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Water romance

A camping romance
I recently went camping with a bunch of co-workers. A bunch of drunken air force pilots could lead to some interesting times. Out of the 16 of us that went, I was the only single woman, along with 9 single men. I was going to have a good selection for my sexual partner or partners for the weekend.

We were in a state camp ground, right on a lake. It was beautiful, trees surrounded the place, and a creek flowed into the lake 30 feet from where we set up out tents. We had enough people along; we had the whole area to ourselves.

After several hours of drinking, I went for a walk. I had told a hot bodied man named John to follow after me. But to give me enough of a head start so it wasn’t obvious we were sneaking off.

John caught up with me a couple hundred yards from camp. He remained perfectly still. He could see me standing in the creek wearing a plain white tank top. My back was to him as I splashed water onto my shoulders and neck. The creek came up just past my waist and the water was clear enough to reflect the blue sky on its surface. My tank top was plastered to my skin and drenched to the point it might as well have not been there at all. When I straightened up again, I ran my hands thru my hair and pulled it so it flowed down my back in a blond wave.
Turning while shifting my hair toward one shoulder, I said, “I know you are there John.”

“Oh. Sorry,” he replied, “just admiring the view.”

I turned around to face him. The front of my shirt was just as wet as the back. The main difference being the view from this angle was a whole lot more interesting. It clung to me like a fresh coat of paint, allowing him to see the shape of my soft, rounded breasts and the dark skin of my nipples. I moved my hands along the front of my body, and when I was done, my nipples stood fully erect. “Took you long enough,” I said.

John stepped out from the trees and stood at the edge of the creek.

“I think we could spare a few minutes and cool off,” I said as my hands began to wander self-consciously back up to my exposed breasts. “Don’t, you agree?”

Having thought it over for all of two seconds, John took his hat off and put it on the ground. “That sounds real good,” he said.

Within moments he was undressed and climbing into the water. My eyes never left him. My eyes never left him, and when he stood naked before me, I watched intently as he moved to my side. The water was cold and John reacted with a shudder.

“Here,” I said with an easy laugh. “Let me help you.”

My hands were tentative at first, although I obviously wanted to touch him. John didn’t have any such reservations. He stepped right up to me, pulled me close, and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I kissed him back without hesitation and wrapped my arms around him while pressing my body against his. The moment John’s body responded to my touch, I reached down to stroke his hardening member.

It didn’t take long to acclimate to the water. In fact, with me so close and my hand vigorously stroking him, John felt anything but cold. He ran his hands up my back around to brush against the side of my breasts. I moved my leg up and down along his thigh, groaning as he reached in between my thighs. When his hand became ensnared within the material of my tank top, he hiked the flimsy garment up around my waist so he could stroke the lips of my pussy.

I leaned my head back and let out a long, satisfied moan. The instant John moved his hand away, I gripped his cock and guided it between my legs. He cupped my ass in both hands, pumped his hips forward, and buried every inch of his erection deep inside my hot pussy.

“Yes!” I cried. “Just like that.”

The bottom of the creek was jagged and uneven between John’s feet. He slowly moved me towards the edge until I bumped against solid ground. As soon as I felt that behind me and John’s hands holding me up, I wrapped both legs around him and began grinding my hips in time to his thrusts. I was timid at first, but every time he drove into me, I seemed to want him there even more. Soon, I grunted loudly and clawed at his shoulders as though I was never going to let him go.

John buried his face against the base of my neck, pulling in the sweet scent of my skin. My hair brushed against his face and my breasts rubbed against his chest. Grabbing me even tighter, John pumped into me deeper than before. I snapped my eyes open as my pussy tightened around him and my muscles tensed. Knowing my climax was swiftly approaching, John watched my face as he thrust into me with long, powerful strokes.

I couldn’t take much of that before arching my back and digging my nails into his skin. When I finally did let out a breath, I shuddered and moaned until I no longer had strength to hold my head up. Looking at him again, I giggled softly and said “Sorry about the noise. I don’t know what came over me.” “I think I do,” he said.
When John shifted between my legs, I sighed, “Yes, I believe you are right.”

He didn’t let go of me. Instead, John lifted me from the water and carried me onto the shore. Setting me down so I was laying on the ground with one foot dangling into the water, he climbed on top of me and said, “But I’m not through with you yet.”

My eyes widened again as I opened my legs wide to accommodate him. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and kissed him hungrily. When I felt his cock slide between my legs, I moaned softly band ground my moist lips up and down against his shaft. All it took from there was a slight adjustment for his tip to settle in the right spot so he could enter me once more.

This time, John went slow and easy. He slid in and out of me, savoring the wet warmth of my pussy and the feel of my body beneath him. Running one hand along my leg, he pushed in as far as he could and stayed put for several heartbeats. I withered slowly under his weight, rubbing his shoulders and tracing the muscles along his back while gazing up at him with wide blue eyes.

He stared down at me as he grabbed my knee, and shifted my leg a bit higher so he could pump into me more freely. I enveloped him perfectly with every part of my body. One leg hooked around his waist while the other stretched out into the water against his calf. When I closed my eyes, I turned my head to one side as if I was savoring every moment. John quickened his pace, which widened my smile. As he approached his climax, he could see a change in my expression as well.

“Oh John,” I moaned. “You re going to make me…” But I could no longer speak. Instead my words and even my next few breaths were swallowed up by another orgasm that swept through my entire body.

Burying his face against me once more, he pumped into me with building urgency. Every inch of him, every muscle in his body and every fiber of his being, was set on one goal. He held me tightly and built his rhythm. He felt me gripping him as well, but I was no longer moaning. I strained for every breath and trembled until it seemed I was going to burst. He crossed that threshold first and exploded deep inside of me. It was a powerful climax that left John weakened for several moments.

After a brief silence, I whispered, “I’ve been waiting for that for too long.”
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