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Waiting for your call

What I am thinking while I await your call.

It is almost midnight on a Saturday night and I am waiting for your call.

This all started six weeks ago when you caught your idiot of a boyfriend cheating on you. I happened to be in the neighborhood bar where you wanted to cry and get drunk. You sat next to me at the bar and got yourself a cranberry juice and vodka. I just happened to be there because I needed some human company for the night. I could tell you were holding back the tears and when I asked what was wrong, the dam burst and you just fell to pieces.

I got you to move over to the leather couch that sits in a corner of the bar and I let you cry on my shoulder. I could feel the pain in your heart as you let go. We both drank more while I listened to you and how you had had it with men.

Neither is us lived far from the bar so I walked you to your home. When I got you to your door you gave me such a pleading look that I had to kiss you. I just wanted it to be a quick peck between two friends but you pressed yourself into me and yielded, I could feel your lips part and invite my tongue into your mouth. Before I even had time to think we were in your living room, kissing and undressing each other. We made it to your couch, both of us nude by then. We were kissing and touching and stroking everywhere. We got ourselves into a 69 with you on top. I just concentrated on licking and sucking your clit. I wanted you to cum, I wanted you to feel loved by a real man. I could feel you taking my erection into your mouth and start bobbing up and down. Your tongue felt glorious on my shaft. I ran my hands from your ass cheeks, down your back and to your shoulders. Soon we were both coming, I was tasting your sweet juices as you swallowed my cum.

We untangled ourselves and you invited me into your bed with you. You just laid back and I got on top of you and slid inside of you. We didn't use any condoms and I didn't even know if you were on the pill but you needed to be loved. We kept kissing as I pumped into you and you thrust against me. I kissed your lips, ears, neck and breasts, sucking your nipples until you cried out. I must have cum in you at least three times that night.

The next morning we discussed what had happened. You said you weren't ready for a boyfriend yet but would like to be friends with benefits. You also reassured me that you were on the pill. I wasn't sure how I felt about you since we had only met the day before so I agreed because I didn't want to get hurt or hurt you.

The first two weeks after that night you only called me on the weekends, usually just before midnight on Saturday. I would walk to your apartment and you would be waiting for me. We would start kissing and undressing each other and were soon in bed. Your pussy felt so good around my cock, you breasts felt wonderful against my chest. I loved the taste of your kisses.

The third week you called me on Thursday night as well as Saturday. I hated to leave Friday morning but both of us had to work that day. I wanted to hold you in my arms and let you know you were protected.

The fourth and fifth weeks you called me on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The sex was always great but I knew I was getting myself into some emotional trouble. I knew I was falling for you. I wanted more than sex from you and I wanted to give more than sex to you.

But then last Saturday night I got a surprise from you. Instead of calling me, you texted me telling me you wanted me and you sent me a picture. You were wearing a white silk g-string with a matching shelf bra and white thigh high nylons. You were so incredibly sexy. I practically ran to your apartment. When you opened the door for me I just grabbed you and started making love to you. You were my sex goddess and I worshiped you. I wanted to let you lay back and enjoy the sex but you decided you wanted to participate to the fullest. Sometimes we were co-operating and other times we were competing. I must have cum in you at least eight times and I am sure you came just as much as I did. I didn't leave until Sunday evening.

We talked on the phone during the week. I told you how my cock just hurt from all of the sex and you told me how your nipples ached and your pussy was too sensitive for you to wear panties. I think we both needed the time to think about how we felt about each other and where we were headed.

So tonight I await your call. When you call I will go to you and we will have sex. After we have sex and get our heads clear of the lust we have for each other we will lay in bed and hold each other and talk about US and where WE are going. We both know this is coming because we have hinted when we talked on the phone but we both knew this needed to be done face to face.

So tomorrow at this time I will either have you as my girlfriend or we will never see each other for sex. I don't think I could live with you as my booty call, you are more precious than that. But if I can't be more than that to you then I couldn't take the pain. You have hinted that you want more and I am hoping that I am not just blowing sunshine up my own ass when I feel you want more also.

I just received your text for me to come to your apartment. You asked me to bring some oil with me because you want to massage me. Ironically enough the only oil I have in my house is extra virgin olive oil (I am half Italian after all).

Babe, I am on my way and hopeful, this is going to be the start of a long relationship.

I hope this works!




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