Waiting for You

By Sweetiee

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Waiting for my husband to get home and give me what I need
I've been waiting for you to get here for a while now.

You sent me a text twenty minutes ago saying you'll be here soon, and yet here I am, naked, waiting on you. I wonder what you'll do to me when you get here. You instructed me to be ready. To get myself ready. You told me I could touch myself, but not to cum. I came close twice, and my fingers are twitching to dig themselves in my pretty waxed pussy and make myself explode in pleasure. But I know better than to disobey you.

I wonder what you'll do to me.

Last time, you teased me with that juicy prick of yours for a good hour before you put it in me. I came instantly- I still get wet just thinking about it. You had made me suck on it, and had fucked my mouth with it. I wanted to taste you, for you to let that cream explode in my mouth, on my tongue but you hadn't let me. You massaged my breasts so long and hard that I could feel an orgasm spread through my body without you even having touched my nether region, and when you had finally gone down and began to lick my wanting pussy with your hot tongue, you stopped right before I could let myself release.

You're a merciless son of a bitch, but I love it when you tease me.

I wonder how you'll give it to me this time.

Will you make me bend over the bed, and fuck me from behind in that animalistic way you love? Or will you climb on top of me and make me look into your eyes as you move in and out of me in that torturously slow way of yours? I have to admit, I don't care how you give it to me, I just kind of really want it now.

I hear the front door open and close and literally feel my pussy contract.

Yes baby, soon.

I hear you put your keys on the table, expect you to rush up the stairs, but instead hear you stop in your tracks. What the fuck are you doing down there? I hear subtle movement, but can't place what you're doing. Don't you know I want to feel that dick? I don't care how you give it to me, so long as it's in my hands, mouth, ass, or pussy, so long as I can claim what's mine.

Finally, I hear you coming up the stairs. You fucker, you're taking your sweet ass time. I close my eyes and can't stop myself from rubbing my tight nipples between my fingers. I know you're right outside the door watching me, but I need some release, some form of pleasure to keep myself sane. I know you'll tease me. I know you'll fuck around with me until I beg you for release.

"Stop," you say. I do, because I know that if I disobey you, you'll just torture me longer. "Keep your eyes closed. Don't look at me baby, just listen to my voice." I nod my head to show that I have understood. I want to see you so bad though. I wonder whether your cock is already hard, pointing straight up. I wonder if you'll let me lick it. Please let me lick it.

"I want you to turn over babe," you instruct. "Go on your hands and knees. Don't peek. I have a surprise for you."

I do as you say, my whole body tingling in anticipation for what you've got in store for me. When I'm on my hands and knees, ass up, face down, I hear you begin to walk towards me. You're still taking your goddamn time. Always the merciless fucker.

I feel your hands on my back, caressing my skin. I shudder at your touch. Your hand goes lower, lower, until you finally get to my pussy, exposed to you due to my position. You whistle you're approval.

"You're so wet, baby, I barely have any work to do." I sigh as you move two fingers into my pussy and begin to rub my inner walls in that way that only you can. I begin to moan, and I feel you begin to rim my ass hole with another finger. It feels great.

"How bad do you want me, Bella?" you ask.

"Really bad," I reply, "Please, please give it to me."

You suddenly remove your fingers from inside of me, and for a moment, I worry that you will tease me like last time. I wait, my breathing heavy and slow, until I feel your hardness at my pussy's entrance. I gasp. Yes.

You push it into me hard and fast, not giving me a moment to get used to your size. You growl my name, grab my hips, and immediately begin pumping in and out of me- hard and fast, to the point where it almost hurts. Almost. I throw my head back and scream your name, willing you to continue, to keep fucking me until I finally get my release.

Your movements, though fast, have a good rhythm to them, I feel you deep inside me, but you still take care to stroke that sensitive spot in my pussy with your hard dick, and I know I'm going to cum soon. You suddenly smack my right ass cheek incredibly hard, and the sting vibrates all the way deep inside me, and it's all it takes for me to burst into a mind numbing, earth shattering orgasm like only you can give me. You slow down as I cum, making the tingles last that much longer, until I finally slump onto the bed, exhausted.

"You can look at me now," you say softly against my ear.

I roll over onto my back and smile. You have that grin on your face, that grin you get when you know you did a good job. Such a cocky bastard. I feel your erection against my inner thigh and reach down to stroke it. You shudder and close your eyes.

"I'm not done with you yet," you say. I smile. Good, I'm glad. I wasn't done either.

I flip you onto your back and climb on top of you, between your legs. 

I start by kissing your lips, and you gently stoke the hair out of my face. I inhale your smell, you're wearing my favourite cologne. I kiss a trail down your neck, down your chest, down your stomach. I stop at the edge of your pubic hair, and gently tug on them. I look up into your eyes, and hold the gaze as I wrap my mouth around your dick. I keep looking in your eyes as I begin bobbing my head up and down.

You open your mouth slightly and let out a deep sigh. I twirl my tongue around the head as I increase the suction, letting my teeth gently graze the sensitive underside of your penis. You begin gyrating your hips, bringing your dick in and out of my mouth. I love it when you fuck my mouth. I make sure to keep the suction going as you grab the back of my head and keep me positioned to have my mouth well used. I keep flicking my tongue around the head, and can taste your pre-cum oozing out of the tip of your dick. Yum. I get ready for you to spray your cream into my mouth, but you lift me by the underarms and bring me back face to face with you.

I'm still on top of you, and when you position yourself at my entrance again, I slowly lower myself onto you. It feels so good baby. As I ride you, you suck on one breast, and play with the other's nipple. We dive into an effortless rhythm, with you meeting my thrusts every time I go down to claim you. Our movements become faster and faster, and I once again begin feeling the sparks of my release.

"I'm cumming Alex," I say against your ear.

"Me too baby," you answer. Your movements become jerkier and faster, you hold me tighter, I feel you contract inside of me, and just as you begin releasing your cum in me, my vision goes black, and I shudder into another orgasm.

We hold each other as we recover from all of the sensations we went through. You are cuddled against my back, and I feel your heart beating against me.

"I love you," you say.

"I love you too," I reply.