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This story starts with my boyfriend and I. First, let me describe us. I am a 5'7", 21-year-old woman. I have 32DD tits, a firm ass, a flat stomach, long brown hair, and green eyes. My boyfriend, I'll call him Kenneth, is 6'2", 22 years old, has a six pack, shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and a 9-inch dick.

He and I had been dating about seven months when we decided to spice up our sex life. So, he bought me a vibrator. Not just any vibrator. An 8 inch, silicone, silent, rabbit vibrator. It came with a remote. I bought him a vibrating cock ring. 

He told me I had to wear it at all times and I told him the same. Each of us would control each other's vibrators and turn them on and off whenever we wanted to. The next day, I had to go to school and he had to go to work. As soon as I got in my car, he turned it on. He kept it on low for a few minutes while I was getting ready to leave. As soon as I started the car, he turned it up full blast. I immediately came. My orgasm was so intense, I had to clean my juices off the seat. As soon as it was clean, I turned on his cock ring. Full blast. I turned it off when I left the parking lot.

When I got to school I had to sit through a 2-hour lecture. I was bored. I went to go to the restroom and turned on my vibrator. Just as it promised, it was dead silent. I went back to the classroom with it on low. I only had to make it half an hour more and I could go to the bathroom and cum.

As soon as the lecture was over, that's exactly what I did. I came out of the restroom and went to lunch with my friend Rachel. She's about 5'5" with 36DD tits, a flat stomach, long dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and deeply tanned skin. She asked me why I went to the restroom twice in half an hour. Sheepishly, I explained what Kenneth and I had planned. She started telling me about how she had the exact same vibrator on. She and I discussed how amazing it would be if we had a threesome with Kenneth. I thought it was a great idea. We planned it out all through lunch.

When I got back to my apartment, my vibrator turned on full blast. My legs gave out and I came instantly. Kenneth was standing in front of me smirking. So, I turned his cock ring on, lowest setting. He ripped my dress off and pulled his pants down ad threw me on the floor. He had the worst blue balls I have ever seen.

He fucked the shit out of me and would not stop. As soon as he came, he would get hard again. He rubbed my clit until I screamed his name. I came at least 6 times. When we were done, we sat on the couch, still naked, with our vibrators on low. 

We heard a knock on our door and he went to go get it. Before he could even look to see who it was, Rachel burst through the door wearing a trench coat and cherry red stilettos.

"Hey Rach! What are you doing here?"

"Paige invited me. I'm here to help you guys out."

"With what?"

"What do you think?"

She threw her trench coat on the floor. All she was wearing was a lacy G-string and her vibrator, full power. She pulled her vibrator out, licked it, and tossed it aside. She got down on both knees and attacked Kenneth's dick. She was licking and sucking in a frenzy. It took a second for Kenneth to understand what was going on. As soon as he did, he became the master. 

He shoved his cock down Rachel's throat until she had to come up for air. She squeezed his balls and rubbed up and down his shaft. Just as he was about to cum down her throat, she stopped, stood up, and invited me to join.

She brought me over to the kitchen table and I understood. I jumped up and spread my legs and she dove in. She was biting and licking and fingering my pussy. I gasped and moaned and thrashed. I came over and over again. Kenneth just stood and stared, rubbing his huge dick. 

Suddenly, she stopped. She pulled Kenneth over by his cock and stuffed it in my soaking pussy. She hopped up on the kitchen table and sat on my face. She was drenched. I licked her clit and fingered her cunt while she twisted my nipples and Kenneth fucked me. He shoved his cock in my ass and fucked it as hard as he could. Rachel could tell he was about to cum so she stood up and pushed him on the floor.

She and I 69-ed while he sat there helplessly. She forbid him to even touch his dick. We did this for at least half an hour while he was statue still. Finally, she sat on his cock. 

She told me to grab something from the pocket of her tranch coat. It was a butterfly vibrator. She commanded me to put the straps around my waist and turn it on as high as it would go. She told me to sit on Kenneth's face and have him eat me out.

We did as we were told. It was clear who was in charge now. She fucked Kenneth like a wild animal while he ate me out. I screamed and moaned and came over and over. But, my orgasms didn't even make Rachel flinch. She was intent on making sure Kenneth didn't cum yet. She wouldn't let him cum until we were satisfied, and I could tell she wasn't yet.

To my dissapointment, she lifted me off of his face. We stood up and went to the bedroom, Kenneth followed like a sexual zombie. 

We sat on the bed and placed Kenneth in a chair. Again, Rachel forbid him to jack off. We laid on the bed and spread our legs. We gave him a great view of our shaved pussies. Then, we started to masturbate. We rubbed and fingered and came multiple times. All the while Kenneth had nothing to do but gawk at us. She fingered me, one finger, two, three, four. She managed to get her entire fist in my cunt and fucked it like it would save her life. 

I squirted, for the first time. All over Kenneth. Rachel got up and licked it off of him like it was honey. When she got to his dick, she told me to sit on him, facing her. I did as told. I started to ride him like a horse. To my surprise, Rachel started licking my pussy and Kenneth's balls.She licked up and down and fondled his balls. Just when he was about to cum, I got up and aimed his sweet cock at our tits.

He came all over us. His cum landed on our tits, in our hair and in our mouths. I haven't tasted a lot of jizz, but his was definately the best. It was thick, creamy, sweet and hot. And it was mine and Rachel's to share.

We lapped it up, off his lap, off each other.When we were done, we all fell asleep on the bed together.
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