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Vignettes of the day

I fondle your cock, encouraging you to wake up. It’s warm and a little damp, eager and awake before you are. My fingernails draw little etchings over you, tracing real and imaginary patterns up and down your shaft, your balls and your already darkly, enflamed head. Your eyes are still closed, but your body is awake. I can tell by your 'cat ate the cream' smile and the way you keenly arch into my hand. I settle down into a lazy stroking pattern, your favourite way to start the day.

You’re twitching now. Your hard-on pulsing to its own song. A little drop crystals on top, soon joined by another and another, until you flow smoothly in my hand. I smell the muskiness, your feral morning smell. Mmmmmm. It’s so earthy, I can’t resist. I love the textures, the veins popping up more strongly as your arousal grows, the coarse hairs that contrast so deliciously with your smooth, soft skin. And the helmet, it’s shape is so fascinating, the rim enticing, the winking little eye, dripping it’s tears beckons. It twitches at me eagerly, so desperate to home in on something warm and moist.

I dip my head, trailing my hair across your stomach. That always tickles you, adding to your sensitivity. My tongue laps dreamily over your eye, savouring the textures, the warm head, its leaking little hole and the lovely, aromatic precum that’s flowing so freely. Unable to resist any longer, I tighten the pressure of my hands, and dip my head deep, sucking you in as far as I can. It doesn’t take you long, it never does in the mornings, and within seconds you’re shooting deep into my throat. I swallow as much as I can, only gagging slightly. So much so fast, a little dribble escapes from my lips.

Eyes wide now, you pull me towards you and lick the little dribble of cum from my mouth. We sink into a deep, satisfying kiss. Ahhh!! The perfect way to start the morning.


You text me on my way to work: ” You’re gonna squirm.” I know that mood well, delight in it. My body responds immediately like a well-trained soldier to danger. It is on instant alert, tight and ready. I was pre-warned, you had said no panties, and I had obeyed, for both our satisfaction.

You: “Move your skirt aside. Dip a finger. Taste it.” I obey. It tastes different to you, saltier.
“Move your skirt from under you, no wet spot.”

“Too late” I answered truthfully, but edged it aside anyway. Next text alert beeps. I haven’t even read it and my juices flow more strongly.

You: “Sliding my finger under my boxers. Scooping a nice crystal clear drop. And applying it on my lips like a balm” Ooohhh! I’m flying so high now; if I just squirm a little harder I swear I’ll come right here, in the middle of all this traffic.

You: “How are the tingles in your stomach?” He knows me so well.

Me: “It's all sunk lower down, everything is pooled between my thighs, and no panties!”

You: “Swirling my finger over the head, amazingly soft. Oooh, muscles clenching ”

Me: “For real? Or fantasy? ... Do it for real!”


You: “Gonna shower and shave. Wish you could watch.”

Me: “Sexy, nothing beats the feel of a fresh, close shave. I could let a close shave rub itself all over me. Mmmmm”

Me: “Pre-shower teaser: naked?”

You: “Completely”

Me: “Mmmm. Touch yourself. Doodle my little etchings everywhere while I give u the fantasy. Touch, long slow strokes wherever u want. “

You: “God so fucking dripping … my breathing …”

Me: “In the shower, water cascading, me on my knees in front of you. You pull my head towards you, mouth right onto your cock. My hands are slipped around your butt, 1 finger crooked inside just right. Then, warm deep mouth on throbbing cock, I start to hummmmmm. That's it .... just hum. Until ...”

You: “You got me so close.”

Me: “The rest is for your shower. Imagine me there with you. My mouth surrounding you, the fine vibrations on your cock, rippling down your balls, into your legs …”

You: “The nibbling –“

Me: “Vibrations echoing thru all your skin, deeper underneath in each contracting muscle. Hummmmmmmmmm”

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