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Watching You, Wondering

You are often the subject of my fantasies.
I see you began to strip off your clothes, teasing me ever so much. I watch as you begin to reveal your magnificent breasts to me. Next, you slowly pull down your pants, leaving only your underwear. You slowly start to saunter towards me, swaying your hips the entire time. I'm captivated by your beauty. I can't get enough of you.

You tell me to sit up as you finally reach the side of the bed. You pull my shirt over my head, revealing my own body to you. I hear you gasp as you take in the sight of my chest and abs. Watching you watching me is causing a massive erection that is painfully binded by my pants. You kneel down in front of me and slowly start kissing my chest, making your way down my stomach to the top of my pants. You stop, look up at me, then start to undo my pants. The anticipation is killing me as I'm waiting for my dick to spring free from it's confines.

My dick finally springs free with a slap against my stomach. You just stare at my dick for a few seconds before you grasp it with your small hand, the pre-cum starting to ooze out. Using the pre-cum as lube, you slowly stroke my dick. Your soft hand feels amazing against my shaft.

You can feel my anticipation, but keeping torturing me with your slow, gentle strokes. You look up at me with those beautiful brown eyes before licking the tip of my dick, your tongue flicking the sensitive area underneath. You close your luscious lips around the head of my dick and slowly move down the shaft, taking in all of my taste. I close my eyes as my head rolls back, enjoying the sensations I'm experiencing. I feel you began to increase your speed as your bobbing up and down. I feel the end is near so you stop what your doing and stand up. I feel disappointed, but then realize your intentions.

I watch as you climb on the bed, slowly making your way towards me. When you get to me, you push me back and climb up my body. You gently place your lips to mine. It's a slow, passionate kiss. I love the way your soft lips feel against mine. I open my mouth slightly to allow my tongue to enter your mouth. Your tongue is there to greet mine. Our tongues are wrestling in our mouths while I'm feeling and massaging her perfect 34C breasts. Your breathe becomes shorter and quicker. I can tell you're loving what I'm doing to you. Still kissing you, I begin to pinch and roll your nipple between my fingers. You let out a subtle moan as I move to the other nipple.

Without warning, I roll over on top of you. I start to kiss your neck as I'm working my way down to your collar bone. I work passed your collar bone and start kissing your chest, on route to your left breast. Cupping your breast with my hand, I take your nipple in my mouth and began gently sucking on it while pinching and pulling on your other nipple. I take my mouth off your nipple and began flicking it with my tongue before softly blowing on it. By now your moans are steady. I proceed to the other nipple, giving it the same attention as the other.

I begin kissing in between your heavenly mounds, placing slow kisses down your stomach before stopping at the waistband of your panties. I stop and look up at your face. I can see the lust burning deep in your eyes. I can see how bad you want me. This fuels my lust and desire that much more.

I kiss around the waistband of your panties, teasing your cotton clad mound every step of the way. I work my way down, making sure not to remove your panties. I kiss your pantie covered slit. I look up again and can see the frustration in your eyes. I smile as I go back to teasing you through your underwear. I can see the moisture beginning to build, a wet spot is very evident. I inhale your aroma. You're smell is intoxicating. I clamp my mouth to where your clit would be. I begin tonguing your clit through your panties. The stimulation is just enough to make you squirm and moan.

I reach up to the waistband of your panties and began to slid them down your ass. You lift your hips to allow me to remove them easier. I slowly ease them down your thighs until they reach your knees. From there, I quickly take them off, excitement building within me as I see your magnificently shaven pussy for the first time.

I take your left leg and begin kissing at your feet as I make my way up to your calve muscle. I place slow, delicate kisses up your leg. I reach your knee and give a little bite. This makes you jump a little from not expecting it. I kiss the spot I just bit then start may journey up your thigh to your heavenly mound. I'm now half way up your thigh and can see your lust building with every kiss I leave. I'm getting closer and closer to your pussy. My dick is so hard it hurts.

I finally reach your vulva and start kissing around the lips of your pussy. I can feel you tense up, preparing for my touch. Instead, I go around your vagina and proceeded down your other leg. I look up and can see you giving me an angry look. I smile again and work my way down your thigh to your knee. I stop at your knee then make my way back up your thigh, kissing as I go. I'm inching closer to your pussy. I can see how wet you are. Your juices are starting to flow out of your pussy. I'm getting closer and closer. The closer I get, the more wet you are getting, or so it seems. I'm at the edge of your pussy, taking in your scent.

Without hesitation, I dive straight into your pussy. With two fingers I open your lips and stick my tongue inside. You moan and start writhing under me. I pull out and start flicking your clit with my tongue before I gently blow on it. Then I clamp down on it with my mouth, sucking on it while I stick two fingers deep inside. Every thrust of my fingers hits your G spot at the top of your pussy. Your moaning increases with each pass. I suck a little hard on your clit and thrust faster with my fingers. I can feel your orgasm approaching. I speed up as you flood my face with your juices. Your body bucking underneath me. I don't let up. You don't have time to come down as the next crash pours through your body. Your hands are in my hair, pulling me tight into your pussy. I stopped my assault as the third wave hits. I climb up your body and kiss you, tasting your own juices on my face.

You lay there content, for the moment, before you want more. You grab a hold of my dick and start stroking it. You're limited on what you can do considering you're underneath me. You line my dick up with the open of your sopping wet pussy. The head of my dick makes contact and I hear you gasp. I don't want to enter you just yet. I'm still teasing you. I see you're getting frustrated more. You don't mind because you know the orgasm is going to be amazing the longer you hold off.

I remove your hand from my dick as I grab your other hand. Taking both of your wrists in one hand, I hold them together above your head. This just increased your desire even more. I run the head of my dick up and down your slit. I stick the head in and sit still for a moment. You try to thrust your hips to take in my dick, but don't succeed. I still have just the head in and when you least expect it I thrust all the way to the hilt. You shriek as I bottom out.

I start to thrust in and out, your pussy gripping my dick like a vice. I'm reveling in the sensation. I can't believe I'm finally inside you. You start matching my thrusts as I increase my speed. I don't want this to end. Your moaning encourages me to go faster and harder. By now I'm giving you long hard thrusts.

I throw your legs on my shoulders and start pounding your pussy. You're screaming with every thrust of my dick. It doesn't take much before I feel your body start to tense up, another wave of orgasm crashing through your body. I continue my pounding, feeling your pussy spasm around my dick, milking it of my cum.

I pull out and make you get on your hands and knees. I re enter from behind. Apparently this is your favorite position. You began bucking back into me, meeting every thrust. I reach around and grasp your breasts while I pound you from behind. Your moans increase as I'm fondling your tits. I reach up and grab a handful of hair to see your reaction. You love it as I yank your head back, making you scream with pleasure. I feel you shake with another orgasm. I feel the end is near so I pick up my pace and really lay it to you. The familiar feeling begins in my balls and starts racing through my shaft. I erupt a massive load deep inside your wanton pussy. The feeling was almost unbearable. I collapse on you causing you to lay flat on the bed. I keep pumping until my dick is soft and it slides out your cum soaked pussy.

"David, David!" I hear you say as I'm brought back to reality. "I need those papers on my desk as soon as possible, focus now!" you say as you walk back to your office. I can't help but watch you walk away.

I can't help but to notice my massive erection that's slowly subsiding. I need to quit having these day dreams and get some work done...

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