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Wanton Pleasure

Two Enjoying Each Other for the First Time of Many

She was standing nude before him, her dress draped on the back of  his chair, her underclothes in a pile on a nearby table. She was clearly restless and impatient, her nipples taut, her skin pinked in arousal, her hips undulating faintly as if she could barely wait until he was undressed and inside her

To that end, he began disrobing, dropping his clothes on the floor with male disregard for subtleties. His shirt was off, as were his shoes and socks. He was just about to open his pants when she whispered, "Let me do that."

He looked up, the wistful longing in her voice instantly bringing his erection to full mast. Is this real or play? Then he let his hands drop to his sides and said, "Be my guest," because it didn't really matter which it was.

She reminded him of an innocent, so tentative were her actions, her hands shaking as she unfastened the button. Or maybe just an impatient woman, he thought, although the style of woman mattered little to his libido. It took a bit of effort to resist pushing her head down and shoving his cock into her mouth. It took even more constraint not to pick her up, carry her to the bed, and plunge into her lush body.

She, however, wasn't similarly motivated by constraint. She was feeling extravagant, feverish, and consumed with desire. And even if she'd not already decided to thoroughly enjoy his talents, the sight of his massive, upthrust penis freed now from his pants would have been reason enough.


She couldn't help but stare as he casually stripped away the last of his clothing. He was larger than she'd expected, his size intimidating. He appeared totally relaxed and comfortable in the nude.

She looked up at him, rosy cheeked and breathless. "May I?"

"You may." Reaching out he cupped her head in one hand, pressed it downward, guided his erection into place with his other hand, and watched his cock slide into her mouth.

He smiled as the lovely lady instantly took to her task. Definitely no innocent, this one.

Her impassioned eagerness was a bit too much of a rush. With a mind to keeping things slow and enhancing the pleasure, he loosened her grip with his fingers and whispered, "I'm not going anywhere."

Instantly contrite, she lifted her gaze, her face pale in the shadowed light and framed by waves of auburn hair, her mouth filled with half his cock, and said in a muffled voice, "I'm sorry."

The sight was enough to bring a monk to climax. He struggled to restrain himself. He had his sights on her cunt.

Her little whimpers a testament to her ravenous desire. Her hips were swaying, her thighs were pressed tightly together as though to contain the fire within, and he briefly debated where and how he wanted to climax.

A very brief debate.

Slipping a finger into her mouth, he eased his cock free, lifted her into his arms, carried her the few steps to the chair, and sitting, deposited her with effortless strength so she was facing him on her knees, his hard cock nudging her hot little pussy.

"I can't wait."

"Oh, good," she panted in confession. "I'm terribly impatient to feel you inside me."

There was something about her candor and openness about sex that stirred him beyond the obvious pleasure her words brought him. "I've wanted to fuck you from the first day we met," he said with a grin, "so welcome to the world of impatience."

"Now." A small command, a wiggle of her hips and a steady, brown eyed gaze.

"And if I don't take orders?"

"Allow me to change your mind." She sank down his length and came to rest on his thighs. Impaled and content, she smiled up at him. "I almost fucked you the first day we met."

He laughed lightly.

She felt his laugh in delicious flutters deep inside her and rocked her bottom to savor the sensation. "So you see, we are both after the same thing."

"This?" Flexing his legs, he thrust his cock upward and was rewarded with a soft moan. Gently grasping her hips, he held her securely. "And this?"

Another moan before her lashes lifted and, holding eye contact, she whispered, "And this as well," as she began slowly rising to her knees.

The friction of skin on skin, the tingling nerve endings sliding  one against the other, the tight pressure of his cock stretching her flesh brought new meaning to the word stimulation, the degree of tactile sensation completely lurid.

Stopping midway on her way up, she said, "Do you feel that?"

He smiled. "Everywhere you can possibly feel anything." He placed his hands lightly on her hips.

"I know. I think I'll keep you," she teased.

"I might let you." He planted his feet firmly on the floor, tightened his grip on her hips, and forced her downward.

He didn't hear her squeal as he sunk deep into her silken warmth, or if he did, the sound didn't register with his brain in the grip of total upheaval. Shortly after, as he caught his breath, he noticed that she was shifting her hips, asking for more.

Damn they were a fucking match.

He operated on instinct now, lifting her up and forcing her back down until she assumed the rhythm with a frenzy he was more than willing to accommodate. She climaxed quickly. He waited for her last little sighs subside before slowly moving inside her again.

"No, don't... please" she whispered into his shoulder, collapsed  on his chest.

"I've got you, darling." Her vaginal muscles were stirring to life again. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

How does he know? But suddenly the reason why was irrelevant, for a warm glow began spreading though her sense again and desire came alive with an acute, raw intensity. The sensations were totally glorious.

He was focussed on bringing the lady riding his cock to fever pitch again. Not a difficult task. Her vagina was slick and wet, her neediness and sexual appetite delicious, and he soon had her panting again.

"Tell me I won't die of pleasure," she whispered, clinging to his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist, her eyes half closed.

"Not yet." His voice was soft and smooth as silk. "Soon."

The explicit promise in his words shot through her body like liquid flame. He stood with her wrapped around him, jostling pleasure receptors up and down her vagina and she desperately hoped soon was measured in seconds. "Is it always like this with  you?"

Choosing sincerity over humor, he simply said, "No, never."

"Oh good, although I don't know why is should matter. What are you doing?"

"Seeing that you die of pleasure," he said with a smile, smoothly easing them both down on the bed without removing himself from inside her. "Relax."

As if she could. Every nerve in her body poised, taut, quivering for relief. As if she could do anything at all but wait breathlessly for the next fierce orgasm brought by his fabulous cock and incredible skills. "Like that... oh, God, oh God," she  said in a voice barely a whisper. She was completely filled with him, sure she could take no more.

La petite mort, a whispering force majeure, so excruciatingly fine she felt herself melt around him as if he held the key to her carnal soul.

"There... you see, you can take it all. If you were mine you'd have to take this and more, darling. You'd have to conform to my every wish. I could keep you naked by my side day and night. would you like that?" He began to slowly withdraw from her.

"No, no.... I mean, yes, yes, of course," she quickly corrected, fearful he would leave her.

"That's better. I like compliance from my ladies. He held himself still, mid stroke. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, perfectly. Don't leave me, please."

"So you'll do anything if I stay?"

"Yes, yes, anything."

Blood surged through his cock at such unconditional surrender, his libido, his ego, enticed by her carte blanche permission.

"I'll be staying and fucking you all night," he said. "Is that a problem?"

"No, no... not at all." She was trembling on the brink of cumming. She would have promised him anything.

No novice himself, he recognized the pre-orgasmic stupor, but somehow he wanted more. "You won't be allowed to refuse me. Is that clear?"

She hesitated slightly.

He drove into her flesh a fraction more to encourage her answer.

She gasped as the small movement jolted every eager, covetous nerve in her body like a hammer blow. "Yes, sir, it's clear," she breathed.

Her response was nothing short of erotic. Reluctant, as if he were trespassing into guarded territory. And he'd just been granted access to all he craved.

Slipping his hand under her thigh, he lifted her leg to allow himself deeper penetration and drove into her succulent snatch. He had been a long time waiting for this and there was a point when even such an experienced man was no longer impervious to hot, wild passion.

"Finally," she whispered, as though reading his mind, and when he laughed, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, smiled into his amused eyes and purred, "Welcome my lord."

"Damn you're beautiful, my wanton wench," he whispered back, adjusting his down stroke to her rising hips. At her immediate, hot stare, he grinned. "Play, darling, just play."

Raising her arms, she wrapped them around his neck, lifted her hips to his down stroke, held on tightly, and surrendered to desire.

He kissed her then, smiling against her mouth, he was inclined to consider her a gift from the gods. She was as insatiable in her sexual appetites as he was. A damn sweet match.

He felt her first little pre-orgasmic ripples slid up his cock, and recognizing her soft, suffocated groan, he buried himself deep inside her, ready for the coming orgasm.

Half a heartbeat later, her climax detonated with full scale violence and her high pitched cry exploded like a burst into the darkened room. Her voice echoed in her ears as though from far away. Less lost in passion, he heard it clearly and from very close range. As he suspected, she was a screamer. Her orgasm convulsing around him, spilling into every sensory input imaginable. A flame hot, soul stirring ecstasy which held them both in it's grips for several moments.

At last as her grip relaxed on his shoulders and her cries faded to whimpers, he unwrapped her legs from his waist, withdrew and came on her stomach in one of the longest, stormiest orgasms of his life.

When she finally opened her eyes again, she looked up to find him propped on his elbow beside her, watching her with concern.


"Nothing. Feeling alright?"

"Deeply and completely satisfied," she murmured, her brown eyes sleepy and looking totally content.

"Together, then, you and I?"

"Oh yes, very much so. How do you do it?" Her voice playful. "my toes are still curled, and my toes never curl."

"You're easy to please," he said.

She smiled. "I must say, I feel completely ravished."

"Then, please, allow me to ravish you again."

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