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Wayfaring Stranger

Jake unites with a gorgeous former classmate at a party and they become passionately reacquainted.
I have never been into partying. In high school, I refused to attend any status quo-themed gatherings, claiming homework and strict parents for an excuse. I had my close, misfit group of friends and generally, unintentionally avoided everyone else. But now, in college, I had nearly no choice but to venture beyond my tiny, enclosed comfort zone into the annoyingly vast university party atmosphere.

My roommate, to put it lightly, was a hardcore noisemaker. And an asshole. There was rarely a Friday or Saturday night that he didn’t stumble into our dorm suite completely blasted and towing along some tan, blonde airhead in short shorts. Thankfully, our arrangement called for a two bedroom apartment-suite and I rarely heard anything beyond a muffled grunt during those unfortunate nights. Occasionally one of his lost companions would appear in our kitchen the next morning, wearing only a t-shirt, shamelessly proceeding to giggle and feign surprise as I drifted through the apartment and out the door.

As a result, I was slowly ingratiated into the party-going lifestyle. There were only so many times I could refuse his near drunken encouragements. On one stormy night, we found ourselves right on top of a gangbang. I left upon arrival, having been in a short-lived relationship at the time, and not wanting to get into any trouble. I found out later that my girlfriend just happened to be the infamous gangbanged girl. A fabulous discovery that, for months, left me completely without trust for the opposite sex. Eventually I started attending parties with my roommate, if only to keep an eye on my too-trusting, vodka-loving companion. We even became good friends, after a while, and decided to remain roommates throughout the summer and possibly beyond. His wealthy father even purchased a nicely sized house for our comfort, as a gift to Zack for his outstanding grades during his first year.

Of course, with our own place off campus, we had several opportunities to throw parties whenever we wanted to, not that I was particularly ecstatic to do so. I did agree to one blowout. A mid-summer event I hoped few would actually show up to. Zack invited nearly all of his facebook friends (some of whom, he didn’t even know) and I added three or four more to the list. The party was to take place on a Friday night (according to Zack, people would need at least two days to recover). We stocked up on booze, mixers and snacks, as well as condoms and bottles of water, which I placed in certain spots all over the house. I decided to keep my own door locked, for fear of some drunken couple making themselves at home on my comforter, and Zack and I started drinking several hours before the party began.

The first guests arrived around 9, and after that, it was difficult for me to keep track of how many walked in and out of our front or back door. By 10pm, I was drunker than I had ever been, and a lot more personable. I was making friends everywhere, though most people claimed to already know who I was. We had set up the basement as a dancing area, and my fellow scholars grinded their goods to shitty music, throwing back cheap rum and shouting at me as I walked by.

One girl in particular caught my attention as I waded through the sweaty bodies to the DJ. She was dancing with a group of people, no one man or woman had claim to her. She looked familiar but I couldn’t immediately place her. I stopped at the front of the room, stepping up onto the platform and handing a drink to the DJ. I stared at her, not even trying to not be creepy. She was exquisitely crafted, for a girl, with long wavy blonde hair that cascaded in silky tendrils to her perfectly (if not overly) sized chest. The expression on her face was one of pure enjoyment. Her plump lips were stretched into a slight, sexy smile and her large eyes remained almost half closed. Her thin arms poised in the air while she danced, deliciously curved hips swaying rhythmically to the music. She was seduction of the purest form and I knew I needed her immediately.

The DJ nudged my arm, startling me back into reality. He nodded towards the beautiful woman in question, “Go for it!” He yelled. I frowned at him, my brain trying to remind him of my current non-existent status as womanizer. I have no game, so to speak. He laughed at my expression and shook his head, then messed with his records a bit. He held up one particular record and pointed at me, “I’m going to play this for you! Go get her!” I tried to protest but he held his hand up, apparently not taking no for an answer.

I looked down at my drink, held it to my lips and gulped the last of it down, praying for courage, then leapt off the platform and onto the dance floor. The music stopped abruptly and few groaned as most of the guests refused to notice anything had changed. Another song started to play, a slower one I recognized immediately as a classic 50's love ballad. I made my way to the blonde, who was grinning broadly at one of her companions, eyes wide and sparkling. I pushed my way through before anyone else could get near her and held out my hand in a gentlemanly manner. Her eyes met mine and her mouth fell open slightly then switched into a beautiful smile, her eyes dancing mischievously. I couldn’t quite catch the color with the lighting in the basement, but they were wide, deep and holding secrets I wanted to know.

She placed a thin-fingered hand into mine and curtsied gracefully. A grin spread widely on my face before I sidled up close to my blonde beauty, wanting to be as close as possible. She placed a hand on my shoulder, her other in mine as we started to sway like junior high teenagers. Her body felt small against mine and I was careful to keep my hand on her lower back and not venture any further, however much I desired to. I could feel all of the alcohol I’d consumed throughout the night swirling around in my brain. Suddenly, for no explainable reason whatsoever, I felt brave. I bent my head down to say something into her ear, “You’re very pretty,” I managed, mentally high-fiving myself for the compliment. I felt her small body shake with laughter and grinned.

She stood on her toes to say something back, “What’s your name, handsome?”

“Jake,” I responded, “And you are?”

“Sophie.” I pushed the name around my foggy mind, trying at length to discover where I could know a girl who looked like this with a name like that. I decided she must have been one of Zack’s many friends. I bent my head to speak again but was momentarily distracted by the delightful smell of her hair. It was just as soft as I’d imagined it to be. I felt her blonde head rest on my shoulder and couldn’t keep the goofy smile hidden that enveloped my face as a result. We stayed like that until the end of the song, her wonderful body flush against mine, sending desirable images through my imagination. I didn’t want to release her, but I reluctantly let go as the song ended. I looked up to find the rest of the dance floor had followed our lead, found a partner and done their own, more erotic version of our junior high slow dance. The next song to come on picked up the pace and brought the horny scholars back to their elicit grinding.

Sophie smiled at me and I took her hand, asking with my eyes to take her upstairs, away from the grinding and to a place more quiet and serene. She followed me directly, without hesitation, her thin hand in my large one, as I lead her up the stairs and away from the pounding base. We made our way into a vacant corner of the kitchen and I turned the beautiful blonde to face me. In the light I could finally make out the color of her eyes. They were an entrancing grey-blue, shiny with inebriation. She glanced around the kitchen, spotting a stack of empty cups and quickly filling it with our signature punch before turning to face me and shooting me a grin.

“Sophie,” I said, the name leaving my lips like a caress, “how do I know you?”

She smiled and took a sip of her drink, “We went to high school together.”

I was stunned, there was no earthly way I could have existed next to this woman for any amount of time without realizing it. “I don’t believe you.”

She laughed, her pointy chin tilting towards the sky, “It’s true! I sat next to you in U.S. history for an entire semester."

I shook my head, "It simply can't be possible. I would have noticed you."

She shrugged, her thin shoulders lifting in the air nonchalantly, "I look different." She took another sip, looking almost sad, "Plus I was only there for about a year."

I tried again to conjure up an image of this impeccable goddess from my memory. Nothing. I could barely remember the name of the teacher from that class, much less my fellow studious individuals.

Her grey blue eyes watched me curiously as she took another sip of her drink. She smiled at me, her bottom lip fitting loosely beneath a row of pearly white teeth before she leaned in, "You have a room here, correct?"

I nearly swallowed my tongue in surprise. My heart began to race in anticipation while my brain scrambled to procure an audible response. "Yes?" I said, the affirmation becoming a question in my own mind. Do I live here? Is this reality?

Sophie stepped towards me, her little body now pressed against mine in an agonizingly sexy way. "Show me." She said, her lips just brushing my ear. I could have shivered, were the alcohol not making my blood warm.

I took her hand and began to lead her out of the kitchen. She hesitated a moment to grab a bottle of dark liquor before trotting along behind me. I couldn't keep the smile from my beaming face as we made our way to the stairs and then upwards. I locked eyes with as many people as I could, allowing them a final viewing of the super hot girl I was about to entertain in the bedroom. I pulled the small silver key to my room out of my pocket as Sophie leaned against the wall and took swigs from her bottle.

I held the door open for her and she sent me a coy smile before stepping through the doorway and into my room. I flipped on the lights, winking at a bystander watching in the hallway as I pushed the wooden door closed. I stared at the handle, wondering if it would be creepy or weird to turn the lock. I certainly didn’t want anyone to bust in on the greatest moment of my short college life, but if either of us needed to exit the room for any reason in a hurry (in case of fire) I wouldn’t want it to be an obstacle.

I heard my name through soft pink lips and turned. Sophie stood next to my large bed, wearing only her delightfully mismatched underwear, the dark bottle hanging limply from her pretty hands. Her chest was larger than I imagined, the soft flesh cupped loosely in a lacy pink bra that looked just a tad too small. Her torso was narrow and she leaned on one leg, her right hip tilting up slightly, accentuating the groove from slender torso to softly rounded hip. Her underwear was lacy and white and I couldn’t keep my eyes from roaming to the spot between her long, shapely legs. I couldn’t see a thing through the pretty sheer lace. I groaned and flipped the lock on my door, taking two large steps and pulling the blonde to me. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to throw her on the bed, but resisted, my hands roaming down the soft skin of her sides. She tilted her small, pointy chin to the light, the shadows illuminating her high cheekbones.

I clenched my jaw together, noting the way her chest was pressed against mine. Her foggy grey eyes were locked onto my mouth and her teeth went to nibble on her bottom lip. I smiled and bent to place a kiss on the tan flesh squashed against my chest. I kissed her sharp collarbone and the smooth skin on her neck, enjoying the small gasp of breath she took. Her free hand moved to my hair and my mouth moved to hers, a moan escaping her parted pink lips. She pressed her body harder up against me and clutched my mouth to hers, her other arm, still holding the bottle, winding around my neck. I kissed her more, enjoying the sweet honey and rum taste that overwhelmed my senses. I released her a moment and pulled off my shirt, not wanting to be apart for too long and reaching for her small waist. She dodged out of the way at the last moment, backing up around the end of the bed to the other side. Holding the bottle to her lips, she reached around her back to unclasp her bra.

I groaned, my hands clenching into fists as I stalked her around the bed. She pulled the bra off, a pale hand tossing it to the ground and moving to wipe away any remaining liquor from her mouth. She had round, full breasts that hung off her small form in a heavenly manner. I backed her into the corner of the room by the closet, placing a hand beside her head on the wall and looking down at those luscious lips. Her slender arm angled to reintroduce the bottle to her mouth, but I intervened, grabbing the rum and taking a big gulp. I set the bottle on the bedside table and planted a kiss on her pouting mouth, my hand gliding up her torso to her chest. Her back arched, the taut lines of her stomach pressing against the belt of my jeans. Her eyes drifted closed as my thumb brushed across a nipple. She sighed, a hand landing on my bicep.

Anticipation shot my patience and I wrapped my arms around her back, lifting her from the ground and walking her to the bed. Her legs around my hips, I set her down on the bed and placed kisses all along her neck. My hands moved over her body, wanting to feel every soft curve as her fingers roamed my chest, finding solace once again in my hair. Her hips lifted to grind against the near painful bulge in my jeans and I groaned against her neck, sucking a piece of skin into my mouth. She moaned into my ear and wrenched my mouth to hers, her lips demanding. Without breaking the kiss, I lifted my hips and used one hand to push the lacy underwear from form. The goddess beneath me was now completely naked. I wanted to take advantage. I started at the top, breaking the kiss and making hazy eye contact before diving down to her chest. I pulled a pink nipple into my mouth, my tongue working around the taut bud while my hand played with the other. Sophie whimpered and bucked her hips against my stomach. I switched to the other nipple and watched her reaction.

Her mouth had fallen open, bruised lips parted delectably, eyes closed as she writhed from the pleasure. My hands skimmed down her waist to the spot between her legs, my fingers aching to know how aroused she was. I continued to work on her breasts as the touch of her most sensitive spot had her moaning loudly. I found her clit with my thumb and delicately rubbed the little mound. She bit her lip, hard, and bucked against my hand, my fingers discovering the tight wet hole they longed for. I pushed into her, swirling my finger around as my thumb continued their ministrations and I switched back to the other breast. I pushed my arm underneath her, lifting her back slightly and pulling my mouth away from her nipple and onto her pretty neck. She groaned, her fingers digging into my shoulder. Her moans increased in frequency and she gripped a handful of my hair as she bucked and squirmed her way through an orgasm. Wetness pooled onto my fingers as her vagina tightened. I slowed down my assault and mentally gave myself a pat on the back, a broad smile on my face. Her eyes met mine for a brief moment, “Fuck me,” she groaned, and bit her lip, encouraging my advances with a grin.

Before she could relax completely, I undid the buckle on my jeans and shoved them off, climbing on top of her. She spread her legs wide for me and her right hand touched the precious pink lips between her legs, pulling the skin apart for my absolute delight. I held the throbbing erection in my hand and placed it delicately at her soaked entrance. Her mouth fell open and she whimpered, the head of my dick breaching the tight barrier my fingers had so recently loosened. I groaned at the marvelous warm feeling enveloping my hard cock and took a handful of her boob into my hand. Her body wriggled beneath me, forcing my jaw to clench at the sight. I couldn’t resist moving my hips a little more vigorously, gliding in and out of that tight hole.

Her hands found my cheeks and she brought my mouth to hers once again, urgent for attention. I started to fuck her, the feel of her tongue on mine quickening the response in my lower body. “Fuck,” I grumbled against her mouth. I could feel that familiar building sensation beginning in my abdomen and I slowed down the pace again, much to my partner’s distaste. I chuckled at her moaning as she attempted to buck against me harder and withdrew completely. Her eyes opened in shock and a bit of anger before I rolled her onto her stomach and spanked the perfect round shape of her ass. I grabbed at her hips and her mesmerizing butt lifted into the air. Without hesitation I re-entered, thrusting harder with each retreat. She became louder, moans cut short every time my cock hit the end of her cervix.

I could feel her wet pussy tightening once again and went harder, building up my own orgasm. Her hands clenched the dark blue pillows at the end of the bed and she went quiet for a moment, her face lifting to the ceiling. Suddenly she erupted into a fit of moaning, her head falling into the pillows as my own release sent me plummeting over the edge. I rode through the last of it, bringing us both down from a major high, my panting breaths matching hers, then pulled out with a final gasp of air.

Her body collapsed onto the bed and I fell next to my beautiful, glistening conquest. A long groan escaped her lips ending in a sad, yet adorable whimper. I touched her back with a flat palm in concern, “Did I go too hard?” I asked, my voice low and husky.

She rolled onto her back, perky, sexy tits sitting exquisitely above her torso, and smiled lazily at me. She pushed a mass of hair out of her mesmerizing eyes, “No, that was perfect.” She turned onto her side, snuggling closer to me. “I need to shower though.”

I laughed, “Me too.” I nodded to the bathroom adjoining my room, “You’re welcome to it, of course.”

Sophie bit her lip, grey-blue eyes drifting down my still-naked body. “Will you show me how it works?” She asked, leaning up on her elbows. Her thin-fingered hand rested on my chest, trailing a path down my stomach. “You’re very muscular.”

It took me a moment to realize where she was going and my dick twitched in response. I looked down at it, amazed at this response time. A combination of the right amount of rum and a beautiful woman really seemed to spark some life into my otherwise limp friend. I smiled at her, hoping she’d be willing to stay the night and maybe throughout the morning. “You’re kind of insatiable, aren’t you?”

She grinned, touched those bewitching lips to mine and rolled off the bed, scampering towards the bathroom with a quick, sly glance back at me. I took a deep breath and hopped off the bed, strolling across the room with a specific blonde goal in mind.
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