Watching Her Study Pt. 2

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Watching leads to more...
“Go on, don’t be shy, there’s no turning back now.”

She licked her lips, still flushed, ragged breathing. My initial shot of fear and adrenaline is now channeled entirely to my lower half.

She’s right. What more do I have to lose here? So I look at her, lick my hand, get it nice and slick with saliva, then go to work on my painfully hard erection. Stroking my hand up and down as I stare directly at my dream girl.

Her eyes have that intense look of fuck-me lust.

I run my fingers lightly over the tip of my head, picking up the precum as I do, rubbing it down over my long stiff cock, to the base.

“Will you…show me something?” I say between heavy breaths. “Please…god you are sexy.”

“What do you want to see?” she says with a smile, running her hands seductively over her breasts and down her hips.

“Take off your shirt,” I say. She slips her blouse over her head, her bra back in place.

“Can I…” I step forward involuntarily, and she steps back.

“Not so fast, loverboy,” she says playfully. With a swift motion, she reaches behind and unhooks her bra, letting lose her beautifully shaped C-cup breasts. Perfect eraser-head nipples, and an unmistakable red flush to her chest. They look good enough to eat.

To my surprise and delight, she pulls on the nipples, groaning as she does.

“You want these?” she says, massaging her breasts, running her hand down her nice flat stomach and over her hips. I nod, I can barely speak but manage a “fuck yes” under my breath.

She then approaches, and kneels before me. God yes. Could she actually be…

She takes my cock in her hands, wet with spit and cum, and rubs it all over her chest and nipples, between her cleavage, then begins to fuck the head between her tits slowly. I’m so about to lose it as I tilt my head aback and moan. Holy fuck she’s good.

“You like fucking my tits?”

“Oh god yes, don’t stop.” 

She is slipping the head of my cock in her mouth with each thrust, and letting go with a satisfying wet pop. All I can do is groan with pleasure. Pretty soon she’s grabbing the base of my dick and sucking me off completely, swallowing my length and stroking my balls, so full and swollen at this point. I grab onto her head and dig my fingers into her scalp. Now it’s her turn to moan a long, delicious, hum that only serves to send vibrations and shockwaves through my body.

Unable to stand it I push her back. With a catch in my voice, I look her deeply in the eyes, kneel down to her level and give her a long wet kiss. I can taste the residue of my precum still wet and salty on her lips.

I smile sweetly and say, “You have me so fucking hot. Now turn around, right fucking now.” She smiles back and gets on her hands and knees before me, exposing red, wet pussy lips. God she’s just begging to be fucked. I love seeing her lips peaking through, and opening slightly just under the curve of her ass. Flawless geometry.

“You gonna fuck me or just stare?” She turns slightly with a sly smile, arching her back seductively. I grab her hips and start teasing her slit with my cock, her pussy opening up for me even more. I slide in so easily. With a low guttural moan from deep inside of me, I start fucking her as she begins to whimper. I can’t help myself and I’m losing it, before long I just start saying everything that comes to mind.

“Fuck yes, you filthy slut. Finger fucking yourself in the library. You were begging to get caught, weren’t you? Weren’t you?” I demand, half crazy with lust, too far gone to care if she’ll play along.

Fortunately for me, she’s into it.

“Oh god yes. Please don’t stop.”

“Watching porn like that in public. You were hoping I’d find you and take you…”

I’m driving my cock in and out hard at this point, she moans a long, loud yes, then a series of screams and yelps that have me in overdrive. I reach around and finger her, and god her pussy juices are flowing , a creamy lather gathering around her lips as I dance my fingers across her clit.

“Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck yes!” She screams. Her contractions around my cock are bringing me to the edge, but I manage to hold on as her body is racked with spasm after spasm of orgasmic bliss.

She goes limp against me, and I pull out and begin stroking. I turn her over and she stares back up at me, eyes still brimming over with ecstasy.

“Yeah, stroke that big cock. Cum for me. Cum all over me.” I’m furiously sliding my hand up and down, from the base to tip and oh my god I’m about to have the orgasm of my life. She starts fingering her pussy once again, insatiable.

I finally let go, the orgasm welling up from deep inside me, and exploding in a fury as I let the cum spray out of my cock and all over her face and tits. Her whole body is contracting as streams of cum hit all over, she and I are both moaning, barely coherent in a spasm of lust and deep animal desire.

Then…warmth. Intense contentment as I collapse beside her, and give her a look. I smile, and she does too. We’re covered in cum, sweat and pussy juice in the middle of the library between two bookshelves. We’re laughing, and I stare up at the ceiling, my eyes clouding over, my vision returning back from “blinded by lust” to “seeing straight.”

“I guess it’s time to close up,” I say.

“Want to come back to my place and watch some porn?” she replies.

It’s going to be a good year, I can tell.