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She was lying on the bed and she reached her hand down in between her legs, finding her pussy already beginning to get wet. Slowly she rubbed her clit so lightly letting her fingers slide down into the folds of her lips and feeling the heat emitting from her own body. Massaging it ever so gently and softly, almost not touching it.

Rubbing her breasts with her other hand, cupping them one at a time and than pinching her own nipples she closed her eyes and went into her own zone of pleasure. Letting her mind wonder into a place she called her own; fantasy of her man, her lover.

With her eyes closed she continued to rub her clit and finger her pussy, spreading her legs as if her lover were spreading them to reach her sweetness between them. Feeling her pussy getting wet from her own touch aroused her senses. She enjoyed touching herself and letting herself roam her imagination. Her breathing started to become deep but not labored as she moved into her own fantasy.

He sat there at the end of the bed and watched her enjoy herself, almost oblivious to his presence.

Watching her amuse herself as she continued to rub her breasts and pussy, licking her lips with her eyes closed to the outside world excited him. He was aroused and could feel the sexual tension building in her through the air and through the sheets on the bed and he wasn’t even touching her. His own sexual tension building in his body as his cock began to grow hard in his hand.

They had talked about masturbating in front of each other, but watching her please her self in this delightful way was more than he imagined it to be. His cock was getting harder in his hand as he slowly stroked it.

With her eyes still closed she let her finger push its way into her wet pussy and she began to finger fuck herself only pulling it partially out than plunging back in. Stopping from time to time to rub her clit again which was hard and pink among the folds of her flesh. She licked her lips continually and her breathing became heavy and deep. She murmured to herself, calling his name a little louder than a whisper, “Jay”.

Not breaking from the mutual masturbation ceremony, he sat and watched her amazed at her facial expression and how she was so passionate with herself while fondling her own body. Not self-conscious to his presence at all. Completely open in allowing he to watch her as she continued to bring her sexual energy out and he weren’t even touching her.

As if he wasn’t there at all, she spoke as if it was him touching her.

“That’s it Jay, fuck me with your finger, make me cum for you.”

Still stroking his cock, which was growing harder and harder watching her, he could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. Her face looked so peaceful and tranquil as she continued to gratify herself. He dared not touch her in fear of breaking this moment of complete sexual freedom they were sharing.

His cock ached in his hand and he too was concentrating on watching her and bringing himself pleasure. He wanted to reach his free hand out and run it up her leg as he sat there in between them, but not touching. Her skin looked so inviting to him. Smooth and soft; he could smell her body.

With her eyes still closed, she pulled her finger out of her wet pussy and brought it to her lips and sucked it. She tasted her own essence and licked her finger with her tongue than returned it to the spot it came from. Moving her other hand back and forth across her chest, caressing her breasts and her nipples were erect and a deep pink from her pinching them.

Still speaking just above a whisper she began to speak again as if he wasn’t even there.

“I want to feel your cock inside me Jay, all of it, deep inside my pussy.”

Her legs spread wide open so he could see her finger disappear into the depths of her wetness; she would pull it out to rub her clit so gently with her middle finger. While doing this she would let the remaining fingers rub the folds of her pussy and her mons. Than she would slowly push it back into her own wetness.

He didn’t know how much more he could take of watching her; his cock so hard in his hand. He too used both hands to play with his cock and balls. He was rubbing his balls and pulling on his cock, he was beginning to get close to climaxing watching her, but he didn’t want to cum until she had climaxed first.

She opened her eyes just as she came. Looking at him, her breathing heavy and deep, he could see the fullness of her desire in her face. Her mouth partially open she let her tongue slip over her lips making them shimmer from her saliva.

Looking at him intensely as she continued to play with her pussy he could tell she was getting ready to climax. Only at that point did he dare reach out and touch her flesh. Still stroking his cock with his right hand he used his left hand to run it up the inside of her legs.

She came and told him so, still only above a whisper.

“I’m cumming Jay. Fuck! I want to feel you inside me.”

She said it in such a manner that it was almost pleading to him, pleading to have his cock inside her.

She pulled her finger out of her pussy and brought it to his lips and he sucked her finger clean. His tongue ran around her finger in his mouth, tasting her which excited him. Her free hand was still touching her breasts and pinching her nipples, as she moved her finger in and out of his mouth so he could taste all of it.

Moving closer to her, still stroking his cock in his hand, she pulled her finger from her lips and let her hand slide across his mustache and the side of his face and letting it slowly move down his chest. Reaching her other hand up to meet it and they ran in unison down his chest feeling his body and his skin tingled under her touch.

Her fingers reached his nipples and she gently pinched them and caressed them at the same time. Grabbing at his chest, she felt the head of his cock begin to push through the folds of her pussy. Her lips swollen from her touching herself and her pussy wet with cum, she wanted to feel him deep inside of her.

Pushing the head of his cock into her pussy that was so wet and warm, he moved slowly to feel every part of her warmth as it enveloped around his cock and he could tell the tightness of cavern. Warm and wet she was, inviting to his cock that throbbed as soon as it entered her.

Up to his balls, his cock had completed the task of pushing through her lips and into her wetness. He could feel her body quiver under his touch of his body as he slowly lowered his chest to meet hers and joining at the lips as they kissed with passion and intent. Feeling each others sexual tension getting ready to explode upon one another as they her pussy tightened around his cock. Pushing and pulling on each other, like the tug-o-war of desire. As if they were feeding upon one another’s needs and desires, not letting go.

The passion felt between them was continuous, through their touch that was so methodical but free. Touching and caressing with the only purpose of pleasing, gratifying each other within each others arms, bodies and souls. They reached a depth of intimacy and lust from within that was surfaced in this moment of desire.

She ran her legs and feet up his body and her arms meeting her legs and holding onto him at the same time pulling him into her. Kissing each other with depth and meaning, an intensity and intoxication could be felt between the two of them. Tongues intertwined with desire of pleasure. Both of them aware that filling this void that only could be completed or found within each others arms and bodies. Both of them knowing that nowhere else could this be realized.

Deep in trance of each other, her hips met his with each thrust and she came again, this time exclaiming it louder to him.

“I’m Cumming Jay! Fuck Me! I’m cumming!”

Her pussy tightened on his cock and she could feel the hardness of it as it continued to penetrate her warmth as if it was trying to reach her inner soul.

“Your pussy feels so wet and tight Victoria.”

Trying to hold on to his erection, he wasn’t ready to let go of this intimate feeling that they were sharing or had just shared. He thought of watching her playing with herself as the visions of it came back into his mind and his cock became harder.

Visions of her finger in her pussy as she gratified herself, making herself climax before he even touched her turned him on with just that thought.

He reached his arms down under her body, pulling her into him though they couldn’t get any closer to each other. Their flesh meshed into one. Moving into one another, feeling the passion spread throughout their bodies. He kissed her with depth and desire for her and her only. Her body and soul, wanting all of her and she wanted all of him.

He could tell her pussy was beginning to tighten on his cock one more time and he knew that she was getting ready to cum again. He too couldn’t hold on to his hardness much longer. Feeling it build deep within him, he let loose and explode in a hot spasm of cum inside of her.

“Fuck Jay! I’m cumming again!” She hollered.

His cock spasmed inside her and her pussy tightened around it with her own orgasm. Continually pulling and grabbing at each other as if they had to crawl into each others flesh to feel all of the ecstasy and passion that they shared. They had reached a new level of desire and lust. The passion shared and they feeling of enlightenment that was expressed through this pure raw sexual need.

He pulled his lips away from her mouth slowly to gaze deep into her eyes, pulling her hair away from her face so he look deeply into her soul. Trying to look for all that passion that they shared as if she had stole it from him. The passion that they both had for each other and the need to satisfy it can only be found in each others’ arms.

Still lying there in the grasp of one another’s arms, their bodies began to relax and they could still feel the heat rise from their inner souls. There was no question about it; they had to do this again. It raised so much sexual energy between the two of them.

He pressed his lips into hers again, letting his tongue run across her lips and finding her tongue inside her mouth, still warm and inviting like her pussy was on his cock. He still couldn’t get enough of her and her him.

She ran her hands up his back and down again, circling them around his body feeling all the tension released from him. Running her legs up and down his, just so she could feel them and because she knew he enjoyed it when she performed this movement on him. Almost as if they were going to start this act of passion all over again. She just couldn’t get enough of his body.

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