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Wanting more

What I think about at work. Our night together.
As I sit here at the desk silence renders and images of us run through my mind. My imagination running wild of all the things your hands, mouth, and fingers do to my body. Your touch sets me aflame and all I can do is smile. I wonder if you know what your touch does to me?

As the sky darkens a thunderstorm is imminent. I love the smell of rain. My name is Elena, I am four foot eleven. I am 23 and petite. I work in a hotel that caters to crew guys. We do not get very many tourist for the price is high. I have seen a lot come and go. With the night going ever so slowly I cannot wait to go home. Go to a glass of wine or maybe just a night filled with lots of sex.

I live with my boyfriend who I dated before in grade eight. He was my first boyfriend, first finger bang, first make out session, and I gave my first hand job. I would of had sex when I was 14, but he was a gentleman. Since moving back here to Kickapoo we have reconnected. Our first night that we had sex was amazing. I never knew he was so talented. Undoing my jeans with just his mouth.

As the time ticks by I grow ever more excited. Yes 11 o'clock I am free to go. The fresh air in my lungs as I walk home. My body alive and my senses running wild. Placing the key in the lock I go in quietly. Stripping off my clothes, I climb into bed. Slithering under the covers I kiss his thighs dragging my nails down his legs, down his stomach trying to leave a mark. Placing his cock in my mouth as I suck. Feeling it grow more and more. As my body runs hot I ride him. Digging my nails into his shoulders. As I become more slippery and wanting more.

He awakens flipping us over, letting me have perfect access to his neck. Grabbing hold I suck, trying to leave a mark. Yet I cannot. Arching my back as an orgasm rushes through me. I can feel my pelvic walls squeezing his cock. Rolling my hips as I turn to doggy. I love doggy style. His strong hands gripping my hips as he thrusts faster, harder. Making me moan louder as I meet his thrusts.

"Don't stop.......please.......don't.......stop.....fuck."

Trying to catch my breath and orgasm after orgasm rushes threw my body. Sending me alive. Clawing the sheets, biting the pillows as he pulls my hair and bites my neck. I can feel his getting closer and closer. I know he is close to cumming. His hands grip my hips harder as his thrusts become faster. We both cum in unison.

Withdrawing from within me, I kiss his lips, and still torment him with scratching and biting, nibbling his nipples. I want more. Like I am insatiable. As he would say relentless. Pinning me down as he holds my arms with one hand and goes between my legs. My clit already tingling with anticipation. His mouth captures my clit sucking. I cannot scratch, or claw, or touch, only with my legs. Yet squeezing his head he would stop.

As is pulses ran threw my body electrifying every cell, I arch. Moaning loudly hopefully I did not wake his roommate up. Yet I do not care, thrusting onto his fingers, pressing his face deeper in my moist snatch. Grabbing his hair.

"Don't stop."

Riding his face as the pressure builds and builds, till I see stars as I cum. He climbs up my body with a smile, as I grab his face and capture his lips.

"Mmm. Tastes good. My turn."

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