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"I want to violate you tonight. I'll be over around 9," was all the voice mail told her. She was excited with the anticipation of what would be in store for her. What was turning into a semi-stale sex life had been recently revived, and some aggressive fucking was just what she needed at the end of a long day. She took a long shower, letting hot water cascade down her full DD tits, pinching her nipples from time to time. Taking special care, she made sure her pussy was shaved to perfect smoothness. Then drying herself off, she let her towel fall to the floor, lit a candle in the middle of her tiny apartment, and lay back on her couch, fingering naked self in excitement of what was to come.

She was startled a bit when his key unlocked the door, considering the personal and compromising position she was in. But she grinned at the mischief she had created, pleased with what she was offering.

"You started without me," he said flatly, hiding his excitement with the body spread out before him.

"Well, I'm- I'm sorry...I thought maybe," she stammered trying to determine weather or not he was serious.

"Get on your knees," he ordered in a tone she'd not heard before.

Obeying, she was suddenly aware of her vulnerability being naked, on her knees. He moved towards her, dropping his pants to show a semi-erect cock.

"Suck it, right now," he said in the same flat tone.

Almost reluctantly, she opened her mouth to take him in. With urgency, he took her by the hair, and forced the length of her growing cock into her throat. She gagged as he threw his head back and began to fuck her mouth. Trying to find some pleasure for herself, she spread her stance and fired two fingers into her pussy. He didn't mind or perhaps he didn't notice, as a pool of her juice ran down her thighs and gathered beneath her. And as quickly as it had begun, he pulled himself from her mouth, allowing sweet oxygen to flood her lungs. Then taking her roughly by the arm, lead her to the bed.

Her confusion and shock were overcoming her sensuality, and her once fluid pussy lips seemed to run dry as directed her to lay on the bed. Before she knew it, she was secured by the ankles and wrists to the corners of the bed. The restraints were solid, but not painful, and once again, she was aware of her body, exposed and splayed open.

The room was dark, but she could see his silhouette above her, running his hand over her cool flesh. Occasionally, he would stop and squeeze one of her tits, or pinch on of her nipples forcing a small wince of discomfort. Finally, he stopped with the palm of his hand on her mound, his fingers dangling over her clit. As they flicked over her, she would twist, encouraging him to rub her harder. Displeased, he removed his hand, and with deliberate intent, spanked her pussy lips.

"Ow, fuck!," she exclaimed. "Fuck, that really hurt."

He brought his hand down again on her box.

"I told you, I'm going to violate you tonight," he hissed from the darkness. "This, right here," he said, rubbing his hands over her mouth. "This too," he said, massaging her sore pussy. "And even this," he concluded, pressing the tip of his finger against her puckered asshole. "Then, once I've done all that, I'm going to paint your body with so much cum, you'll wonder where it all came from."

She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could find the words, he had climbed aboard the bed, and was kneeling over her mouth. Instinctively, she opened her lips, and began to suck his balls into her mouth. She caught a hint of a low moan of agreement as her tongue danced over his sack while he was gently pumping his cock to full mast. He dismounted briefly to produce a new toy, a 7" dildo acquired just for tonight. Then turning his body to a disheveled 69, his cock found it's way into her mouth, his tongue danced over her clit, and the toy penetrated into her body.

Blinded by the extacy of the moment, she felt him remove the toy that was bringing her pleasure, as he moved from his location. Placing himself between her legs, he rubbed his swollen cock on her pouting lips. Then in a moment of frustration, he remembered her beginning without him, and deftly brought his right hand across her body, slapping her massive tit. She winced, but kept quiet. Then his left hand slapped the other, and a red hot sting shot through her body.

"Owww...God, that hurts," she whined. "I'm so sorry. Please don't do that again!"

With that, he slammed his meat into her waiting box. His back arched as he squeezed her tits in each hand while he pounded mercilessly into her. A sopping wet sound filled the room as his cock pressed juice from within her with each pump. It was pouring from her.

Tiring of the position, he pulled out with a popping sound, and moved to release her from her restraints. Then flipping her on her stomach, pulled her tight ass back to him. He took her by a handful of hair pulling her hair back.

"Are you enjoying this yet you little cunt?"

"Yes, I am...fucker," she sneered back at him.

"Fucker?," he asked as a free hand ran over her tits and securely grasped her throat.

"That's right. Fucker," she said, reaching back and smacking him across the cheek.

He was caught between furious and more turned on then he'd ever been. He shoved her head down into the bed, forcing her ass into the air. Then taking the discarded dildo, still on the side of the bed, shoved the length of it back into her.

"Owww...shit," she moaned, muffled by the bed. Then sitting up and glaring over her shoulder she added "hardest thing I've had in me all night, bitch."

She knew she was going to have to pay for what she just said. Replacing the now lubed dildo with his cock, he lined up the head of the toy with her ass. Her eyes widened in fear that she would not show him as she knew what was coming. Still buried to the hilt in her pussy, he pressed the dildo into her puckered starfish. She felt as though she would be torn in half, but would not falter.

"Get those holes you little pussy," she spat as her pounded into her.

"Turns out you like this more then you thought, doesn't it you little whore. You like having your holes filled? You like having me in your cunt?"

"Ah, fuck!," she yelled. "Fuck me! Fuck my little cunt, you pussy."

Pulling out, he flipped her on her back again, leaving the dildo pressed into her ass. Holding her legs behind the knee, he knelt back, and with a furious anger, ravaged her pussy. He felt her arm move across his leg and disappear behind her. It was then that he realized that she was fucking herself in the ass while her pussy leaked with his pounding.

"Bet you can't make my cum again, bitch!," she dared him.

"Bet I don't care, cunt," he shot back. And with that, he pulled himself from her unleashing stream after massive stream of seed upon her. The first shot hit her chin. The next was less potent, splashing over her tits, then stomach, and finally oozing onto her swollen and sore pussy lips. Then sitting up, he reached once more into his bag of tricks, pulling out his cell phone to snap a picture as she lay there, drenched in sweat and cum, just like he promised.
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