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Waking To You

I awake from my slumber, my eyes gently flicker open, It is the middle of the night. The room is dark. I can hear the rain hitting the window. I stretch out and feel you behind me, the warmth of your body so close to mine, so enticing. I shuffle back into you. Your arm reaches across me and rests on my breast, and you stroke across my nipple, sending a thrill through me. You lean in and sweep my hair aside, placing your lips softly at the back of my neck. You know how I love that. I inhale deeply and my hand snakes its way behind me, down to your cock. I stroke it. You are already hard. I want you now, I am so hot for you.

You pinch my nipple as you suck and nibble on my neck. Your hand moves slowly down across my hips and towards my inner thigh You lift my nightdress, your warm hand gliding back up my body. I help you in removing the flimsy material and you pull me back into you, your erection pressing against my back, mmm. I press back more, begging you to take me.

You shift position and pull me so that I am laid on my back. I sigh as your hand caresses my face and you lean in to kiss me. Your lips are soft, your kisses teasing.

I feel the familiar ache in my groin for your touch as you attack my breast with your mouth, teasing my erect nipples, licking then blowing on them. I moan and arch my back to you, It feels utterly divine. I wrap my fingers around your shaft. You are so hard, I have to have it. I need to please you. I love knowing that I have this effect on you.

I push you away and roll on top of you. Now straddling you, your cock meets my dampness as I rock gently over you, letting you slide between my dampness, but no further. I smile at you and lean in and kiss you hungrily, my tongue mingling with yours.

I slowly kiss along your jaw, down your neck, slowly, seductively tracing my tongue over your hot body. I arrive at your manhood and it twitches with excitement. You know what is coming..

"Please,' you grunt, begging me. I look at you, delighting in being a tease. I look back at your cock and moisten my lips. It is so swollen, so inviting. I lean forward then, letting my lips barely touch the head. I lick my lips again tasting your precum. You moan again, begging for more.

I snake my tongue out across the tip of your cock, flicking gently, then I take you into my mouth, enveloping you in my hot wet mouth. I moan as my mouth slides down you. I can feel you throbbing in my mouth. Yes.

As I suck your delicious cock, my free hand cups your testicles, I trace my fingers over them teasingly. I take your cock deeper into my mouth, so deep that I can feel it hitting my throat. I suck hard as my tongue flicks across the swollen head. Your increasing moans and your hands tangled in my hair only make me more hungry for you.

My free hand slides down to my pussy. I am so wet, all because of you and what you do to me. I glide my finger along my slit which causes me to groan. You moan with me and I suck harder and deeper as I finger myself, sliding my finger over my clit.

You are close. I can feel it and taste it. Your cock is throbbing in my mouth, swelling.

Then I feel it. You tremble beneath me, grunting, holding my head in place as you shoot your load into my greedy mouth. I swallow what I can, the rest lands perfectly on my chest. I look up at you and bring my hand to my chest, spreading your cum with my fingers across my nipples.

I slide my fingers back to my pussy. You lean in, pulling me to you. "Let me do that," you whisper lustfully. You lay me on my back and kiss me hungrily, devouring me, forcing your tongue into my mouth. I moan, pulling you closer. I want you.

Your mouth leaves my lips and heads south, leaving a trail of kisses and licks along the way. I feel your strong hands spread my thighs, and then you in between them. "Yes," I whisper, moaning. My back arches as you kiss my thighs, your tongue teasing me before you reach my sex.

You are there now. I feel your tongue dart out. I arch my back to you, needing more. You tease me, stroking along me with your tongue, avoiding my clit. I arch more, wriggling. I need you.

Your tongue fucks me and I arch more, not wanting you to stop. You reach my swollen clit and suck it gently, I feel a rush of pleasure. Yes. The feeling of your silky hot tongue sliding over me is intense. I bring my hands to my heaving breasts and take my nipples between my fingers, pinching them.

You slip a finger inside me which only increases my pleasure. I wriggle and writhe more. You know just how to tease me, to make me yours. Oh, fuck, yes, mmm. "Don't stop," I beg, arching to you. You lick faster, your fingers fucks me harder. Yes.

I feel the slow, intense build up, like hot passion rising throughout me, from my pussy to my head, making me dizzy. I tense in anticipation, I know it is coming. Oh y,es. My low moans become louder as my legs tremble and I push my pussy into your face. Oh, fuck, yes.

You do not stop licking as my body shakes with pleasure. I scream out in ecstasy until I can take no more. I squeeze my thighs together. My body is relaxed. I am sated.

You slowly kiss your way back up my body, stopping at my breasts. My hands caress your face and hair as you suck and flick your tongue across my erect nipples.

I pull you to me, you on top. I kiss you, sucking on your hot tongue. I can taste myself.

I look into your eyes "Mmm. Now I need you to fuck me," I demand.
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