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Was it only a Dream.....part 2

Steve and Shannon take the next step.

Continued from Was it only a Dream.....part 1

Shannon and I got into my car, she scooted over to sit right next to me as we drove the short distance to her house.. neither one of us spoke on the drive over.. she just quietly held my hand.

Once at her house she pulled me into her bedroom, shut the door and turned around. she had a dreamy sort of smile on her face. she slowly walked over to me and put her arms around my neck,  As she did this I was grinning like I had Just won the Indy 500 / Daytona 500 and the World 600 all at the same time.  As she inched her face ever closer to mine she wispered to me "Do you have ANY idea how LONG I have wanted and waited to do this with you?"  I sighed as our lips met, Kissing for the first time. 

As our lips touched I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close to me.  She pulled me in just as tightly, and then our bodies took over, I could not get enough of her, I was kissing her face her lips her eyes, and she was doing the same to me, moaning all the while.

Shannon Reached in between us, found my cock and started stroking it through my shorts.  I reached up and untied her baithing suit top and let the front drop down exposing her breasts to me for the first time. I leaned down and took her right nipple into my mouth and heard a sharp intake of breath, and a little moan.  "Oh,  ohhh yesss baby, suck my boobs.. suck them good.. I switched from one to the other for a few moments  As Shannon was telling me this she unhooked the back of her top and let it fall to the floor then she reached down and pulled down my shorts exposing my Cock, which she grabbed and started stroaking again.  As she was doing that to me I had pulled the bottoms of her suit down her legs and let out a low whistle.. ( Shannons  pussy was shaved as clean as her moms.)

I slowly started rubbing her just above her mound in slightly widening circles untill my finger touched the folds of her pussy she let out a little yelp as my thumb stroked across her clit.  she pulled me up and kissed me again as she pushed me towards her bed.  I fell back on her bed and shannon quickly got to her knees.
With a wicked little grin she said. " NOW we will see who is the best COCSUCKER!   With that she started licking my cock up and down and swirling her toungue around the head. I was instantly in HEAVEN...(GOD I thought TWO great BLOWJOBS in ONE DAY!!)  Now I am not one to brag but my Cock is not as long as I wished but it IS a bit thicker then most.  Her mouth was streached around it as she started sucking on it.  On each downward stoke she would go a little further down my cock untill after about 20 or 25 strokes she finally had her lips almost at the root of my cock, then she swallowed..  my cock just slipped into her throat the next thing I felt was her throat muscles milking my cock. ( up to that point in my life NO ONE had ever done that) and I moaned "CUMMING" as I shot my load down her throat.  she was swallowing it all, milking my Cock for every drop of Cum that I could give her. after I had finished Cumming she let my cock go and stood up. she traced her finger across her lips and said .. damn.. Mom was right....your Cum IS sweet.  I have never taisted anything so sweet before. I blushed at that admission..

she lay down on the bed next to me and started kissing me again. 
she slyly asked if I had ever eaten a pussy before.. to which I said yes and I LOVE to do that to Women.  ( Which is STILL True today I do I LOVE to Lick a women and suck on her clit.) 

she spread her legs and very quietly asked me to show her. I scooted lower on her bed and started tracing kissed up and down the insides of her legs not quite touching her mound or the folds of her pussy, I was teasing her and she knew it.   she leaned back and started thrusting her hips at me as I got closer to her center.  Finally when she thought I was just going to keep teasing  her I licked up the outer lips of her pussy opening them so I could take a second long loving lick right up the middle ending with my lips firmly attached to her clit.I sucked on that little node as hard as I could teasing it with my toungue. then sust as suddenly I let go ( a very audible moan from her at that) 

Then I stuck my toungue as far as I could into her pussy and started moving it back and forth in and out.stopping every so often pausing long enough to suck on her clit a bit again. her hips were bucking up at my face and she was moaning louder and louder.. then  " Oh sweet mother.. ohh my god.. eat me EAT ME STEVE.. Ohh.. OHH Im going to cum oh AHHHHH  AHHHHH !!!!!! She grabbed the back of my head and mashed her pussy to my face and screamed OH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDD CUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGGGGGGG!!!
Snannon let loose with a orgasum that left me dazed.. ( you see up to that point I had only heard about "GUSHERS" And I thought they were only Porn Stars.  she was gushing and gushing and gushing out all this girl cum and I was sucking it up as fast as I could  but as fast as I was swallowing her cum she was shooting it out faster then I could swallow.  finally a little dazed she let go of my head, ohh WOW Steve.. that was WOW.. that was Increadable!!  as she was talking to me I rolled over onto my back. She looked at my raging hard Cock again and said Steve.. Steve would you PLEASE  fuck me now...Im so horney I need you .. I need you IN ME NOW 

I climed back up onto her bed, in between her legs and with one swift motion I had burried myself into her VERY VERY WET Pussy.

OH.. OH STEVE.. STEVE FUCK ME.. fuuucckkk me!! HARDER harder!! oh god yes.. FUCK ME  oh oh oh.. I looked into Shannons eyes and said I am going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you some more..

oh yes.. god.. ohhh GOD.. fuck me.. please.. I was thinking that WOW wow.. im fucking Shannon.. I cant believe it im fucking SHANNON in her.. in her pussy..its not just a fanticy.. im really fucking her...

Shannon was bucking up to meet me stoke for stroke.. sweat was dripping off of my forehead onto her face and she was licking it up off of her ...she was tweeking her nipples with one hand and the other had snaked in between us to rub on her clit..  OHHH OHH IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN.. OHH STEVE.. KEEP FUCKING ME DONT STOP.. DONT STOP.. GOD.. YA ALMOST ....ALMOST.....
the next sound I heard was her screaming at the top of her lungs that she was cumming again.. and she drenched my cock with her pussy juice.. as I felt it hit my cock, my balls scrunched up.  I yelled that I was cumming too and tried to pull out of her pussy so I could cum on her tummy but she wrapped her legs around me and said no.. NO  CUM IN ME!! CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!! I NEED to feel you shoot off in my PUSSY.. as she said this last part she was cumming again.. we were both cumming at the same time.. her around me me into her.. I fell onto her, a nice post cum buzz going on in my head.. 

god.. that felt.. amazing....I.. you... we.... WOW......then my mind kicked back into gear..

Hey.. Why didnt you let me pull out? we didnt even have a rubber or anything... she laughed.. ya.. I know.. god I love how it feels when I man cums in my pussy... she looked at my shocked face.. oh dont worry.. im on the pill.  Oh  I said.. ok then... we snuggled up to each other with a myschevious grin she said .. Hmmmm I wonder what our parents are up to right now??  I laughed and said somehow I think our parents are sitting by the pool drinking a few beers and talking about the football game that will be on tomorrow.. No I dont think so she wispered....What I asked?? nothing.. she said. and curled up next to me and closed her eyes...


Now while Shannon and I were finding out about each other.. our parents were NOT in fact talking about the big football game on the next day.. in fact they were not even outside by the pool.. they were ALL in my parents large bedroom and they were fucking each other just as hard as Shannon and I were...  Dad was fucking Kim and mom was lying on top of David sucking on his Cock while he was eating her Pussy. 

Kim started giggeling.. What are you laughing about Kim my mom asked in between slurpping on Davids hard cock and sucking his balls into her mouth..  
Oh.. I was just thinking about earlyer today.. you should have SEEN the LOOK on Steves face when I walked in on him playing with his Cock.. ( which looks a LOT like yours Joe, I might add.)  They all started laughing at that. Ya I just BET!!  Is Shannon going to tell him about all of us?  ( Shannon had found out about our parents only a few months before when SHE had walked into my parents back yard to find them all nude and fucking each other. )  ( THAT is another story in itself that I will tell later.)  Kim said I told her to be the judge and tell Steve when she thought he would be ok with it.  David asked kim how long she thought Shannon and I would be gone... oh I think we have a while yet. as she disengaged herself from my dads Cock and crawled over to where David and my mom were.." David she said .. you have been eating Angie for LONG ENOUGH it is MY turn NOW.  as she dove her face in between my moms legs. Mom was grinning like the chessar cat now. 


Part 3 to come.. 

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