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Vanessa Meets John

Vanessa meets her father's coworker.
“Vanessa, come on, we were supposed to go out tonight,” my friend Dave was saying to me.

“I know, I’m sorry, but you know how my dad is with work. He likes to include his family with everything, so I have to go to the dinner. I shouldn’t be out late.” I smiled into the phone. “Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll swing by afterwards to give you a little treat.”

He chuckled. “Alright babe, tell your parents I said hey.”

“Will do.”

I hung up the phone and wondered what to do about Dave. I’ve been seeing – which we all know means fucking – Dave for about four months now, and honestly, it’s what I prefer. Why deal with strings when I can just get what I want without the emotional attachment? I can’t seem to be able to keep a relationship going anyway, and I’ve tried dating one guy steadily, but I always find myself straying. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to stay with one person forever.

However, I am young, so maybe that has something to do with my commitment issues. I’m only eighteen years old, finishing up my last year in High School and I can’t wait to go to college. I’m 5’3” and I weigh about 125 pounds – not skinny, not chubby, but soft. I have long dark brown hair that I part on the side so my bangs fall over my left eye. My eyes are light brown and sometimes look green in the sunlight. My lips are full and luscious. My best feature is honestly a tie between my tits and ass. For a white girl, I have a great ass. It’s perky, round, and tight. In fact, Dave says that my ass is good enough to sink his teeth into. My tits are 34C’s, so they’re more than a handful, but not hard to handle. And I have perfect pink little nipples that just love being pulled and pinched.

“We’re leaving for the club at six, Vanessa!” My mother called up to me.

Since it was already 4:30, I took this as a hint to get ready. I hopped in the shower with the intention of washing my hair quickly and giving my body a quick shave, but my showerhead got the best of me, as it normally does. My fingers itched to turn the knob to ‘massage’ and my hands moved the showerhead down to my pussy. The pulsing of the water on my clit felt phenomenal. I imagined Dave forcing me to bend over on his bed and then him burying his cock into my tight pussy in one swift motion then sliding it in and out, over and over. He knows I like it when he leans his body down on top of mine, whispering in my ear how much of a slut I am. But my mind ran away with itself. The voice in my ear was not Dave’s. I turned my head to see who was fucking me and it was his forty-five year old father.

And to my surprise, the moment I saw his dad in my mind, my pussy started shaking and convulsing. I bit my free hand to keep from moaning.

I stood in the shower panting, leaning against the wall for support, my wet hair falling over my face. The tingling in my body wore off and the sound of running water began to overpower the ringing in my ears. I’d never thought Dave’s father was good looking, so I was shocked when I imagined him fucking me.

At that moment, my mother knocked on the bathroom door, shouting that I needed to get a move on.

We arrived at the country club around 6:30, my mind still reeling from my fantasy earlier. My parents led me around the club, introducing me to my father’s co-workers. It was then that I realized a few of the older men’s eyes lingering on me as I introduced myself – and that I enjoyed it. As I noticed them keeping their eyes on me, I kept my eyes on them, and a few of them became flustered. It was too much fun.

My outfit of choice tonight was a simple little black cocktail dress, but perhaps it was a bit revealing. It hugged my curves, accentuating my round ass, and cut a bit low but straight across my chest, pushing my tits up, giving some great cleavage. I wore simple black heels that added about two inches onto me. I didn’t have time to do anything special with my hair so I let it air dry and my natural waves fell freely. I had clear gloss on my lips, light blush on my cheekbones, but chose to make my eyes a bit intense by adding black shadow on my eyelids, and mascara lengthening my lashes.

After a few more minutes of mingling, my parents led me to our table for the evening and there was already a man sitting there, his back to us.

“John!” My dad exclaimed, a big grin across his face.

The man turned in his seat, noticed my dad, and stood to greet him. His eyes cut to mine, but quickly went back to my dad’s. I tried not to stare at him. He was incredibly handsome. His hair was dark brown like mine and cut short. His hairline was receding ever so slightly, but not so much that it was unattractive. His eyes were dark green and when he smiled, the crinkles in the corners of his eyes added to his attractiveness. I could tell he still worked out, but the years caught up with him just a bit in his middle, but even so, I couldn’t help but glance at his left hand to see if he was married.

You could imagine my disappointment when I saw a shiny gold ring on his finger.

“Where’s Carol?” My mother asked as if she was reading my mind.

His eyes flickered to mine again then back to my mom’s. “We celebrated her forty-fourth birthday last night and she drank more than she probably should have.” He grinned at the memory. “She still wasn’t feeling well tonight, but she insisted that I come anyway.”

“Ahh, you’ll catch up to her age soon enough,” my mother said winking. “Isn’t your birthday next month?”

He slid his hands into his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “Yep, I get to rub it in her face for a little longer that I’m still younger than her.”

I cleared my throat.

My dad placed his hand on my shoulder and nudged me forward a bit. “John, this is my daughter Vanessa. She looks a bit different than the pictures I have of her on my desk.” He chuckled. “Where does the time go?”

I looked up at John and raised one of the corners of my mouth up into a flirtatious smile. I reached my hand out to his. “Hello. It’s nice to meet you, Mr…?”

He returned my small smile, his eyes sparkling in the dim light, and took my hand. “Don’t worry about that, you can call me John. It’s nice to meet you too.”

His hand was warm and a bit rough, and my skin burned with excitement when he touched me. My eyes ran over his face, lingering on his lips. “It is a shame that your wife couldn’t make it.” I couldn’t believe those words tumbled out of my mouth.

“Mmm,” was his response, his lips twitching, fighting a smile. He let go of my hand then stepped closer to me, surreptitiously putting his hand on the nape of my neck, nudging me around. With his other hand, he pulled the chair out from the table, then guided me into it. He slid his hand down from my neck to the small of my back and, when I slid into the chair, gave me a very light squeeze on my hip.

“Thank you,” I said, a bit breathlessly.

He grinned at me then took his seat adjacent from me and proceeded with conversation with my dad.

Dinner seemed to last forever. If my parents could see inside my head right now, they would be shocked. Images were flashing through my mind: John holding my head in my place while he fucked my mouth. John and I in the shower with him holding me up, sliding his cock in and out of me, my eyes closed, chest heaving. I could barely eat. Every time I tried, John’s eyes flashed my way, and my mind would escape again, leaving thoughts of him fucking the shit out of me. I almost broke out into a sweat. I needed to get out of here.

“Vanessa?” My father asked, taking me out of my trance.

I shook my head once then answered immediately. “Yes?”

“Are you okay?”

I crossed my legs tightly. “Yeah, sorry, just daydreaming.”

“John asked what you were going to go to school for.”

My eyes slid to his and I tried to control myself. I smiled slowly at him, making my brown eyes look soft and inviting. “Sorry, John, I didn’t mean to ignore you. I was planning on going to school for real estate and finance.” I flipped my hair, letting it fall over one shoulder.

His eyes flashed to my exposed neck and he cleared his throat. “Where have you applied?”

“A bunch of schools,” I answered, shrugging, “but nothing too far away. I would love to go into the city.”

One of the corners of his mouth picked up. “Need to stay close for a boyfriend?”

I matched his smile and light tone. “No, I don’t have boyfriends.”

“Not allowed?”

I laughed. “It’s not like that. I just can’t seem to want to settle for one person.”

He chuckled a bit, and nodded. “I was the same way at your age.”

We sat staring playfully at each other for a few beats and then my father broke the silence.

“What were you planning to do with the rest of your night, Vanessa?”

I glanced over at the clock in the dining room noting that it was already 8:00pm. “Oh, um, well Dave wanted to hang out tonight I think, so maybe you guys could drop me off at his place on the way back home? Then he can drive me back later.”

John took his phone out of his pocket, read something, and then quietly excused himself. “I’m sorry, I have to take this. It’s Carol.”

I secretly watched him as he walked out onto the back patio. “But I should probably call him to see if he still wants me to come by. I’ll be right back.”

I pushed my chair back and stood, straightened my dress, then walked out onto the back patio. I spotted him in the shadows, leaning against the wall of the club, finishing up the phone conversation and a cigarette.

He turned his head when I stepped outside and our eyes locked. “Okay honey. Yeah, tell your sister I said hello. Yes. Dinner is great, we miss you.” He exhaled some smoke. “No, I’m not smoking.” He grinned and winked at me. “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Love you. Bye.” He flipped his phone shut and slid it into his pocket, still looking at me.

“Your wife?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Mmhmm,” he said, taking a drag of the cigarette. He held it to me, offering me a drag.

I stepped closer and took it from him, placing my lips around the filter and sucking in. I tipped my head back and blew the smoke into the air above us. “Thanks,” I said, handing him the cigarette. “What’s she up to?”

“She and the kids are going to her sister’s for the night. Do your parents know you smoke?”

I shrugged. “I only really smoke when I’ve been drinking.”

His eyes widened, not in surprise, but rather in interest. “Do your parents know that you drink?”

I shook my head slowly and looked up at him under the fringe of my eyelashes. “My parents don’t need to know everything I do.”

He looked satisfied by that answer and took another drag of his cigarette. “Who’s Dave?”

“Just a guy I know.”

“Your fuck buddy?” He blew out the smoke, his eyes light and playful.

A slow smile crept across my lips. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

He tossed the cigarette on the ground and placed his foot on it to put it out. He stepped closer to me and began walking in a circle around me. I noticed that he stopped directly behind me and I felt his body close to mine. He leaned in to me, putting his lips at my ear. I could feel his stubble brushing against my earlobe.

“I don’t think your daddy would like it if he found out his little girl wasn’t a virgin.”

My pussy ached as this older man’s hot breath ran over my skin. The little hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had goose bumps.

When I spoke, my voice was barely a whisper. “No, he wouldn’t.”

He chuckled, breathing on my neck some more. “I’m surprised he didn’t notice you and I eye fucking the shit out of each other all night.” I felt him place his warm, rough hand on the back of my neck.

I closed my eyes and smiled. “My dad thinks I’m an angel. I would never do such a thing.”

He tightened his grip on my neck and pushed us forward until my chest was against the wall and I could feel his hard cock pressing into my back. “I don’t think you’re an angel,” he breathed huskily.

I reached up and behind me to put my hand on the back of his head, pushing his head closer to my throat. I needed to feel his mouth on me. The constant warm breath against my skin was driving me insane. “John,” I huffed.

The moment I said his name, he began rubbing his hands up and down the sides of my short cocktail dress, his fingers playing with the bottom hem of the dress, teasing me. Oh, God, how I wanted him to slide his hand up my thigh and slip his fingers inside my wet little cunt.

He finally pressed his lips against my throat, parted his mouth slightly, and his tongue danced on my neck. I moaned, perhaps a little louder than I should have, and his hand clamped over my mouth. “Shh,” he whispered into my ear. Then I felt his teeth nip on my ear lobe.

I shivered. This man was driving me crazy. I felt like I was going to cum right here and now, without him even touching my pussy. His wife was a lucky woman.

His mouth was on my neck again, licking it, nibbling on it, kissing it. My body was wriggling against his. He took his free hand to my breast and a little whimper escaped my lips. I heard him chuckle. My nipples hardened and he rubbed them through my dress with the palm of his hand, then he dipped his hand into the neckline of my dress, squeezing his hot, rough hand on my bare breast.

I felt his kisses stop and his breath stilled on my neck. “Let’s get out of here,” he said into my ear.

Those words hung in the air for a few beats as thoughts ran through my head. I was about to become the other woman. This could ruin his family, his reputation. My father would be furious. John could lose his job. But all of those things didn’t matter. What mattered right now was that I felt his cock buried deep inside me.

I was breathless, and a bit shocked, so I turned around slowly to meet his gaze. His hands slid down to my hips and he held me there, close to him. Our eyes locked again, and I was sure. I nodded my head. “Sure,” I said.

He lowered his head down to my ear. “Good girl,” he whispered. Then he trailed kisses along my jaw to my lips, where his teeth nipped at my bottom lip.

Feeling courageous, I playfully nibbled on his bottom lip, and a low groan escaped from his lips. Then his mouth covered mine and my head started to spin. I lost all inhibitions and pressed my body tight against his, sliding my knee through his legs. He responded by rubbing his hands over my ass, squeezing it. His lips parted slightly and he gently skimmed his tongue over my lips to part them. I did, and felt his hot, slick tongue slide over mine. Our tongues slowly and passionately moved together, twirling, massaging. My pussy was throbbing. I needed more, and soon. I slid my hands up his hard chest to the back of his neck and racked my fingers through the short length of his hair on the back of his head, pushing him harder into me.

Suddenly he stopped kissing me, much to my dismay, and I opened my eyes to find his looking lazily into mine. His eyelids were heavy, his eyes dazed. Our mouths remained centimeters apart and I could feel his hot breath cascade over my lips. It was silent. All I could hear was our uneven breathing as he slowly moved his right hand onto my thigh and slid it up and under my dress. My breath caught in my throat. I felt the cool air against my skin as the left side of my little dress was lifted. Still just as silent, we watched each other as his fingers crept closer and closer to my tight cunt until the tips of his fingers finally reached the edge of my black lace underwear. One by one, his fingers slid under the edge, and I felt him touch my smooth pussy lips.

A low murmur passed through my lips and he moved his left hand over my mouth, shaking his head.

“Be quiet, Vanessa,” he warned.

He continued his slow torture, slipping more of his hand into the crotch of my underwear. His middle finger gently traced over the slit of my dripping pussy, and when he traced over it again, he dipped his finger inside.

His eyes widened slightly. “You’re so fucking wet,” he whispered.

I nodded, looking up at him with pleading eyes. I needed to cum, and he needed to make it happen.

“What? You need to get off, Vanessa? You getting all hot and bothered?” He was saying all of this with his finger running through my slit, wiggling on my clit ever so slightly, and then backing off.

I nodded again, this time more adamantly. And with that, his middle and ring finger sunk into my pussy.

My knees gave out. I had to reach out and hold onto his shoulders. I moaned again – I couldn’t help it – and my eyes closed. As I regained my balance, I reached down to his hand, trying to force his fingers deeper into my pussy.

“God, you’re so tight,” he muttered.

His two fingers moved in and out of my pussy, his thumb circling my clit. My hips moved instinctually against his hand. This was it. I was going to cum. Any second now…

“Vanessa!” I heard my mother call.

John’s fingers were out of me in seconds, my eyes shot open, and I immediately started to adjust myself.

“Fuck,” I whimpered, pulling my dress down, running my fingers through my hair.

While John was busy pulling his hard cock up into his waistband, I started walking towards the door to the dining room. I heard John coming up behind me and we ran into my mother around the corner.

“Hi!” I said, perhaps a little too innocently. “Sorry we took so long, John and I got to talking.”

John coughed.

My mother smiled, her eyes a bit glazed over since she had had a bit too much wine. “That’s fine honey. Your father and I were about to leave. Did you still want a ride to Dave’s?”

“Actually,” John interjected, “Vanessa mentioned to me where Dave lived and his house is more on my way home than your house. I could drop her off there if you’d like.”

Her drunken smile still in place, she looped her arm through John’s and began walking back to our table. “That would be wonderful! Thank you, John! The husband and I are in a hurry, if you know what I mean.” She nudged and winked at him.

“Ew, mom!” I exclaimed.

John laughed with my mother. “I know the feeling,” he said, sending a glance back at me.

We met up with my dad at the table and retrieved our things, then headed out. John and I said goodbye to my parents and watched them disappear into the dark parking lot to their car.

We stood there in silence for a few seconds, listening to the sounds of the night around us, thinking of what had just transpired. I was wondering if he was having second thoughts when I felt his fingers lace through mine. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.

“You ready?” He asked.

I smiled at him and nodded.

We walked hand in hand to his car and he opened the door for me and I sank down into the cushy, beige leather interior of his black Audi A4 Sedan.

I watched him as he slid into the driver’s seat and cranked the engine over. Without speaking, I reached over and grabbed his right hand. He watched me curiously as I brought his fingertips to my lips. There was a slight smell of my pussy on his fingers. I winked at him and slid his middle finger into my hot mouth, slowly twirling my tongue around it, faintly tasting myself. I moved my head up and down his finger, very gently running my teeth along the length of it.

He groaned softly. “How do you taste?” He asked.

I grinned at him and watched him under the fringe of my eyelashes. “Good,” I said. I took his finger out of my mouth and leaned towards him. He leaned towards me, his eyes flashed down to my cleavage, to my lips, to my eyes, and then he dipped his head down and kissed me. This time, it was my tongue that darted out to separate his lips. Our tongues touched and fire flashed through me. Our breathing was ragged, our hands were rubbing each other’s bodies, exploring, teasing, caressing. I ran my hand down his chest, his stomach, and finally to his crotch. His hips flexed instinctively, urging his hardening cock into my hand.

My hand fumbled with his belt, so I stopped kissing him to concentrate on undoing his pants. As I was undoing the buckle, I felt this hot breath on my ear and then his wet tongue slithered across my ear lobe. I could feel my pussy getting slick again. He nibbled on my ear and trailed kisses along my neck, sucking on it as well.

“Ohhh, John,” I breathed.

Finally I got his pants undone and I was through with patience so I spread his pants open and pulled his boxer briefs down revealing his thick, throbbing cock. I couldn’t believe it. This forty-three year old man had the biggest cock out of all the cocks I’ve seen. Everyone I’d previously been with had been an average six and a half or seven inches, but John was easily eight and a half inches. He stopped kissing my neck and ran his fingers through my hair across the nape of my neck. I heard him chuckle.

“What?” I asked him.

He was smiling. “I think you stopped breathing.”

I exhaled and chuckled with him. “Sorry, I’ve just never been with a guy this big before.”

He leaned close to me again and put his mouth to my ear. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle,” he whispered roughly then flicked is tongue on my ear lobe.

I shuddered as I felt his tongue on me then started to lean down closer to his cock. As encouragement, I felt him press his hand against my neck, guiding me. I shifted in my seat to get a better angle then gently licked my tongue across the big head.

He exhaled and leaned back in his seat, taking a fistful of my long hair, keeping it out of my face.

I gripped his cock at the base and focused mainly on the head. I swirled and flicked my tongue across the tip and began to slide just the head into my hot, wet mouth. I bobbed my head slightly, only taking a little bit into my mouth. Getting into a rhythm, I moved my hand with the motions of my head. I tightened and loosened my grip on his cock, teasing him like he teased me.

“Fuck, Vanessa,” he groaned. He let go of my hair and that’s when I realized he was going to start driving.

I started to sit up but he stopped me by placing his hand on the back of my head and pushing me down. “No, don’t stop,” he said.

I giggled and added more of his length into my mouth as he backed out of the parking spot. I felt the car starting to cruise along and I was so turned on. I’d never given road head before and it made me feel so slutty. I loved it. I started to speed up a little bit, massaging my tongue against the shaft of his cock as it went into my mouth. He was moaning and running his fingers through my hair, moving my head gently with his hand. Giving my mouth a break, I started stroking his cock and looked up at him as he drove. He quickly glanced down at me and smiled, then looked at the rear view mirror.

“Get down, babe, there’s a car passing me,” he urged.

“Yes, sir,” I said. And with that, I opened my mouth wide and slid his whole cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.

“Ohhh, fuck!” John groaned loudly. He jerked forward, clearly taken by surprise that I practically swallowed his cock. “Holy shit, you’re a good little cocksucker, Vanessa.”

I tried to shove more into my mouth, but he stopped me. “Not on the road, I’m seriously going to crash if you keep that up. We’re almost to my place. God, I’m going to fuck your tight pussy so hard.”

Obeying, I bobbed my head up and down the shaft of his cock, continuing what I was doing before.

I felt the car slow down and take a sharp turn and I assumed we were pulling into his driveway, so I sat up and adjusted myself. We pulled into his garage and I flipped the visor down and looked in the mirror while I waited for him to get the door for me. I already looked like a mess and I hadn’t even gotten fucked yet. Suddenly my door was wrenched open and John yanked me out of the car roughly, pushed the door closed, and slammed me against the side of the car. His hand went to the back of my head and he took a firm, but not uncomfortable, grip on my hair and leaned down to kiss me. Our mouths parted together and the tip of our tongues flicked over each other’s. We were ravenous. He rubbed me all over – my tits, my hips, my ass. I was grabbing and rubbing his cock, running my fingers along his chest, my nails along his back.

Still kissing, he started to lead the way inside his house. As we got through the door, I reached up and began to quickly unbutton his shirt. He reached behind me and unzipped my dress while kicking his shoes off. I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders pulled it down his arms, letting it fall in the hallway. We stopped there and John slowly slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders. He bent down to pull the rest of my tight dress down to my feet, leaving me in my black lace underwear and black heels. As he rose, his hands ran over my smooth legs, my thighs, my tight ass, my hips, and finally, my breasts. My nipples tightened as his fingers pinched and pulled at them.

“Mmm, looks like you like having your nipples pinched,” he said.

I moaned and tangled my fingers in his hair. “I can’t wait until your cock is in my pussy, John,” I said roughly. “I want to be fucked so hard.”

“Oh yeah?” He questioned, teasingly. “How hard?”

“Very hard.”

He pinched my nipples. “That hard?”

I gritted my teeth. “Harder.”

He pinched them harder. “How about that?”

My eyes rolled into the back of my head. “Ohh, fuck, harder!”

He grinned, then took his mouth to my nipple and bit it. “That hard, you little slut?” He asked, my nipple still in between his teeth.

“Yes, yes!” Suddenly ravenous, I pushed him against the opposite wall in the hallway and pictures of him and his family rattled against the wall. I pulled his pants and boxer briefs down his hips, letting them slide down to his feet. Our lips met again as he stepped out of his pants, taking his socks off as well. I bit his lip then kissed along his jaw, down his neck, his chest, and his stomach until I was on his knees in front of him. I took his thick cock into my mouth, wrapping my right hand around the shaft, cupping his balls with my left. Looking up at him, I gently played with his balls as I started to bob my head along the length of his dick.

He placed his hand on the back of my head and grinned down at me. “You like sucking this middle-aged cock?”

I nodded then slid his cock out of my mouth. “I bet I suck better dick than your wife,” I said, dipping my head down to lick his balls.

He groaned and leaned his head back against the wall. “Mmm, yes baby, you suck way better cock than my wife.”

I moved my mouth to his cock and moved my head slowly along the shaft, adding more and more of his length into my mouth. John grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my head further down this cock. The big head touched the back of my mouth and I forced it back, feeling it hit the back of my throat. I gagged a little bit, but John held my head in place.

“Yes, God, yes! Deep throat that cock,” John groaned through clenched teeth.

I pushed back on his hand and he loosened his grip. Taking a deep breath, I slid his cock deep into my mouth again. I gently played with his balls again, moving them between my fingers, squeezing them gently. John put both hands on my head and thrust his hips ever so slightly, moving only the head of his cock in and out of my throat. Just like in my fantasy at dinner, John was fucking my mouth.

John’s breathing quickened. “I’m going to cum, Vanessa,” he muttered.

I moaned in encouragement and gave his balls a gentle squeeze.

“Yes! Oh fuck, here it comes!”

I leaned back a little bit so I wouldn’t gag as stream after stream of warm, salty cum shot into my mouth.

“Fuck, yes, swallow my cum you little whore!”

I slowly moved my head up and down his shaft, milking the rest of his cum out, swallowing every last drop. I sat back, his cock falling out of my mouth with a ‘pop’, and I grinned smugly as I watched him lean against the wall, catching his breath. A slow smile crept across his lips. He looked down at me.

“Good girl,” he muttered breathlessly.

I laughed then got to my feet. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again. He ran his fingers through my hair and then up and down my back. Our tongues slowly caressed one another as I lightly scratched my nails on the back of his head. He stopped kissing me and sucked on my tongue lightly, bit my lip, then kissed along my jaw to my ear. I held him close to me as he flicked his tongue over my ear lobe. He slid his hands down to the small of my back and pressed my body into him. He moved his left hand around to my ass and his right held onto my hip. His fingers traced along the edge of my panties at my waist while he slid his hand under my panties to grab my ass. He traced the panty line from my hip to my inner thigh, then lightly ran his fingers over the crotch of the panties. Moaning, I pushed my hips into his hand.

John got onto his knees and I watched him as he trailed kisses along the edge of my panties. He kissed along my inner thigh and took a deep breath, smelling my sweet pussy.

I was growing impatient. “John, please, I need to cum.”

He was taking his sweet time. Grabbing a fistful of my panties, he slowly pulled them down, kissing exposed flesh as he did so. He rubbed my bare ass, squeezing it gently, rubbed my hips, my thighs, kissing right above my clit, breathing on my pussy lips, but never putting his mouth where I wanted him to.

“You want me to make you cum?” He asked, his breath hot against my pussy.

I groaned. “Please, John, make this teenage pussy cum all over your face.”

Suddenly, he spanked me. “You’ll cum when I say you can cum.”

My pussy twitched when he said that, making me even more turned on. “Yes, sir,” I said.

He stood, then picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, kicking my shoes off in the process. His tongue licked all along my neck as he carried me to the bedroom. It was unbearable – I knew his cock was right there and I wanted it deep inside me, but he was purposely driving me crazy. Dumping me on the big fluffy bed he and his wife shared, he moved my hips to the edge of the bed and I watched him get on his knees.

“Remember,” he said looking at me, his head in between my thighs. “Only cum when I say you can cum.”

I nodded, slightly moving my hips, urging him to begin.

His gaze turned to my smooth, shaved pussy. “Look at this pretty pussy,” he muttered. Then his tongue slowly ran through my slit.

My back immediately arched and a loud moan came out of my lips.

“Getting anxious, were we?” He teased, slowly running his tongue through my slit again. He covered my clit with his tongue, moving it slightly, making my pussy twitch. I reached down and tangled my fingers in his hair. John kept licking up and down my slit slowly, keeping me hot and wet, but not really giving me the satisfaction I needed. I started to push his head into my hips, but the second I did, he grabbed both my hands and pinned them on the side of my body.

“Fuck,” I heaved, “John, you’re driving me crazy!”

He flicked his tongue over my little clit once, making me shiver. He did it again, and again, pausing each time in between. Finally, he put his mouth over my clit and licked it up and down, sucking on it a little as well. I started to struggle against his hands but he was holding fast. I started whimpering while he moved his hot tongue over my hard nub. Letting go of my hands, he pushed my legs up, getting a better angle to eat my cunt. I took my fingers to my nipples and pinched and pulled at them. He ran his tongue up and down my slit again. At the top, he would play with my clit and at the bottom he would flick his tongue over my tight hole.

“Shit, yes, please slide your tongue into my tight pussy, baby,” I moaned.

Surprisingly, he did as I said, and pushed his tongue into my teenage cunt. He moved it in and out, fucking me with his tongue, then moved back up to my clit, ravaging it. With his mouth covering my clit, he started to shake his head back and forth, moving my clit side to side.

“Yes!” I yelled. “Yes, John, yes! Eat my little pussy just like that!”

“You need to cum so badly don’t you, Vanessa?” John asked as he started to rub my clit with his fingers.

I nodded, whimpering, unable to speak, desperate for release.

He was stroking his own cock, keeping it hard. “Get on all fours,” he demanded through gritted teeth.

I moved toward the middle of the bed and got on my hands and knees. He got behind me and pushed my head down so that my ass was up in the air.

“God, look at this perfect ass,” he said. He leaned down and gave my ass cheek a kiss. He blew on my puckered hole and instinctually, it tightened at his cool breath. “Good enough to eat.” Then I felt his wet tongue flick over my asshole.

“Ohh, God!” I yelled, my voice muffled in the covers.

“Have you ever had your ass eaten, Vanessa?” He asked, still flicking his tongue over my tight hole.

I shook my head ‘no’, moaning, pushing my ass into his face.

He spanked me. “You like it, don’t you, slut?”


At that moment, he slid the middle and ring finger of his left hand into my pussy and ate out my asshole. “Play with your pussy,” he demanded in between licks.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I reached down and feverishly began rubbing my clit. The pressure I felt in my body was unbearable. I needed release.

He groaned. “It’s so hot watching my wedding ring disappear in your tight, young pussy, baby.”

That little comment didn’t help. My pussy twitched at that, and he felt it.

“Not yet, Vanessa.”

Frustrated, I let out a huff of air. “Please, John, please!” I was sweating and my right hand was desperately rubbing my clit.

He stopped licking and finger fucking me and hunched over me, putting the two fingers that were in his pussy in my mouth. I sucked and licked at them, tasting my sweet pussy on his fingers.

“You ready to cum, baby?”


He removed his fingers from my mouth and put one at the entrance to my asshole. “What do you say?”

I groaned, my hand a blur on my little nub. “Please, John, please let me cum,” I panted. “Please,” I added, begging.

He gave my ass a smack. “Good little slut,” he said roughly. “Now,” he demanded. “Cum for me, right now, Vanessa.”

A whimper of relief came through my lips as I heard his command. Giving my clit a few more rubs, the delicious pressure came exploding from my body. “Ohhh, fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you, John!” I yelled.

My pussy was convulsing, my body was shaking, and in the middle of my orgasm, with my ass still in the air, John thrust his thick cock into my trembling cunt and shoved his middle finger into my asshole.

I screamed. “Yes! Oh, John, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Finger my little asshole! Shit, your cock feels so good!”

“Aghh,” he groaned. “Shit, Vanessa, your pussy is so fucking tight! Fuck!”

“Tighter than your wife’s pussy, isn’t it?” I asked breathlessly as he pounded me relentlessly from behind.

“Ohhh, fuck yes. And my wife definitely doesn’t let me near her asshole.”

All this talk about knowing I was a better fuck than his wife was making me wetter than ever. I started rubbing my clit again, and John decided that one finger in my asshole was not enough. He pushed in his ring finger alongside his middle finger, moving them in and out, his cock pounding away at my sopping pussy.

He leaned down to my ear. “Who’s your daddy, Vanessa?” He asked softly in my ear.

“Ohhh, fuck, you are, you’re my daddy!”

“Good girl, and whose wet, tight pussy is this, Vanessa?”

“Yours, daddy!”

He leaned back, pumping away, his cock moving in and out, stuffing my pussy. “That’s my girl. This is my pussy.”

I looked back at him and pushed my hips back into his thrusts. “Fuck this teenage cunt, daddy,” I demanded through clenched teeth.

He looked down at me, his green eyes impossibly dark and glazed with lust. “Is your pussy going to cum for daddy again?”

I nodded my head, licking my lips. “Yes, daddy.”

His eyes glanced down my tongue as I licked my lips. “You want to swallow daddy’s cum?”

“Yes. Please let me swallow your cum.”

“Good girl, you’re such a good little whore.”

“I’m your little whore, daddy.” I felt the pressure rising inside me again, that desperate need for release. “Tell me I’m better than your wife,” I demanded.

He drove his cock harder and deeper into my tightening pussy. He could tell I was almost there.

“You’re such a better fuck than my wife, Vanessa.”

I moaned.

“Cum on my cock, Vanessa. Cum for daddy.”

“I’m going to. I’m going to cum for you, John!”

My body began to stiffen, my pussy tightened, and then I released.

“Ahh, shit, yes! I’m cumming!” I yelled shaking, trembling. My pussy clenched around John’s cock, setting him over the edge. Quickly, he pulled his fingers and cock out of me, flipped me over, grabbed my head, and stroked his cock over my mouth. I sat eager with an open mouth, watching him as he watched me.

“You ready?” He growled. “You ready to swallow daddy’s cum?”

I nodded. “Cum for Vanessa,” I said sticking my tongue out, waiting.

“Ohhh, fuck yes!” He yelled. Then streams of cum shot out into my mouth, onto my face, in my hair. It wasn’t as big of a load as before, but there was still a lot. And I swallowed all that I could.

John collapsed next to me and I lay slack limbed next to him. He put his arm around me and I cuddled into him, both of us breathing heavily.

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