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Waking Up With You

For My Captain
Opening my eyes to the sun peeking in through the shades, I watch as the tiny particles of dust dance in the streams of light. The overhead fan is swishing in a lulling motion, almost enough to pull me back into slumber. I can hear the clock in the next room ticking, a reminder of all we need to do today, but right now, I let you sleep. In the far distance, the sound of someone mowing their lawn buzzes. I can smell the faint scent of fresh cut grass whenever the wind blows, just right, through our window.

Inhaling deeply, I let out a contented sigh as I roll over to look at you. I watch the way your chest rises and falls with each breath, your eyelashes fan across your face, your parted lips, so tempting to kiss, and your eyebrow twitches every so often. The sheets are tangled around your legs, as though you tossed and turned a lot through the night. It leaves you exposed to me, a wonderful sight to take in.

Your cock lies relaxed and flaccid, but with the dirty thoughts running through my mind, it won't be that way for long. Curling upwards into a smile, in a mischievous way, I lean up and toward you, dropping soft kisses onto the side of your rib cage. I continue, moving further south, letting my lips explore your flesh. I keep my gaze on you, expecting you to wake with each kiss. The thrill of touching you sends a rush of delight through me. I am happy to please you the way I'm about to.

I spend special time at your hip bone, one of my favourite spots on you. The way it dips and curves is so sexy. It's only then you start to stir in your sleep. I’m watching as your cock begins to grow for me. My fingers slip up your thighs, scratching lightly to tease you. Wriggling a bit more towards your cock, I peek up at you. Your eyes are still closed, your breathing still even. I lick my lips with lusty want for you.

Flicking the tip of my tongue along the warmth of your head, I taste a hint of your excitement and body soap combined. Your cock responds quickly, growing harder, and you finally let out a moan. Your eyes flutter open, moving from a sleepy haze to a stormy desire filling with need. You smile at me; it reaches ear to ear across your face. I suckle on the head of your cock, my fingers stroking along your shaft as you watch me with an intense stare.

“Good morning to you too, beautiful.” Your voice is sleepy still, tangled with desire.

“Mmm,” slipping your cock out of my mouth. “Good morning indeed.”

I work you slowly, no rush is needed. My mouth takes every last inch, sucking you until the head of your cock pushes into the back of my throat. The moans that escape your lips are song lyrics to me. It's beautiful, sensual, so fucking sexy. In this moment, it seems as though time has stopped, the world existing only for this very moment.

You writhe under me, pushing your hips upwards slightly, so that I can take you deeper. With a popping sound, I suck you out of my mouth and back down again. My tongue skims along the underside of your shaft, tickling lightly right under the head, where you love it best, your body melting into the bed in a blissful high while I suck more, taking more, needing more. I can taste your pre-cum now. The salty goodness you offer me leaves me moaning on your cock.

I slow even further, not wanting this to end just yet. With all the teasing build up, I can feel how slick I am between my thighs. Every little movement is a reminder of just how dripping wet I am. I can smell my arousal, and I'm sure you can as well. Grinding softly into the bed as I suck on your cock, I whimper out soft moans, both for the desire to have you fill me and to please you.

I'm overcome with need now, too greedy for my own good. I release your cock from my mouth, my eyes on you. Your eyebrow raises with curiosity, but I don't speak. I move up your body, dropping kisses once more, until I'm at your lips. You take my face between your warm hands, cupping it gently, to pull me into a long tender kiss. Your tongue seeks out mine, our tongues dancing together.

Rolling together until you're now on top of me, my legs wrap around you tightly. Sucking my tongue into your mouth, you pull and tease me, rocking yourself into me. Angled right, your cock slides along my slit, but never entering, you slowly rock against me. Every fibre of my being feels on fire as the heat and passion roll through my body.

My heart flutters. I try gasping for air, even through our kiss. The astounding need is soul shattering; it's far too much. I'm about to break apart if I'm not filled with you.

“Please, fuck me, please, my love,” half sobbing, breaking our kiss to plead with you.

“What's wrong, beautiful? Tell me what you need." Your position over me is in complete control. Amusement in your voice, you torture me further, swaying your hips into me.

“Fuck me, please. I need you.” I move my own hips upwards towards you, showing you my desperation.

Rolling your pelvis just right, the head strokes along my clit, engulfing me with a deeper need. I plaintively cry out when you don't give in.

“My my, aren't we the needy little girl this morning.” You bite my lip, pulling with your teeth, sending a jolt of blissful need through me.

“Yes, I am, very. Please, I beg you. Fuck me,” I wriggle my hips up towards your pelvis, the desperation like a cat in heat.

“That's all you had to say, baby.”

With one swift motion, you fill me with your entire length, fill me to the core. Howling out a long moan of approval, the searing comfort of you ripping through me is like a hot iron to the skin. The perfect mixture of pain and ecstasy courses through me; it is so wayward. With each sawing thrust, I convulse, growing closer to my climax.

You hammer into my pussy, giving me no mercy at this point. My legs grow tighter around you, squeezing my thighs as they shake uncontrollably. This urges you on, fucking deeper, leaning down to bite and suck on my breasts, leaving your mark upon my skin. Dragging my fingernails along the flesh of your back, I pull you into me deeper, to hear you growl against my skin in gratification. The warmth of your breath on my flesh covers me like a hot blanket.

Our bodies move in time with each other, meeting thrust for thrust into one another. We build our impending orgasms to the edge, but hold off for as long as we can, wrapped and lost in our paradise, our little slice of heaven. Seeking out your lips, I kiss you fervently, craving them. Your thrusts begin to slow, but the strokes are still deep and hard.

Softly, my hips move in volition, to meet your pace. Like fuel to a fire, my body responds to your touch, until I can no longer hold back, the flames race through my body. I shudder out a long moan, soaking you as I come hard. The thundering of your hips spear me as you prolong my orgasm. I cling tightly to you, urging you to come with me.

“Fill me, my love. Come with me, please!” I gasp through shaky breath.

“Fuck! You're insatiable,” your voice rumbles against my neck.

I push my hips up to meet your hips, coaxing you on, my words and body beseeching you to fulfil your needs. Another hard thrust is followed by another, until the spraying force of your seed explodes inside me. I cry out with lustful need, squeezing around you, to milk your cock empty.

Even as you slow, I move my hips to drain you dry. It's my turn to cup your face, kissing you with a hungry need. Our kiss doesn't break as you pull me into a half roll; you roll us onto our sides.

A content half smile curls your lips, “You're fucking intense.”

“I don't know what got into me. Well, I do... You did." I giggle at my own joke; my eyes look up at yours.

“Damn right. Best way to start the morning.”

“Hmm, indeed. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday, Captain.”

I reach up to steal a kiss from your lips, but you deepen it, holding onto me. We melt into one another.

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