Waiting for Robbie

By Jaidee

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No words are needed, he knows what is going to happen
When you pull up in the drive way from football, I am there, dressed in only a silk robe waiting for you. You step into the house and I see you swelling in your shorts instantly, I can see it's aching to be free. I kiss you deeply on the lips, and slowing massage your tongue with mine. I pull your shirt over your head and kiss down your chest. You're enjoying the teasing, but I can tell how much you want me. I get on my knees and pull your shorts down, releasing your ever growing cock from its cloth prison. I look up at you, and take you in my hand. I stroke you up and down, and take the head of your beautiful cock into my mouth and lightly suck, as I do this I hear you let out a groan.

I get up off my knees and take you by the hand. I lead you to the shower, you undo my robe, put your hands up to my shoulders and slip it off. I'm completely naked in front of you, and you kiss me hard. I feel a tingle between my legs and I want you to touch me so bad. We step into the shower and you're still kissing me as the warm water runs over our naked bodies. You kiss down my neck and start lightly biting me. I feel like I'm going to orgasm without you even touching me. Your hands are soft but strong as you explore my body, your tongue travels from my neck, to my collarbone and then you get to my breasts. You lightly lick my right nipple and I groan, this is heaven for me and something I've been wishing would happen for so long. You start to suck and lick my nipple, gently biting every now and then. You switch between each breast, and I can feel your hard cock pressing against my body as you do so. I love this moment and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else in the world. My pussy is wet, and it's hot for you. God I need you. You come back up to my face and look lovingly into my eyes, for the next 5 minutes we soap up each others bodies and just enjoy exploring.

After we wash off all the soap, we step out of the shower but don't bother putting towels on, it's a warm night. You pick me up, and I wrap my legs around your waist. Our brains filled with pure lust for one another. 

You lay me on the bed, and kissed me all down my body. You stop at my pussy and kiss my thighs, I moan loudly. This teasing is torture but I'm getting so excited, my moans start to get louder, and I want your cock inside me. You kiss back up my thighs and I know I'm going to be rewarded with your tongue on my swelling clit. You start to lick me, I move my hips and grind my pussy on to your face. You put two fingers into my hole and I scream out, as your tongue works my clit and your fingers working my g-spot I buck wildly as I experience my 1st orgasm of the night.

As I cum I can feel my juices running out, and you licking them all up. Your just as amazing as I imagined so many times, laying lonely on my bed wishing my fingers were your fingers. You work your way back up kissing my stomach and breasts on the way. I push you over so your laying flat on the bed and I sit on you so my pussy is on your face and we are in the 69 position. I take your hard cock in my hand and put my hot mouth over it. I start to suck and lick your swollen member. I love your cock. I gentle stroke your balls as I suck, and then I start to play with your ass. I hear you moan into my pussy and this sends me over the edge. I start to cum again, all over your face. I take you into the back of my throat, and I feel you shoot your hot cum into my mouth and I swallow every drop. I continue to suck to make sure you remain hard, we are not finished yet baby.

I climb off you and you grab my ass, you pull me about and I love it. You make me go on all fours and you push your cock into my waiting wet pussy. You thrust in and out, and I scream your name over and over. Oh Robbie, oh Robbie, oh Robbie!! 

You reach over and rub my clit at the same time, I push my ass back into your cock as I cum, I needed this, I needed you. After I have cum, you pull me up and pull me off the bed. You push me hard against the wall with force, I love it when you take control of me. You kick my legs apart and lift me a little of the floor, you bring me back down on to your cock and I know it won't be long before I cum again. You pump into me and my pussy starts to contract around you, my juices flow again and you get down on your knees to lick it all up. I can tell you are needing release, but not before you fuck me again. I push you back on to the floor and I sit on your cock, as I bounce up and down you play with my breasts and then sit up to suck on my nipples while I rock back and forth. You are very close so I go slowly. I am close to cumming again, so I go faster and again I scream out. Your cock is covered in my cum, so I stand up and put my mouth over you to lick it all off. I suck on your hard dick as you pull my hair, your breathing gets heavier and you say my name. I know your close. I suck faster, and then I feel you start to pulse. You shout fuck, and fill my mouth with your cum again for the second time. I lick your cock clean as you start to go soft again. 

You look at me and pull me up to your face, you kiss me hard on the lips as we cuddle into a deep sleep on the floor.