Wants It, Needs It

By older-wiser13

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She's horny and wants it NOW.
Nothing special about this particular Sunday afternoon, you're just horny as hell and you want it bad. You want it so bad and you want it now.

Walking quietly from room to room until you find me, you approach me from behind, put your hands on my waist and slide them forward and up until you have your arms around me.

I feel your lips just barely touching my ear, then your warm moist breath as you say, "What are you doing?"

So gently, your wet lips slide all around and over my ear, you exhale heavily (oohhh god.....), and finally you let me feel your tongue.

I stopped whatever I was doing and am frozen---you caught me totally by surprise.
My eyes are closed and my attention is riveted on your touch as you kiss your way slowly across the back of my neck. Then I feel the wet tip of your tongue gliding up the back of my other ear.

Oh god, your breath in my ear and the wet sounds from your open mouth are just about more than I can stand---it's amazing how powerful it is.
At the same time you press and slide your hands all around me, feeling me, squeezing handfuls of flesh, pinching my nipples and making me groan.

You push your mound into my ass, grinding into me, and even with our clothes on it's so goddamn hot, especially with your wet mouth fucking all around my ear, so sensitive to every touch and sound.

I look down and watch as your fingers slide inside the top of my pants, pushing down till you find my hard cock and I feel you whisper, "Oooohhhhh...." in my ear.

That's when I turn, take you in my arms, and we kiss long erotic kisses. Sexual, wet, open mouths and fucking tongues, god you make it incredibly sensual.

We are both busy undressing each other, kissing and feeling each other as we go.
The sight of your bare shoulders causes me to stare.
My shirt is already gone when your bra comes off, and you brush your nipples lightly across my chest. It's getting hard for me to control myself---to go slow, and I pull you into me hard, using my strength, and drag your breasts all around me. Shit, you make me fucking insane, gasping and whining like a kid.

You have me naked, my cock is sticking out dripping a long silvery string of pre-cum, and it bounces and wags around as you lead me by the hand across the room.
I look carefully at every part of you, so beautiful and amazing wearing just your little panties. The curve of your lower back is perfect, rounding into the top of your ass. I could cum just looking at you.

Two minutes later you're leaning forward, feet on the floor, your hands on the back of the couch, looking over your shoulder at me as I fuck your soaking pussy from behind. You keep urging me, almost desperate, "Faster...."

You feel my strong hands squeezing your waist, then grabbing your ass as I crouch a little more and shove my big cock deeper up into you. Your pussy is swollen and I can't take my eyes off it, my long prick sliding between your lips. God! It disappears completely into you as my abdomen slaps against your fine ass again and again.

Your whole body rocks every time I pound you, your eyelids have drifted closed and your mouth is slightly open.
You want to cum so bad....you know I'll go down on you in a few minutes....but right now with your breasts swaying and your butt getting slammed, hearing me groan and cuss, you want to cum SO BAD. You reach one hand between your legs, feel my wet cock sliding in and out of you, then get your fingers up in your slit. Ooooo your pleasure spot immediately feels so sensitive, so good, you fucking NEED IT.

My balls are swinging fast, slapping you. You seem to feel everything at once---my cock plunging deep in you, my hands tight on your ass, your breasts moving with our rhythm, your fingers bringing you to the edge.....you hear me groan, "god baby....fuck!" and you begin to moan.

Just what you wanted. What you needed. We do it sooo good.
You gasp, "Ooohh!!..." and rock your ass from side to side, faster....faster still.....harder!.....until.....


Oh jesus fuck!!! And you're cumming ooooo shit cummmminnnggg oh god!! your cum wets my big cock and I don't slow down at all, I pound your wiggling ass as fast as I can while you moan so loud.

Then you hear me groaning my climax......

You pull your delicious pussy off me and turn around to face me as you sink to your knees, intense desire showing on your face.

Quietly, "Do it, Baby....."

It feels warm when it hits your breasts.....spurt after spurt......watching me cum on you makes you even hornier, and you don't really know what all you want but oh god you want it so bad. You look at my stuff on you, a string of it hanging from the tip of my cock, then look up at me with blazing eyes.

I get on my knees too, in front of you, holding your head gently in my hands and we're kissing again.

"You're a mess," I whisper.

".....love it......" you say as your mouth covers mine.