moving his hips in fast, strong motions in and out of her, his hips slamming against her hard and loud each time.

He was leaning over her, fucking her hard, looking into her eyes, losing control as he felt her pussy clenching and unclenching each time. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, he knew the edge was close, when suddenly she reached for her mask, smiled and removed it in one motion.

“Oh fuck!” he yelped as his body was swept away and his cock shot strand after strand of hot cum into her.

She moaned and shuddered under him, the intensity of his orgasm sending her over the edge as well, causing her pussy to milk his cock relentlessly. His orgasm was so intense he blacked out for a few seconds, collapsing on top of her with all his weight.

“Are you OK, darling?” she asked him when he opened his eyes and looked at her in a bewildered manner.

“Holly?!” he asked, in an incredulous tone.

“Yes,” she said, and giggled. “Do you like my surprise?”

“But… but how?” he asked.

“Oh well,” she said, “I thought a new hairdo and color and some decent clothes would be enough of a change after not really noticing each other for so long.”

“Oh darling,” he whispered, as he rolled over with her in his arms. “I’ve missed you so much.”

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