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We All Scream For Ice Cream

We All Scream for Ice Cream

James had finished many of his closing duties for the night, and was just waiting on time to pass so he could close and lock the door to the front of the ice cram shop that he managed. This was always the worst part of the day, when you knew that no one was going to come in, but you had to keep open just in case. Gave him time to think about his day, though, and reflect on things. He had taken over management of the family-owned shop when his grandfather became sick, just after he had graduated college around a year ago. He could have gone on to work at many larger companies in town, probably making 3 times as much, but he respected his family, and loved his grandfather and didn’t want to see anything happen to his beloved ice cream store.

It was one of, if not, the only store left in the mall that had been there when it opened some 25 years ago. His granddad moved it here from downtown, and it had flourished during the busy time for the mall, but like all other stores, was struggling now. The town had simply moved on, as is the way of such things, but hopefully they would come back before it was all gone.

Busy reflecting on things, James lost track of time. It was now only a couple of minutes before closing. Close enough, he thought and began to move towards the gate to close and lock it. Just as he reached up to pull down the gate, a woman came up to him carrying a couple of bags from her day of shopping.

“Are you closing already?” she asked him.

She was a slightly older woman, looking like late thirties, he guessed. She had long beautiful dark chestnut hair and the prettiest green eyes he’d ever seen. She was dressed casually, wearing a plain white modestly low-cut blouse and some nicely fitting blue jeans. He thought she was attractive, but didn’t give think that she was even in his class.

“Yeah, it’s that time of night,” James replied, while trying not to stare too hard at her teasing amount of cleavage showing at the top of her blouse. She had nice large tits, and that little tease only made him want to see more.

“Shit, I wanted to get a swirl cone. I’ve had a long day and just wanted to sit and enjoy a cone like I did when I was younger.” She said with some sadness in her voice.

“Well, I guess if you just want a cone I could let you in for a minute,” James said. He guided her underneath the gate, and closed it behind them.

“Oh, Thank you!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t been in here in years and I remember I always used to sit and eat a cone with my friends. It seems like so long ago now.”

“Well, now it couldn’t have been more than a few years ago, you can’t be that old,” James said smiling. He went behind the counter grabbed a cone. “It’ll be a bit while the machine turns back on”

“Oh, but if it’s going to keep you from anything…” she apologized.

“No, no, I really don’t have anything to do anyway, and you’re the most company I’ve had in here for a while. Don’t worry about it” James turned on the machine and waited for the light to come on so he could vend her cone.

“You’re really nice. You remind me of the old man that used to work here. He always smiled and gave us free cones sometimes.” she leaned against the glass and looked down at all the different flavors of ice cream. She sighed, “I miss those days. I’m Vicki, by the way.”

“That old man was my grandfather. He still owns this place, but he’s not able to work here anymore. My dad still brings him by from time to time, though; he likes to check up on things. I think he just misses it here. And I’m James.” The machine was taking longer than usual to churn, and James began to look around to see what was wrong.

“I’m sorry that he can’t be here anymore. But I think you’re a good man for the job, you have his attitude.” As she leaned back from the counter, James couldn’t help but see that her nipples were hard from the cold glass she had been leaning on. And the way she was standing now, leaning against the counter with her arms close together, pushed her big breasts out just emphasized things. A thrill shot through him and to his groin.

Trying to look anywhere but where he wanted to, he said, “Well, thank you. That’s a very good compliment. I think this machine is broken, going to have to do this the old-fashioned way.”

“Oh that’d be wonderful. Just like when I was in school. Can I have two scoops?” she smiled at James with a girlish smile on her face and was even bouncing slightly like a schoolgirl. That caused all kinds of nice movements in her shirt for James to see. Did she really not realize what she was doing to him?

“My pleasure,” he said and scooped out two scoops of the flavor she picked by pointing through the glass, Peanut butter and chocolate swirl. “That’s my favorite, too.”

“Really? I’ve always loved that one. Why don’t you fix yourself one and come join me over at the table? I’d really like to have someone to talk to.” Vicki smiled at him.

“Well, I guess I do deserve a reward for working all day,” James smiled back at her and fixed himself a cone as well. He came around the counter and handed her the cone and they walked towards the table that she had left her bags in on the way inside. He followed just a step or two behind her so he could watch her move in those nice jeans. He felt guilty. Surely a woman this beautiful and this age would be married or at least have a boyfriend. But he hadn’t seen a ring on her finger. They sat down at the table and she began to lick her cone.

This single action sparked more interest in James than he had ever known. Watching her tongue expertly lick that cone sent chills up and down his body. He covered by trying to start polite conversation, but his mind never left that cone.

They talked for a long while. James found out that she was 37 years old, with a 17 year old daughter. She had married at 18, right out of high school, and soon was pregnant. She was now divorced, her husband having left her for a 19 year old college girl, and she was now trying to live out the life that she had missed by marrying so early in life. James filled her in on his part in life, all the while watching that cone. She really was almost a perfect being to him. She had the full maturity, experience, and body of a beautiful older woman, but the heart and soul of a much younger girl. His attraction was increasing exponentially, and he found his pants becoming overly tight in the crotch as he watched her and talked with her.

He was so engaged in her however, that he hadn’t been paying attention to his ice cream. He went for a lick and knocked the scoop right off of the cone. The situation being as it was, it dropped right into his crotch, the worst possible place at that moment. He stood quickly and only then realized that his raging hard on was clearly visible beneath his pants, as well as covered with ice cream. He grabbed napkins and started trying to wipe off, and hoped she hadn’t noticed.

Her eyes widened slightly, and then a small smile started on her face. “Let me help you with that” she offered, and began to gather napkins from the table and move towards him.

“Uh, no that’s ok, I got it,” James stammered.

“No, I insist, it’s my fault. If I had not kept you here it ever would have happened” she grinned mischievously, and knelt down in front of him. She began to wipe at the ice cream, which of course thrilled him to no end, because she was actually stroking his hard cock. “Maybe this would come off easier with a little moisture” she grinned again and began to lick up and down his shaft on the outside of his pants.

James was stunned, and at this point was so confused all he could do was stand there. His breathing quickened, and soon a moan escaped his lips as he watched this beauty cleans his pants with her mouth.

“We’d better make sure none got inside here. We wouldn’t want you going home all sticky” she purred while looking up at him with those deep green eyes. She unfastened his fly, and reached inside to pull out his dick. It was very hard now, and twitched slightly as she touched him. “Oops, I think I see some on there” she smiled wickedly and took her cone from the table and slid some of the ice cream along it. It was cold, but it felt wonderful as she covered his cock in the ice cream. Then came the best part. She began to lick his hard member just exactly the way she had been that cone! James groaned and leaned back against the table to support himself as she moved up and down. She certainly did know what she was doing!

When she finished cleaning him, she stood before him and began to remove her clothing. Her pants slid down first, and then her top came off. There before him was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever been witness to. Her full breasts filled the white lace bra she wore, bulging slightly at the top, and moving gently as she moved. Her matching panties formed around her curvy hips and enhanced her lines. Her smooth skin was tanned and toned, and she looked expectantly up at him. “My turn?” she asked innocently, bit her lower lip in that special seductive way, and batted her long eyelashes at him. She took the cone and began to smear ice cream in strategic locations.

James smiled and indulged her. She started at her neck, and he has sure to slowly clean this area for her. She moaned softly at the touch of his tongue. He leaned in close to her and ran his hands all along her body as he did so, causing her to begin breathing more rapidly. She leaned in over his head as he licked and asked him to remove her bra. He wrapped his arms around her and undid the clasp. He helped her slide her arms out of the garment and set it to the side with the rest of her clothes.

This done, she turned to him and took his hand to lead him somewhere. She pulled him along behind the counter and jumped up on the bar. “What are you doing?” James asked.

Sliding her panties down her shapely legs, she began to lie back on the counter where he prepared things. “I’ve always wanted to do this” she grinned that girlish grin of hers. “I want you to make me a sundae.” She giggled and began removing the tops to the ice cream toppings.

James smiled and helped her remove the last of the coverings. This was going to be fun. She lay back and he scooped out a little ice cream in a spoon. He then began to smear it over her body, from her big firm tits, all the way down to the tops of her thighs. She shivered with the cold, but kept smiling the whole time. “I like lots of toppings” she said, smiling, as he finished.

“Me, too” James replied. He reached over her, careful not to smear her, and broke out the whipped cream. This he applied to her hard nipples, and made a line down the center of her body to her clean shaven pussy. Then he gathered up several kinds of toppings, coconut, chocolate chips, and several different kinds of sugar sprinkles. This was going to be a terrible mess to clean up, but this was the chance of a lifetime! He covered her over with the sprinkles, placing different kinds over different places to vary the flavor. Finally, he got out the sauces. Strawberry went onto her left breast and down to her stomach. Chocolate went on the right and then followed the same line down, both converging on her crotch.

James stood back to admire his work. As funny as it sounded, this was one of the hottest things he had ever seen in his life. “Hurry now, you wouldn’t want me to melt” she said up to him and drug him closer by the hand. He certainly wouldn’t want that, not at all.

He started in the middle at her stomach. He licked spots clean on her as she wiggled beneath his tongue. Gradually he worked his way upwards towards those beautiful mounds of hers. He slid his tongue all along her, not wanting to miss any spots and came towards her left nipple. He sucked down the whipped cream and all the toppings quickly, as her heated body was making things want to slide, and her squirming wasn’t helping. He pulled her nipple slowly into his mouth and nibbled it gently. Vicki arched her back and moaned in pleasure. Her hands wriggled into his hair and held him to her. He continued to work at his cleaning, though. Her right breast was next. He liked chocolate more, so he had saved this side. Her breathing was quickening, and her nipples her doubly hard from the cold and excitement as he licked all around her breast and upward towards her nipple. Again, he sucked it into his mouth, but this time rolled it around in his mouth with his tongue. She arched higher and began to whimper in pleasure. Her hands went down to her sides, and she grasped the counter in her excitement.

Not wanting the last of his artwork to melt, James gently slid her leg to one side so that she was now sitting upright again with her legs hanging over the side. This allowed him greater access to his last delicacy, her pussy covered in all its toppings. He dove quickly down, as things were really melting now. Some did slide to the floor, but he caught most of it in his mouth. Before he could finish or even swallow, she pulled him back up to her face and kissed him hotly. The whipped cream and toppings went all over both of their faces as she pulled him to her. His shirt caught the remainder of the sticky mess as she pressed her body tight against his. Realizing this, he removed it as he pulled away from her. He then lowered himself to finish the job. Her pussy was mostly clean now, but the flavors still remained and mixed with her juices as he probed into her slit with his tongue. She leaned back against the counter and moaned in pleasure as he found her tiny pink clit and began stroking it with his tongue. Her shapely thighs closed about his head and her feet pressed against his back, pulling him in closer. James continued relentlessly to lick her clit, and could feel even more heat build from inside her as she became wetter and wetter. Slowly, he noticed that she was beginning to shiver with and oncoming orgasm. Leaning back slightly to offer himself more room, he slid two fingers into her pussy to probe her insides. She screamed with rapture as he found her spot and began to stroke it as well as continuing to lick her clit. Her legs tightened down on his head, and muffled his hearing. Her body began to quake with the first of several hard orgasms. James continued his work, and her legs clamped ever tighter as her muscles spasmed with pleasure.

Slowly, they subsided and James withdrew his fingers. She leaned forward as he stood, pulling his face to hers again for another hard kiss. Her long legs then wrapped around him and pulled him closer. James Reached down and slid his cock inside her as he was being pulled forward. Vicki rolled her head back and screamed again as she pulled him into her. Her pussy was hot and tight around his dick, and James was in heaven. He began to slowly pump her wet hole and began to groan with the pleasure of her feel. Vicki was clinging to him tightly and moaning, as well. Her heart was beating so hard that he could feel it in his own chest as he moved in and out. As the rhythm increased, he could feel her legs pulling him in time. She wanted him just as deep as he could go every time. Their bodies moving together in this harmony, it wasn’t long before they both were ready to climax. James maintained his pace, however, and prolonged things as longs as possible. Vicki was about to go into fits for the building excitement, clawing his back and urging him to go faster. James soon complied, as he was at his wit’s end as well. He quickened his pace, finally pushing her over the edge. Her hot sex squeezing his dick as she came finished James off as well and he continued to pump as he filled her with his own special sauce. By now the sweat and ice cream and all of the other fluids were beginning to mix, and there was an awful mess all over and around them as the collapsed back against the counter together.   They didn’t care and lay there for a while regaining their breath and feeling each other’s heat and skin pressed against each other.

Slowly, James stood up and began to look around for a towel to start getting things cleaned up, himself and Vicki included. She stood and smiled at him as he walked around. She walked over and found the mop bucket and mop. “Where can I fill this up?” She asked, still standing there in all of her sticky naked glory.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I’ll get it”, James replied, even though he would like the help.

“I helped to make the mess,” she said and shrugged.

James took her to the back and they gathered the cleaning supplies and began to clean up their mess. James had at least buttoned her pants, but Vicki seemed to be fine with being naked.

“Say, you’re good at that”, James laughed. “You wouldn’t want a job, would you?”

Vicki laughed as well, “No I already have one, thanks. My daughter needs one, however. She loves ice cream as much as I do.” She smiled slyly and winked at him.

James was taken aback slightly. This was about to get interesting. Very interesting.

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